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Carbon's First Theory 6/17/2009

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WORD FOR WORD from my original theory that sparked a crazy interest in zombies and this callofdutyzombies.com

Here is the source/proof ;)


Ok everyone, this appears to be a really hot topic right now.

The sister thread has accrued 8 pages of constructive comments with almost 4,000 views in less than 24 hours. I have compiled all the data collected so far and have devised this thread to try and show the big picture. This thread is comprised of theories and data gathered about the story line for Treyarch’s Zombie Mode. I would not refer to them all as easter eggs, but hints as to what is happening and where the zombie story will lead us in the future. Nacht Der Untoten is not included in this analysis because as a community we have decided that it is not part of the story. This is the case because Treyarch was not aware of how popular it would be, and so starting at Verruckt, we see the story start to unfold as they bring us to Shi No Numa. All links are safe and have been verified by myself for your viewing pleasure and safety. In case you are not familiar with the zombie maps, here is a picture that has the overhead view of both…

http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/7522 ... rheads.jpg

*note* If you would like to view this original thread with the pictures included for easy reference, you can view it here, http://www.aggregame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=181

Ok, so here we go, make sure you are sitting down, because some of this stuff could make you a little dizzy!


This is the first stop on our adventure. A reoccurring number sequence that can be found 19382406 9:21

We have deduced that it can be broken down into 1938 24 06 9:21

June 24th, 1938 - a meteorite fell in the vicinity of Chicora, PA. Named the "Chicora Meteor", the 450+ ton meteorite exploded approximately twelve miles above the Earth's surface. There are rumors this caused a zombie outbreak.


9:21 Could be the time of the meteor incident or it could also be referring to what we believe is a bible passage,

Jeremiah 9:21

For death is come up into our windows,

and is entered into our palaces,

to cut off the children from without,

and the young men from the streets.


Romans 9:21 (could be used as a scientific perspective of creation)

A potter has the right to do what he wants to with his clay, doesn't he? He can make something for a special occasion or something for ordinary use from the same lump of clay.

Here are two videos that show the writing on the wall and the number sequence…



Also on the walls of Verruckt there is 7* circle w/ a + in the middle and another 7. Seven may refer to perfection and the circle referring to the earth being divided into four sections? 4 counties, 4 characters?

We found the numbers 1942 11 3. If you put this as a date, you will find that Hitler made a statement on that day,

"Your enemy, despite his superiority, must also be at the end of his strength. It would not be the first time in history that a strong will has triumphed over the big battalions. As to your troops, you can show them no other road than that to victory or death."

Hitler was basically signing the death warrant for his entire military force.

Check this link out for more details on the date, http://usswashington.com/dl03no42.htm

On the walls in Verruckt you will find a passage, this is what we have so far, it is not complete…

If within the warming world showered full and sullen tide - from the panes - tomorrow fish - laps be the weary - curbside sun.

Lastly to transition onto Shi No Numa, we found a corner on Verruckt with a strange image, possibly the devil, we also found this image on the binding of a book in the Doctor’s Quarters on Shi No Numa, pictures can be found here…

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_013.jpg

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_001.jpg

Here is the video that shows both…


Shi No Numa

We theorize that Shi No Numa is where the majority of the story takes place so far. On Shi No Numa there are 4 different characters, Character Bios can be found here… http://www.callofduty.com/intel/227

Tank Dempsey (USA)

Nikolai Belinski (RUS)

Takeo Masaki (JAP)

Doctor Richtofen (GER)

The Shi No Numa trailer begins with the dialogue,

Dempsey: We're here, this is the place

Nikolai: Finally I was getting tired of Takeo’s rambling

Dempsey: Shut up Nikolai, and get your gear

This leads us to conclude that Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo traveled to Shi No Numa, and Richtofen was already there performing experiments on the meteor, element #115, and the Wunderwaffe DG-2. The trailer also shows Richtofen with the DG-2. As seen here, http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/9692 ... htofen.png. It has been noted that #115 was moved from Verruckt to Shi No Numa for further research.

