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Custom map request: dick move...

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Ok boys, normally I never ask for custom maps to be made, but this is a special occasion: 


We are going to troll the HELL out of everyone who plays this map.  


Here's how it will go: 



It starts off as a box map with two doors and one window, simple little sign with any old starter gun on it. Thing is, one door will actually lead somewhere, the other door just removes a layer of wall which allows for 4 more windows and a riser pit to open. 


The starter pistol will be Ok, but once pack a punched it becomes the exact same weapon. 


Drops: If we can create that thing where nukes run from hyper from that Exo map, that would be great. 

Perk bottles would also be ok for reasons you'll understand later. 


Perks: If we can remove 100 points for going prone on the perk machines, that'd be epic. 


Tro-quela: A special little perk that keeps you from buying more perks. 


Next room: 


A long winding hallway made only worse by a maze at the end, you can find double tap and 3-hit jug in here somewhere. 


Somewhere in there is a hall called "exo room" which hilariously won't allow anyone in to get an exo suit. 


I can't flesh out the entirety of the map for you, but you get the gist: Just REALLY troll em! 


Easter egg: 
Should a player actually find all 3 bears and accumulate 15,000 points, they can push the "grand finale" button, which will teleport players to a room filled with riser pits, no perks, no PAP, and every weapon has been replaced with a flame-thrower (Renamed the lag-switch) and the panser shrek. If you survive another 8 rounds you get : Game over, you lose anyway >:)







If anyone wants to create this map please tell me about it if you wish, I obviously don't claim credit I just want to know when certain people play it and how they react! 

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Literally every feature you suggested has been done in at least one custom map. Trolling if rife in the custom scene.

Going prone at perk machines takes point away points on TMG Alcatraz and the wonder weapon packed become 'The Troll'. Train Station also sends you to a small room with no exit, perks or wall weapons but 4 spawn points when you hit the end game switch.

Other maps include penalty perks, mazes and blocked off room that show perks and weapons in them.

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... Well crap now I just feel unoriginal... shut down everything!

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