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Guest AlphaSnake

Psychotronic Weapons AKA Zombie Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Guest AlphaSnake


A major-general of the reserve of the Russian federal custodial service Boris Ratnikov tells pravda (Russia's leading news service) that Russia, and other countries are hard at work on making special devices that turn Humans into zombies.

It was already twenty years ago that the mass media first mentioned the strange word combination ‘psychotronic weapon’. All information about such weapons arrived from military men transferred to the reserve and from researchers that were not officially recognized by the Russian academy of sciences. They usually told about some kind of generators that could change behavior or make people muddleheaded even when they were distanced at hundreds of kilometers.

Such devices were said to be able to control people’s behavior, seriously impair psyche and even drive people to death (Such as in the recent movie "the happening"). As soon as information about it would be published, people would immediately claim they were victims of of such psychotronic weapons.

(Editor's note: I can certainly speak to this as I work with and for many who are clearly victims of such a weapon, though miraculously I have been spared.)

Some of these so-called victims stormed editorial offices of newspapers and magazines in Russia, that reported on these psychotronic weapons and complained that some strange voices dictated their actions (usually to eat living people and have lots of sex as per other reports). Journalists in their turn, responsibly recommended such people visiting psychiatrists.

By the turn of the millennium, the number of publications and reports of psychotronic weapons was reduced to nothing, and the impact of psychotronic weapons on an unsuspecting populace was no longer mentioned. However, with recent revelations these days, the issue of psychotronic weapons seems to be reviving.

Boris Ratnikov says that Russia has been working on the psychotronic impact upon

Humans since the 1920s. Until the mid-1980s secret centers for investigation of psychic impact upon Humans, or zombification, were working in large cities of the USSR under the KGB’s patronage. Thousands of brilliant researchers were working on the problem in as many as twenty secret centers. After the break-up of the USSR, these centers were closed and the researchers either dispersed abroad (to China or the USA, or are currently work in various secret parts of Russia.

Now that new technologies and the internet are widely spreading the word, people the world over realize that the menace of psychotronic impact upon Humans is immense, especially if these weapons make their way into terrorist hands. At the same time, the official scientific community still insists that psychotronic processes are mere charlatanry. But Boris Ratnikov is sure however, that in less than ten years psychotronic weapons will grow more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

It is known that several researchers are still investigating the problem in Russia. Academician Viktor Kandyba and his son continue the research in psychotronic methodologies in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, and Russian academician Vlail Kaznacheyev works on the problem in Novosibirsk, both under a cloud of secrecy supported by the Russian intelligence services. And it is highly likely that the magic of the human brain is still the issue of great interest for academician Natalya Bekhtereva whose father was working on the problem during the past century.

In the usa researchers work on psychotronic effect and employ oriental psychophysical systems manipulation (seen "Fringe" on fox yet?). They seek every opportunity and means of manipulating Human behavior. Israeli researchers conduct similar studies as well. What is more, or so it is reported, Israeli is also making secret technologies for programming Human behavior that are based on mathematical simulation of the kabbala symbolism.

The academy of national self-defense forces in Japan studies the use of parapsychological phenomena that may be employed by their intelligence service. The institute of religious psychology is also working on the same problem. (According to Boris).

In North Korea, the service for security and control of foreign policy conducts experiments with special oscillators that can modify functions of Human organs (After all size matters).

In Pakistan, special services can use a special device that can cause dysfunctions of Human organs and physiological systems and even cause people’s death.

The Spanish intelligence service also studies of the effect of physical factors on Human organs and the Human brain with the view of making devices to cause dysfunctions of organs and mental transformations from a distance.

Clearly, the main goal of all these studies is to find new methods and forms of impact upon Human psyche and physiology, to manipulate large groups of people, Boris Ratnikov says. Many countries posses information about secret use of a distance impact device used upon individuals and large groups of people from afar. And these are not at all just experimental systems, but also practical application of technologies for various political and military purposes. Such technologies grow more capable, year after year, thanks to scientific and technological innovations within each group.

Boris Ratnikov says that he personally saw a KGB classified document about potential threats and a psychotronic generator to counter those threats.

The document said that the mechanism of the psychotronic generator was based upon the resonance of response functions of Human organs, the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Every Human organ has its individual frequency responses.

When this frequency is used to affect the specific organ with an e-field radiation (radiated electromagnetic field) this may cause acute cardiac decompensation (heart failure), renal failure or inadequate function. Such attacks are usually targeted at less resilient organs and may in some cases be lethal. It is said that the KGB spent millions of rubles during the soviet era to conduct studies on a distanced medical and biological action of special radiation on troops and populations.

however, today governments from russia to the USA, deny the very existence of such psychotronic weapons. However, Boris Ratnikov says that he has never had a chance to hold such a weapon and has no idea how it may look at all. But he supposes that modern technical resources easily allow the production of these weapons, since all materials necessary for the production have been completely developed.

