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DUNES | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

The Meh

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A Map Concept by The Meh

Weaponry, Characters, Story provided by: The Meh and Nightmare Voyager

Map Layout, etc.: Nightmare Voyager/The Meh





(Thanks for the art, Voyager! o3o)


Time taken to create: November 24th, 2014, to April 20th, 2015






Opening Cutscene:


It’s over.


They lay dormant, bodies of zombies. And our heroes, dead and dying just the same. One is beginning to fade now. His sight blurs, as he looks to the sable skies of the Martian landscape. How he wishes humanity didn’t end this way. His friends were dead already, the last bastion. And he could feel it, he could feel the darkness creeping into his soul, slowing his heartbeat. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he would join his friends, and humanity, in death. His last moments, felt in regret and pain...


Suddenly, everything seems to stop. He feels as if time has begun moving slower, yet that is not necessarily the case. A seemingly ethereal voice of a woman speaks to him in his mind. A voice, alien to him, yet sounding ever so familiar...


“It doesn’t have to end. We fixed Earth once before. Not for this, though. I am a Prophet, and I command you to win. To fix this.”


Everything goes black.



You hear the spaceship landing on Mars. You see again, and realize you have landed on Mars. You and the others get a sense of deja vu, but dismiss it. A voice calls in your head. “Do it right. We trust that you can change the outcome.”


What forces are seeming to conspire here? You push the thought away for later.




The Dunes lay silent. Any work or people around is near non-existent.


“What the hell is going on?” the American asks.


Suddenly, far-off screams are heard. You can see pale, limp, grey bodies, walking and running towards you, their eyes lit a bright green color.


“Dear god, what are those things?!” you think. You then see a building far-off in the distance. Perhaps a research facility? It doesn’t matter, it’s your best chance at survival.


“Go to that building! It’s our only shot!”



You lock yourselves within the Research Facility. Yet it’s no matter, they are coming and you know it.


“We need to gear up and find out what the hell happened he-”


Suddenly, the Armenian is interrupted by the power shutting down. An intercom sounds:


“WARNING: Power shutting down. Reserve oxygen tanks at low capacity.”


“Well… shit.” The American sighs.


The camera pans out from the Research Facility window, showing the amount of zombies coming and other bits of the map itself.



Welcome to the Dunes.


Map Layout:


Map Description: “The Dunes do not lay as silent as once thought. Evade the countless hordes as you find yourself floating on the barren landscape of Mars. Find a newer array of weaponry as twists and turns brighten the trail ahead, and you begin to learn how things went wrong for life on Mars. But remember that not everything is as it seems...


Welcome to the Dunes.”


Backstory: After a nuclear war had struck the Earth, humanity had one last hope of survival. A fraction of the population was sent to Mars to terraform it, and create an environment safe for humanity to live on. But what was being used to terraform the desolate planet would be the cause of humanity's downfall. Element 115 would be able to ignite the machines and make life on Mars possible. As the world rips itself apart with nuclear bombs, rockets escape the planet and head towards the red planet. Most of them land, aside from a shuttle which had went a different route, but as humanity begins to rebuild their lives… the sickness begins. The 115 being used to fuel the equipment began to infect them. Within a matter of weeks, the planet was dead and the base they lived in was abandoned. The final shuttle that had went off of trajectory (mostly because they wanted to study more of the Martian landscape) lands, and four people step off. As they wait to be welcomed to the planet, something seems wrong. That’s when they are welcomed by the hordes of undead. The four run into a building and lock themselves up within it. Round 1 begins shortly after.




The players spawn into what they find out to be the Research Facility. On a desk to the right of the door, there are four pistols, all of which only one can be picked up for each player. If the game were to be Solo, pistol spawns would be random and only one would spawn, the rest that weren’t spawned just aren’t there. But let’s imagine we’re with 4 players. Each player can still pick up a pistol, but they can pick up whichever one they want. This sort of idea brings forth diversity and questions what kind of player the person is.


Aesthetically, the room is lit with a dark tint (as a result of the power shutting down), with some the lights having broken and sparks falling out of them. This sort of look to the map is meant to convey a sense of something rather… “ominous”. Besides the look of the room, there are barriers that zombies will come out of, but there are only two. The rest will crawl out from the ground.


All around the room are computers and machines, of which are either monitoring the base or attempting to make inventions to make the base more stable. Walking around the array of machines will lead you to the back of the room, where there is a door that can be opened free of points. Within this room, one should find Quick Revive and an M14 wallbuy.


To the left of where you spawn, there are two doors, both next to each other on the wall, but leading to different places:


If you have gone through the right-side door (750 points), you would be brought to a small stairway. At the top of the stairs, there is a wall buy for a Double Barreled Shotgun. The door besides the wallbuy leads to a more… “opened-up” room. To the left, there is a big computer. The computer itself holds no specific importance… yet. On the opposite side of the room, facing a window, you will find an automated turret with an M1919 Browning attached to it, which can be bought at any time for 1000 points (it is, however, turned off with the power off). To your left from the window, you will find the P.E.S. systems. It’s required that you come to this room first, as this is the only place the P.E.S. systems are at around the map. No worries; players would spawn right in front of those P.E.S. systems, if they were to die.


There is another door that is free to open to the left of the P.E.S. systems. Within this room, you will find a box spawn and Double Tap II to the right of it. Leaving this area via the door to the left of both (1000 points) will bring you to the shuttle landing station. This area is a very spaced-out area, and most of the Mars dunes can be seen from it. There are five lander stations, but only two can be seen in plain sight. Branching off farther, you can see a small spire. Nearly looking like a Statue of some sort… but it doesn’t hold much importance yet. Now, to the right of all of this, there is a small mantle area, which will lead you to the Mines. The Mines (1750 points) are very tightly packed, and have some dead ends. But near the front area of the Mines, you’ll find shovels for everyone to pick up. Given the prompt, there are actual areas within the Mines to dig out, which can either make completely new areas within the Mines to find perks, or the Pack-a-Punch, or… other assorted things important to the map.


Over to the right from where you enter the landing station (if you didn’t go to the Mines, that’s fine, as they’re better left for when the power is on), there is a set of stairs (800 points) leading down to Vehicle Storage. In this room, there are assorted mars rovers and other vehicles that are broken down (for the most part) and cannot be ridden. In this room, there is a wallbuy for the W1200 (1000 points) and the new perk, Graviton Bourbon, to the left of it. To the left of Graviton Bourbon, there is a box spawn. On the right-hand side of the room, there is a door (1000 points), which leads to the Water Supply room. This room holds both veins of water (wooden bridges go over them) and big containers of water. Farther into the room you will find Speed Cola, and a box spawn near where you first opened the door. Next to Speed Cola, there is a wallbuy for the AUG (1500 points).


