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Guest BlindBusDrivr

The Entire Zombies Story Tunguska-Moon

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Hello CoDz,

I just decided since all my single part threads of this died, I decided to submit this to the Asylum where it seemed more fitting.

and I had some edits in parts so I wanted to just put them all in one instead of 4 bumped topics.

So here's all the 4 parts of it, From the Tunguska event to Moon's most recent events.

Enjoy :)


It all started during World War II. The Germans were seeking advanced technology and weaponry to help them in their conquest for world domination. So Group 935 was founded under the Third Reich for advanced technology research and development. To explains this I have to back, years back. In 1908, an explosion happened in Russia now known as the ‘Tunguska Event’, where a meteor exploded scattering fragments across the area of the globe. Then later, in World War II, the Japanese discovered one of these fragments at a location known as ‘Shi No Numa’, or, ‘The Swamp of Death’. Around it was built the Rising Sun facility, where they conducted research on the meteor, and discovered it contained a very powerful, but also dangerous element, 115. They used it to power their ziplines and traps, as well as create a powerful new weapon, the Ray Gun. Then Germany got word of this and seized the Ray Gun designs and decided to begin their own experiments. Thus they called upon Group 935 to be created and experiment with and develop new technology with the Element. Group 935’s leader was a brilliant scientist, named Dr. Ludwig Maxis, and his assistant Edward. The main facility of Group 935 was known as Der Riese, or, The Giant. Many of Germany’s finest scientists were selected to work in Group 935. Upon entry, they were sworn to secrecy and exempt from seeing their family or friends, to avoid their work from ‘falling into the wrong hands’.


Allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you into group nine three five. This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race for you represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with that power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do where you work what our research has discovered or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to group nine three five is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual, which will direct you should our manifest get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore the field ops manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now, a new dawn is beginning for mankind. "

— Field Manual

However, this rule did not apply to Dr. Maxis, who kept his daughter Samantha with him at his facilities. Also, there were several spies in Group 935, but I will get into that later. Group 935 got right to work, with generous funding from the Third Reich. They created ‘Matter Transfer Devices’, or MDTs. We know these as the teleporters. They used the Element 115 to power them. But they did not perfect this technology immediately. They also recreated the Ray Gun from Shi No Numa, Scientist M. Porter worked with Dr. Maxis to make a new version with increased capacity and less peripheral damager to the user. It was dubbed, the Porter’s X2 Ray Gun. They also used the 115 to create perks which enhance the one who drinks it. They also did tests with 115 on humans and animals, as well as many other odd experiments. Now, our pal Edward Richtofen comes in. He was apart of Group 935 from the start as Maxis’s assistant. He is secretly an Illuminati agent, one of many seeking Group 935’s incredible technology. Richtofen is a sadistic sociopath, who enjoys watching people die slowly, he was known as, The Doctor, for torturing his victims slowly before he killed them. He has a collection of stuffed animals, frozen in the look of terror before they met their deaths. At Der Riese Richtofen designed the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a weapon, powered by 115, using chained electrical energy to destroy up to 10 targets. It’s technology was mimicked by the electrical traps at Der Riese, Verruckt, and Kino Der Toten. And the Monkeys Bomb, made from one of Samantha’s toys, composed of a Cymbal Monkey with Sticks of Dynamite wrapped around it. Dr. Richtofen wished for his prized creation, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 to be mass produced, but there was not enough 115 or funding for his wish to be fulfilled.

Due to recent discoveries on MOON, I had to add this.

