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New Swabia

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Top Secret 935 base and Haunebu hangar has been isoleted for years in the harsh enviroment of Antarctica until now. Can our heroes find the Spear of Destiny and what powers does this relic hold?

Agartha+Map.jpg Spear+of+Destiny+Swastika+Wreath+Logo+-+

My predication for the theme of the next map

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Is this confirmed by some source?

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Is this confirmed by some source?

​It's simply my lets say predication for the next map. I tried to put that to the tags but I'll edit it to OP too,

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Discovery, ripe for it.

The uniform of the zombies seen in the Black Ops 3 reveal was possibly the same jacket as the Nazis wore in the campaign level Project Nova.

Discovery takes place in an old German base in the Antarctic, presumably based around "Project Nova". It features four destroyable ice structures that bridge the gap between the two sides. These ice bridges can be destroyed with a claymore or fourteen shots from a pistol. Notice that it cannot be destroyed with kill streaks

I see it too.

Found my old thread on it.

Regards Alpha.


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I had a dream about this last night which is pretty weird since I saw this post the day you posted it then not after. In my dream it was the O4 (with proper richtofen) who had been brought to an underground complex which was situated around a tomb like place where they found the spear. So weird.

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Well, I was brain storming what could have happened.

Let's go back to Moon for a second.

Sam is in Richtofen's body still? Correct?

Does she retain any power while in this state?

Who is now the Leader of the Group? I would say Dempsey or Takeo.

Without Evil Richtofen there to keep them in line, would they recover their memories?

So what would you do?

Would you want to go back to Earth after Maxis scorches it?

There are several likely possibilities from here.

A. They used the MPD/MDT on Moon to get back to Earth Area 51, from there they could have moved back to Shangri-La (Entrance to hollow Earth) Through the cave systems (Legends) on to the inner  surface. (See Iron Sky II trailer for a really good look at what hollow Earth should look like.) Or the Nazi base 211, New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) for an unseen map. (Which this probably the better idea).

From there you could do several things, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

B. There could have been a working space ship on Moon.

Think the Vrill craft, there are many different designs of various sizes. Richtofen was all over this stuff with Maxis at Der Riese remember. I've mentioned the Andromeda Gerat, there could have been an updated version of this type of mothership on Moon. (Think Red Dwarf lost in deep space with an endless crew of very human Vrill, Thule & Nazi zombies. They could be teleporting from Earth to the ship or a device is bringing them straight from hell)

Remember that Moon is in bits in the Zombies menu of Black Ops II. How did that happen? A119 possibly.

Maybe they ended up having to jump start the ship. Maybe they took parts from the black pyramid (Ancient device of power) to do it.

That would take Richtofen out of the Aether. The old crew would have Richtofen hostage in Sam's body.

As a little girl he wouldn't be able to overpower them.

However this results in the MPD/MDT going critical. The team have to escape or die.

So the the five take a ship & GTFO of dodge.

From here they could maybe do a Star Trek/Stargate/Sliders/Lost in space/seek out the Ancients plot.

Remember Die Glocke is basically a time machine (Turicum lol) & Vrill are linked to this via the Der Riese boards etc.

With Earth in a bad way they could seek the help of the Ancients to fix it. (That has bad written all over it, in prometheus the Space Jockey wasn't happy to see the Humans now was he?)


C. In this plan they could use the ship which I would guess was way more advanced than their 1940s counterparts, to travel back in time, leap frogging Maxis in 1917.

Maybe first they need to go to Mars for something they need? Richtofen working his silver tongue & all. Maybe Sam knows of something? Think Doom Phobos. (Ripe for Nazi Zombies that one).

They could stop off at the Castle on the Rhine for something else they need before going back to the distant past. (They would need food, water, supplies, weapons, ammo & equipment.

Back to any point before then would be ok.

However zombies being zombies things go wrong. The Moon explodes as the 115 deposit causes a chain reaction.

The blast causes a temporal rift (Ala mend the rift in Die Rise) which sends the team flying back to medieval times or beyond. Ala Primus.