You will find another door past the vein of water (1250 points), and this door will open on both ends. This door leads upwards in a tube-like fashion. The whole of the area is a partially long walk, but when you get to the end of it, you will be brought to the Bio Dome. Effectively the second entrance to it. But we’re gonna talk about the Bio Dome a little bit later from now.



If you were to go to the left door in the Research Facility (1000 points), you will be brought outside to the surface of Mars. If this area is opened before you have a P.E.S. you may suffocate, so it is best you go to the right-side door to at least grab the P.E.S. systems.


The outside area itself is very large and has A LOT of space to walk around, and as such can make things easier or hectic depending on the round. Scattered around the red plane are small hut-like houses. They’re not too big, but are made of metal and stone. While in this area, the undead can spawn nearly everywhere. There are a few houses you can buy, some of which containing box spawns, and some containing perks. One of them also contains a wallbuy for the AK-74u (1200 points). There is one bigger-looking door far ahead, and when opening that, you will come across the Mystery Box (yes, it has a pre-determined spot in every game). Then, by walking to the other door in there, you will be brought out to the Bio Dome. It’s best to note that this Bio Dome, as opposed to the Moon’s Bio Dome, is MUCH larger in comparison.


The power switch lies in the middle of the Bio Dome, but let’s explore this place a bit first. Being a Bio Dome, the dome itself is made out of plexiglass. The floor is made of green grass which contrasts to the red planet surface. All around is plant life and such scattered greenery. On the actual dome itself are lit-up screens of codes and such, today’s weather outside the dome, and such other matters to the plant life within the Bio Dome. In the back of the Bio Dome, there is a box spawn and Juggernog. Around the rest of the Bio Dome, there are assorted things like larger areas to run around in, and the launch pads. There’s definitely a lot more launch pads than what Moon had, and more of a chance to land safely if you fall. The P.E.S. systems prevent you from dying from the pads in this map (technologically advanced, remember?).


Deeper into the Biodome, there is a sectioned-off area, holding a stream of water. The stream of water happens to be around the entire Bio Dome, yet it is best visible here. Yet, above the water, there is a sign that says: “WARNING: Water contaminated. Do not drink or touch.”; this is more-so a reference to Doctor Who’s “The Waters of Mars” episode, and also a map component, called (same to Doctor Who…) “The Flood”. Don’t worry, “The Flood” doesn’t turn you into a zombie-like creature like it did in Doctor Who. That just wouldn’t be fun. No, in this map, The Flood can be used free of charge to momentarily power weapons and sharpen reflexes towards zombies. The effects of The Flood diminish within a minute and a half, however, and cannot be gotten back for 2-3 rounds. So use it sparingly.


Now… as the power turns on, there is a screen that comes up on its surface. A list of all of the active Rovers. And it seems Rover “D.A.V.E.” is still in service… but in critical status...




Alex Kalajian:


Life wasn’t terrible immediately. Yet Alex knew before the “Tragedy” occurred that something felt off.


Alex felt like a normal kid. He learned to cope with disorders such as Asperger’s, something that would make him a very… less than social person, especially in Armenia.


He was 16 in 2043, when the Second Armenian Genocide came. A tragic day for Armenia. He managed to evade it, but to know that uncles, close friends, and cousins of his that he deeply cared for died during this time really affected him.


Then comes 2067, a mere year before the nuclear war that would wipe humanity out. Alex, after passing in most every science class and course involving space and astrology with flying colors, was called upon by world governments. They wanted him to help research any ideal ways to live on Mars, to see towards what he could do to help further humanity, to help them live on. It took him only months to gather the ideas and draw designs necessary to bring forth habitable conditions on Mars.


The world governments were happy for him. They made sure he’d go with them to Mars.


He was set to be sent on a separate shuttle that would study the rest of the Martian terrain, minus what they already knew. He would be sent with Jeanne, Adam, and Vladimir.


Being who he is, Alex’s ideal weapons are directed-energy weapons and, oddly enough, pistols, his favorite of the two being the AE4 and the .357 Magnum.


Jeanne Clarke:


Jeanne didn’t think life was as easy as she originally thought it would be.


She didn’t really know what she wanted to do. She didn’t necessarily flunk out of school and college, but by the time she finished college, she didn’t know where to go, or what to do.


Jeanne was… rather dependant on her parents. They told her that they couldn’t really help her. It was hard for her to think of what she wanted to do with her life. So she chose to do something that would make that choice a bit more easier. She became a carpenter.


It wasn’t as easy a job, really. Some people really put her down. It wasn’t a very nice life, not a nice life at all… and as such she grew to be a bit depressed.

It’s really hard to describe her. Jeanne just tended to hold back her thoughts and feelings. And when she was picked to go to Mars, she was… rather shocked. Yet… things started peeking up. For a while. A few days before leaving Earth, she met Adam. And in that short span of time, she knew she liked him. Yet she could never quite speak, to say so.


Her favorite weaponry… she’s very specific about what guns she likes, but she really takes favor into the CEL-3 Cauterizer and the Starr.


Adam Maxwell:


Adam wanted a bit more of a normal life. But he never quite got it.


Adam was raised by doing normal schooling in all of the other seasons, and during Summer, he would go to military school. He never fully liked this, and mentioned it to his parents a couple of times. But his father was a bit strict about it. His father, and most others before him, were raised either to be a soldier or were soldiers during their lives, and that he would carry on that path.


Although Adam wasn’t completely happy with it, he learned to abide to it. And with that, he became an expert with weaponry and a top-notch soldier. An elite. A brute. He didn’t feel like such on the inside, but he always tried to portray it when it was needed.


To the higher-ups, humanity needed someone like him on Mars. To help keep order.


Adam otherwise kept to himself before they left Earth. Only a few days previous did Adam meet Jeanne. He was lost with words. He liked her, but could never quite find a way to convey that.


Adam is a type of person who likes most any gun he gets. Yet, in his personal preference, the best guns are the Atlas .45, RW1, Pancor Jackhammer, and most heavy weaponry.


Vladimir Gusarov:


To most people, Russians were portrayed as either drunkards or prideful people. For Vladimir, those were nothing but stereotype.


Vladimir is the oldest of the group, and one of the wisest. Being born in 2025, he had always had a large fascination towards space. By the end of college years, he had majored in astrophysics and astrology. Traits of which would majorly apply towards him being part of the group to travel to Mars.


