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UNITY | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

The Meh

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A Map Concept by The Meh


Weaponry, Characters, Story, Scenario, etc. provided by Nightmare Voyager/The Meh

Map Layout consultant: Black Hand Smith

Editing/Ideas/Support: Delta, Black Hand Smith, TheArisen





Pre-cutscene: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/177187-futility-story-to-a-forthcoming-map-idea/




Silence. Classical piano music fades in as our final group of survivors make their last stand against the undying force of the horde. MG after MG blazing all around, the group quickly getting cornered. We first see the Soldier fall, zombies swarming him like flies, as his last magazine runs out as they come at him, relentlessly. Next, the doctor. We see her fighting hard, bullet after bullet finding a target. She soon is cornered, but will not go out yet. She draws a Bowie Knife from it’s sheath and puts it through as many brains of the infected as she can before the pain takes her, and she sit lifeless against the chapel. Our insane scientist finds pleasure in the pain, killing off most of the pack before he gets swarmed. He dies with a smile on his face, taking pleasure in his own pain. We see the grief-struck scientist huddled into a corner, fighting with valiance, until flashbacks of horrid memories from the laboratory distract him from the hordes in front of him. He succumbs to his own grief, and sits and prays at the altar, zombies swarming him as he mutters the word.






Piano music cuts out. Static is heard, and the faint sound of a church choir is heard. A low, and ominous voice is heard saying these words:



“No… you must linger on… you must end this. You are, and always have been, the true Prophets.”



All sound is snuffed. The cutscene ends.







Map Description: “The Afterlife is not as pleasant as it seems… fight your way through Life After Death as you take twists and turns to places that pay homage to past maps. Find all new weaponry within your arsenal, and a new Wonder Weapon named “The Railgun”. Play the Jukebox and look back at the music from previous maps. Look around long enough and you will find that there is a way to fix things once and for all. Will you fulfill your destiny? Are you the Prophets?”



You awaken… in darkness. Our four characters question where they are, when torchlight illuminates the room and a booming voice is heard. The Entity says: “You are here to save humanity. You must justify your decline! Build the Machina Fini Mundi. You are the key to their salvation. You are the Prophets. Go, my children! Save them before you fall, and all hope is lost.”


Round 1 begins.



You will find four guns within the cavern you are in. Each costs 500 points. Zombies will spawn from the ground below you and from the walls. You cannot last forever in this place. The door out of these devilish caves will cost you 750 points.



What’s outside that door… is the Afterlife.



You will find that you will have to walk on a bridge made of rocks. There are a few staircases of rocks leading to four different assorted rock platforms (that of which will have some nice wall weapons, etc.). The rock bridge leads to power. You will have to open two 750-point doors to get to the Power Room door, costing 1000 points. When the power is turned on, the Entity will speak of a Golden Record, you will have to find it… but that is a different matter.



The first rock platform (1000 points) contains Juggernog, a part for the Zombie Shield, a possible spawn for the Golden Record, and a box spawn.



The second rock platform (1000 points) contains Electric Cherry, another possible spawn for the Golden Record, a part to the Quadrotor, that of which only needs two this time, and another box spawn.



The third rock platform (1200 points) contains Speed Cola, the second piece to the Quadrotor, another possible spawn for the Golden Record, and… The Jukebox. The Jukebox is to be elaborated below.



The fourth and final rock platform (1500 points) contains Deadshot Daiquiri, another possible Golden Record spawn, and another part to the Zombie Shield.



The Power Room contains a box spawn, the final piece to the Zombie Shield, and two building tables, for the buildables.



The special round comes. What you find is that you are taken to a Colosseum-esque arena, where you shall fight a random assortment of some very familiar boss zombies. You could be spared easily with the likes of the Hellhounds or crushed with an iron fist by an onslaught of Panzer Soldats. At the end of the round, when all are eliminated, a Max Ammo will appear, and Pack-a-Punch will rise out of the ground. You have 30 seconds to upgrade weapons before you are taken to the area you were at before the special round began.


But… there is more to the map than this… Night… Asylum… Swamp… Factory… Cinema… Cosmodrone… The Call… Temple… Griffin… Green Run… Skyscraper… Alcatraz… the Burrow… Verdun… they all come as memories… they will be revisited one last time before this map is over with.





One of the more interesting things I aim to employ in this map are the Abilities of each character, and how unique they are. So below you shall find out their past, their favorite weaponry, and their abilities. Let's begin with...


Dr. Stacey Cadwell: 


The Medic of the group, Dr. Cadwell has a dark past. After watching her parent’s flesh get torn apart by the zombies, she strived to find a cure. During so, her medical expertise rose to an all-time high. While attempting to find the cure, she had used her colleagues as test monkeys, killing them off in the process of her tests. Having kept a number of her friends alive, however, she kept with her medical training. As a result of her final tests, she started to have minor psychosis. However, pride overshadows her minor insanity, so one will barely notice it.


One day, someone had left the doors to their facility cracked open, and the mosh of zombies swarmed like flies. Only she survived the attack. She walked the streets for days until Thomas and the others found her.



