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Favorite BO2 zombies map?

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I just started Black Ops2 (it looks REALLY nice btw, me coming from BO1 and Ghost) and so far, my favorite map is Town. Besides the Green Run maps, everything seems really complicated and I don't like that. 


Town has all the perks and the pack a punch machine set in stone. They DON'T move! Plenty of train areas, good camping spots, and the map is on fire, I love it lol! It's also small enough to be able to revive someone. Good luck getting to anyone on Die Rise. 

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Nuketown for me. It's a simple map, that takes a little bit of skill when Jug doesn't drop quickly.

But it's fast too. My friend and I always have the problem of time, often we will only have 2 hours to play, so if you spend half of that making staffs, building buildables etc, you'll just touch 30 by the time the 2 hours are up. Whereas Bo1, we can often get to 25-30 in an hour.

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Don't laugh, but Farm was my fav when BO2 first came out. There was just something about it that even now I cannot put my finger on, but drove me to that map day in and day out!! Visually, I think I would have to go with Nuketown. I always wondered in BO1 what Nuketown would look like zombiefied, and they didn't disappoint. As for gameplay, I would have to say Buried. I know I know, it gets boring. But you are not running miles for your next perk, the paralyzer was a great addition, also the timebomb. You can rack up the kills and hit the bomb and go back and do it all over again, maximizing your kill to down ratio :)

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