Richtofen also, was the first person to create the teleporter along with Dr. Schuster, which at first could teleport a walnut a few feet, and Maxis laughed at the creation and said it was worthless. While Richtofen and Schuster decided to continue their work, and ended up with a version capable of safely transporting a living human. But to Richtofen’s surprise, the teleporter did not go to the receiving end immediately, he first teleported into an ancient jungle where he was stuck for an unknown period of time. Then he was sent to a place where it was dark and he felt weightless, which turned out to be the Moon base which would be deemed later as Griffin Station. He discovered the alien pyramid, with a sleek black appearance and many ancient writings on it. Upon his return he had Schuster go through to experience what he had just. They continued their experiments and making trips back to Griffin Station and added a BioDome and other facilities to it. While back at Der Riese Maxis as predicted went with the idea of a telelporter, but struggled with the design.

Now back to the MDTs/Teleporters, they finally got them to stop destroying the test subjects. But when they reappeared at the mainframe, their minds were lost, these were the first zombies. They also found that the 115 had the power to reanimate dead cells, therefore bringing the dead subjects back to life in the same state as the ones from the teleporters. Maxis tried to control them at Der Riese but failed, so sent them to a facility known as Verruckt to be examined and experimented on. Tests at Verruckt were very crude and unsafe. Verruckt was the abandoned Wittenau Sanitarium. They held the subjects in the containment cells. Some would be taken to the Dentists Office, where they would use the drill to bore through their skulls and examine the brain, The **** please report this topic, post **** as well was used the cut up the brain for physical examination. Now our friend Peter McCay comes in, he is a spy sent by the OSS to infiltrate Group 935. Another spy, Dr. Harvey Yena, was also part of the OSS who infiltrated Group 935. He worked at Der Riese, and designed his own weapon, the Scavenger Rifle, which was a sniper that fired delayed high explosive rounds using very advanced technology. Richtofen himself was another spy for the Illuminati as I mentioned earlier, and there were likely others in the bunch. But back to Peter, while working at Verruckt his word got back the OSS how crude the experiments were and that he believed they were growing suspicious of him, especially Richtofen. So they sent in Tank Dempsey, to spy on the Asylum and see how things were to prepare for the extraction team, but he was captured and became one of Richtofen’s Test Subjects along with Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki. He did several experiments on them including with 115, aswell as one in which he wiped their memory, probably due to 115 over exposure. So the OSS panicked and sent in the extraction team to Verruckt. But before they arrived the ‘experiments’ got out of control and Peter had to make his own escape from the Asylum. Except he lost his arm turning off the power switch, afterwards he escaped to Shi No Numa to continue work. Peter received transmissions from his handler, but it is unknown if he ever received them. The Marines were met by an overwhelming number of zombies and eventually the Marines fell. The Russians burned the surrounding forest to keep the zombies contained, which also made the Marines survival even more impossible. Later, the asylum was examined by Majestic 12, but that’s another story. Meanwhile at Der Riese, experiments were poor aswell, the Reich was lowering funding and support. Maxis was distracted by his secretary Sophia. And Richtofen was angry his Wunderwaffe could not be mass produced as promised previously. To pile on, Maxis began to realize the long term effects of 115 exposure, on himself. He began to believe that Sam’s teddy was stalking him and just simply losing his mind. One day he even decided to use his daughter’s dog, Fluffy as a test subject.

During these events Richtofen had been adding on to Griffin Station with the help of scientists Dr. Schuster and Dr. Groph, and possibly others. The work had been done under Group 935, but hidden from them at the same time. In this time Richtofen discovered what the device did, that it linked Aether and our Dimension. He made trips back to Der Riese to continue pretending to be Maxis’ assistant and learning his progress and knowledge of the vril.