Stacey favors submachine guns and shotguns, her favorite of the two being the Jackhammer and the Grease Gun.



Ability: When activated, she is able to run faster, revive faster, and can slightly see things on screen as if it was Vulture Aid. These effects fade 30 seconds after activated. Use sparingly.



Sgt. Thomas Mayes: 



Born of hate, lived through hate.


Thomas’s past is a very dark one. His mother died of complications when he was born, and his father abused him. When the outbreak occurred, Thomas did not hesitate to push his father into the pursuing hordes. He never regretted doing so.



He was 21 when he joined the Army, and 25 when the outbreak began. His military expertise and his abilities to combat the hordes made him one of the greatest soldiers. His colleagues envied him.



One day, he led a platoon of his men into a horde of the zombies. He watched as their flesh had been ripped from their bones. He heard their cries of anguish.



He can still hear them ringing in his ears.



He was the only survivor of the ambush. He had walked the roads of the god-forsaken world for a year. Only later on did he find Oxford, Frehley, and Stacey.



Mayes tends to go for the Chainsaw, but will always take a Gnasher when he can.


Ability: When activated, it takes a total of 7 or 8 hits to down you, and your bullets will have higher damage. This effect lasts 20 seconds. Use sparingly.


David Oxford:



David Oxford watched his parents fight everyday as a child. He begged them to stop, only for them to push him away, for his father to beat him. They died when the Outbreak happened. He was happy to hear it. They could finally rest together. In peace.


David was part of a group of scientists, as Vincent was. One day, the fences around the areas fell, the guards of the area killed. He watched his colleagues die in front of him. He and Vincent were huddled in a room. One other was with them, but she was infected. David had watched as Vincent had pushed a scalpel through the woman’s brain. The undead nearly had pushed the doors off their hinges to their room when Mayes came. Mayes saved them.



But David could not forget the events of that day. They lingered behind him. They caused him to grief for the loss as if it were his fault.



David will always take the M-700 Predator. Although any sub-machine gun will suffice his needs just as well. He takes favor in the Spectre, however.


Ability: When activated, for two frames, images of his past will show up on the screen. He will move faster, and time will have seemingly slowed. This ability makes it easy to get out of a pinch with zombies, but at the hindrance of health. It will take one less of a hit to take him down. This effect lasts 15 seconds. Use at your own caution.



Vincent Frehley:



Can you ever really trust a Schizophrenic?


Vincent never acted out with his Schizophrenia. He had fared well as a child, up until one day, when a kid had beat him down to the ground, in 8th grade. He nearly bled out and almost fainted. Then primal instinct kicked in. Vincent pushed the kid into a dumpster, and picked up a spare hammer from the ground. He broke all the kid’s fingers and toes before shoving the pointed area of the hammer into his skull, effectively killing him.



Vincent had no memory of the attack, and was never suspected of it.



Later on in life, his Schizophrenia got worse to bear. When the Outbreak came, the only friends he could make was David, his colleague, and Trish, a woman he fell in love with. Alas, the undead flooded into their area, and he ran into a Safe room, David and Trish with him.



Sadly, Trish had been bitten by one of the zombies. She would soon turn.


Grief took Vincent. He loved her. He didn’t want to see her go. But he knew what to do.



He took a scalpel to her head. He ended her life so David and Vincent could have theirs.



After Mayes saved them, Vincent’s grief only fed to his Schizophrenia, that of which leading him to insanity. He would take samples of the undead’s blood and body parts, telling his "newfound" friends that it was for a cure. They never suspected his insanity until they came to the Church. But by then it had not mattered.



Vincent prefers the SOAR and the Model 1887 for weapons.


Ability: Much like the rampage Menendez went on during “Time And Fate”, when this is activated, your screen will turn red and Vincent will pull out a machete. He will go on a rampage, killing all zombies near him with one hit… until round 20. This effect can only be made more powerful if he picks up the Baton. It lasts 15 seconds. Use sparingly.










Ballista (spawn) [upgraded: Infused Arbalest]


M14 (spawn) [upgraded: Mnesia]

Remington MSR [upgraded: The Divided]

DSR-50 [upgraded: Dead Specimen Reactor 5000]

Barrett M82A1 [upgraded: Macro Annihilator]

Dragunov [upgraded: D115 Disassembler]

SVU-AS [upgraded: Shadowy Veil Utilizer]

M-700 Predator [upgraded: The Blood Dragon] (Thanks for this suggestion, Delta!)





Double Barreled Shotgun (spawn) [upgraded: 24 Bore Long Range]


Remington 870 MCS (spawn) [upgraded: Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer]

KS-23 (wall) [upgraded: Kinetic Splicer-2300]

Trench Gun (wall) [upgraded: Gut Shot]

HS10 [upgraded: Typhoid & Mary]

USAS-12 [upgraded: Unnaturally Sectioned Avulsion Splicer-12000] (Upgrade uses explosive ammo)

SPAS-12 [upgraded: SPAZ-24]

Pancor Jackhammer (aka The Jackhammer, etc.) [upgraded: Mjolnir]

Model 1887 [upgraded: The Nightmare Voyager]

Gnasher [upgraded: The Ravager] (Again, thanks for this suggestion, Delta!)