Vladimir had been a major part of the scientific group, pre-launch to Mars. He threw the idea around of terraforming the planet and making it sustain life. And the higher-ups liked that. He charted courses, he drew up ideas for machines to be used to terraform. He was a major building block to the path to Mars.


But Vladimir never saw it that way. Vladimir never really felt like he was that important. He never quite felt that there was anything he needed to be around for. He was a nice guy, but he just didn’t have a true motive within him. He just did what he was asked of. He did his best to hide any emotion of sadness, or guilt, or anything. He never embraced the Russian stereotype… but he knew that there was some form of pride within him.


Being as old as he is, Vladimir favors the classic weaponry, for the most part. If available, he will always take an M1911. On the wider array of weaponry, he will take in favor to the Atlas 20mm, and most European-based assault rifles.




(NOTE: Any gun that holds unique characteristics or is important to the overall map is highlighted a specific color and bolded.)




M14 (wallbuy) [upgraded: Mnesia, v.1400]

Remington MSR [upgraded: The Divided]

DSR 50 [upgraded: Dead Specimen Reactor, v.5000]

Atlas 20mm [upgraded: Atlas Telamon, v.200]

Longbow [upgraded: Dixon’s Destiny (press Up or Left on the D-Pad to change mode: Titan Mode (default; bullets will force zombies back far if they survive the shot), Hyperion mode (powerful; bullets fly fast enough to eviscerate in one shot until Round 30. Very, very powerful for what it is.)]




EVA-8 (based off of EVA-8 Shotgun from Titanfall) [upgraded: The Fury of Prometheus, v.800]

Double Barreled Shotgun (wallbuy) [upgraded: 24 Bore Long Range]

Remington 870 MCS [upgraded: Refitted Mechanical Cranium Sequencer, v.870]

HS10 [upgraded: Typhoid & Mary, v.1000]

Pancor Jackhammer (aka The Jackhammer, etc.) [upgraded: Mjolnir]

CEL-3 Cauterizer [Upgraded: Catatonic Electromagnetic Lacerator v.300, Obliterator Protocol (possible to change Protocol: Press Left on the D-Pad. Protocol Types: Obliterator (default: very powerful, basically {one-shot until Round 15}), Crusher (splattered to mist {one-shot until Round 20}), Annihilator (forces zombies that are close to the shot to be pushed back as far as 1-2 feet {Best effective with forcing zombies back until Round 20; one-shot until Round 20}), Vice (literally squishes them {good until Round 28}), Salem (ominous; can only use three times until Max Ammo; gives you control of a zombie (Full control. Turned can be used for comparison as to “full control”) for one minute, can basically do whatever you want it to do {EE-related means})]

Tac-19 [upgraded: Translucent Apparitional Crusher, v.1900]

W1200 (wallbuy) [upgraded: Winter of the Underworld, v.12000]

Model 1887 [upgraded: The Nightmare Voyager, v.23]


Assault Rifles:


R-101C Carbine (based off of R-101C Carbine from Titanfall) [upgraded: The Fire of Tartarus, v.01011001]

AK-74u (wallbuy) [upgraded: AK-74fu2]

AE4 [upgraded: Accelerated Evolution, v.400]

AK-47 [upgraded: Reznov’s Revenge, v.1947]

Commando [upgraded: Predator]

Galil [upgraded: Lamentation]

AUG (wallbuy) [upgraded: AUG50M3]

Honey Badger [upgraded: Queen Bee]

HK33 [upgraded: Powerhouse]

SOAR [upgraded: Superb Operative Annihilation Revelator]

STG-44 [upgraded: Spatz 447+]

ACR [upgraded: Absolute Compacted Resonator]

IMR [upgraded: Ionized Mechanical Ripper (fully automatic after upgrade)]

M4A1 [upgraded: Magnificent Absolver, v.400.1]

FAL OSW [upgraded: WNNR]

HBRa3 [upgraded: Heart of the Broken Ranger, v. 3000a]

PVAR [upgraded: Pneumatic Verses of Apocalyptic Rains]

Bal-27 [upgraded: Belial, v.270]




AF11 (aka AF2011-A1) [upgraded: The Thrasher’s Abattoir]

Desert Eagle [upgraded: Vulture of the Dunes]

CZ75 Dual Wield [upgraded: Calamity and Jane]

Five-Seven [upgraded: Ultra]

Starr (British girl likely to get)  [upgraded: Supernovva]

Raging Bull [upgraded: Matador]

B3 Wingman [upgraded: Guardian Angel, v.3000BC]

RW1 [upgraded: Rectum Wrecker, v.1000]

.357 Magnum (Armenian likely to get) [upgraded: The Magnum Opus, v.3570]

M1911 (Russian likely to get) [upgraded: Mustang and Sally, v.2000]

KAP-40 [upgraded: Karmic Atom Perforator, v.4000]

Atlas 45 (American likely to get) [upgraded: World’s Fall, v. 4500]


Submachine Guns:


UZI [upgraded: Uncle Gal]

Sten [upgraded: Hive Mind]

Type 100 [upgraded: 1001 Samurais]

Vector K10 [upgraded: Pacemaker, v.100]

PDW-57 [upgraded: Predictive Death Wish, v.5700]

MP-40 [upgraded: The Afterburner, v.400]

Peacekeeper [upgraded: Diplomatic Immunity]

Skorpion [upgraded: Bane of the Nile]

MP7 [upgraded: The Pacifist]

KF5 [upgraded: Kalological Fires, v.500]

SN6 [upgraded: Subsequenced Neurogenesis, v.600]

MP5k [upgraded: MP115 Kollider]


Light Machine Guns/Heavy Weaponry:


QBB LSW [upgraded: The Theory of Everything]

LSAT [upgraded: FSIRT]

Chainsaw [upgraded: The Shredder]

RPD [upgraded: Relativistic Punishment Device]

HK21 [upgraded: H115 Oscillator]

DP28 [upgraded: Divine Protector, v.2800]

RPK [upgraded: R115 Resonator]




Stinger [upgraded: W.A.S.P.]

MAHEM [upgraded: KHAOS]

RPG [upgraded: Rocket Propelled Grievance]




Titus-6 [upgraded: The Merging of Titans, v.6.66]

Ballistic Knives [upgraded: The Krauss Refibrillator]

Crossbow (can be changed from manual to explosive) [upgraded: Awful Lawton/The Broken Arrow]


Wonder Weapons:


Ray Gun [upgraded: Porter’s X2 Ray Gun]

Ray Gun Mark II [upgraded: Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun]

The Railgun [upgraded: The Divider (same attribute as in Unity: You can charge up your bullets like the Storm PSR from “Cordis Die”)]




Gersch Device




Prophets Awaken (5G): In Dunes, meet a new friend, but hear familiar voices.