There are 4 characters and 4 huts, we theorize that each character has their own hut, we are not certain which character belongs to which hut, but we assume…

Dempsey = Comm Room

Takeo = Fishing Hut

Richtofen = Doctor’s Quarters

Nikolai = Storage

Possible usage of these rooms…

Comm Room - ( the possible link to alien life form perhaps?.. well before the meteorite hit! scientists investigate and possibly become contaminated and well you know the rest)

Doctors Quarters - ( well self explanatory)

Storage Hut - ( holding pen for the acquired #115)

Fishing Hut - (source of food for the people working at Shi No Numa)

We have theories about each character activating the radios in their own huts. We have messed around with this a little, and found a new transmission in the storage hut, it can be viewed here…


It sounds like something has gone wrong and this is a recording of the incident, we cannot figure out if it is from Verruckt or Shi No Numa.

There are also 3 radios in the first room you spawn in, pressing “x” on each radio starts a transmission, it can be listened to here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBJVzg-oBXA

4-4808N 37 14 06 115 48 40 (1st set of numbers)

"I hope your receiving this transmission Peter, if you’re not then all hope has been lost

You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum and now we had to move the experiment here.

The numbers will guide you.

The giant must remain*static* all costs

Repeat Der Reise*static* faith at all costs

The DG-2 experiments continue *static*

But we have an early advantage now

Find Dr *static* and Dr. Maxine *static* they may know whats going on

The use of *static* 115 is dangerous at best.

I'm not sure if we can continue here.

We've lost most of our best *static* (sounds like he says scientists at the end)

I hope you get this, I hope it hasn't happened there too

But I'm almost out of hope"

60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 (2nd set of numbers)

"Who are the two doctors? Is Richtofen one of them?

The transmission talks about the number 115 and that it was experimental, I found that it is the atomic number for a chemical, probably used in the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Here is a picture of the number 115 on a crate in the first room, http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_004.jpg

Element #115 is Ununpentium. It is the temporary name of an artificially produced radioactive chemical element that has the temporary symbol Uup and has the atomic number 115. It was discovered from the bombardment of atoms of Americium-243 with ions of calcium-48. Among the product of the bombardment were four atoms of ununpentium which in less than 1/10 second decayed into atoms of ununtritium.

ok, whats funny is "ununtritium"

Ununtrium is the temporary name of a chemical element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uut and has the atomic number 113. It was discovered from the bombardment of atoms of Americium-243 with ions of calcium-48. Among the product of the bombardment were four atoms of ununpentium which in less than 1/10 second decayed into atoms of ununtritium. On September 2004 a team of Japanese scientists declared that they succeeded in synthesizing the element. Keep in mind, scientists in 2004 claim they have "synthesized" the element. Which prior to 2004 mainly took place during WWII or after this all took place. The original form of the element perhaps? contained within the Area 51?Possibly the Japanese scientist is declaring they synthesized the element could that have been the cause for "Shi No Numa?

This substance #115, was found in the meteor or extraterrestrial rock.

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_005.jpg

The meteor can be seen on the right side of storage, refer to this picture for the location, http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/2745/1 ... dfsdfs.jpg

Notice how the meteor has the blue electricity around it? This blue electricity is not only fired from the DG-2 but is also how the hell hounds spawn, in a flash of blue electricity. There are numerous generators around Verruckt and Shi No Numa that conduct the blue electricity and are used as shock fences.

If you shoot the meteor with certain weapons and the different characters, they say things like,

“That is not of this world”

“Oh that rock, must be where element 115 comes from” (shot with DG-2 with Richtofen)

It also talks about how it is the cause for the beasts, aka the hell hounds.

Do know that the Russian army is called the red army?

This is a quote from a forum I was told to look at,

"Also when Nikolai shoots the meteorite he says "Maybe the Red Menace would be interested in this." This brings up the question who is the RED MENACE. I suspect some power who is controlling all this. Menace, means scare and or fear so that could be Red Fear or Red Scare. So now we might have a possible subject behind all this. Also in Russia a Red Menace started the Cold War in the late 1940's also between 1917 and 1923 a plot was uncovered to send bombs to 36 United States addresses, and no one was convicted, but one person was behind it. So think about this one person can be behind this."

Could Peter be Russian, and involved with the Russian army?

The numbers from the transmission have been deciphered as coordinates.