Assault Rifles:



M16 (variable attachments; will have ability to upgrade multiple times to get these attachments) [upgraded w/ Grenade Launcher: Skullcrusher ; Upgraded w/ Masterkey: Limbwrecker ; Upgraded w/ Flamethrower: Fleshripper]


AK-5 [upgraded: Aetherian Killer-5000]

AK-74u [upgraded: AK-74fu2]

AK-47 [upgraded: Reznov’s Revenge]

Galil [upgraded: Lamentation]

Famas [upgraded: G16-GL35]

AUG [upgraded: AUG50M3]

M27 [upgraded: Mystifier]

Honey Badger [upgraded: Queen Bee]

HK33 [upgraded: Powerhouse]

Commando [upgraded: Predator]

SAR-21 [upgraded: Sectioned Acceptionalizer R-2100]

SOAR [upgraded: Superb Operative Annihilation Revelator]

Stoner63 [upgraded: The Counterculture’s Rise]

STG-44 (available only from Der Riese and Origins; wall) [upgraded: Spatz 447+]





Desert Eagle [upgraded: Vulture]


CZ75 Dual Wield [upgraded: Calamity and Jane]

Mauser C96 (insane scientist spawns with this) [upgraded: Boomhilda]

Glocke (doctor spawns with this) [upgraded: GL-935 Assimilator]

TR01 Ghost (grief-struck scientist spawns with this) [upgraded: The Grim Reaper]

M9 (Soldier spaws with this) [upgraded: Agent 009]

B23R (TranZit only) [upgraded: B34R]

Five-Seven (dual wield) [upgraded: Ultra and Violet]

Makarov [upgraded: The Price]

Remington New Model Army (Buried only) [upgraded: Sassafras]

Mauser Zig-Zag [upgraded: Serpentine Matriarch]

Starr [upgraded: Supernovva]

Raging Bull [upgraded: Matador]


Submachine Guns:



UZI (wall) [upgraded: Uncle Gal]


PDW-57 [upgraded: Predictive Death Wish-5700]

Beretta Model 1918 [upgraded: Barracuda]

Milkor BXP [upgraded: The Milkman]

MP-40 (Kino only) [upgraded: The Afterburner]

Skorpion [upgraded: Bane of the Nile]

Star Z-45 [upgraded: Shooting Star]

Sten [upgraded: Hive Mind]

P90 [upgraded: P115 Pulverizer]

MP5k (wall) [upgraded: MP115 Kollider]

MP7 [upgraded: The Pacifist]

Grease Gun [upgraded: The Black Hand]

Mac-11 [upgraded: Big Mac]

PM63 [upgraded: Tokyo and Rose]

Spectre [upgraded: Phantom]


Light Machine Guns:



LSAT [upgraded: FSIRT]


RPD [upgraded: Relativistic Punishment Device]

HK21 [upgraded: H115 Oscillator]

Chainsaw [upgraded: The Shredder]

Type 99 [upgraded: The Typewriter]

MG08 (Origins only) [upgraded: Magna Collider]

BAR (Classic maps only) [upgraded: The Widow Maker]

RPK [upgraded: R115 Resonator]


“Wonder Weapons”:



See… the Wonder Weapons of this map are quite interesting…



There is one new Wonder Weapon. One that was brought up to me as an idea from Delta.



The Railgun.



Some of you may have heard of the gun before.



To brief you on what this gun will do, this is the basic idea of it’s powers:



It's like a sniper rifle. But the power of the bullets will make you think of it like it would be a laser-esque bullet. It’s a one-hit until Round 12. Will hit many zombies with one bullet.


When upgraded, it will become “The Divider”. Comparable to that of the one sniper rifle from "Cordis Die", you can charge up the gun to give it more power, at the cost of bullets. A truly devastating weapon.


Now, onto the really interesting part...



All Wonder Weapons are able to be obtained. The Ray Gun and Ray Gun Mark II are the obvious exceptions; they will just show up in the main box. But… there will be limitations to the others.



The Wunderwaffe DG-2: Only available in Der Riese. You will lose it when you advance to the next map, for the Easter Egg.



The Thundergun: Only obtainable through Kino Der Toten. You will lose it when you advance.



The VR11 and the Scavenger: The VR11… is eliminated from the COTD part of the map, while the Scavenger is the rarest of the guns available in the main map.



The 31-79 JGb215: Available as a power-up in Shangri La. Available for 15 seconds. Each kill is worth 20 points.



The Wave Gun/Zap Gun Dual Wield: 20 second power-up on Moon. Each kill worth 20 points.



Winter’s Howl: Obtainable in main map.



The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 and the Sliquifier are not available.



The Blundergat: Available in main map, no Acid Gat conversion.



That’s really all I need to go over.



Basically put, you can use these Wonder Weapons, but will not be able to keep them.



Tactical Grenades Available:



Monkey Bomb


QED (Moon only, under same limitations as Gersch Device)

Gersch Device (Ascension only, limitations as of the Thundergun/Wunderwaffe apply.)

