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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES | A Map Concept Series by The Meh

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Welcome! I am The Meh, but... I'm assuming that, if you found this post, you perhaps already know me a bit.


Today, I decided that I would make a post that chronicles my Zombies map concept/story, which is justly called "The Unity Series". As to what "The Unity Series" tends to entail, I figure I'll answer some questions real quick regarding it.


"First of all, what is Unity?"


Unity started as a short, and rather simple story named "Futility", posted on July 10th, 2014 (two months after I joined CoDz, actually). At the time, all I had intended to take Futility for was just a short story. But I began to think more and more on it, and the idea of where that story could go just kept sprouting more forward as time persisted. Between July 10th and July 26th, I worked extensively over the idea, with the help of @Nightmare Voyager and @Black Hand Smith, and these ideas eventually became Unity... and without the help I had gotten, I'm more than certain it may have never made it.


Unity, on its own, was an attempt at ending Zombies from what Black Ops II had left it to become. It was, simply put... a mess. So, I gave the map a small disconnected skeleton and made it connect to every map just the same. It was... an interesting plan, and I feel as though my execution of it was alright for just stepping into the light of it.


"You say this is a series. How far planned out is this?"


Quite frankly, the idea's been in my head ever since... November 2014, I think. Of course... the idea didn't begin like this, but the idea went to "evolve", per se. Dunes was basically what inspired the change. I wanted to create a Zombies map on Mars that took the joke of a map being on Mars to a literal perspective... and then I figured out that, with a map like Unity floating about, maybe I can make something new and fresh, while keeping it tied directly to the map. It went, quite literally, from a non-Unity story canon story, to all of a sudden canon to the story. The moment the idea came to mind, however, I knew I'd want to go through with it. A lot of concepts were birthed in that short span of time - the Angels, the Prophets (elaborated, at least), and so on - and I was proud of that. I hope to advance it as time goes on, so that these concepts become something more, something complete.


The short answer: Very planned out. Very, very planned out.


When I first posted this thread, my plans were to make The Unity Series an 8-map sprawling epic. But, as of November 11th, 2015, I had frankly decided that the series will go as far as 5 full map concepts, with a literary break in the form of Intuition. Frankly, the problem I had (and still struggle to comprehend or fix to that) was that 8 maps was simply too much. I predicted an overly large amount of maps for the story and didn't realize that it wouldn't work until I was knee-deep in Citadel. With as deep a story like this, and with one I care for so much, I didn't want it to stay along here too long... albeit ironically taking like three years for Citadel...


Not gonna keep you guys longer, though. I didn't make this post to have you listen to the "why"... in fact, I'm saving that for the finale.

Per aspera ad astra.




Table of Contents:


To: "Futility" ("First" Draft) ---->

To: "Futility" ("Final" Draft) ---->

            To: "Unity" ("First" Draft ) ---->

            To: "Unity" ("Final" Draft) ---->

            To: "Unity: Director's Cut" ("First" Draft) ---->

            To: "Unity: Director's Cut" ("Final" Draft) ---->

                         To: "Finalis Solutio" ---->

                                 To: "Dunes" ---->

                                 To: "Dunes: Director's Cut" ---->

                                         To: "Citadel" ---->

                                         To: "Citadel: Director's Cut" ---->

                                                 To: "Intuition"

                                                 To: "Intuition: L'edizione Prospettiva"

                                                          To: "The Lonely Astronomer"
                                                                  To: "Prospect" [WIP]

                                                                              To: [...thedayiscoming...] [WIP]

                                                                                                To: "The Requiem"


To: The Prophecy of the Ancient Coalescent

To: Extra Lore

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To be honest I actually don't help with the actual map itself I just review and proof read and give it the Black stamp of Approval. 

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To be honest I actually don't help with the actual map itself I just review and proof read and give it the Black stamp of Approval. 


I still credit you for that. It helps direct the creative process. Any feedback does.

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Note: I'll edit the OP when I release new maps/pre-cutscenes for those maps.

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OP edited for Dunes. (Citadel as well... but that's a work in progress.)

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Now on Reddit!

Really shouldn't post its link here since it redirects to here on Reddit... but yeah, it's on the CoDz reddit!


Edited by The Meh

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UPDATE (10/17/17):


Figured I'd stop by this and do some general updating and fixing. I want it to look as neat as I can actually manage... but neatness isn't exactly a requirement for me anymore.


While actually adding it to the page lineup, I actually posted the Dunes "Director's Cut" here (finally)! I've held it back for a while, and it's been done for a while. Now I've got Citadel's that I am doing too, and that's close to done. After that... well, you don't know what's coming next after Intuition. But... it's quite the thing. So... yeah. Keep an eye out for Citadel's "Director's Cut" if you want. I'll be only updating this comment, as to not produce extra spam via comments. Also, probably just gonna link the actual Intuition page out of general ease. But, eh, it'll be figured out.


Per aspera ad astra,

-The Meh

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