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Escape from Moon.

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Ideas for escaping from Moon.

Let me know what you think.

Regards Alpha.


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Good video, and a +1 for using Ubuntu! My favourite operating system. :D


Regarding the video, I would love to see a proper sequel to Moon and based on the reaction of the community towards the N4 group it could be possible, but the Origins ending still makes me believe it could be a new direction they choose to go on. If they do choose to carry the old storyline on though then I do hope they carry on from Moon. Not necessarily staying on the Moon itself, but possibly an 'Area 51' map would be good. There was a old PS2/Xbox game called Area 51 that was really impressive so a map set in a similar location would suit me.


They could have it that they return to Area 51 but obviously with the mass outbreak and devestation of the rockets impact it could make an interesting starting map. People have often talked of more than one MPD, so pehaps one could be located in Area 51 itself with Samantha trying to get access to it due to Richtofen locking himself in the one on Moon. I have often thought of possible ways for them to follow up on Moon. Here's hoping.


On a side note, I heard someone mention talk of Moon possibly being a future MP map, and although this could be hearsay and not something I am considering as fact (and neither should anyone else!), but how awesome would it be to run around Moon as an MP map? It could actually get me back into playing MP. lol

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