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Guest jaxl23

Time travel will tell.... or will it?

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Guest jaxl23

Hello my name is James or Jaxl23, my XBL gamertag. I'm new to codz, although i've been reading some of the topics people have posted for a few weeks and i would like to put forward a small theory. There is a user on this forum (Who shall remain nameless as his name escapes me, you will be added when I remember) who I have seen post that the name of the achievement/throphy "time travel will tell", must mean something to the story. My theory is that there is two ways this could be connected to the story.

1- That it only references the easter egg by which it was obtained, as the use of time travel through the eclipse buttons changes the fate of the two explorers, Gary and Brock. meaning time travel will tell a story or time travel will tell if it changes. (althugh they still end up in a time loop)

2- That it references a future event. Now heres where the theory comes in. Most of us know that when the team used the wunderwaffe to travel into the future it shorted out and is now useless, hence why its not in black ops, although why it works in call of the dead is a mystery to me(probably not to you). In the intel xbox.com has provided for rezurrection it states that area 51 is overrun and that the team barely escaped the sheer amount of zombies at the nevada base( this is not word for word but a basic dea of what it says). One could say from this evidence that the zombie outbreak is getting more out of hand or that the vast amount of element has made too many zombies for our hereos to hold back and that only time will tell what happens to the world. But I would speculate that Edward doesn't want to be kept waiting and so, because Ed cannot simply redo Der Riese. I would guess that at the end of the major easter egg of the moon map the gang will get thrown into the future again.(As this will be the end of black ops zombies a suspected time travel will change the scenery for black ops 2) And so time travel will tell

Let me know what you think and vote what you would like to see. I will reply as best I can. Peace!!!

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Guest PokeDanny10

#1, Welcome to the CoDz forums! We hope that you enjoy the site and the theories we have in the forums.

#2 May I ask you where did you got the Area 51 bit? I can't seem to find it on xbox.com

#3 I think the name stands for Time travel will tell if the zombies can be stopped. Or time travel will tell if the gang survives.

Maybe a group of people gets to the moon via time traveling and gain the knowledge to survival and leave with our defeated heroes? (I HOPE this won't happen)

On a side note... please use paragraphs next time because some people may get lost while reading, I know you understand :)

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Guest JMDogg

#2 May I ask you where did you got the Area 51 bit? I can't seem to find it on xbox.com

hey there, the bit on Area 51 is here: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/b/community_blog/archive/2011/08/03/call-of-duty-rezurrection-pack-is-rising-on-august-23.aspx

Here's the full "article" i guess, if it's easier:

"The undead have transformed Area 51 into a No Man’s Land, forcing our fearless heroes to escape to an abandoned top-secret moon base where they will face their ultimate challenge and bring an end to the Zombies menace.

Whether battling in the lush Biodome or the subterranean shadows of a lunar mine, devious phasing zombies will test your reflexes as they shift in and out of sight. Watch for the undead astronauts as they run riot, unaffected by the base’s fluctuating gravity and lack of life support.

Arm yourself with a space-age arsenal of new zombie-killing weapons including the Wave Gun, capable of cooking zombies from the inside-out, and the Quantum Entanglement Device, which taps theories of quantum mechanics to bless (or curse!) your battle against the undead.

New equipment types and an all-new perk for thrice the zombie-slaying fun will help unearth the conspiracies that have plagued our heroes since 1943."

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