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Black Hand Smith

The Ultimate Ass Theory

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BEHOLD FOR I HAVE RETURNED..........I am one who knows all yet knows nothing. Now Witness my extremely flawless Logic as I reveal to you the secrets of Black Ops 3. Certain members of the community have received this shirt from treyarch


So OBVIOUSLY the most logical thing to do is to analyze this woman's ass in hopes that we can gather some super secret info. Because that's what smart people do...we analyze asses now.

After staring at this ass for about an hour and doing some 'Research" i have discovered the following things

I can 100% Confirm that this is the Ass of Misty Abigail Briarton


However it doesn't end there. My research has uncovered hidden symbols within the image which no one yet has found but will eventually be found by other people because obviously EVERYTHING has secret intel that has to be examined and speculated about..


Notice how Treyarch hid the number 4 in the Ass. 4 is also an internet lingo for the Letter A. the next 2 letters are SS 

When put together that Spells ASS.

But the 4 is still important.

The fourth map in the zombies storyline is Der riese


We have gotten some intel from before that Der Riese could be returning as a map in Black Ops 3 thanks to these pictures discovered by TH3 AR9.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

So now the question Needs to be asked....is there more than meets the eye? Well there is another  possibility.

One which we have been on again off again since black ops 2

What if....this Ass....belongs....to Samantha Maxis?

Embedded image permalink

Zombies is all a game in the head of Samantha and Eddy. Objects such as the monkey bomb, the raygun, and the evil boxes all exist only in samantha's imagination. However...as you can clearly See


Mustang and Sally can be seen tattooed to this fine specimen of an ass. Mustang and sally do not exist in reality, only in samantha's reality so that means that whomever tattooed themselves with mustang and sally has knowledge of Samantha's games. This is obviously not eddy's ass so it must be SAMANTHA'S! Which means Samantha could have grown up and is now fighting zombies!!!

So we have 2 possible things....Misty is coming back with a new Next Gen ass or Samantha grew up! 

For more information and intel that is not allowed on this site because it is too ground breaking visit www.toidi.com 


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Okay. Fine. Cool. "Interesting". What the fuck. I don't know. Derf. Derp.

I think I'm just gonna walk away...


Yeah, Homer's got the right idea...

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​Too many times.

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