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The Meh

FINALIS SOLUTIO | Pre-Cutscene Story Concept For "Dunes"

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You watch as the shuttle leaves Earth. The world inhaled by a swift action of greed, desire, hatred, and a human's primal instinct to kill. A nuclear war. All life on Earth has been eviscerated. You and many others are the last hope of humanity. The last bastion.


Scarred by the memories.


You begin to make your descent on Mars. You look to your friends. 


A Russian astrologist. He himself had helped in the plans to leave Earth in the case it ever fell to nuclear war. He alone is a partial savior to the human race. You praise him, yet he sees himself differently. It's as if... he may be hiding something... perhaps his emotions. After all, you've seen him as a burdened man, emotionally blank. You shrug the thought off, and look over to his left.


An Armenian scientist. He drew up designs for some ways for habitable conditions on Mars. You also praise him, as he's a very important "tool" for the survival of humanity. He, however, is afflicted by grief. He had relatives and friends die in the "Second Armenian Genocide", a terrible event that occurred during 2043. Worthless killings, again. As if the first ones weren't already terrible enough for the Armenians to bear. He never was the same after that. His morale seemed broken to you. He tries not to show grief, and keep an optimistic overlook to things, but he doesn't want to escape his mind, or the past.


Then you look in front of you.


An American soldier. A brute force. He seemed to care only for war and the protection of humanity. You really didn't like that side of him, it bothered you. But he showed his true colors before, and that's why you gained a bit of a crush on him.


And then, there was you. A female, British carpenter. Nearly a lowlife, selected by chance. You feel lucky for the opportunity you've been given, but it's the repercussions of all those that would not be able to come that truly affects you. You feel guilty for it. You never felt as bad before about the life you have received as you do now. And that's not saying your life was that good before...


The engines begin to shut down. The rocket lands.


You catch a glimpse of some boxes as you exit through the cockpit doors. Very odd symbols... you recognize them somewhat. It looks sort of like the atom smasher symbol, but it seems to have numbers in it. 9...3...5? You dismiss it, as it doesn't seem as important.


...you should have known better than to dismiss it.




Welcome to the Dunes.




<---- To: Unity

You are here: "Finalis Solutio"


Edited by The Meh

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Isn't there already a map called arrival? I think Jrizzo will be done soon with it.

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Isn't there already a map called arrival? I think Jrizzo will be done soon with it.


The intro is Arrival, speaking of which I haven't heard any updates on the map lately.

Edited by Nightmare Voyager

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This has nothing to do with Rizzo's "Arrival". Think of this as an... intro to the intro. To something else. I'm pretty sure you know what it is, as I messaged you before about it.

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Although I will change the title if it makes you happy. xP

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