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Things you'd like to see return

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Come BO3 zombies, there's going to be a lot of commotion. A lot of things from BO2 and BO1 are going to start being "confirmed" one after another when the trailers start coming out. So, in this thread, simply list some things you'd love to see return from either game. Assume basic things like the box, PAP, perks, and wall weapons will be returning. 



For my list: 

The wonderfizz- Loved it in origins, and I feel like it would add a LOT of element to a big map, it's also SUPER helpful if you go down and jug is all the way on the other side  of the map. Not to mention you can put more perks in a map with this. 

Zombie-Blood as a special drop- Like Fire sales, I'd love to see a Zombie-blood appear every now and again in certain maps. Some maps it just won't belong, but others I'd like it to be. 

Turned/Grief: I actually liked these modes, but found myself disliking how much I'd be kicked from matches and that would lower my rank. Furthermore they can get a bit boring after a short while. Re-vamp and build it better!

The Ray gun M2: Loved this weapon, nuff said. 

Vulture's aid: A great perk all around. It may make a map a little easy for camping, but the scavenge ability is what's really worth it. 

2.0 perks: a lot of these could be added, like PHD flopper considering you can't flop anymore, presumably... 

Build-ables: A lot of people didn't like build-ables in BO2, I am not one of those people. Finding pieces was challenging and hard when the map first came out. It was like scouring the map for a set of keys. I would prefer a MOTD/Origins, or even a Buried style build-able system where a player can hold multiple parts at once however. 

Both sets of characters: Even though 90% of you tubers want the O4 back, as I do, I also want to make sure I know what happens to the N4 too. Like, does richtofen live in Samuel now? Does Russman ever figure out why he wants to go to the rift? Do Marelton and Misty ever hook up? These are the real questions people! 



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I'd like to see a Primary weapon have the effect of becoming dual wield like Moon's WW. It doesn't even have to be 115 infused, just a cool idea to a weapon that probably doesn't exist, like a sawed off double barrel that can be separated for dual pistol shotguns...I'd love that lol.


Also I loved the knuckles, punching zombies lights out (pun intended) beats stabbing any day!

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Electric Cherry as just a normal perk like Speed Cola and Juggernog.

Zombie Shield

More traps

A different power system, maybe not for every map but for a lot of them.

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