4-4808N 37 14 06 115 48 40 are coordinates for Area 51

37°14'06N 115°48'40W


I was also given this link, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 619AAKFR8m

and here is an except from that:

“Other names used for the facility include Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake and most recently Homey Airport. The area is part of the Nellis Military Operations Area, and the restricted airspace around the field is referred to as (R-4808N), known by the military pilots in the area as The Box."

This is where the 4808N comes into play from the number sequence to verify the coordinates. I wonder why these numbers are at the beginning of the transmission, when they could have been at the end? Is there something to that?

60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 are coordinates for the crash site of the Tunguska Meteorite.


There is no real publicity surrounding it. Why is this odd? Consider what year this was.

All Americans were on a razors edge with what Hitler was doing overseas, and with the recently enacted Un-American committee looking for Communists inside our boarders. Don't you think an explosion of the magnitude from a 500 ton missile hitting our soil would have caused a big stir? If your not sure, let me refresh your memory. Later that year on October 31st, there was a Radio broadcast by Orson Wells which cause such panic, people were loading their guns and heading for shelters.

The word Tunguska can be found by going through the storage hut of the main building and looking to the left through the window of the hut you cannot access.

In the space outside the map to the right of the storage hut is a meteor with no crater.

Is it possible that the #115 mentioned in the transmission came from that. Here is an article about the event…


The Tunguska event also has another option that is less believed and less talked about. Nikola Tesla often made broad and wild claims. Around this time he made one regarding a weapon involving electricity and his Wardenclyffe Tower. He claimed he could target and transfer a huge amount of electricity to any point on the globe resulting in massive devastation.

Nikola Tesla

Directed-energy weapon

Later in life, Tesla made remarkable claims concerning a “teleforce" weapon, the press called it a "peace ray" or “death ray”. In total, the components and methods included:

An apparatus for producing manifestations of energy in free air instead of in a high vacuum as in the past. This, according to Tesla in 1934, was accomplished.

A mechanism for generating tremendous electrical force. This as well according to Tesla, was also accomplished.

A means of intensifying and amplifying the force developed by the second mechanism.

A new method for producing a tremendous electrical repelling force. This would be the projector, or gun, of the invention.

Tesla worked on plans for a directed-energy weapon from the early 1900s until his death. In 1937, Tesla composed a treatise entitled "The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media" concerning charged particle beams. Tesla published the document in an attempt to expound on the technical description of a "super weapon that would put an end to all war". This treatise of the particle beam is currently in the Nikola Tesla Museum archive in Belgrade. It described an open ended vacuum tube with a gas jet seal that allowed particles to exit, a method of charging particles to millions of volts, and a method of creating and directing non-dispersive particle streams (through electro-static repulsion).His records indicate that it was based on a narrow stream of atomic clusters of liquid mercury or tungsten accelerated via high voltage (by means akin to his magnifying transformer). Tesla gave the following description concerning the particles gun’s operation:

“The nozzle would send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a defending nation's border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks.” The weapon could be used against ground based infantry or for antiaircraft purposes.

Some people believe his test correlated with the Tunguska Event. It could tie in with the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the electrical spawns of the hell hounds.

So where we are at now.. Someone has tried to harness the power of the meteor or space rock and thus resulted in a zombie/hell hound outbreak and also fueling the DG-2 experiments. These experiments could possibly have been to create an army of undead soldiers to fight in the war, but it went wrong, horribly wrong…

Nazi's were known to experiment with the supernatural, in this situation the power was too much, and they lost control of their creation. Here is an article about Hitler’s fascination with the supernatural, a small quote from the article goes, "evoking the spirits of the dead, human sacrifice and summoning mysterious energies"

http://www.newsmonster.co.uk/paranormal ... rmany.html

Element 115 is used as fuel in the reactor of the Alien space craft that the U.S. has been engineering in Area S4. Element 115 deals with the bombardment of protons to release the anti-matter used for space/time distortion and travel. Bob Lazar has been talking about this for years. Very interesting story.

Was Element 115 used as fuel or as the space/time catalyst? Could it have had something to do with the dead reverting to their "walking" presence.?

Another mystery yet to be solved deals with the voice that can be heard before the hell hounds arrive

"fetch me their souls"

Who is saying that?

