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XP-Wager matches

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So you start playing some black ops 3 zombies, and you start out pretty simple with an XP system, it consist of 50 levels, you start at level 0. You get 1 XP for every kill, 2 for every headshot, and other random amounts for doing other tasks. After 10 games you've made it to level 1. After 25 more you reach level 2. You start to realize this could take a while. 

Then you notice: Wager matches. 

These are risk-reward games that are taylor-made to earn you XP.  You can offer up any amount of XP you want, as long as it's a multiple of 10 (for easier maths). There are 3 types of wager matches: 


1-Slaughter Royal: This puts you into a competitive game-mode lobby (grief/turned/ect) and 

       -In team game-modes: The winning team gets 2x their XP they bet. The losing team doesn't get any XP, losing the XP they bet and won in the game. 

       -In solo game-modes: The winner gets 3 times the XP. Second place breaks even and loses no XP. 3rd loses half the XP he wagered. And those bellow that lose everything they bet and made. 



2- Death-wish: This puts you into a random co-op map with specific objectives: Survive in the first room for 5 rounds. Don't use the box the whole game. Ect. 

While your objectives are chosen at random you can make them easier or harder for more/less XP gain. Such as you can change the round you must get to in the first room from 5 to 10 and earn 3 times the XP. Just know if you fail the task you lose all the XP you wagered AND won in this game by natural means. The game ends if you fail the task or die. 


3- Killing time: This is a special game in which you are put in a map, and every few minutes you're given a task. If you complete that task you earn double the amount of XP you've accumulated in that game. If you don't you lose all the XP you've gained that game. Every 5 tasks however, your XP is banked and can't be lost if you fail the 6th task. The game ends when you die, note, once you've been issued a challenge you can't NOT do the challenge or you lose the XP, if you leave or die you still lose it. There's a 20 second period between each task in which one can leave/die with no XP loss. Easter eggs are disabled. 



Should one LAG out, their funds (XP) are returned none gained, if they leave the game or turn off their consoles, they lose the XP all the same. (With next-gen your device can actually tell when you turn your Xbox off (at least for XB1) as it saves your movie/process/last-opened-app. ) 


Your thoughts? 

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