Molotov Cocktail





M2 Flamethrower [upgraded: Scorched Earth]


Panzerschreck [upgraded: Longinus]

Panzerfaust [upgraded: Spear of Destiny]

M72 LAW [upgraded: M72 Anarchy]

RPG [upgraded: Rocket Propelled Grievance]

SMAW [upgraded: The Martyr]

War Machine [upgraded: Dystopic Demolisher]





The Hangman (5G): In Unity, say hello to Peter.


...like Flies (5G): In Unity, begin the Fly Trap once more.

The Death Lights (20G): In Unity, say hello to some old friends.

Peace (30G): In Unity, step into Eternity.

End of the Beginning (40G): In Unity, eliminate the Giants and open the portal again.

The End Is Nigh (50G): In Unity, build the Machina Fini Mundi.

The Future Is Now (100G): In Unity, break the chains and fix the damage done.

Silent Anthem (30G): In Unity, find all the Records and play them in the Jukebox.

The Power Within (20G): In Unity, use all the character’s abilities in one game.

Off The Rails (10G): In Unity, kill 10 zombies with the Railgun using only a single bullet.

What a Wunderful World! (20G): In Unity, obtain and use all Wonder Weapons.

Tactically Dangerous (10G): In Unity, use the Gersch Device, the QED, the Monkey Bomb, and the Molotov Cocktail in one game.









Speed Cola

Electric Cherry

Deadshot Daiquiri





Verruckt - Quick Revive (Quick Revive will be in Spawn if on Solo)


Shi No Numa - N/A

Der Riese - Double Tap

Kino - N/A

Ascension - PhD Flopper

Call of the Dead - Stamin-Up

Shangri La - N/A

Moon - Mule Kick

TranZit - Tombstone Soda (NOTE: Will opt out perks that counter it, like Who’s Who)

Die Rise - Who’s Who (NOTE: Will opt out countering perks like Tombstone Soda)

Mob of the Dead - N/A

Buried - Vulture Aid Elixir

Origins - N/A. No Der Wunderfizz machine.







Double Points

Max Ammo


Blood Money (25% chance of spawning from special round, 50% chance of spawning in Origins)


Random Perk Botte (very very VERY rare pick-up from the special round. 0.1% chance of getting it)







(Linger as long as you choose in the beginning part of the map. You know what you must do soon enough.)



This map would effectively be the final map of Zombies, so to pay homage to the “wonderful” story it is (sarcasm)… we give you “The Jukebox”.



Think of it as a mini-quest. You find different assorted records (color specific) and pop them into The Jukebox, for your listening pleasure. It’s not important to the game, and the map itself, until much later on, during the easter egg.



All available records:



White - “Lullaby For A Deadman”


Yellow - “The One”

Red - “Beauty of Annihilation”

Blue - “115”

Green - “Abracadavre”

Grey - “Not Ready To Die”

Mahogany - “Pareidolia”

Purple - “Coming Home”

Pink - “Carrion”

Cyan - “We All Fall Down”

Non-colored dusty record - “Always Running”

Black - “The Sixth Extinction” by Ayreon

Bronze - “A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)” by Megadeth

Silver - “Lucifer” by Behemoth

The Golden Record - “Octavarium” by Dream Theater


Let’s just call “Octavarium” the Easter Egg Song. Literally, the “Easter Egg” song.



MAIN EASTER EGG: “The Machina Fini Mundi”:




STEP 1: “Octavarium”



“The Golden Record lies somewhere… hidden among this barren plane, poisoned by the blood of the undead. Find it, play it. The Theater of Dreams will take you. The Night… the Night will fall… heed my words, Prophets! You must! You shall…”


You must first find The Golden Record. The Golden Record, as all other records inside the map, spawns randomly, so you may have to look quite hard for the record. It stands out, so it shouldn't be difficult.


As you put the record inside the Jukebox, your screen will shake, and flash to white, then black. The Entity will tell you: “You must find the parts to build a machine capable of reversing not only the events of Richtofen and Maxis’ fight for power, but to destroy all devices that gave them the capability to gain their power. To end the Cycle. To create a future anew, a future fresh with the life of humanity. A future, my friends. A future. Go, my loyal companions. Go free us all.” Dream Theater’s “Octavarium” will play after this dialogue has ended. You can call it the “Easter Egg Song”, per se.


STEP 2: “Nachtmystium”



“Ah, you listened to me! Wonderful. We do not have long. You must gather the parts to the Machina Fini Mundi. Go, go, go! We must make great haste!”



Your screen will come back to normal at the starting room to Nacht. Don’t worry, you will not have to open the doors, they are already opened for you.



There will be a radio and a part of a transmitter lying around. You must find them. When you do, your screen will shake once more, and you will be taken to the next objective: Verruckt.



STEP 3: “The Psychopath”



“He wrote on the walls here. He was driven to insanity. He is an infected vermin. Eradicate him.”



This may take a while. On random rounds, a special enemy will spawn. He will run towards your character, and try to kill you by stabbing you repetitively. You must kill him. When you do, you must grab his brain. Your screen will shake once more, and you will be taken to Shi No Numa.



