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Custom Map - ILS: Let's Go Home

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ILS: Let's Go Home






Creator: MakeCents


The Basics: Set at the mappers actual workplace this map will show you what it's like to face the undead in a real life business environment. No amount of on the job training will prepare you for what you're about to face here and you will quickly find that your 2-year bachelors degree in business administration didn't quite give you the tools necessary for survival like the college professors promised. Well screw them, their probably dead anyway by now; grab a gun and start shooting your way up the corporate ladder. 


What We Like: Many maps now day use a pretty linear level design but this map gives you a great amount of freedom in how you want to open the map up. The starting room alone has 5 doors you can open up in order to get to various parts of the map. This leads to tons of map exploration and trying different paths each time you play to see if one method works better than another. There is a futuristic car that moves around the map on its own and can kill zombies for you which I have NEVER seen before on a map; it also talks to you when you get too close. Also, there is a drop you can get which allows your guns to do electricity damage for a short time. There are also teddy bears to find and computer monitors to shoot that give you a nice bonus when you shoot all of them and there is a buildable ending as well. All of this will give you plenty of stuff to make your day at work feel productive - gold star for you! 


What We Didn't Like: The map itself isn't the best looking and there are a few places where if you aren't careful you can get stuck on and have to restart your game. Also, there are only standard World at War guns which is a bummer and would have been nice to see some more modern guns thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. The map could use some more detail and sometimes feels a little too much like you are at work instead of having fun killing zombies. There are also a couple pretty huge areas that make running trains WAY too easy.


Final Word: This map is pretty underrated in my opinion and deserves to be played at least once and maybe more. It's got some really cool features that the mapper put into this map; this is also his first map so I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Considering that most people's first map is a crappy box, MakeCents blew away the expectations and came out with a solid map that can make for a real good time.



Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/ils-lets-go-home/

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