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Custom map - Cargo (Black Op 2)

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Zombie Cargo
This is a test to see if the bugs are fixed
Not Final version

This is my second map and it is a complete zombies remake of the BO2 multiplayer map, Cargo. It is a 1:1 replica and it is just like the original map with new areas to explore.

9 Perks
BO2 weapons with a few MW guns
Kino Style Teleporter
Expanded map and hidden rooms
80 FOV
Rain FX and Rain SFX
Custom PAP camo
DoubleTap 2.0
A unique way to obtain perk slots
Zombie Counter
Buyable Ending
Nuketown Zombie Models

Weapon list:
( I've spent countless hours on these guns trying my best to make sure that they are just like their originals)
Hidden Text

Treyarch (original map design)
thezombiekilla6 (tons of help with weapons,scripting and beta testing)
PROxFTW (scripting help, beta tester)
DidUknowiPwn (beta tester, weapons assets)
Chromastone10 (beta tester)
rdvlpr (scripting help, beta tester)
Billybob217 (beta tester)
conn6orsuper117 (beta tester)
Tom_BMX (Lime)
Cod_neñe (scavenger script)
jei9363 (BO perks)
JR-Imagine (buildable script)
ConvictioNDR (doubletap 2 script)
Aidan (kino teleporter)
Metroman260 (zombie models)
Everyone at CFGfactory for the weapons
All UGX Members who helped me make this map
Enjoy the map!
Download link & Original content: http://zommods.com/black-ops-2-cargo/

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Ah, I LOVE it when map makers remake MP maps into Zombies. It reminds me of Der Riese. "Cargo" looks very interesting and fun. Looking forward to playing this.

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Ah, I LOVE it when map makers remake MP maps into Zombies. It reminds me of Der Riese. "Cargo" looks very interesting and fun. Looking forward to playing this.

I absolutely agree. MP maps remade for zombies has always been great if done right and so far maps like this, Slums, Summit, Dome, Backlot and a few others have managed to do it well. If you enjoyed the Cargo MP map you will love this. It pretty much looks near identical and has been adapted very well.

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