Richtofen, circa the time Maxis used Fluffy as a test subject, received a letter from the Illuminati, telling him to kill Dr. Maxis, which he had no problem with at all. So during the test Sam walked in on him and was scared for her dog, and when Fluffy disappeared it was thought to be a success, but she did not reappear at the mainframe. Instead, she spawned in the middle of the teleporter room, as a hellhound, the first zombie dog(the other hellhounds were her pups, since she was pregnant). Richtofen took this as an opportunity to end them both. He locked the door shut and Maxis and said good-bye followed bye his evil laugh. Samantha managed to teleport with her dad and they were sent to two different locations. Sam got sent to Griffin Station where she was entrapped in the pyramid, which gave her the power, but she did not know yet. Then Maxis was found and told to help them ‘talk sense into her’ but Maxis knew what the device was and he just told Samantha, ‘Kill them all’. This was followed by a gunshot which killed Maxis and angered Samantha for them taking him from her, the beginning of Sam controlling it all from aether to avenge her and her father. Aside from this, Richtofen,he had some, unfinished business to take care of. He brought with him his test subjects from wherever he had been keeping them and took them to Shi No Numa. At Shi No Numa, he lured Peter to him and killed him by hanging, it was not difficult seeing as Peter had only 1 arm after the events at Verruckt. But the 115 reanimated the soldiers who had been dead in the swamp and they had to fight their way out. Afterwards, they returned to Der Riese, where they once again had to fight off the now even larger hordes of zombies. They all got a Wunderwaffe and got into one of the teleporters, but the 115 overloaded it’s systems and sent them to another station, known as Kino Der Toten, the ‘Theatre of the DAMNED’.


Kino Der Toten, in English meaning Theatre of the dead. It was a secret research facility under Group 935, which Maxis had kept from Richtofen from for good reason. It’s timeline for when the events there happened is unconfirmed, especially since we now know that Maxis wasn’t killed at Der Riese. When the characters were there is was around the mid 60’s, given the timeline of the Berlin TV tower’s construction as it can be seen partially completed from outside the map. But upon arrival, Richtofen was shocked at what was before him, and that he hadn’t known of this, and began to wonder how many outposts that the group really had. He learned about the facility through it’s film reels, radios, and other ‘artifacts’. What had happened was that after Verruckt had been an udder failure, Maxis decided to conduct those experiments in a much more professional way. Their initial goal was to control these beings, so he chose an abandoned German theatre located near Berlin because it was discrete and rather large to house many subjects and projects. He used the theatre to contain all the zombies, which to them were, ‘subjects’, and they strapped them to the chairs and forced them to watch the images projected on to the screen. Maxis worked with the projectionist who I have speculated to be a spy for the Illuminati, to create the projections. They continuously increased in the effectiveness of the film. And were successful at one point enough to have a subject which was able to follow simple commands and instructions. This was Subject 2-6. He was a major breakthrough of the subjects, and perhaps a step close to achieving their goal. Sadly, in a test, the fire alarm went off, causes the lights to flash and the horns to sound, causing 2-6 to go berserk and attack a handler, which resulted in guards destroying him, so their 1 lead was gone. From here, there is no specific accounts of what happened, but much speculation. The Nova crawlers, were an extremely deformed humanoid. Mutated to have rows of sharp teeth and no eyes, only little slits for ears and noses. They have the legs and torso of a poorly fed human, but their ‘hands’ have large claws on them. Crawlers have also been mutated to be suicidal bombs, with pockets of the Nova 6, a gas created by the German Wonder weapon programs, which could kill a person within’ 15-20 seconds of exposure. Evidence of this is in the campaign aswell as sketches of the chemical make up on letters found around the map and tabun and sarin nerve agents appearing on the documents above these, perhaps revealing the components of Nova 6. It is unknown what happened with these creatures but by looking at them you can tell it wasn’t pretty. Another mystery is the Thunder Gun, which I speculate was created at Kino Der Toten by a Russian member, thus’ the Russian writing on the side of it, and might help explaining how it ended up in their hands later as well at the Ascension base. So at the base Richtofen discovered more about 935 and how much they had potentially been keeping from him and what lengths they had gone to and would to achieve their goals, including what they were and weren’t successful with. Also Kino Der Toten had been the other station for the MDTs, the only other known one with the exact same technology as the Der Riese ones. Once fighting their way through Kino, it is unknown what happened to our heroes inbetween here and the Ascension facility. But whatever it was it left the characters beaten up and Richtofen in a military pilot suit, not a space suit.

