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Hitmans WaW Tutorials/Downloads

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Didnt want to spam this sub-forum, so I decided to included everything in one topic for easy access :)


Tutorial for making advanced PaP camo (scrolling):


4 PaP camos for download: *Download down, will re-upload someday*

Lava Camo:


Asian Camo:


Digital Camo:


Ice Camo:


Add material in model and add images in mods folder, done


BO1 PaP camo Drag & Drop to mods folder: *Download down, will re-upload someday*




Flame-screen fix [Very Easy]
Since some people struggle with this still, I might as well make tut on that (that way saves some time for me and others to find this) If your WaW screen looks like its always in flames, do this:  1. Open World at War and bring up console with tilde key  2. Type this in: r_flamefx_enable 0 and press enter 

I decided to do PaP camo pack, which consists of 4 scrolling MOTD camos :P Everything is off from Google images :D
All camos have normals/specs/cosines










Black Ops 1-styled pause menu:

I was bored of the stock pause menu and I think some people are also, so I decided to make BO1-styled one and release it here for people to use

What it looks like (courtesy of Scobalula for pic):


What you need to do:
Add all the files in your root/mods/modname/

Files should contain:

1 UI file

1 image

Add this in mod.csv:
Then tick all of them at right of Launcher and build the mod

Done! Have fun with your new pause menu
Note: Dont have the UI file in both mod and raw, have it in either one. Might cause issues
Make sure also, that objective_info.menu is not called in mod.csv I added this info also in .txt files inside the download *Download down, will re-upload someday*

HitmanVere - Assembling the menu/Making image/Testing
Ray1235 - Help with menu
DidUknowiPwn - Help with menu
Scobalula - Testing

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Awesome stuff @HitmanVere, stickied. B)

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Awesome stuff @HitmanVere, stickied. B)

​Thanks :D Going to add my MOTD camo pack now in OP, thanks for mentioning this topic :D

Edit: Added @Slade ;)

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Added Black Ops 1-styled pause menu in OP ;)

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Cleaned up the topic little bit, now users can scroll through it easier via spoiler tags. Havent done any downloadable content in while, so if I get to it, I will add them here :)

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Nice, Im definately gonna use this.


On ‎26‎-‎2‎-‎2016 at 10:06 AM, HitmanVere said:

Did you specify in what folder the map is generated? It should be generated to root folder of World at War, which for Steam users is C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/WaW.

Thanks, I guess this was the problem

I tried to generate it in the right folder(however I did this before too) and now it was there on Launcher.

So I could start creating a map, but something strange happened again.

I only made one room, and put a singleplayer and multiplayer spawn in it.

I saved it, and I tried to play the map by clicking COMPILE LEVEL, but when it started, I only saw some green plates with numbers on it, and after a few seconds, it closed.

I thought I may have done something wrong on Radiant, but when I opened my map on it, there were suddenly a few Hell Hound and German soldier models and many blocks in my map, like it was hacked or something.

I guess it glitched and Im gonna build a new map tonight, but IF you know what happened, I would appreciate it if you could explain it.


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