According to pravda, in 1853, famous chemist Alexander Butlerov was the first in the world to originate a scientific hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of hypnosis. Butlerov assumed that Human brain and nervous system are emitting sources and that movements of nervous electrical currents in the Human organism are identical to the interaction of the electric current in conductors (electrical devices). the scientist said that the electroinduction effect explained how signals going from the brain of one person to other man’s brain emerged.

Physiologist Ivan Sechenov also supported Butlerov’s hypothesis. He added that emotions and close relations between people, especially between twins, intensified the effect of mental force interaction.

Academician Vladimir Bekhterev set up the world’s first institute of brain and mental activity. In the late 19th early 20th centuries Bekhterev conducted experiments on electromagnetic justification of hypnosis applied to animals and Humans. In his works Bekhterev wrote that he discovered a mental mechanism of super-sensitive contact that emerges on special terms between a Human and an animal and permits the Human to operate or manipulate the animal’s behavior with the help of his own movements and emotions.

In 1924, chairman of the academician council of the animal psychology laboratory, brilliant animal trainer Vladimir Durov wrote a book on animal training and hypnosis applied to animals.

In 1932, the Bekhterev institute of brain named after the scientist was officially charged to conduct experiments on distant interaction.

In 1965-1968, the institute of automatics and electroenergetics based in Novosibirsk studied mental communication between Humans and animals. The materials of the study were classified and were never published officially.

In short, we can expect zombies at our front door any day now!

While uncle Boris above is clearly two bottle short of a six pack, he does touch on a real and critical subject: The uses of electromagnetic and nuclear forces as weapons.

We all know what microwaves can do, they boil water because the frequency of the wave matches that of the water. Microwaves can do the save thing to people and animals. Other frequencies are reported to be equally as powerful in short and long distances.

For example, countries around the work have worked for decades on x-ray weapons. the USA has militarized x-ray lasers, for use as anti-missile weapons. If they are strong enough to knock down a missile in-flight, imagine what they could do to a stationary group of human soldiers? There are even hints that the USA has field tested an x-ray canon mounted on a tank. Other forms of energetic projectors have also been field tested.

Perhaps one of the largest, and most out in the open such projectors may be "project haarp" in Alaska. Some claim "haarp" will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. That it is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater." (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere, and ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.) Put simply, some believe that the apparatus for "haarp" is a reversal of a radio telescope; it's an antenna that transmits signals instead of receiving. "Haarp" is supposed (per the critics) to be the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto Earth and penetrate everything, living and dead. To what purpose is the question? Some claim that haarp is a "viewer" that can "see" any stop on Earth in unbelievable detail, as a defense against the loss of recon satellites in a future war. Others claim it is a planetary defense for some other purpose (The day the Earth stood still?). Either way, it is a real-life example of what Boris is talking about above.

Perhaps there is a different view as well. It is a fact that we are in the early phases of a magnetic pole shift, where the magnetic north pole will migrate to the south. could haarp be a cause of some or all of this and will it happen around 2012?


ZWMD Source Link

Snake Theories

Though this was an interesting find and could have been in the minds of Treyarch when developing the character "Richtofen" who wishes to control the zombies. I'm guessing that was his objective in Der Riese. To return to the Illuminati with a workable ZWMD.

As per the grand conspiracy theories that are around on the internet concerning the Illuminati. As the story goes they are after a method of mass depopulation and put up the Georgia guidestones which called for population reduction on Earth to a slave work force of around 500 million passive Humans.

If you search deep you can find all kinds of weird links here and there.

It's all fantasy to me but still makes and enjoyable read.

Also, some food for thought on the Illuminati card game. I highlighted the interesting ones.

Illuminati Cards of Interest:-

Nuclear Power Companies (GKNova)

Orbital Mind Control Lasers (Haarp like)

The Bavarian Illuminati (We know who these guys are)

The Servants of Cthulhu (Mythos Giant)

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Regards Snake.[/center:1typb09f]

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Guest Semperfeye

D*mn dude i gotta b honest u really go into detail with everything u find and research. I don't think some people give u enough credit at all, but in this case i salute you with honor. :D Maybe a side of brains to go with it. [brains]

Btw i've been a long time guest this is my first post.

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Guest Joshm88

Nice post :)

Thought I'd add something extra...

