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Custom Map - Trailer Park Christmas

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Trailer Park Christmas






Creator: GrantDaddy007


The Basics: I speak from experience when I tell you that nothing brings a family together like standing around a flaming trash barrel, drinkin' moonshine & holding your girlfriend/sister close. And when zombies come to the party you know we're having good eats tonight. Welcome to Trailer Park Christmas where the wonderful experiences I just mentioned really do come true.


What We Like: You begin the map on an actual train ride that takes you into the trailer park paradise where you are then given a list of objectives to complete, the rusty gate swings open and then it is ON! There are some soul chests placed into some very challenging areas which is fun, the perk machines have been redone with sliding glass doors on the front, there is a long snow slide which you can do over and over as well as model train parts to collect which lead to a very rewarding reward. I love how the map opens new areas for you only after a certain number of rounds has gone by; this allows the map to control the pace and forces you into adapting while you hang on for dear life.


What We Didn't Like: It lacks realism because the characters have too many teeth for being at a trailer park.


Final Word: Anyone who knows GrantDaddy knows that this guy is a pro. He has this incredible ability to plan out a map and to balance the difficulty between barely doable and smash-your-keyboard insane and that will keep you coming back to play again and again.


Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/trailer-park-christmas/

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