So now I will move on to the Ascension facility….

Our 4 characters, Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo arrived on one of the Russian lander prototypes. They touched down in the main station, in the corner of the centrifuge testing zone. There was quite a story behind the events at the Ascensoin facility. Their main purpose, was to finish the Gersch Device, which created a small black hole that lasted for a few seconds then subsided. It was fueled using the element 115, which they used monkeys sent to the moon on rockets with the Soyuz platform and special technology made for the monkeys to return them. A very expensive but reliable and nearly infinite source of the element. Dr. Gersch, was the head of this project. Dr. Yuri Savoisky was a brilliant scientist working on the project, after Gersch needed to make room on the project for a friend, he had been moved down to working on rockets which infuriated him. And he began to notice children’s toys such as a teddy bear and matryoshka doll lying around. Yuri began to secretly work on the Gersch Device behind Gersch’s back. One day, in his courter’s, he found a diary about the Element 115 and learned it’s true potential. Which of coarse belonged to Samantha Maxis who we all know well, and here is an example of her manipulating the world through Aether. Following this he began to hear her voices in his head pressuring him to complete the device and have it send Gersch into Aether. As all this paranormal activity had been taking place, everyone was else was going on as normal. The Project Thunder, which had been to recreate the ThunderGun, was progressing on increasing the battery charge and effective range. Another project was the Casimir Mechanism, based on the effect discovered by Henrik Casimir, a special mechanism which allowed inter dimensional travel but it’s first model was destroyed in a test and the 2nd one was still under work. Gersch claimed in one of his personal radios that whatever they were working on was superior to the American’s projects, and that he noticed Yuri being even more aggrevated than usual and muttering to himself and was considering removing him completely. Then along came one day where Yuri invited Gersch to view the completed Device. Gersch was furious that he had done this all behind his back and and threatened to remove him if didn’t work. So under Sam’s possession he activated it and pushed Gersch into the suction of the black hole, teleporting him to the dimension of Aether, while Yuri laughed at Gersch until it wore off and he came back to himself and realized what awful thing he had just done. Afterwards Samantha tampered with one of the rockets so it would crash into the base and cause the main power grid to go out, then let the 115 take it’s effect on the workers creating a zombies outbreak and let it fall into chaos. Two more things on Ascension, the PhD Flopper was made likely to keep the monkeys from being injured by the impact and heat of re-entry, despite it being slowed down 25 mph landing on the ground could kill if not in water, which was nowhere near the base. Second, Samantha likely wanted Gersch because he was a 935 scientist who was captured and put to work by the Russians and Sam was following her father’s death wish of killing them all. With our 4 characters, while fighting off the hordes of zombies, discovered the voice speaking to them Aether was not Sam, it was Dr. Gersch. He explained to them how to get the Casimir Mechanism running and get him out, which they completed and he rewarded them with M134’s to help them fight off the undead left lurking the base. The reason why is because Richtofen did not want to risk Samantha pulling any tricks and the Gersch Device interesting him of coarse so he one for himself secretly. From here they likely teleported through a Gersch which malfunctioned and sent them to another Russian research outpost, located in Siberia near the place where the Tsar Bomb was detonated, where a rumored Agartha location is, and a crashed ship that contained Group 935 subjects. But they were sent over 40 years in the future to the set of a movie in filming, ‘Call of the Dead’.

What happened here was 4 badass movie characters were stuck here filming a movie when the zombies began to arise and they discovered out characters in the chamber. Richtofen guided them through the steps of how to work the base and get them out. What happened here in the past is not well explained, but Richtofen knew of it. There are personal radio logs of his lying all over. The ship had been carrying test subjects for Group 935 but they crashed into the rocket and split in half, and the subjects got out and likely what happened to the inhabitants of this area is self explanatory from there. But there is a Russian teleporter and Submarine here aswell which is difficult to explain, and since I don’t remember exactly read ‘Faust’s post on the sub and the artic bases and such in the Asylum forum. I believe that this was a team effort between the Russians and the Germans, only explanation for how Richtofen’s radios were lying around and he knew it all so well. But aside from that he used them to get the vodka, which kept the other 3 drunk so they wouldn’t be able to remember his actions later on. And he got them to get him the Golden Rod from the submarine, in return giving them the DG-2 Wunderwaffe he had so that they could defend themselves. And the teleporter got re-activated and they were out.