"Soviet forces have been beaming invisible microwave radiation at Americans for over twenty years, triggering cancer, heart problems, cataracts, and emotional stress (24). The bizarre Soviet zapping of the U.S. embassy in Moscow, "The Moscow Signal", may well have been the opening volley of the Invisible War of electromagnetic weaponry. While sweeping the embassy for bugs in 1962, security personnel detected a microwave beam aimed straight at the embassy (25). Naturally, the Pentagon and Intelligence Community became alarmed at the possibility of neurological and behavioral effects on diplomatic personnel. Keeping the knowledge secret from the suffering embassy staff for 12 years, the CIA launched PROJECT PANDORA (26), aimed at understanding the Soviet's motives for the microwave attack. Pandora personnel discovered that the Soviets had conducted extensive microwave research operations over the years They concentrated their study on the emotional and rental effects of microwaves. By the summer of. 1965, a Pentagon-affiliated think tank, Institute for Defense Analysis, convened a special task force to replicate Soviet experiments and analyze the problem. The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began experimenting on rhesus monkeys with microwaves at Walter Reed Army Research Insitute. The results are still classified Top Secret, but, from recent duplicate studies we learn that microwaves cause 'profound effects on the central nervous system and change behavior of rhesus monkeys.

At a summit meeting at Glassboro, New Jersey during June, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson asked Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin to halt the Moscow Signal (27). In 1969, leading microwave scientists gathered at the University of Virginia Medical College at Richmond for a three day -symposium on Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation (28). Microwave authority Dr. Karel Marha of Czechoslovakia declared that microwave bioeffects included pains in the head and eyes, fatigue and overall weakness, dizziness and vertigo, poor night sleep,, irritibility, fear, hypochondria, tension, depression, inhibition of intellectual functions, and decreased memory (29). Yet, most of those at the symposium ignored the subject of human bioeffects. Radomline Research biophysicist Dr. Allan H. Frey was more than interested, however Frey had determined that humans could actually hear pulsed microwaves at frequencies ranging from 300 to 3,000 megahertz.

Not until Jack Anderson broke the "Moscow Signal" story ill 1972 did the public learn the truth. Several months after Anderson's microwave column, the Soviets accused the U.S. of irradiating chess wizard Spaasky with electronic devices, causing him to lose a championship match to Bobby Fischer (30). On February 7, 1976, the Los Angeles Times quoted U.S. Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., as telling his staff that the microwavess could cause leukemia, skin cancer, cataracts, and emotional illness (31). Stoessel himself was reportedly suffering from a mysterious illness resembling leukemia which caused bleeding in the eyes and nausea. Two of his predecessors at the embassy died of cancer. According to National Security Advisor Zbignew Brezhinski, U.S. embassy personnel in Moscow suffer the highest cancer rate in the world (32).


Also some good detailed background info on nikola tesla and various other bits and pieces that may even form the precurser to our Nazi riddle :)

http://mindcontrolblackassassins.wordpr ... hnologies/

"In The Zapping of America, Paul Brodeur wrote: "A report published in the New York Times on October 30, 1976, revealed that in recent months a mysterious broadband, short-wave radio signal had been broadcast intermittently from the Soviet Union. The signal was so powerful that it disrupted radio and telecommunications throughout the world.… Dr. Zaret is concerned about the Russian signal…because of its potential hazard to human beings…it was very clear that such an encoding impressed onto carrier wavelengths could have a central-nervous-system effect."[13]

In the early 1950s, the Soviets began directing a microwave beam at the United States embassy in Moscow. They spent the next four decades using our embassy workers as guinea pigs for their electromagnetic radiation (EMR) experiments. Washington, D.C. was oddly silent regarding the Moscow embassy bombardment when it was discovered in 1962. It was investigated by the CIA, who brought in an outside consultant, Dr. Milton Zaret, giving his investigation the code name "Project Pandora."[14] Zaret was startled to discover that the beam was focused precisely upon the ambassador's office. The intensity of the bombardment was not made public, but when the State Department finally admitted to the existence of the Moscow signal over a decade later, it was announced that it was "fairly low."

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Guest Joshm88

The Russian Woodpecker would appear to be an expansion of the Moscow signal, upping the ante from one building, the U. S. Embassy, to the whole United States. In the fall of 1976, after just a few months of operation, the Soviets completed the first of several expansions of their ELF Woodpecker grid. That expansion was accompanied by a major piece of curiosity, if not an outright criminal act. In 1977, the United States government sold the Soviets a supermagnet they knew was going to become part of the Woodpecker program. This magnet was a forty-ton monster capable of generating a magnetic field 250,000 times more powerful than that of the earth's magnetic field. Its purpose was to override, blank out, and/or interfere with the earth's natural magnetic field to permit the Soviet Woodpecker signals to penetrate to the United States. The United States not only knew what it was for, they sent a team of scientists to help the Russians install it! This supermagnet was installed at the Gomel site, powered by the Chernobyl reactor. Eleven years later, in 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor outside of Kiev, Ukraine exploded, ending these signals.