Architectural Plastic Surgery (10G): In Dunes, reconfigure a landmass and reroute its power to the Console.

The Sound of Drums (10G): In Dunes, route the energy of the Statues to D.A.V.E..

Technical Specialist (15G): In Dunes, connect D.A.V.E. to the Console, and fix the error.

Basis of Life (20G): In Dunes, use The Flood to power the Console.

Salem (25G): In Dunes, find what can’t be seen with a human’s eye.

Life on Mars (50G): In Dunes, find the Orb of Allonsperi.

Sounds of the Seventh Trumpet (75G): In Dunes, fight for not just yourself, but for the Dunes.

The Day The Angels Came (125G): In Dunes, eradicate the threat and find that you hold higher potential.

Weapons Specialist (15G): In Dunes, wield the upgraded CEL-3 Cauterizer, Longbow, Ray Gun Mark II, and Gersch Devices.

Bewitched (10G): In Dunes, become a Zombie.

Technologically Advanced (15G): In Dunes, use each protocol of the upgraded CEL-3 Cauterizer at least once.

Planetary Adaptation (10G): In Dunes, use gravity to your advantage.

The Waters of Mars (15G): In Dunes, feel the power of The Flood.

Martian Mole (10G): In Dunes, dig out all possible paths within the Mines.




Juggernog [2500 points] (in Bio Dome)

Quick Revive [500/1500 points] (in spawn room)

Speed Cola [3000 points] (found in the Water Supply room)

Double Tap II [2000 points] (in the top area of the Research Facility)

Deadshot Daiquiri [1000 points] (in a middle house)

Mule Kick [4000 points] (in the Mines)

Electric Cherry [1500 points] (found in farthest-off house, to the left)

Graviton Bourbon [2000 points] (found in Vehicle Storage): This perk, quite literally, uses gravity as an advantage to the player. I’m thinking that the actual jump height on zero gravity would be increased and we can incorporate an ideal “Exo Slam”-esque ability. Except… a bit more powerful than what we know from Exo Zombies itself. It’s rather useful for a perk, as... the map's on MARS!


Easter Egg Song:


This time around, there’s one Easter Egg song for this map. for the song itself, me and Voyager both have ideal reasons for choosing the song. And as such, here are those reasons:


As I interpret it, it kinda gives a kind of feel behind the map, something wavy between it being ambient and… just plain epic. Honestly, the process of finding songs was arduous, but the end product choice with the song we chose felt a bit… “destined”, I guess. I honestly thought that it fit best, and felt that Voyager might see it the same. And he did. Thusly, we picked it.

-The Meh


I chose it because it just felt right, any other song would take away from the map but this one only makes it better. It has emotion to it that the map does but at the same time the things about the song aren't just offered up front but there are underlying things that can be noticed with it. - Nightmare Voyager


(I’ll be honest, I think Voyager worded that better than I could…)


HOW TO ACTIVATE: Shoot the three Statues during the EE, and the song will activate. Simple, really.


Here’s the song: “Guilt Machine’s ‘Perfection'"







[NOTE: All Radios are in the form of floppy discs, able to be picked up and inserted into the main computer of the Research Facility.]


#1 (Research Facility -- aside the guns in spawn): “Log Entry #159. This is Adam Maxwell, the leading Lieutenant on the USC Providence. So, I figured I would start recording a few of these Diary Logs. Mostly for posterity, but it does give me something more to do around here... other than look at screens, and talk to others. Not that doing that isn’t interesting, believe me, but… you stand around too long, you kind of become statuesque.


Weird phrasing, I know. Anyways, from what I’ve heard, the colonies on Mars seem to be doing alright. We got live vid-coms of citizens being escorted among them. Kind of jarring, that. You have to imagine what those people went through to get here, and all that they left behind to do it. Their livelihoods were shattered by the war. But… it is all behind us now. Hopefully, the lot of us have learned from the errors we created for ourselves.


It’s hard to sleep thinking about this stuff, y’know? But… you get used to it. You have to, these days. Who knows what the next day will bring?


In any case… signing off.”



#2 (on the staircase from the Double Barreled Shotgun): “Log Entry #187: Adam here. So - history lesson! Since, I figure nobody else will want to share, or tell… I’ll do my best to share it.


Not that there’s much to talk about - life was normal until maybe 2027. Presidential assassinations happen - shame, this one, though, because she was maybe the best thing for America, at the time. In shambles, our government began pointing fingers - mostly towards those who didn’t fit, those who were fueled by our justicial angers. Always so angry, never satiated… humanity is venomous. Regardless of allegory - ten years on, and those angers brewed hostilities. Russia was maybe the first name to come along - and they weren’t at all happy to hear. Flaming arguments in the U.N. were aplenty on that day in 2037 - and I remember, seeing Vladimir Gusarov’s speech to them. He was the only one that implored that we focus more on the matter of unifying ourselves, making ourselves a stronger race - that, together, we could prosper. It’s… a shame, really, that nobody listened.


Armenia was later called to - and, if I’m not mistaken, all those hostilities brewed to a point where, in their blind rage, history could repeat itself. In 2043, the Second Armenian Genocide occurred, and… needless to say, what was left to them was… gruesome. Few survivors there - but I know at least one of ‘em made it out - Alex Kalajian… and, considering his work towards the Mars Terraformation Initiative, I’m glad to have him around. Same for Vladimir, in that regard - he’s Head Scientist on the Providence, these days. Their deeds… extraordinary.


Of course, after the Genocide, everyone locked down their doors. Britain most of all! Martial law came down on them pretty hard - and, disrepair showed. I recall a “Jeanne Clarke” mentioning it a bit in passing - I’ll tell you, she’s… something. Just a carpenter before, and when the martial law hit… it didn’t change for her - hell, that’s what they needed, after the disrepair reared itself. God, she talks about how lucky she was to get to where she is today, but… really, everyone was.


Anyways… 2067 was maybe the year everyone’s fear really started to show. We were all just waiting for the call that the end would come. But, instead… a group left to secrets acted among compatriots of respective world governments. We assume it was the Illuminati - at least, the symbolism is telling, but I guess a secret group’s name probably isn’t what everyone thinks it is. Regardless - they had technology… power. Unlike anything ever seen - unlike anything we may ever see again. Thus, a pact was made, and… Alex, Vladimir - the bulk of every intellectual, every astrophysicist we had - they acted fast. Created humanity’s final alibi.