STEP 4: “The Hangman”



“His corpse lays dead. The German killed him. It would be better he be laid to rest in another way. Fetch his Noose.”



You will spawn into the Comm Room. You must gain enough points to get to the room where the man was originally hanged. You must shoot him down, so that you can obtain the rope the man was hanged on. The rope will have a faint luminescence to it



STEP 5: “Picking Them Off…”



“Oh… The Giant. The technology made here would have awed humanity. They were supposed to better the human condition. And they destroyed it. We will reverse the effects. The Fly Trap… you must activate the Fly Trap…”



You must kill 50 zombies at each teleporter in Der Riese, then converge and kill any remaining zombies in the round at the mainframe (don’t worry, the game will hold back the round until this step is either completed or you fail to achieve it). You must then throw any tacticals into the incinerator, and start one teleporter. You will have 30 seconds to shoot down a glowing light from the sky. Easy, right? No. This light moves quickly. You must be a sharpshooter to get this light. When you shoot it, it will fall to the player who got it down, and will be added to their inventory of pieces for the “Machine”.



STEP 6: “Projections”



“The Cinema… where once people came to enjoy the arts, now laid to waste from the war and decay, the Nazi propaganda still hanging from these walls. It disgusts me. The projection of a lost soul must be obtained. And we must hear it. Go.”



Likewise to Der Riese, you will have to kill 50 zombies in Kino, but instead of converging at the mainframe, you will all have to kill them inside the teleporter. The chandelier will shine brightly within the room. One must shoot it with an upgraded Panzerfaust or Panzerschreck, and it will fall, leaving a film reel and a projector. You will then be prompted to teleport. Choose to teleport, and it will take you to the tower outside of the map that had the radio inside it. Pick up the radio.



STEP 7: “Darkness”



“They said time was a healer. It still can be. The Clock is a critical piece to the Machina Fini Mundi. Find it.”



All doors are open except the one to the Pack-a-Punch in Ascension. You must gain up to 10,000 points before you can open the door and grab the clock on the wall, which has now fallen to the ground, the glass cracked. The clock is working, however.



STEP 8: “The Answer”



“The Godfather still roams this very land? I suppose that isn’t much of a surprise. He’s headstrong, even when undead. You must eliminate him. Only then will his soul be free. Hurry.”



George has gotten much more enraged since we last saw him. On a random round he will appear, and instantly begin to run at you. Luckily, he has a lower amount of health, so… a good magazine or two of an LMG may take him down. As he falls, he will revert to his normal self, and mutter “Thank… you…” before he disintegrates to dust. All that will be left is the light he held. Whoever picks it up keeps it as a third weapon. The weapon is a one-hit until round 25.



STEP 9: “Restoring Force”



“This ancient land… they saw the German as a god… were they mad to find that he was a false prophet. You are the true Prophets, my friends. They still praise you even in the afterlife. Save them, so you can save yourself. Find the Shard.”



You need to find a shard of Element 115 within Shangri La. Luckily, a lot more areas of the map are accessible, so you should be able to find it within the round.



STEP 10: “Morte Lumina”



“You are already dead. Your physical limitations no longer apply. So you need no mask in the outer reaches of space. Find the Death Lights. Free their souls. Free Humanity. Free… your souls.”



The MPD is open. Nothing is there. You must stand upon it and kill 100 zombies. When you do so, you again will be opted to teleport. Before you do, however, you must grab two Hackers and an old ammo part to the Ray Gun from three of our old friends. When you do, teleport. You will be whisked to Area 51. You must fend against the hordes for 3 minutes. When you complete the task, the souls of Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo will appear before you, and become one with the Hackers and the old ammo piece. The Hackers and the ammo piece will be illuminated with a new, red light.



STEP 11: “The Miracle And The Sleeper”



“This hellhole… it amazes me those four had made it through here… the death and desolation… it’s terrible. You will find your parts relatively close. Oh, I can feel it… you are getting closer… keep going, my friends!”



There are two parts you must find within TranZit: An old, dusty NavCard and the other fragment to the 115 meteor. They are relatively easy to find, so you could get this done within the round.



STEP 12: “High Risers”



“Ah… you have come so far, yet miles away from the main goal. You must reach to the heavens.”



There is a new terminal hidden in a random spot within Die Rise. You will be prompted to put the NavCard into the terminal. When you do, the Illuminati pyramid symbol will appear, and the terminal will gain a purple glow. Then, kill 15 zombies near it, and the terminal will explode, leaving a glowing wire. Pick the wire up.



STEP 13: “Surge of Illumination”



“Evil had once taken this prison. Then a group of ragtag men had defeated that evil, whilst questioning each other’s loyalty. They, themselves, broke their cycle. You will break yours.”



You will spawn on the Golden Gate Bridge. A random number of Brutuses will spawn (between 1 to 10). You must kill them all. One will drop The Shackles, and the other will drop the newer melee weapon, The Baton. You can faintly hear our MOTD characters whisper: “...it… is finally over…”. (As a side note: The Baton is used for a special melee weapon, so it has no real purpose to the “Machine”.) A strike of lightning will hit the Shackles, and they will be illuminated with a new light. Take the Shackles.



