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Custom Map - A day in the life...

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A day in the life...





Created by: JJBradman


The Basics: This map was an entry into the 2014 You Always Win Christmas contest. Set out in the middle of nowhere in a small compound where the zombie outbreak has come home for the holidays.


What We Liked: The mapper put a whole lot of fun into a relatively small area and I really like that – no wasted space. There are soul chests to fill, batteries that players must find and then charge before the can be placed into generators to power the perks on the map which is a really cool idea. I love the way the map looks too with the colors being over-saturated making each color look bold with nice heavy contrast. There is a PAP location that you can teleport to as well as boxes that can be opened up once you find a saw which usually gives you some good stuff.


What We Didn't Like: You don't get grenades on this map which means you can't make crawlers. I know that the mapper was trying to keep if from being too easy, but most people who play solo need a crawler break in order to figure out what to do next.


Final Word: I fun map for sure with great visual appeal and for being made in two months time for a contest this one turned out very nice. Probably want to play this one with friends so someone can run the last zombie while the other guy does the exploring.


Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/a-day-in-the-life/

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