...and, by 2068… the war started. Nukes flew. Safely, stations evacuated a bulk of 100,000 or so humans per ship, and we made our way to Mars. Most of the ships all landed - Providence, however, stays orbital. Unless something happens, of course, that threatens life on Mars.


It’s… crazy, in retrospect, how easily we’re manipulated by the end of it all. But, as we are here now… it shows that we cannot be stifled in the heat of a million suns. I’m a poet, I know.


Signing off.”



#3 (Mines): “Log Entry #201: Adam again. Well, we lost contact with a colony. Strange as that may be. Everyone on the surface of the planet is on high alert. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the comms buzz so loud, it’s that bad. The planet’s become a hive.


Eidolon Base is looking into the circumstances, but… it’s not like they can completely focus on it. These whispers of artifacts and such, it’s keeping their attention more. Not to mention the murmurs of the water they’ve made in their main biodome. I can’t entirely blame them.


I’ve inquired with Alex about it, and he pointed me towards Vladimir. That didn’t help us, however - when I asked about the loss of contact, they were as lost as I was. Alex even mentioned talking to the Head Captain, but… told him not to worry, and to not mention it again.


Strange. Strange, for sure.

Signing off.”



#4 (Biodome): “Log Entry #205: Well, we didn’t really find anything new out about the lost colony. Theories stand, but the most prevalent is that there was some form of an accident. Maybe a pressure break? Regardless - anybody that’s scoped the area out simply hasn’t come back. “Strange” barely even begins to describe it.


I’m wondering if, maybe, it has something to do with Eidolon. Maybe they found something that they needed to silence them for? Unless it’s something more than that… I mean, news-wise, we’re hearing a lot about this temple under the surface - they found it mining, and the only thing within is an orb, with inscriptions surrounding its pedestal. Archaic, but… at least this proves that, indeed, life existed that wasn’t human. Perhaps it still does. Who knows?


Anyways… I understand it’s a short entry, and I’m not one to short off this stuff. But, it would seem, paranoia is rampant, and my workflow is flushed. I don’t really know how to go about it - perhaps, more talk between Alex could better help ease my own troubles.


Signing off.”



#5 (Landing Station -- on a desk): “Log Entry #209: What a fucking day.


A sect of the crew began acting strange down by the Cargo Bay. Most just sat, motionless. Staring, or sitting, looking at the walls. One of them walked towards the Air Lock, coincidentally where I was standing by. I got a look at the guy, his eyes were bloodshot. Out of focus. Pupils practically masked in a fog. He asked to step in, and before I could inquire as to why, he grabbed my jacket and pushed me aside. Before I could stop him, he locked himself in.

...only to open the Air Lock door, soon after.


We were unable to save him.


Scariest thing is, all of the crew besides that man, they started screaming. Bloodcurdling. Ear-splitting. After that, we locked down the bay. Only select personnel are allowed in, only to feed them. Not that it’s stopped their suicides. The bulk of the crew outside of the Cargo Bay doesn’t know what to do about it. I don’t blame them.


Jeanne stopped by, not too long ago, though. We had a pleasant talk, at least… started with the happenings of the day, but drifted away - I don’t think either of us wanted to talk about it, and it showed. But… man. She’s a treasure among this crew. Between Alex and Vladimir, they’re good friends, but Jeanne… she helps me understand and cope better than most people have.


But… yeah. God, awkward even at the end of a log. Signing off!”



#6 (Water Supply -- nearby the door entering the room, towards the closest water tank): Log Entry… #224, I think. So, Eidolon kept some good notes on their find - and, inscription-wise, they’ve decoded most of what was on the pedestal. They logged it somewhere - and mentioned sharing it over to the Providence logs for posterity. After that, though, someone must have knocked off the Orb, because all we heard after that was that there was a cave-in.


God, all that talk about that orb… curious what it is. I’m just glad they scavenged it before the cave-in hid away everything. Nothing’s left of the temple, of course. So… god, I can only wonder!

Ironically, as the cave-in occured, our radar showed another colony going off of it. Which… is probably more cause for worry, too. A few other teams around orbit have went to take a look, but… they’ve since also gone off the radar.


I’m becoming increasingly worried that our mission is beginning to go haywire. I can only hope this shit gets better soon.


Signing off.”



#7 (Housing -- first house visible from Research Facility): “Log Entry… god, I’m losing track. 259? Anyways, shit could not hit the fan any faster. Eidolon Base contacted us near dawn, but a lot of it was just… noise and static. At one point, we heard pure screaming - something about fire, burning in it… I don’t even know where to begin with that.


The noise and/or chatter between the artifact from that, all their comments - they’re erratic, disjointed. One of them kept muttering under his breath, almost barely audible among the static… I think he said something about an “Allonsperi” guiding them. Fuck if I know what that means.


More and more of the Providence crew have become just as erratic as they did. That, and my higher-ups are becoming increasingly paranoid. More and more colonies, most small, are showing like blackened dots on the surface of our maps.


I’ve been seeing Vladimir and Alex up in the Bridge more often lately, and… they’re just as confused as I am. Jeanne, too… although, I imagine she’s less “in the know” as everyone else.


What in the world is going on anymore?”



#8 (Housing — closest house to Biodome): “Log… fuck it, I don’t even know anymore. It’s become apparent that everything’s went to shit - as, come the morning, all our higher-ups had committed suicide via cyanide pill. Upon looking up and down this ship, the only few people we had left were Alex, Vladimir, and Jeanne.




God, I don’t even know where to begin. When we made it to the main observation deck, the whole of the room was practically bathed in blood. The madness of them all… must have torn each other apart like animals. Hell - the only one alive of the bunch was smearing a symbol on the lower deck’s wall - Angel wings adorned a circular object… possibly the Orb they keep talking about. We tried to shake him out of his funk, but he rushed us like a dog… I had to put him down.


I… keep telling myself I’m strong enough to deal with these things, that these deaths, these kills, they are for a better cause - but these are men. All these men… women, children, even… I can only assume how many of them are left down there. We might be the only ones left of humanity now. I don’t even… I don’t want to begin to dwell on that.


It’s… going to take time to clean up the observation deck - Vladimir knows the controls, he can make sure we’re still on proper course… or, better yet, down to Eidolon, so we can make sure that this shit isn’t completely fucked.


...god, why am I still recording? I don’t even think anyone’s listening anymore. Signing off, fuck you.”