STEP 14: “...Lies Before You”



“Our strife is nearing an end. I knew I could have faith in you. Go on. You must know how it feels to go more than six feet under, in this Buried town…”



Remember that odd switch sort of thing in the mansion? You must press the action button on it repetitively until all lightbulbs are colored green, and one is loose. You will have to pick up the loose lightbulb from it. A new portal will appear in the well in back, tinted green.



Jump in. Step into Eternity. Cleanse your soul.



STEP 15: “Revolve To Resolve”



“Ah, yes… I can feel it. You are almost done. Now… we must go back to the beginning… the true beginning… to the Origins of this plague...”



You will spawn into The Mound. As the Giants traverse the fields, you will begin to notice the wires poking out of them, and the beacon of light shining on their heads, something you never had seen before. The Staves are on their pedestals in the Mound. You must pick up the Staves, and go inside the Giants. You will find a small hole in all three on the side of the walls within their heads, go through them to reach the top. You must shoot the beacon with the required Staff. Freya’s beacon is to be shot with the Ice Staff, Odin’s is to be shot with Lightning, and Thor’s is to be shot with the Wind Staff. You must then switch to Sekhmet’s Vigor, and shoot the beacon once with it. The Giants will deactivate, and fall to the ground. You better run back to the head and initiate the Purge sequence; if you are not in by the time they hit the ground, you will be downed.



Now that the Giants have been destroyed, you must pick up the spare wires (3) and the liquified 115 containers (3). When achieved, you will see three lights, of interchanging colors, come out from the Giants’ heads and fly into the sky, to The Crazy Place. You will be teleported immediately to the Crazy Place. Place the Staves back on their pedestals in the Crazy Place. The three light “beings” will merge to one, and go through the Staves on the pedestals, speeding up with every kill earned. You must kill 30 zombies, and when that is achieved, you will hear a loud boom of thunder, and the light “being” will travel up to the top area of the Crazy Place. The portal will open once more. Go through the portal.



STEP 16: “Penultimation”



All of what you have done had led up to this. You will spawn into a narrow hallway, the door behind you closed. You can hear the zombies outside, but it does not matter. You have achieved a goal far beyond the capabilities of the other crews. The light from Origins is waiting in the place where the machine is to be built. Build the Machine.



The Entity will be gracious, saying:



“Yes… yes! The Machina Fini Mundi has been completed… wait… no… it needs more. It needs more energy. You must kill more of these hellbeasts. Get to it, then!”



The door behind you opens, as the zombies quickly flood in. You must let them get close, so their life force will be absorbed by the machine. Kill a total of 75.



STEP 17: “Sacrificial Kingdoms”



“Yes… it is complete. But we have one last thing we must do. Kill yourselves. Let your soul flow through the machine.”



All must kill themselves. But this is not the end. Your screen will go white. You awaken… back in the church. At the beginning.



You now have all perks (excluding Tombstone and Who’s Who; you do not need them).You must kill 175 zombies within the church, and have opened all the doors within it, of which each door costs 500. When achieved, the screen will shake, and go from interchanging colors of green, orange, yellow, light blue, etc.. You come to find all of you in Afterlife mode. There are four buttons, around the church, that you must find. When you find them… push them, at the same time.


The screen will go white, and will switch to the End Cutscene. You have done it. You have completed the Easter Egg. Your stats will show after the cutscene rolls.




The Black Ops II version of “Samantha’s Lullaby” begins to play. We begin to see everything reverse itself.



The towers that once amplified Richtofen’s and/or Maxis’ power fall out of existence. We see the MPD dissipate, falling into a vortex, erasing itself from our timeline, as the Rod and the Focusing Stone disintegrate. We slightly hear the words “Casimir Mechanism system failure - self destruct in 3… 2… 1…” as we watch the Casimir Mechanism explode, metal flying everywhere. We see everything go back, past Nacht… and then, the music cuts out as we see Richtofen and Schuster in the test chamber together, preparing for their teleporter test.



“Commence test run #151.”





The test fails.





The cutscene fades back in and shows our faithful doctor and our soldier in ethereal form, as they watch over the test.



“Are you sure that this will save humanity?”, the doctor asks.



The soldier sighs. “Time is a healer, dear. Or, at least, now we can make sure it always will be.”



The doctor and the soldier walk away, holding hands as they disappear.





A much slower, ambient piano version of “Samantha’s Lullaby” plays.



The cutscene again fades back in, but now showing what would come of our other characters. The cutscene fades back in, as we see church bells. Walking outside, we see Misty and Marlton as a newlywed couple, as happy as ever. Misty gets a slight flashback to TranZit, and her face is shortly stricken with fear.



“What is it, Misty?” Marlton asks.



Misty regains her sense of happiness. “Oh, nothing, sweetie...”



They kiss.





We see Russman at a bar, grieving to himself, trying to drink the pain away. The grief is sensible from a man who was fired from a group such as Broken Arrow. He hit rock bottom. He has little money in his pockets. He is a broken man.