We are still trying to figure out what the 20 tally marks are in the downstairs of the main hut mean. Days? Experiments? Deaths? Picture here..

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_008.jpg

I found the typewriter with certain letters more visible, is there something to this? Picture here… http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_001.jpg

There is also set of 17 tally marks in the room near that has the door that leads to the swamp in front of the doctors office. Could this number be the amount of items in the main building that can be activated by pressing “x”? Is there a correct sequence to all those items?

There's a note in a fire that says "dic gloor" or "dic glook" or "dic gloon"? It's downstairs in the main compound by the Storage door. http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/5029/firenote.png

die Glocke"...which would make sense if the main radio transmission says Der Riese, since they are related. The Bell? (die Glocke)The Giant?(Der Riese)

We think it says Der Riese which is German for "The Giant" Which references a secret facility known for developing the Bell Device used for time travel.

ie Glocke (German for "The Bell") is the name of a supposed top secret Nazi scientific technological device. The only source for this is the books of Polish aerospace defense journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claims it to be a wonder weapon, or Wunderwaffe. The topic has been associated with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research.

Check out:


http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive ... 00062.html

Ok, and last but not least we have Peter, the character mentioned in the main transmission. We believe that it is his body which is hanging in the first main room. We are not sure as to how he died. He could have had a parachuting accident when coming to Shi No Numa, committed suicide, or even murdered. His body still has the parachute harness attached. Peter is also missing a left arm. This left arm can be found attached to the electric switch on Verruckt, here are pictures of his body and the arm…

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_003.jpg

http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu87 ... 09_011.jpg

Since there is talk about time warps and travel, maybe the switch created a vortex that brought him to Shi No Numa. The famous Verruckt wall writing says “The power will reunite you”. Maybe he flicked the switch and was teleported to Shi No Numa and his arm got left behind due to the sheer force of the warp. This of course is speculation as to how his arm was detached and how Peter came to Shi No Numa. I know this sounds very farfetched, but we are still trying to piece together any connection of the hanging body (maybe Peter) and the left arm on Verruckt. I am sure there are better explanations, and maybe it is just a mere coincidence that the body is missing a left arm and there is a left arm on the electric switch.

Could Peter be “The One”, from the Shi No Numa song? I have listened to “Lullaby For A Dead Man” numerous times and have written out the lyrics, I am currently working on the lyrics for “The One” to see if we can find any sort of correlation between the songs and the storyline.

All of this information has been gathered and discussed by many people. These are all theories and we cannot draw any real solid conclusions yet. There is definitely more to the story than we know about. This thread is open to any new discoveries and discussions about the information gathered thus far.

Written and composed by: carbonfibah

I would now like to thank all of the people who have contributed, and helped me research the information used to create this thread:

All the guys at WeTheGamerz, as well as all the help from the xbox forum gurus… Camojak, x CHEFS x, III CANN0N III, MaTtKs, Bon3zz1001, Altair Auditore, sk8frenzy 123, illegalburrit0, IrishHooligan45, Gruuv, boomshotjackson, Pappy777, jugga jugga, shri046, Covert Gunman, mesmerized, bootyslayer4, goblue418, and more…

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Guest Strwrsbob

Wow, this brings me back.

I still wonder why I didn't spell check my PM I sent to you, which then later got added to the post. It made me look like a BK. (Which I was and to a degree still am) :lol:

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Guest terminaltheory

I found matt, covert, and jugga jugga =)

I remember when I first found the radios in shi no numa.


Then I found the coordinates, and researched like none other, continuously finding things, google-ing, and stumbling on sites like these.

The Tunguska event still lingers in the back of my head, and coincides with my fascination of Russia, urban decay, and urban exploring.

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Guest Greenchico97

Wow great post, carbon you and AlphaSnake are my zombie Idols Im creating a theory of mine with information from you guys, keep up the good work, but what I'm wondering is why are you involving real life with the zombie world a real outbreak never happened

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Guest Anti Earth

That Dan Brown!

Always propogates secret societies as 'good, suppressed' societies.

The Illuminati ever being against the Vatican is absurd.

They share ALL their symbolism!

(Pope once wore the All Seeing Eye as a badge)

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Guest CheezyWeezle


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