#9 (Housing — closest to the Mines): “Last Log Entry. I lost track countless days back, and I doubt I’ll ever remember. Nor, do I think that I will ever need to record one again. Hell - this is for posterity. But onto it, I suppose.


Eidolon Base went completely dark about a week ago. After the static, every other noise and transmission we get is radiosilence. It’s mental - and incredibly troublesome. Notwithstanding, shit isn’t better here. We’ve essentially lost what’s left of the crew, give or take. The only sane ones left are Alex, Vladimir, Jeanne… and me. Unlikely team, right?


Needless to say, without suitable pilots left, the ship’s been on auto for some time. In turn, that itself has been… malfunctioning. Where it was once set nearby orbit to Phobos, it had changed to… some nebulous reach of stars, far beyond the system. Obviously, we didn’t let that stay for long.


It took time, but, we managed to re-chart the course of the Providence to Eidolon Base. It will take about… three days time, maybe less, until we land. God only knows what we’ll find. No base goes dark without reason, and… to see all of them go dark? We’d be fucked.


The four of us are ready for whatever’s down there. As much as I wish to see answers… I’m only afraid I’ll have more questions.


This is Adam Maxwell of the USC Providence, signing off. I only hope whatever kind of force above us may be watching over, and will give us both clarity and mercy.”


Main Easter Egg: “The Sign of Potential”:


Step 1: “Repairing D.A.V.E.”


Within the map itself, you will be able to find a shovel. It’s relatively easy to locate the Shovel in either the Biodome or the Mines themselves. Digging around, you will be able to find either power-ups or subpar weaponry. Yet, if you dig within the right spot of the Mines, you will find a rover. The name on the rover spells out “D.A.V.E.”. D.A.V.E. was basically a rover that would assist in excavating and digging in the martian landscape. His fate was rather unfortunate, as he must have been lost within the Mines in a cave-in. D.A.V.E. can barely function at this moment.

Pressing the “action button” on D.A.V.E. will turn him on, yet he will say: “ERROR: Massive damages to machinery have been made. Integrity check: 15% function. Fundamental functional parts are either missing or damaged. Please find and/or repair all damaged pieces.”


There are 5 main pieces to find for D.A.V.E.:


-Front-left wheel (found in Vehicle Storage)

-Solar array (found in the Biodome)

-Rocker-Bogie Mobility System (found in a house within close vicinity of the Biodome)

-CHF antenna (found on a table in the Research Facility)

-Instrument Deployment Device (IDD) (found in the Mines)


When all 5 pieces are found, D.A.V.E. will begin to function.


But then…


“ERROR: Main A.I. chip drive lost or damaged. Please find a new chip for correct functionality.”


There are 5 different chips across the map. Each of which is scattered around the Research Facility and houses. The chips are categorized by color: Red, blue, white, pink, and green. If you pick the wrong chip, D.A.V.E. will say: “ERROR: This chip is corrupted. Please find an uncorrupted chip drive.”

The matter of which chip is the correct chip is usually random, but the green chip tends to be more prominent as the correct chip.


When the correct chip is put in, D.A.V.E. will say: “Chip data valid. DUNES // DATA SERVER #2947785312, connected. Prophet overdrive in progress…”


Within a few seconds, D.A.V.E. sounds again, but… it’s a familiar voice...


Step 2: “Machinae, Abominae?”


“Hello? Hello! You found the correct chip. We can finally communicate! Now, listen. Listen to what I have to tell you. The information I have for you is dire. My name is Stacey Cadwell, and I am a Prophet. There are three others, but they will be watching soon. You may be asking what is going on, and I can tell you. I just hope you understand…

Before this Cycle existed, we were of the previous cycle. We fixed time. The zombies you see outside? We faced many to fix time. To reverse effects caused by an evil Aetherian pyramid structure, and of the devices created by Group 935. We hoped when things were fixed that things would stay buried. But nigh, things never do. Technology of Group 935 passed on through the Freemasons, and one of the people who led you all to Mars brought it to the planet. To terraform it. To make life on Mars… possible. But things went bad. Now… they are all zombies. Except you.

We can fix this. The Console in the Research Facility had a built-in contingency plan. But we need to align the structures, we need to find the parts. So go! Find them! I know you can do this. You are more important than you think you are.”


After Stacey’s dialogue has been completed, each player needs to have at least 100 kills more than they had starting the EE on the leaderboard of the match. When achieved, the computer within the Research Facility will say “Rebooting…”. It’s best you just strategize during the time it takes to reboot; it’s about 5 or so minutes. The map effectively wants you to strategize, hence why it gave you this time.


When the reboot is finished, speakers within the Bio Dome will sound, as well as the P.E.S. systems and the Console itself, saying:


“Reboot complete. Console Status: Power needed to begin Protocol 5-Delta Niner Evis. Reroute all sources of power to the Console.”


Step 3: “The Face on Mars”


“Y’know, it’s funny. To humans, nobody ever thought of aliens, especially Martians, to be possible. Unbeknownst to you, however, there once lived an ancient civilization on this planet. Their ruler was named Allonsperi. He held immense power to the planet and its inhabitants. Then… the Storm of Aeon occurred. The Storm wiped the civilization out, and left only relics to its former glory. And one of the greatest was “The Face”. The so-called “Martians” had hollowed out facial figures of Allonsperi into a mountain range. Due to thousands of years passing, however, the monument has become nearly a shadow of itself, the sands of this planet completely covering it up. Believe me, there is something of importance to it, within the mouth of it. If only you had… some sort of “vortex” to wipe away the dirt, and another weapon to beam the item’s energy towards the Console…”


This step requires at least one Gersch Device and the upgraded Longbow’s Hyperion mode. A little ways away from the shuttle landing station, you will find this “Face of Mars”. You will need to throw one Gersch Device towards the “Face”. It’s a bit of a difficult aim, but it is possible to get to, when throwing the Gersch Device. The Gersch Device envelops the sand completely from the landmass, completely showing the face. And in its mouth, a black-colored obelisk with a small ball of energy suspended in the middle of it is shown.


Now you need to take the Longbow and shoot the ball of energy with the Hyperion mode. The obelisk will then rise to the sky and energy will beam from every side, with one beam hitting the wall directly behind the Console. The Console will now have a brightened color behind it.


Step 4: “Keys to Salvation”


“You’re doing great so far. Now, remember how I said that the others would watch us soon? And did you ever happen to come across a statue in the distance? If so, then good. There’s three of these Statues around the base. When you shoot them, this rover will be able to harness the power and the others will be able to help through it. It’s imperative you do this.”


