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Interactive Series: Island of the Dead!

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Ok, so this time, the theme is "Island of voodoo" zombies. And inso, I need 4 actors who would play great roles as 

-A sailor who crashes on the shore of the island. 

-An old crazed man who's been there for years. 

-A female who's scared as hell because of the and being lost in here. 

- A pirate who's recently washed ashore a few days ago. 




Let's see what you come up with!     



In other bits: 


New starting pistol: The pepper shot: Fires 8 shots, each from a different barrel. (Holds 32 and 80 in reserve.) Upgraded it becomes the crank-cannon. Which works a bit like a mini-gun in pistol form. (holds 500 in amo, 300 in reserve.) 

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I am struggling to think of actors, simply because I just cant think of anyone to fit the bill but this is sounding interesting dude. Does it continue the story of Mist but with a twist much like MotD?

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Ok, guess I'll pick the actors: 


The pirate: John Simm


The wrecked loon: Robbert Carlyle


The shipwrecked sailor: Tom Mison


Female coward: Analeigh Tipton



Cutscene intro:

November 12th: 1945

A lone bar on some island paradise.  

David Ciles: I was captain of the former S.S. SouthBend. I had a good life. An honest sailor, who's only job was to deliver goods from one port to the next. Then she walked in... 

(Shows Alice Snider walking in and requesting  an offer to David) 

How could I refuse a lady like her... Or that many zeros... 

(Ship in darker waters and skys) 

She wanted to visit a very special set of coordinates in the Micronesian islands. Supposedly "empty" waters. 

I brought her there, only to be greeted by one of the most horrific islands I've ever seen. Massive volcano, mid-erruption and what appears to be some sort of ring formed of bits and pieces of crashed ships. 

I took her as close as I could, but soon enough, my crew began to pass out. Instantly... No reason or ryme... Just flat out fell out. Soon after, the ship took a nasty turn, crashing and sinking. I thought I was dead... 


We woke up on shore to be met by a pirate and a crazed man. 

"So son... What's yar name?" -Gary

"His name is D..."-Raxoned

SHUT UP you! Ignore him... Hasn't said a word useful sense I met him. 

Now... Tell me, what sort of dingy did you two ride here in? -Gary


AYE! You didn't pilot a ship here you would have.... Crashed... Into the... dear god.. SON Tell me you and the lass's crew didn't pass out on the way here....  -Gary  

Gah... Yes... Yeah we... Where are we... -David

"THEY's be COMING!" -Raxoned

(Zombies emerge from the depths with yellow eyes) 

(Epic montage of each character killing zombies with an epic scene each, there's use of the pepper-shot, an ax of some sorts, and even the use of a cannon that's washed ashore. ) 




New mechanics to this game mode: 


This map spans the length of a LONG time, in fact it can take several decades to reach round 20! There are many aspects to take into account over the passage of time, and each character has their own special ability. 


-David: Has the ability to use his own beard hairs (should he have a beard at the time) to tend fires. 

-Alice: Is immune to the toxin flowers. But she goes mad the easiest. 

-Raxoned: Is already mad, so he's immune to madness of the island. But at the cost of not being able to carry 2 items, only 1. 

-Gary: Is able to carry heavier objects like cannons and masts. He can actually carry 3 items at a time. But he requires more food to keep from gaining fatigue. 


Remember: In the words of Richtofen: This is not a sprint, it is un, MARATHON. If you don't plan for the long run, it can come back and bite you in the ass. 



New mechanics: 

-Fires: Used for sleeping. For some reason the fires on this island at night keep zombies away. You can start the fire with a stack of wood, which is very common on the island. You need all 4 players either DEAD, or at a campfire to sleep for the week. 


-Time: Time progresses in weeks here. Every 4 weeks new wood spawns. Every 8 weeks a full moon rises and the dogs appear. Every 3 months (12 weeks) the season changes, and every 48 weeks a year passes. Sleeping can be measured in both time and rounds. Rounds only progress after the week has ended. But the round may not pass if all the zombies arn't dead, or an objective hasn't been met. 


-Hunger: You need to eat every so often now. There's plenty of food sources around the map, it's you're job to make sure you collect it. A week without proper food will slow you, two weeks will cause you to drop dead. 


-Madness: Unless you're Raxoned, you have to deal with madness. You become more mad the longer you stay in the dark parts of the map, or go without building something. There's always something on the map to repair, just find it. There are some things that will drive you mad instantly like the witch doctor. Should that happen, you won't be able to tell the difference in your companions and the zombies, be careful not to shoot them. To fix madness, like I said, repair something, or go dip yourself in the water somewhere, it's good for you. 


-Heat: In the winter months, it can get cold. This can make it harder and harder to start a fire. To solve this issue you can do 2 things: Make camp in a cave, or sleep near the lava in the volcano. There's no real threat to being out in the cold otherwise. 


-Night: There is a day-night cycle now. Each day lasts roughly around 15 minutes. At the end of the day, it will become night. You will NEED to have a place to sleep quickly. Meaning you need a fire source of some sorts. To make matters worse, after sundown, more and more zombies get be added back to the map, so round 1 can last forever. This is balanced with the constantly changing map. 


-The map changes: Every time you wake up, a week has passed by, so there can always be changes to the map, sometimes a path can be blocked, others a wooden barrier has burned down. 


-Points: Are only used for purchasing weapons and perks, not doors, there are no doors on the island. 




Ok so without further withdraw: 

Week 1 on the island: Round 1. 


Your team starts off complaining about how the zombies as any group will. Either way, at the end of the round there's one zombie left.  Right now there's a few places open: The dark jungle area, the village is sealed off by a wooden barrier, you can swim out to sea if you want, but you can't explore the deeper waters without suffocating so it's useless. You can fallow the beach down and see whats down there if you like. 


Where do you go? 

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Beach sounds like a good place to go to begin with.

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You can fallow along the beach ALL the way around the island, but today there's the issue of a lava flow from the volcano blocking your path. You can try to fallow the lava flow up the forest to the lava if you'd like. Where the lava has hit has also raised the heat of the water, allowing access to the shallow pool in front of you without the normal threat of sharks. Or you can continue back. You can't use the water to bypass the lava. 


In the distance you can see an abandoned light-house and an island. 


BTW: Here's your time left, when that number hits zero, you'll need to sleep or risk death and madness from the dark. Max time is 15 minutes. You can also choose to wait if you so desire. 


11 Minutes. 

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Can we actually gather supplies for food, water bottles and the beginnings of a base? 

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These arn't meant for the game's section, they are completely zombie-related map ideas. The last one took forever and I understood why it was moved, this one however, just started. 


This does not belong in this section. 

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Then you should have commented back when I needed actors! 


I didn't really know you had; the first time I saw this was after this came up.



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Then you should have commented back when I needed actors! 


I didn't really know you had; the first time I saw this was after this came up.



Dude, I sacrificed Alfred for him like two days ago! 

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