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The Inbetweeners 2

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If you're from the UK, you'll probably know of a comedy known as "The Inbetweeners".


If you don't I'll give a TL;DW of it:

The show follows 4 young men who are losers in school They try and get girls, but often embarrass themselves and alienate themselves more.


The TV series began in 2008 and had 3 series, until the TV series ended in 2010, in 2011 they released a film which they left school and went on holiday.


The boys names are Will, Simon, Neil and Jay,


Quick bio on the characters


Will is the definition of nerd. He uses large vocabulary, went to a private school and got bullied.


Neil is... how should I say.... less than smart. A good example of this is the fact he doesn't understand big words and thinks Swansea is an animal.


Jay is a borderline sex pest. He often says very dirty statements about every girl he sees and lies about everything. such as having sex with supermodels and his dad plays poker witrh playing poker with Danny Dyer and the Krays.


Simon is the most normal of the bunch. He's not a borderline sex pest, he's not stupid and not a nerd either.




Right so with that out of the way, here' the movie trailer: (NOTE: Brief nudity, topless woman painting on Jay's car and a bare ass.  please remove if the mods feel it's violating the Code of Conduct, but please don't remove the topic, it's supposed to be a discussion about the upcoming film)



The movie is coming out 6th August 2014!! My 17th birthday!!!



SoThe Inbetweeners 2 seems to be taking place in Austrailia. :D



I'm so stoked for this film, The Inbetweeners is one of my favorite shows and the 1st movie was absolutely hilarious.




So, has anyone from CODZ seen the Inbetweeners? (NOTE: The US version isn't the original)


If so, how'd you like it?

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I haven't seen the show before looks pretty funny though. Is the show worrh watching, or would the movie do it justice?

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You should check out the TV series first.


The movies take place after they leave school and when on holiday.


Plus, the TV series will show you more characters who weren't present/briefly appeared in the first movie too. Like Mark Donovan (Local hard man), Mr. Gilbert (Asshole head of 6th form), Neil's dad (There's a recurring joke in the series about Neil's dad hinting at gay and the boys take the piss out of Neil for it), Will's Mum (Who, as you saw in the trailer, the other boys have a thing for her)


Also, the best thing is, you can actually watch the episodes FOR FREE (legally too) off Channel 4's website, though the video will not play until you disable your Ad blocker. :/

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