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The Meh

The EMPs: A New Bio-weapon?

The EMP...  

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From what we've seen and heard, we know that Black Ops III will have a main basis on technology, and mainly biotechnology. I mean, we've got a soldier that can change from his hand to a damn minigun! As amazing as all of that sounds, there's a bit of a looming question that I've had running through my mind. A question that could have major importance to the story, or none at all:

What about EMPs? Where are they? Are they essentially the new bio-weapon now?


Heh. "Bio-weapon". Concerning the EMP, you'd think you wouldn't see this in relation. But look at what we're being given with Black Ops III. Retinal implants, limb replacements, and other assorted biotechnology. The thought of an EMP being a part of the game is scary, because... with one EMP, you could shut off all of this. The modified soldier would lose control of their "arms" and "legs", possibly lose their sight because of the loss of the retinal implants, even. Any "anti-modification" enemies would have a swift advantage.

Now imagine this with a whole platoon. An entire military.

We know in Black Ops III that an entire military force is based upon this now. We know this is happening. So for there to be an involvement with an EMP would be... very disastrous for the military in subject. To call an EMP a "bio-weapon" would be the most appropriate term. And to say that the EMP would be a force of reckoning in Black Ops III would be something well-founded. In such, I can predict that... well, maybe we'll see the EMP in some way or form. Be it a main plot element/plot device or a small involvement. I think it'll be in Black Ops III.

...yet, this is all but a theory. What do you guys think? Be sure to comment what you think, and vote on the poll as well. As always, this has been The Meh.

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I was wondering this too: How does an EMP effect, for instance, the full-robot character? Will they just shut down? Glitch out? Or react normally? 

If I had to guess we'll act normally. Maybe the robot will get the bonus pain of blurred vision, where as normal players are just dazed. 

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Imagine an EMP plus a System Hack, and think about the devastating effects. One disables your hud and suit while the other eliminates machinery. I would believe that the EMP makes a return (like always), and will limit your player to super basic function for a short period of time.

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