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Samantha gains control?

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At the end of the world reveal trailer we see zombies with yellow eyes. Could Samantha be the demonic announcer again? Treyarch could of done the origins ending where the whole story was in a time loop, so that means they'll go back to der riese with the 4 original characters.

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I hope it's an actual demon as the demonic announcer instead of a little girl or a crazy guy. On Moon Samatha hinted about something far worse being in the aether. I'd like to see that!

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I always thought Samantha was the demonic announcer in BO1 and that sound fit her well. No need to make her sound more "girly" she's suppose to be a hate filled entity.

At this point with how blunt Treyarch left the last game's ending, I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with another bs way to continue the narrative, which is cool as long as they are able to keep the lore intact this time. Or they could go for a reboot of the whole story (ehh), just a reboot from a certain point in the story's timeline, or focus more on a certain group of people that eventually become connected to the main story like BO2.

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