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Cuneiform in the teaser

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Top centre.

Has it been cracked yet?

I need to sleep.

I'll check back here later.

Sorry if this has been solved.

I haven't seen a thread on this yet. maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

Still getting used to the new lay out of the site.

Regards Alpha.


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I tried to figure out that lettering but couldn't find any old language matches on it.  Not sure what it is.  I think it's a made up system, as opposed to a real language/cuneiform.

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I also tried decoding it when I saw a more zoomed in image. It looks like the symbols are mirrored.

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They look to be a composite from different cultures.

Back to the ancient astronaut theory.

Even in crystal skull, they say Interdimensional.

I've heard of greys being Demons.

Some the smaller ones, aren't living. But are machines, bio-chemical androids.

Phil Schneider talked about many races in the DUMBS of Los Alamos.

They had access to the inner Earth via the tunnels.

Interesting stuff.

Would love to see a super advance city underground with Mag-lev trains as per the myths & legends.

Would be ripe for a zombies outbreak.

After Maxis hits Earth, some Governments would have made it underground.

The story will continue in a few directions.

Present, Past (Flashbacks), Ancient past Primus, Future time lines.

They could do a lot.

So many possibilities.

Treyarch having a three year cycle can only mean good news.

I just keep watching Dice.

Mark Lamia basically said they are here & never went away.

I love that about Treyarch.

Regards Alpha.


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Quite similar to Old Persian (as stated many times before):


The problem is, the lettering in that image also contained rounded arcs (which Old Persian doesn't have). If you remove the arcs, however, you can get the symbols very close to this:


And judging by the way the characters are facing, @Nightmare Voyager is right about the sequence being mirrored. So in reality, they look like this:




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I can see the connection yeah, but the arcs must mean something right?

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I'm trying to figure it out, but it'll take awhile. However I do see a few things such as:

Corpse, to open, to die, old, quantity, complete, offspring.

To Cut, Divide


Approach, Bind

To Cross


This maybe a stretch right now but I may see the symbol for either Moon or its the Sun. 1 of the 7 planetary symbols from the Tower of Babel. I'll try to provide some visuals as soon as I'm able, but I wanted to add to the discussion discussion! :)

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