After that I speculate they took Richtofen’s personal teleporter which he used years ago which sent them to the jungle, which we know as Shangri La, but I will get into that later. What I have to do now is move back a little and explain what was going on in America during all this, specifically, The Pentagon and Area 51….

In the midst of the Vietnam conflict and the Cold War, the Americans were looking for unconventional solutions. They found access to this in their old intel from the OSS, regarding Peter McCay, and Harvey Yena, spies from Group 935. This was traced back to a top secret research facility only known as Kino Der Toten. An old Group 935 outpost which was now a rotting abandoned theatre in Berlin. From the outside it looked just like any old abandoned building, but it’s insides containing many jewels to the Americans. They discovered the telepoters, notes, 115, the Thunder Gun, Ray Gun, Nova Crawlers, Zombies, traps, etc and took it all back, to a secret lab beneath the Pentagon. Here they recreated the technology studying their notes and research and the devices themselves. Along with this they also weaponized the Nova 6 recovered from Kino from inside the crawlers and containers left over of it. They recreated the Ray, as it can be seen on a table in the lab. The Thunder Gun was never fully completed, but they made their own operational wonder weapon, the Winter’s Howl. Using the chalkboards, they recreated the teleporters but far more successfully, little cooling, and instant matter transference. And several stations could easily be powered, but it was difficult to determine which station the subject would come out at. The trap boxes, were also recreated and used as security traps within the Pentagon. Even Sam’s room was cleared out, since in a room by all the desks out the one glass window, you can see the wooden model from her room. The containers were taken from Kino too, they are seen in a room with a Soyuz blueprint, teleporter base, and Ray Gun. And something that’s also there that we pass by so simply, the Perk A Colas, and the Pack a Punch. So now let’s get back to the story and passed all the recreating and technical stuff. The U.S. government had already used 115 in the past. At Area 51, but after WWII this research became unnecessary and expensive so it was cut. But in these times they reopened the idea of unconventional weapons like such. The Pentagon was used as the base of these experiments. Despite their progress and caution, things still went out of hand. Like they usually do when 115 is involved. Scientists were exposed daily despite pre cautions taken, it was too powerful and the side effects began to come into effect. Scientists went crazy, like the Pentagon thief. But that wasn’t the main issue. The main issue was the fifth. The Fifth what you might be asking, and that would be the 5th corpse. In the human testing lab one of the bodies, of the Five in the tube catacombs in the wall, became re-animated by the 115 and must have attacked the unsuspecting scientists. Of coarse untrained in combat they were helpless and it all spread through the Pentagon. The Pentagon Thief is unconfirmed in identity, but likely he is a scientist who teleported but got stuck in Aether purgatory, and came back nearly zombified by the major 115 exposure and instead of attacking directly, he took the weapons from our 4 characters. So these events broke out in the midst of a meeting with Castro and Kennedy about the Missile Crisis. And they used their weapons to defend themselves and ultimately escape to another location.

After this, Area 51 became the new grounds for this research.