Samuel, having walked in just a few minutes before Russman, sees the distress on his face, so he walks up and sits at the stool next to him.


“Care for a drink? It’s on me.”



At first, Russman is perplexed by the offer. Then he realizes that maybe there is a chance that they could become friends. He needed one right now.



He smiles. “Yeah, sure. Hey, what’s your name, kid?” he asks.



“Samuel. Samuel Stuhlinger.” Samuel replies.



“That’s a pretty nice name. I’m Russel. But you can just call me Russman.”



“Russman, huh? That’s a neat nickname.”



The screen zooms out, as we watch Russman and Stuhlinger quickly bond, sharing stories and laughing to each other.





We watch as a taxi makes a stop at a big house in a suburban neighborhood. We see as a pair of feet walk to the front door, and hear the man knock on the door. The door opens as it pans over to a child’s awe-struck face.






We see the little girl hug her dad, with whom the camera pans over to show Dempsey, a single tear flowing down his face. Our original characters remember the events of Zombies, and, as such, are happy to know it’s all finally over. He falls to his knees, hugging her, never letting go.





“Emperor, I have failed you… my mission had changed. In the end, I let you all down… I have failed you. I have dishonored myself...”



We see Takeo, grief on his face as he bows, falling to his knees upon the Emperor’s throne.



“You have not failed me, noble warrior, Takeo ... from what you have told me, you lived through a great strife! You are a legend, Mr. Masaki. Your name will live on.”



Silence. Takeo is awed at the Emperor’s words. He was contemplating seppuku, but now he realizes that he truly is more than a worthless rat.



“I… I understand.”



“I… can no longer be Emperor. The U.S. forces demanded that I would be removed from being Emperor, and... I was an only child, and I am far too old for a heir now. Therefore, you shall take the throne. Bring in a new heritage, a new dawn for Japan. Good faith… Emperor Masaki.”




We see Takeo in robes, on a balcony, thinking about the events of the past few hours. He smiles. He is happy for where he is now. His honor will live on, as he sheathes his katana, and walks away.





We watch Nikolai, as he contemplates what just happened. He looks to his bottle, and he looks to his first wife. A loving, caring, beautiful woman, much better than his other wives. He knew deep inside he didn't move past her. So... he had a choice to make. To be with the woman of his dreams, or to be with many other girls from the whorehouse, becoming a drunken wreck. Choosing one or the other.



He throws the bottle down. He runs to his wife and kisses her.



He promises to her that he will be a better man from this day on. He will change his ways. He will get a job. He will be the man she wants him to be.



They kiss.





The screen pans out to Richtofen, Maxis, Samantha, and her dog, Fluffy, as they watch from the roof above. Richtofen has regained his sanity, and, as such, has now little to no reason to have a malevolent plot against Maxis, nor against Samantha. Knowing what would have occurred if the test was a success stirred something inside him, and it wasn’t good. Richtofen will be subjected to panic attacks every now and then, but besides that, he is a new man. A shade of his former self. A man that we have not seen nor heard since the first Moon radio.



“Do you think that all is well, now that we lost the war, Ludvig? Do you think something like this won’t happen again?” Richtofen asks, turning to Maxis, of whom we see for the first time in his real body, and the last time.



“Edward, it is for the best. Time needs to be this way. You know what happened last time we tried to win. We destroyed the human condition. It’s best we leave it alone. Who knows, maybe humanity wouldn’t have been ready for our technology! They may never be, for all we know. The possibilities… they are endless.


We were once gods, Edward, in our own rights. You, me, and Samantha all know the capabilities we had. It’s best we let go of those times.

We will pass on years from now. We will venture back to the realm some day. But not today.”




“Someday, humanity will understand it’s purpose. Someday, it will be ready for our weaponry, our scientific achievement and discovery.”



“Ah. I cannot wait to see that day come to life. Although that day may never happen.” Richtofen replies back.



“Not in our lifetime. Quite possibly not even in Samantha’s. Let your… what are they called… Freemasons? Yes, Freemasons. Let them hold onto the files and the technology until the time is right.”



“I’ll set preparations soon. Hey, what do you say we set aside the petty rivalry we had before, huh? Maybe we could get a drink. I was thinking a good scotch after all that’s happened would be good.”





“Sure, Edward. As long as you don’t try to poison my drink when I’m not looking.”



Both of them laugh, and walk away.



“Come on, Samantha. We’re leaving.” Maxis yells.






Samantha turns around.



“Yeah… just a second, dad!”



“Okay, but please hurry.”





Samantha looks down. She pats Fluffy on the head. “You did good, Fluffy. You did good.”



She looks ahead. “Such folly. The game may be over, the quest completed, but the game of life goes on… and for what… for the greed of our race? For all the death, the famine, the wars… that’s not the future I dreamt about every night. It never was.”





“I can only count on one thing to give me the future I dream of.”



She then looks to the camera.



“Shh… do you hear the voices?”



The screen cuts to black.














Creator’s Notes and Acknowledgements:




So that’s it, guys! That was Unity, a map that will have ended our story, our… defunct story…



I can’t go without thanking people who deserved it.



