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Custom Map - Russian Base

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Russian Base






Creator: thezombiekilla6


The Basics: Ok, so you wake up from a hard night's drinkin' and realize that you have somehow stumbled onto a Russian military base with the dead rising all around you (don't get all preachy and act like this has never happened to you before). With just a few scattered clues here and there it's up to you to survive long enough to make your way through the base and figure out how to make your escape.


What we liked: This map is straight up a camper's paradise and brutha I love me some campin'! I'd recommend 2 players at least to really take advantage of these great camping spots but even with one person it's probably doable. Overall I'd say the maps looks really good with a bright daytime above ground area and a darker underground with almost sci-fi looking long narrow hallways. It's got BO1 perks and Double Tap 2.0 to go along with an arsenal of Black Ops 2 guns, baby! But it doesn't end there; thezombiekilla implements elemental ammo drops which takes down the zombies with hilarious and satisfying death animations – you will feel like a BOSS. Lastly, the objectives were quite enjoyable and even though most of them required you to search for things they were never impossibly hidden. There are even a couple steps that put me into panic mode when something happened that I wasn't expecting.


What we didn't like:  There were a few rooms where the detail was lacking severely especially in contrast to some of the other areas which were done so well. There are no real good training areas, so if that is your modus operandi then you may saddened to hear this.


The final word: This is a perfect example of a very solid map. I know that an early version of this map was kinda buggy but as it is now it plays well, it looks good, has variety, fun weapons, camping areas, fun objectives and a few things here and there that keep you on your toes. This is a must play in my book.



Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/russian-base/

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