After the Pentagon got out of control they did it again but in a different manner and at an even more secure location, Area 51. After the Moon Landings, the US Government discovered Griffin Station and sparked their interest greatly. Hangar 18 became the base of operations involving this. They built prototypes of the teleporters in a special building at the base. They also made hexagonal plates, part of their experimentation with the Vril technology, which were used by Richtofen to activate the Vril Generator. As well as autopsying recovered corpses. When the time came, they removed the SR 71 from the Hangar and redesigned the whole layout of the area, and rebuilt the completed main teleporter in the Hangar. This was used for the cheap transportation of workers and supplies to the Moon Base which the Americans reclaimed. NERVA was also involved since almost every worker has the symbol on their jumpsuit. The Pack a Punch was placed by the teleporter, Giant excavators were also added for mining for the element and other resources. The government never learned of the pyramid’s true power though, but surely it was researched well. But of coarse things went wrong, except it was not their fault, it was Sam’s manipulation of things from Aether. I am unsure exactly how but she has become very good at this. So the base turned into a zombie fest and they sent in an evac. Team. Now what happened, what there were some zombies when they first visited Griffin Station. And they made weapons, ie the Wave Gun to combat them, and once they were all wiped out the base was completed and put into service with workers sent. This is what was happening in CODZL, early stages of testing for this project. So the evacuation team sent to moon wielded these weapons, but there was no hope for them since there were so many and Sam manipulated some to appear as them but in reality it was a dangerous zombie, what we know as the Space Man. So the whole Moon Base was overrun and the US government left in another slump. But even worse came their way when Dr. Richtofen came to complete his Scheme, but I’ll get into that at the end.

Part 4

Shangri La

In ancient times, people believe that things in the past weren’t possible for our ancestors to accomplish. Ancient writings and stories, are also believed to be misinterpretations of extra terrestrial encounters. The TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’ describes these theories very well and shares many tales of this. An example of this, is an area known as Shangri La. Thousands of years ago, the southern Asia in Nepal, there were people who lived in the jungle off their resources. Then along came the Vril-ya, an advanced race of aliens who had came from the realm of Agartha, a world located inside earth where the advanced races of the galaxy dwell. They taught the people how to build temples and homes and other structures, and introduced them to their technology. Including a teleporter using incredibly advanced technology. In return, the people helped mine the element 115 which had very large deposits underground in their land. The Vril-ya used this element to power their technology. So they all lived in their ancient land in piece, until an evil presence came over them. This, was Dr. Edward Richtofen. After creating his teleporter with Dr. Schuster, he had discovered it sent him to 2 locations, The Vril-ya pyramid on the moon, and ‘a jungle’. This jungle, was Shangri La. When he came here he discovered the natives, the Vril-ya themselves and the massive deposits of the element 115 they had underground. It would seem that his teleporter somehow was linked to the Vril technology. Since the ancient humans could not think of scientific explanation, they chose to accept these happenings and beings as divine. Richtofen, could not let the Vril-ya remain in higher regard than him if he was going to accomplish his sinister goals. So later he came back with his ‘colleagues’ and the wonder weapons developed by Group 935, the Ray Gun and DG-2, a slaughtered the Vril-ya to show the people he was more powerful than them and an almighty God. Thus’ the shrine to him located in the temple behind Pack a Punch. And they enslaved the natives to working underground to mine 115 for them for their experiments. Richtofen also had some of the native’s come back with him as ‘sacrifices’. When in truth, he had Dr. Schuster kill them so their souls would fill up the canisters and unlock the pyramid’s power. Though but one day, a perfect spherical rock fell from the atmosphere and crahed into the divine temple for Richtofen. This was the focusing stone, an artifact with a great power, and Richtofen wanted it, and he planned to soon return with the shrinking devices to make it easier to move and transport and such. But in his time gone, bad things were happening at Shangri La. The natives were overworked by their ‘God’ and the rigorous mining began to come into effect without the Vril-ya’s healing powers and they died. The 115 began to re-animated the dead natives as well, and eventually they became zombified and instead of seeing it as a danger they thought it was their dead being resurrected as divine, but they began to attack the natives were helpless against this attack. When Richtofen returned he was met by all his servants, now reanimated corpses trying to feast on him, so he teleported back and never returned, for now. Then this part will take a little explaining. Richtofen, when teleporting to Shangri La, was sent back thousands of years ago. So what I am explaining was happening was thousands pf years ago, but Richtofen was teleporting back from the 40’s. When he came back later, the time he was in was undetermined, because the teleporter was damaged and aged. But so thousands of years later, in the mid 20th century, without teleporting, 2 British explorers came to Shangri La in search of the entrance the realm of Agartha. But upon pressing the pressure plates on the teleporter, they were sent back in time to when the zombies were still there and were attacked and got stuck in an ancient trap and the teleporter got them stuck in an infinite loop/paradox. You can hear what happened to them through the radios. Our characters help them each time you do the easter egg, but that is not the goal. Richtofen didn’t go back to help 2 explorers stuck in a paradox, he came to finish what he started in the 40’s. The Focusing Stone. He needed to help them to complete the Vril-ya puzzle to get the Pack a Punch to go away and get Brock and Gary’s dynamite stick to blow the wall away. And the 31-79jgb whatever to shrink the stone so it would fall to the shrine behind it. And with this stone, he claims, the world will be his. And then the events of moon.

