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Zombies Pick-up lines

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"Hey baby... do you want to pack a punch my Ray Gun?"


"Hey baby... do you want to see a real Riese?"


"Hey baby... nice gloves you got there."

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"Feel free to go down, I promise I'll revive you."

"I'm Pack-a-Punched and ready to go."


I made of whole ton of these a while ago, will try to remember them.

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Girrrl, are you a subsonic resonator, cuz dat a$$ is bumpin'.


How about you let me stick my golden rod in and unlock your pyramid.

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"Hey baby... here you have 1500 points, now let me teleport into your heart."

you win the thread for making a non-sexual one.

Damn girl are you the Pack a Punch machine, because I wanna insert my weapon into your slot.

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"Girl, I sure can Pack a Punch"

"I'm like a Zombies map: always Buried in tha pussy"

"I love Tran zits" - only if you like Trannys with zits (no offence, but you have low standard's if this is you)

"Girl, are you a Briarton? Cause you're misty down there"

"Wanna see my katana?"

"I hit mystery boxes all the time"

"I'll give you a mule kick"

"Girl, are you a wooden board? Cause I'll throw you against the wall anyday"

"Girl, I got my Stamin Up and Speed everytime I see them Juggs"

"Girl, are you Russman? Because I love collecting STD's. Btw, I trade them like Pokemon cards, I got a stage 3 chlamydia and I need a Stage 1 Gonorhea to complete my collection!" (WTF Are you?)

"Girl, you must have Deadshot, cause you sure know where my head is"/"Girl, you must have Deadshot, cause you sure can give some head"

"Girl, are you the MPD? Cause I wanna get inside you" - Richtofen

"Girl, are you a teleporter? Because you take me places"

"Girl, are you Die Rise? Because I fell for you"

"Girl, I'm like an elevator. You can ride me up and down"

"It's gonna be real good once I get that Sliquifier"

"Girl, are you a turbine? Cause you turn me on"

"Girl, are you a bus? Cause I'd ride you all over the map"

"Girl, are you the mystery box? Cause I'd hit that"

"Girl, are you Quick Revive? Cause I'd get up any day for you"

"Girl, are you the TranZit musical EE? Because you seem to be real good at sucking"

"Girl, are you a Denizen? Because I can't get you out of my head"

"Girl, are you the Jet Gun? Because you're a fragile piece of s*** who never works. Get a job. Stop blowing the whole community"

"Girl, my d*** is like a Ray Gun. Ready to see my blasts?!"

"Hey girl, I have upgraded staff. Like literally, if I don't amputate my leg, I'm gonna die of this shit"

"Hey girl, are you Brutus? Cause you sure know how to shake it"

Edited by Uncle Speedo

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Hey baby, How about some explosive lovin?


Why don't you take a peek at MY wunderwaffe?


Hey baby, i'm seeing red, mind of I take a drink from your juggs?


How about next time instead of riding the bus, you ride on ME?

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If speedo successfully picks up a woman with any of those, I am in his debt.


"Girl, I'd ride you to the moon and back BOOM! too late"

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"Is that a blundergat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"


"Do you like dark, tight spaces?"


"I'd sure love to get my hands around your merchandise"


"Would you like to see my mystery box?"


"Let's play pretend: I'm a Hellhound, get behind me ;D !"

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