You are going to need to find all three of the Statues around the map, and with the upgraded Railgun, Longbow (Hyperion mode), and Atlas 20mm, you will need to time your shots exactly on shooting all three.

The first one is easily visible if looking from the right-hand portion of the shuttle landing station over to the left. The second one is visible on the top of a water tank in the Water Supply room. The third is outside, on top of the door from the Research Facility that initially leads to the Bio Dome. Each player needs to shoot at exactly the same time. When they do so, the eyes of the Statues will glow a bright-purple color. The mouth of each Statue will open, and the players will hear a loud and deep bellowing scream from them. From that, energy will seep from their mouths and lead to D.A.V.E., who now sits by the Console. D.A.V.E. is now lit with a effervescent bright-purple aura.


Step 5: “Connection”


The Prophets all speak in unison through D.A.V.E. now.


“Yes… this will do us just fine. We’re needing to be connected to the Console, to give it the necessary power it needs. We assume there’s some spare wires, perhaps, lying around in either your Bio Dome or Water Supply room?”


This step is probably one of the easier steps. To connect D.A.V.E. to the Console, you will need to find wires. And these Wires will be in the Bio Dome, hanging from a metal spire, or in the Water Supply Room, nearly having fallen from the roof. When done, you will have to go back and connect them to both D.A.V.E. and the Console. When THAT is done, the Console will sound:


“Conversion in progress. Prophet Overdrive almost compl-”


Step 6: “Lost”


“ERROR: Entity Program Files detected. Scanning for viruses…”


“Well… that’s not good. It seems our little “contingency plan” has a bit of a virus. Quick, go find the Allonsperi Hard Drive so we can override the scan and clear out the viruses.”


As they said: what you need to do is find the Allonsperi Hard Drive. The Hard Drive is able to kill any viruses in a program within seconds. It is a very efficient technological tool, used by most of the scientists.


The Hard Drive itself isn’t relatively hard to find. It’s located relatively close, on a desk inside Vehicle Storage.


Then you just have to go back to the Console and put the Hard Drive in.


“Allonsperi Hard Drive inserted. Running…”


“Viruses deleted. Entity Program Files run speed: 100%”


Step 7: “Signs of Life”


“Ah, yes. You are doing wonderfully right now. Now, these next few requests will be rather tedious… but all will come to light eventually. We need you to bring two empty water tanks.”


This is a rather easy step. Two players will need to pick up these water tanks. One of the water tanks is near the box spawn in the Water Supply, while the other is leaning up on rock behind the top portion of Juggernog, in the Biodome.


There are two spots next to the keyboard portion of the Console to put the water tanks to place the tanks into. Place the tanks in those spots simultaneously. The Console will sound when such is done:


“ERROR: Vital life force needed.”


Step 8: “Thirst”


“Yes… very good, my friends… now: let’s talk about “The Flood”. They’re a bit more than just water, you know. They’re a completely sentient being. They were an invigoration for the "Martians", The Flood gave the “Martians” power. We assume that you have already felt these effects from The Flood? If not… you will see when you come in contact. You need to be fast; you need to bring The Flood here, and you need to insert The Flood into the water tanks.”


This step is all about speed. Two people will need to run to the Research Facility whilst infected with “The Flood”. If you run out of The Flood before you get there, you will need to start again.


The best route to take is the one through the Water Supply/Vehicle Storage rooms to the Research Facility. Both rooms aren’t as considerably big, henceforth, they make for a fast run through.


When The Flood is inserted into the water tanks, the Console will sound:


“Flood scan in progress…”


“Flood scan complete. Awaiting main power conduit.”


Step 9: “Witch Trial”


“You know, zombie anatomy is a very interesting concept. They can smell a body a mile away, they can hear gunshots from afar, they can sprint faster than humanly possible at times… yet are very docile at times. It’s an odd happening. But what’s also interesting about the zombies? They’re very easy to manipulate. There is something lost that can be found. You just need to see it through their eyes…”


This part of the Easter Egg is where the CEL-3 Cauterizer’s “Salem Protocol” comes into play. When you take control of a zombie, you will see a sort of “heat” in the distance, not any player’s heat, but more of a veil. The source of such is down in the Mines; it’s more of an ancient “cradle” device for handling the Orb of Allonsperi, the next item for the next step, but one wouldn’t quite know that. Since you’re a zombie, however, you will have to kill the zombie that grabbed this part so you can retrieve that part. Past that, you just need to insert it into the Console, which will sound:


“Cradle device accepted. Awaiting insertion of the Orb of Allonsperi.”


Step 10: “The Orb of Allonsperi”


“Yes, wonderful! We’re almost done. The next part we need is one of the most important. Back before Allonsperi became a god amongst his people, he had been avid with jeweling and the magics of the universe. One night, he had finished crafting a jewel, one of the most beautiful ones you may ever see, with a dark-orange tint. Then he had enhanced it with the magics. It became one of the most powerful objects known to the planet. An object made to gives someone authority, to give someone power. An object to corrupt. It was Allonsperi’s downfall. The power within that Orb still is in it. You need to find it.”


The Orb of Allonsperi is a key artifact for the Console; it will produce the most power, of which they need for a final push of power.


You will need to head back to The Face. Inside the middle of the Obelisk, there is a bit of a “wave” power within. Once again, you need to time a simultaneous shot with all 3 main snipers. When such is completed, the Obelisk will glow brightly, the middle will make a “whirlpool” figure of orange force, and the Obelisk will break apart, and be sucked into this “whirlpool”. Then the “whirlpool” will explode, shaking the entire map in the progress (an example of the power of this object). The Orb of Allonsperi has been forged anew. You will find it on the ground, in a small crater made by its impact on the ground, next to the Research Facility.


When inserted, the Console will sound:


“Power level: 95%. Administrative privileges needed.”


Step 11: “Numbers”


“We’re almost there. But we’re still in need of four administrative privileges to initiate the final stage of Protocol 5-Delta Niner Evis. We need you to find the keycards with those administrative pass-codes. We presume they’re in easy-to-find spots…”


As they said, the keycards are easy to find; this step may as well be the easiest of the map.


The keycards aren’t really like the “Outbreak” keycards (how monotonous they were), in that they aren’t the character’s keycards. Just keycards of the people that worked here before they all had been turned to zombies. Each character still has to grab a keycard, though; you can only carry one at a time.


Two will be found in open drawers of the tables that have smaller computers on them in the Research Facility, one will be found on a desk in Vehicle Storage, and the last one will be found on the ground next to Juggernog. Everybody will need to simultaneously press the “action” button to insert the keycards into the Console and begin the next step.


