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Custom Map - MW3 Dome

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Dome (MW3 remake)






Creator: FreeFall


The Basics: It's the dead of winter you're stationed at the Dome. Nothing much happening; you're playing cards and having a few drinks to pass the time. You hear the creaking of some boards and a low moan so you get up to take a look around, probably just the wind. What you see changed everything – zombies have breached the Dome and are coming for you. Lock and load!


What We Liked: A pretty darn good remake of the MW3 mulitplayer map and one that I'm sure we are all glad to see come to zombies. It's got BO1, BO2, MW2 & MW3 guns which ought to give you enough firepower to turn the tides of war in your favor. The layout is fun but challenging and the snowy atmosphere makes you think of a nice crisp winter morning with a cup of hot cocoa, but give you a horde of the bloodthirsty undead instead. There is the PAP machine and a buyable ending, but hey you may be having such a good time that it might end up being the zombies that want to escape from you : )


What We Didn't Like: It's pretty much an open all the doors until you get to the end kind of a map. Not many objectives or much of a reason to stick around after saving up the dollars to catch your ride to greener pastures.


Final Word: A solid remake with enough perks and guns to keep you playing for a good while. It also looks really nice and the mapper did a great job of staying true to the source material.


Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/mw3-dome/

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