There folks we have our third part to Back to the Future.

In order to fix the present & the future you have to go back.

Maxis, Sam & Origins would never exist, if the old crew managed to prevent Maxis from doing what he did.

Think Terminator plot here (Are you Sarah Conner? The grand father paradox)

But, they say that often different paths lead to the same castle & Avoiding ones fate often leads you straight to it.

Going back could be the cause of all this in the first place.

Back in the present, the Earth is scorched, the MPD & Moon are destroyed.

Which also means no one is now in the MPD to take control of the Zombies on Earth.

Which also means, what ever was in the device of power (Remember it is basically a prison of sorts) is now free to resume control & continue it's grand plan of hell on Earth.

I will at this point say this is Lucifer's plan. Sorched Earth, Destroyed Moon so the weather is extreme, undead everywhere. Very apocalyptic end times stuff.

Think on it.

Regards Alpha.

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Hate to say it, Sam isn't technically in his body anymore. She is in Agartha. 

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Origins you mean? Or Moon?

I'm talking about expanding on from Moon to the point where Origins never happened.

Hate to say it, Sam isn't technically in his body anymore. She is in Agartha. 

​Please can you clarify which you mean?

Sam in Origins is in Agartha. I agree.

I don't remember her leaving Richtofen's body on Moon.

The two maps could be in different realities. Part of the same multiverse.

Same but different.

The idea is that when a choice is made a divergent reality is created to explore the possibilities of that time space thread.

Just because Sam entered Agartha in Origins doesn't mean it is all over.

Even if it was just her imagination, the multiverse makes it a possibly reality in a universe all of it's own.

This is what Jimmy is hinting at.

We are witnessing events from the point of a omnipotent god who is free from linear time space.

At this point Sam could be totally removed from the game.

Infact things would get worse.

With Sam out of the picture, who would control default to? Richtofen? Satan?

Regards Alpha.


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In Buried, they literally say Sam is in Agartha. In Origins she is also but thats not what I meant. Sam can't be removed from the game if we have seen yellow eyes indicating her control. Also when did I say the game was over?


Anyways if you are thinking along the lines of changing fates in maps, I think that this could be what happens: 

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In Buried, they literally say Sam is in Agartha. In Origins she is also but thats not what I meant. Sam can't be removed from the game if we have seen yellow eyes indicating her control. Also when did I say the game was over?


Anyways if you are thinking along the lines of changing fates in maps, I think that this could be what happens: 

​Sam's last words on Moon are: "Good bye daddy I miss you". From there Maxis goes to haunt the new crew.

Listen to her quotes, she is still in Richtofen wearing a PES on Moon.

Her conscientiousness can't be projected back in time if it is in a Human body, in essence she is totally trapped.

Sam's physical body is also trapped in the Pyramid where Richtofen is projecting himself on to the new crew.

This is the God vs God correct?

If Maxis won, he would be free to return to a time when Sam is unchanged. Origins.

Her mind from 1945 is what is in the Aether, Maxis knows this.

If it was me. I would find myself in the past before everything went bad. I would take over my past self & change history. (This could be why Origins is in Sam's head, stay with me here. Like I said Maxis goes back to 1917 & takes over himself & writes up the events just past in a diary... Year later say 1938ish Maxis has Samantha, Sam grows up & at round 7 years old in 1945 finds Maxis new diary of the series of events & reads about what happens in the future not knowing this is what will unfold should Maxis not change events that are about to happen very shortly (The alarms going off at the end of Origins).

She then day dreams & plays games with Eddy (Her imaginary friend, there is nothing to say he is flesh & bone, it could be our Richtofen pretending to be her imaginary friend. So the old crew are real. Sam just read about it & imagined it that way in origins. Think the giant would be misinterpreted as actual giants by a child the robots we see in Origins.

Even Maxis going into the Moon computer system written up could be interpreted by Sam as the Maxis Drone, him entering the Aether to find her is him documenting his return to the past to find his own body. This is why she knows that her Dad has a plan.