I will not make a whole new section because this is short.

So upon getting the focusing stone he finishes fighting off the zombies and let’s the teleporter take him back. From here by methods currently unknown, he gets to Area 51, Hangar 18 to be specific. Not very hard since they were completely overrun with zombies so security was basically gone. So they took the teleporter station there to the moon, where it took them to the delivery bay. They worked their way to the power station, which was a little confusing since the Americans added more to the base when they came. Richtofen did the computers to activate the buttons in the lab, which he hacked all the stations to activate the excavators. With them on, excavator Pi dug into Tunnel 6, which contained the ‘artifact’ which was placed in the pyramid. Then they killed enough zombies to fill the canisters and activate the pyramid revealing Samantha inside, and the 4 got M134’s which they used to fight their way back to Hangar 18. He needed the special plates they were making for the Vril rod. So he blasted it with a QED and sucked them up with a Gersch Device where they landed back in the receiving bay along with them. He placed the in the computer and hacked it and it activated the Vril rod which he then took to the pyramid and activated the other canisters, which they once again slaughtered the zombies til’ they were full and then Samantha and Richtofen switched bodies, so his soul in her’s and her’s in his. So now that Samantha was in Richtofen’s body and Richtofen in her place controlling everything now, she went and followed what her father wanted. She went to the computers with the ‘artifact’ and activated all 3 other the rockets with Nuclear Bomb warheads, which had likely been placed by the Americans as a way to strike back incase of a Russian nuclear attack. Then activated the Gersch device and ‘returned’ the artifact which activated the rockets launch coding and set them on a coarse strait into earth and destroyed a major fraction of the planet. So there was almost nothing left for Richtofen to control. It was Sam and Maxis’ sweet, sweet revenge.

But this is not the last you will see of The Doctor. Richtofen will go to any lengths to accomplish what he wants, no matter what the cost.

Beware the Doctor

For more on Richtofen check out this link-

And thanks to CoDz forums for having great ideas and theories which allowed me to come to these conclusions, and for this one Faust and his post on the Fate of the Vril-ya

Thanks for reading ?

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Guest phat130y69ps3

I love this! but also im sure there are more clues hidden in things like the mini game with the cosmic ape and the iphone games and stuff....you know treyarch hid stuff in there!

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Guest gabbehhh

Wow, this is all very nicely done (:

thanks for posting this ;)

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Guest CannonBuchanan

Great job on analyzing this. Just one thing, Kino der toten was where they were going to present the teleporter to the head Nazis and that is why it was there. When the zombies took over, it was abandoned.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Great job on analyzing this. Just one thing, Kino der toten was where they were going to present the teleporter to the head Nazis and that is why it was there. When the zombies took over, it was abandoned.

Yeah I know I saw a thread on that. But it's real purpose was controlling them. It was all about showing off their progress.

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