Step 12: “Fight For The Dunes”


“Yes… YES! We’re almost done here. Your mission is close to completion. Now it’s time to face adversity. The zombies, they’re coming. You must stay here, at the Console. You must kill masses to power the device. We will start the countdown when the objective is completed…


...I knew you could do it. I had faith in you the whole time. You will learn everything. You have my word.”


Any set round when this step has been initiated has ended. But the next round doesn’t start. Points go away from the screen. That’s because of the fact that this game is initially about to end. But you are left with one final onslaught of zombies. About 400 in total.


You need to stay by the Console and kill zombies, thusly to power the Console with the souls of the zombies, which get sucked into the Orb of Allonsperi. Max Ammo's will spawn within each 50 zombies you kill. After the last zombie is killed, the Prophets will sound:


“Yes, you’ve done it! Initiating Protocol 5-Delta Niner Evis. You’ve done well!”


The “Game Over” screen comes up, and the camera zooms out from the roof of the Research Facility, as the Research Facility and the vicinity around the map is engulfed in a white light, and a “boom” is heard.


End Cutscene:


Regular Ending:


You watch as each character falls, dies on their own terms. It’s pretty sad, really. But all of a sudden, there is a burst of light and although you and the others are dead or dying, the zombies have somehow been eviscerated. Perhaps… wiped from existence. Or… rewritten to another...



It’s over.


They lay dormant, bodies of zombies. And our heroes, dead and dying just the same. One is beginning to fade now. His sight blurs, as he looks to the sable skies of the Martian landscape. How he wishes humanity didn’t end this way. His friends were dead already, the last bastion. And he could feel it, he could feel the darkness creeping into his soul, slowing his heartbeat. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he would join his friends, and humanity, in death. His last moments, felt in regret and pain...


Suddenly, everything seems to stop. He feels as if time has begun moving slower, yet that is not necessarily the case. A seemingly ethereal voice of a woman speaks to him in his mind. A voice, alien to him, yet sounding ever so familiar...


“It doesn’t have to end. We fixed Earth once before. Not for this, though. I am a Prophet, and I command you to win. To fix this.”


Everything goes black.




Easter Egg Ending:


The machine is activated. You look outside as the undead are eviscerated.


It’s over....




Four ethereal beings appear in front of you. The word “prophets” comes to mind, but you want to dismiss it.


“Grand job. You’ve defeated the menace. There’s always hope in the human race…”


The Armenian speaks up. “Who are you?”


The 2nd Prophet, a person who looked almost emotionally drained, steps forward. “It’s a long arduous story, very difficult to explain. To make things short, we are from another Cycle. The zombie menace took all of us down, and we were the four survivors. We went out on our own terms, only to find that there was more needed of us. An “Entity” granted us the task of saving Humanity, and as such, to protect it. We managed to succeed. We saved Earth by building a machine to counteract our Cycle and to fix everything. We thought Group 935’s works would stay under wraps forevermore. But we were wrong.”


The Russian stands. “So what does this have to do with us?”


The 3rd Prophet, a seemingly intelligent woman, speaks up. “It’s funny you may ask that. You are the apex. This counteracts the possibilities of a second extinction. You have died before, we kept you going. This time, you did not fail. You rose. You won. You eviscerated the zombies, you are the savior of man. Unfortunately, you are going to have no memory of these happenings. Now that time is fixed, there’s nothi-”


The 4th Prophet, a muscular person, stops the girl. He whispers to her.

“...do you think…”

“...no, no. We can’t...”

“...why not, Stacey…”

“...they aren’t…”

“...believe me, they are…”

“...the risks…”

“...it’s inevitable, we need to. They’re more powerful than they think…”

“..they can’t be....”

“...I see it in them, they are…”



They turn around. “All of you. Grab onto us.”


They all seem confused. “What is it that you need us for?” the British woman says.


The Prophets all laugh.


“We have so much we need to show you…”


With that, they disappear. All of what happened on Earth and Mars seems to erase itself from existence. Humanity lives again.


The sound is snuffed, and there is a quick flash of binary code on the screen.


“01000001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01101100 01110011 00100000 01100110 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 01110110 01100001 01110011 00101110 00001010 01010111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01000011 01101001 01110100 01100001 01100100 01100101 01101100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01001000 01101111 01110000 01100101 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 01000101 01101100 01100101 01100011 01110100 01110010 01101001 01100011 00100000 01000011 01100001 01110011 01110100 01101100 01100101 00101100 00100000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01101000 01100001 01110000 01110011 00101110 00101110 00101110 00001010 01001001 01100110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01101100 01110011 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110011 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100001 01100100 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110011 01101001 01110100 01111001 00101110 00001010 01010000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100001 01110011 01110000 01100101 01110010 01100001 00100000 01100001 01100100 00100000 01100001 01110011 01110100 01110010 01100001 00101100 00001010 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010000 01110010 01101111 01110000 01101000 01100101 01110100 01110011”









Creator’s Notes and Acknowledgements:


Well… here we are at the end of another map concept. This one was just a long time coming, and I know I’ve pushed it off way too long. But I guess I’ve had fair reasoning to do so, because the Unity Series has evolved from it. It’s been mostly for the better that it was pushed off, and I think it’d be fair to gain the understanding of such.


So anywho, to thank some people… Voyager’s got the top of the throne for this first. Voyager takes the cake for almost everything. He wrote a rough draft of the map layout, helped with weapons, bounced back creative ideas, picked out a song, made a pretty beautiful cover photo for Dunes, and… quite frankly, had a good spirit for it when he was able to come around, and was quite the friendly type. He’s outstanding with map concepts, and I knew that he’d love to do this. And in the end, it turned out well. So… yeah. Thanks for everything, Voyager.


And thanks to Smith as well, for some critique a bit earlier on.




I hope you guys enjoyed this map! It was quite something to make.


For a note for the future… just know that “trials” are coming.


Past that, thank you for reading.

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I believe I said that before I left for hiatus, I'd at least post this. I essentially stuck and left (for the most part), while I fixed up formatting issues. Henceforth, this post is up and should be ready for your reading pleasures.

Thanks to @Nightmare Voyager and others, again.

And please - have a nice day.


Per aspera ad astra,

The Meh

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Only took like a year :rolleyes: No but really I have loved working on this map I think its a really cool idea and its a nice Mars map idea itself. Most of all it just kind of seems fun to play and kind of has that underlying story that Treyarch try to do (though I know where this is heading).

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