There is always a way out.

Perhaps he is trying to undo the damage to her psyche by by-passing the events that caused her trauma in the first place.

There are multiple versions of each character at varying points in the timelines.


I meant in general to those that think it is over (Nothing personal towards you), please let's hash this out.

I'm just pointing out that this can be twisted back again.

Hmm, so only Sam can make the zombies eyes yellow? How do you confirm that to be fact?

Not sure I agree with that 100%. How many shades can there be? (But I agree it is Sam in this case). How many different controllers could there have been over the eons?

Perhaps the eye colour reflects something in the personality of the controller.

Sam was a sweet little girl. Who would you fear more? Richtofen as controller or Sam?

The scariest zombies to me are the ones with red eyes.

Not sure that made sense. sort of like a colour based emotion indicator of the zombies.

This is going to be Back to the future part III rolled with Evil dead part III.

Zombies is complex to say the least.

Time machines, nothing but trouble.

Is this making sense?

This way Treyarch could explore both the future & the past at the same time & maybe some exploring of the shifting present time lines. The only way to avoid being wipe out in the future, the old crew must go back to the past.

Regards Alpha.


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Im sorry dude but its hard to read everything when its written like that. Also I would be scared of Sam more. I am not debating about theories that cant be proven yet, we just have to wait and see. We have no confirmation any of this time travel stuff took place at all.

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Im sorry dude but its hard to read everything when its written like that. Also I would be scared of Sam more. I am not debating about theories that cant be proven yet, we just have to wait and see. We have no confirmation any of this time travel stuff took place at all.

​Written like what?

Ok you're scared of little girls but not mad scientist butcher Nazis...? Strange.

Debating is what codz is all about... Are you telling me to shut up? (No offence intended, just want clarification).

Really no time travel at all? Hmm.

Please, let's not clash.

I just want to talk & explore the possibilities.

I feel like you are trying to stifle the conversation a little because you don't like what I have to say about things as I see them?

There was a time when Sam wasn't in control 1933. Did she make that up? Is there even a mention of Sam in MOTD?

No child can make all this up.

You have the doubts I get it.

I've been here three times now.

People said I was seeing things, people said zombies was never coming back.

If you look at Dice, Mark Lamia is telling us the story is being written now them & us via feedback here.

We don't need much to get started at Codz now do we?

Regards Alpha.

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Of course I am not telling you to shut up, I think your theories are really interesting and I am loving reading them. I didn't see us as clashing, I just didn't want it to get to the point where we are arguing over who is right about something that is unconfirmed. Yes I am scared of Samantha btw, gimme a Nazi Butcher any day but not Samantha. What I meant by it was hard to read is that you put things in separate lines and even though that probably makes it easier to read, for say a whole theory it makes it very long to read and kind of hard to read, no offense intended as I said before. I don't know where the Sam thing came from? I just posted my theory on it, Sam existed in 1918 and I think she could have existed at any points after really. Also I don't know what you mean by Lamia, did you read my theory because theres a lot of backing to it which we are being shown lately? Our ideas of the story are also seem kind of different. You see all of this multiverse stuff whereas I only see one timeline which is the loop (maybe two timelines if that theory is correct).

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Explained in the chat, I should stop trying to be funny.


No problems at all.

If fact I want you to point out any flaws.

Regards Alpha.

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@AlphaSnake I'm definitely feeling Option A. It seems so simple and thorough that it's hard not to think that the crew just went back to Earth and roamed around, trying to reverse or cease what Richtofen/Maxis had done.We've discussed Hollow Earth so much that we absolutely have a speck of reason to visit that concept once again, perhaps in the form of a map or even as a big story arc in Black Ops III.

At the same time, I'm really digging the time-travel with Option C. The crew now knows the power of the MPD (with Sam knowing it firsthand), so to say they used it to jump time is a large possibility. The Rift was created when Earth was struck by the Moon missiles. We would need to know when they crew traveled, what time, and theorize where they could be now. I totally agree with them being sent back to the primus ages. :)

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