Voyager, who came on every day to work on this map with me for weapons, characters, perks, power-ups, and ideas for the Map Layout.



Smith, who… wasn’t always on the Google document with me/Voyager, but tried to be. When he was, he would give some really helpful insight, and would lead us in a good direction with our work.



Also, he helped with the Map Layout, so… GG, GG.



Many thanks to those two.



For the extra support, I thank Delta and TheArisen (Peter).



Delta, I had shown you a few things of this map, pre-release of the thread. You were there to lead me in some directions. You helped me add some guns from some other games, to reference and I guess pay homage to them (Gnasher, M-700 Predator). I really like what you suggested to me, and I cannot go without thanking you for it. I’m very grateful.



As for you, Peter, you… although we were having small issues with things, I put all that aside. Doing things similar to what I had done with Delta, I sent you some things and you gave some really great input. I can’t go without thanking you, and him. You both deserve equal acknowledgement.



Now… besides all that, what did you guys think? Is this an awesome concept? My opinion, honestly, is that it was the greatest thing I’ve probably ever put time into. I loved every minute I put into this map. It just seemed so diverse compared to the other maps. I didn’t even think I could come up with something that just seemed so good in my mind. It’s impeccable, in my opinion. Just impeccable.



But hey, I’m asking you guys, anyways! What did you think? Leave a comment on this thread giving me your input. I’d love to hear what you think!





<---- To: "Futility"

You are here: "Unity"

To: "Unity: Director's Cut"

To: "Finalis Solutio" ---->

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Unity   A Map Concept by The Meh   Weaponry, Characters, Story, Scenario, etc. provided by Nightmare Voyager/The Meh Map Layout consultant: Black Hand Smith Editing/Ideas/Support: Delta, Black H

Entirely random, but this comment section's one hell of a retrospective for me. This whole thread is.   I've had this sinking feeling that I grew into this idea, and I'm now slowly outgrowin

No self bumping multiple times......


Although I have clicked the "Bump this topic" button a few times, I don't see how that'll grow into too big of a problem. I really do want people to see this map. But yeah. I can always distance things out with clicking that.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Impressive mate. Definitely would be an intense map. I feel like if it were possible it should totally be made into a PC custom map. If only, if only!


I actually messaged the four working on Leviathan over at UGX about this. Unfortunately, they said it wouldn't really be possible. Besides that... I'm glad you think my map is good, and all. Thank you.

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Better idea then some trey arch stuff iv seen (been playing since nacht WaW


Well, yeah. I mean, to put it in retrospective, a good amount of the maps Treyarch have made have been really lackluster. Although Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese were probably the crowning achievement of Zombies (believe me, they weren't that bad), maps like TranShit (Yes, exactly that), Buried, and... quite frankly, Five/Dead Ops Arcade really weigh down on the opposition between good and bad. A map like this revitalizes, yet ends the story. The defunct story. Brings it full circle. I would personally love to see a map like this, or this map completely on there. (Minus any flaws of any sort, since there probably is at least one or two... although I can't really see them! kekekek... in all seriousness, I love this map, this idea. Didn't know I would have it in me to create this...)

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*mouth drops*

i give this thumbs up. amazing and beautiful :D

if only it was a custom map.

can i e-hug you?

edit: no five? :( still awesome though :D


Thank you, means a lot. I actually asked UGX and they said they couldn't do it, since there were limitations. And... no Five because it wasn't as canon with the story. Sure, it threw back a few things from the Zombies we knew, but still.

Besides, chances are that place would have already burned to the ground and fallen.

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This is one of the best ideas I have ever heard!


+1 Brains!


The ending gave the audience closure, with all of the main characters being better off than when they were fighting zombies. I love making future zombie theories and endings to the zombie story line, but this one really tugged at the heartstrings and was a beautiful read. Kudos to you!


P.S. If you are thinking of making another future zombies map, I would be happy to help! ;)

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This is one of the best ideas I have ever heard!


+1 Brains!


The ending gave the audience closure, with all of the main characters being better off than when they were fighting zombies. I love making future zombie theories and endings to the zombie story line, but this one really tugged at the heartstrings and was a beautiful read. Kudos to you!


P.S. If you are thinking of making another future zombies map, I would be happy to help! ;)


:) Thanks, dude. I always love reading these comments, and I love hearing when someone likes this. I'm very glad you liked it.


Did you look at the Director's Cut? I did link it a bit ago. (Also, I'm working on a map as we speak. Everything else past that, I refuse to say. Although I already have people to help with it, so...  :mellow: )

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This is a bit of a late comment, but thanks for voting this in the CoDz 2014 Year-End Awards! I do appreciate positive feedback, and for this map to win is probably the best thing to happen for me. Again, thank you for that. *e-hugs each and every one of you*

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Entirely random, but this comment section's one hell of a retrospective for me. This whole thread is.


I've had this sinking feeling that I grew into this idea, and I'm now slowly outgrowing it. It's... nice to see how passionate everything was back then.


Kind of rekindles my own.


Sorry, this isn't something I'ma ever bump again - apparently, that was already an issue in the past! Just... felt like a place to share.

-The Meh

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