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Custom Map - 37: A zombie Christmas Story

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37: A zombie Christmas story





Creator: rdvlpr


The Basics: Woah ok, this map came out of nowhere. It starts you off in front of a very unassuming house in the middle of suburbia, but what happens next is a straight up Christmas miracle. Do you believe in Santa and that he flies around and brings presents? Do you believe in murderous elves and demonic snowmen? Do you believe in Reindeer that eat zombies for breakfast? Get back into the spirit of the holiday season and believe once again in the magic of splattering red all over white. Ho, ho, ho’yea it’s gunu be a good time.


What We Like: The map is very well detailed to look snow covered with icy patches around the map that will have you slipping and sliding, sometimes for very long distances. There are Reindeer that act as soul chests and gobble up the corpses of zombies you kill nearby, a bit of a maze-like layout, a generous # of buyable debris and a fun PAP area with a “little” surprise waiting for you. OH! But I almost forgot one of the coolest things. Freaking Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer fly overhead every round and drop presents from the sky for you to open. There is also a buyable ending and a generous bank system to help you save up.


What We Didn't Like: I know that it’s supposed to be a frozen snow covered wintery place but there are a few too many areas that are completely white-ish grey without any real color and I began wishing that a rainbow would come out of the barrel of my gun and paint this world with its beauty.


Final Word: I don’t know who the mapper rdvlpr is or where he has been all my life, but he’s got some serious mapping skills and has created an adventure worthy of the season. Grab your milk and cookies and maybe a friend or two, put your little red hats on and slaughter your way to peace and goodwill.


Download link and original content: http://zommods.com/37-a-zombie-christmas-story/

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