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The Meh

Futility (Pre-Cutscene Story Concept for "Unity")

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9:53. Morning.


The year is 2086. The outbreak has decimated all of humanity. The dew on the morning grass lay still as the dead roam their new domain.


The last group of survivors arrive at what used to be a church, now left in decay, the wood rotting and the doors gone, falling off their hinges long ago.


They knew the fight was fruitless. They knew that there was no hope left for humanity. Their reign on Earth was over, and they accepted this fact long ago.


Their group was a misfit one. There was a soldier, one that led a platoon against the undead only to watch them helplessly be ripped apart. The agony, and the screams... he could still hear them ringing through his ears. He spent his days killing the horde and grieving for the day his platoon fell.


There were two scientists, of whom barely escaped their "asylum" of a laboratory. At the time the soldier found them, they knew they were dead. Their team of scientists were working on finding a way to end the outbreak, while engineering the best weaponry they could to fend off against them. One of their colleagues accidentally tripped over a crate of files, her hand slipping onto the button which opened all doors to the facility. It wasn't long until the dead overwhelmed the group. The soldier only managed to stumble upon the two just as the zombies were ready to break into the room where they hid themselves in. While one grieves for the loss, the shadows of his colleagues lingering behind him, the other became erratic, showing signs of insanity. He would mutter to himself, sometimes take samples of zombie blood and put the dead matter of the zombies into jars, with which he kept in a backpack. His team seemed to never notice this, and when they did, they would shrug it off.


Lastly, there was a doctor. She had worked on finding a cure, to attempt to end the madness of the outbreak. When she first started, she had many colleagues, of whom respected her to no end. As time passed by, the numbers of her colleagues dwindled. Unbeknownst to the live ones at the time, she had used them as test subjects for her "cure". The cure she tried to make never worked, and when she finished her tests, she was alone. She has no grief for her colleagues; her pride, her intelligence, and her "minor" loss of sanity overshadow it. She walked the roads for days, killing all undead that came her way. Her and the rest of the survivors managed to cross paths, and since then, she has stayed with them, truly making their team a... "powerful" one. If one could say that.


"Let's end this," the soldier says, standing back up after praying to a god he knew wasn't there. He had no faith to believe in after the events of the past. Now, he could only hope that he could find a salvation in the afterlife.


The doctor shoots a full magazine of bullets into the air, to get the zombies' attention.


They wanted to die, yes. But they weren't going to leave alone.


As the echoes of the shots fell into the distance, the far-away screams of the undead arose, getting louder by the second.


This was humanity's last stand.


The group knew they were to die. They just hope that their souls could find a home in the afterlife. They hoped for a more fruitful place past the hellhole on Earth. They truly hoped for... "Unity".




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Brains for you, this was a good read and I am excited about helping with the project!!!

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(Quite happy too that you're helping, by the way...)

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