(sorry stupid iPhone wouldn't let me post it all)

Now that I think about it, I'm not exactly sure how what I posted is linked to zombies, I just got a bit carried away lol, but it makes for good reading.

Nice post for OP

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Guest WhosOnFirst

Nice copy and paste Snake, it would be nice if you linked your original sources so people can get a jist of exactly who they are listening to and what level of validity to place upon their articles.

Everything they said about HARRP was and is true, guess what? its no conspiracy; and all that information regarding HARRP that they try to present as hidden or conspracy is in the public domain and freely admitted to by the authorities.

HARRP can be used to lift a tiny section of the ionasphere to observe the effects. Researches are also endervouring to try and utilize this ionasphere to continue the research of Nikol Tesla, for energy tranmission.

This tehnique is currently used for US subs to recharge there batterys by trailing a cable up to a mile long behind them.

HARRP can be used to observe geographical data on the other side of the world, including underground cave systems.

HARRP can be accessed by acedemia and researches worldwide (with prior authorisation).

HARRP is not capable of causing a magnetic pole shift, we are not currently experiencing one and evidence suggest's that we are not due another one for at least 100,000 years.

If your worried about harmful radio waves you should be more concerned with the telecomms industry and the abundance of mobile networking than you should be about HARRP.

2012 exist in the mind of people purely because a Mayan calander stops there. They made their calender periodicaly to ensure accuracy, not because they thought the world would end.

Again nowhere in the article that you copied did it even mention 2012, so why you felt the need to tag it on at the end there confounds me.

Also I remember no indication of Richtofen wishing to control the zombies, that woud be Maxis. Richtofen wishes only to distribute his personal brand of medacine and there is nothing to indicate otherwise so far.

Considering the abundance of information regarding free energy on the boards in Der Riese, HARRP would be more likely to be related to that than mind control.

I am also pretty sure I provided you a link previously to the work of Jose Delgaldo


As we know DELGADO is shown on the black boards in Der Riese. Now there is some real world mind control for you.

I would like to say nice post, but to be honest I would like to see more than a copy paste. Oh...and say hello to Mickey Saints from ME. :twisted:

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Guest AlphaSnake

Nice copy and paste Snake, it would be nice if you linked your original sources so people can get a jist of exactly who they are listening to and what level of validity to place upon their articles.


Well I pasted the info because I know a lot of people are too lazy to click links...

"Validity to place upon their articles" Come on mate its a game, er go not real. It doesn't have to fit into reality completely.

Also, I in no way claim any credit for the article. There is a link in the first post to the source, here it is again if you can't find it:-

Zombie WMD

I was presenting the information that I believe is very relevent to a possiable black ops zombie story line.

Delgado... If you search my posts you will find that I covered this a while ago:-

Unlocking The Chalkboard Secrets. The Golden Ratio

It's in the first post a little way down, you should see it.

The 2012 bit was from another page I was reading which I found after that article gave me ideas to search. HARRP > Mind Control > 2012 Illuminati mass attack event like releasing the ZWMD (aka the Happening) and starting the end of times as per their master plan for the world Depopulation as set out on the georgia guidestones.

The original post needs to be polished up a bit.

I hope this answers your questions.

I sense hostility from you...

Regards Snake.

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Guest WhosOnFirst

Yeh I saw your Go1den thread, great work... :D

I do think it is important for people to be able to evaluate the sources that material/ info is garnered from regardless of wether its a game or not; and on that I will not give ground.

I promise you I am not hostile, just I understand how fragile and immpressionable minds can be. I would love to refute every Illuminate theory you post, thats my real problem, because I know you dont need the Illuminate to take over the world.

While people are chasing conspirecys they are ignorant of whats really being done to control them and the methods used. By your reckoning if the Illuminate control everything or want to, wouldnt control of the games industry be one of their highest priorities?

Not only a box in every living room, but one they can make you interact with?

I guess its a waste of time though...your right people are lazy.

All in all though, I am an ass. Take this as an appology. :D

And to any one else who has found me pushy to the point of annoyance..FU

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Guest AlphaSnake

Accepted. ;)

I also made adjustments to the first post.

I tried the make my thought process more clear at the bottom of the original post.

Regards Snake.

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Guest gordogg24p

Sooooooooooooooooooooo who's gonna volunteer to Cliff's Notes these posts and give me a rundown of what just happened? I'm way too lazy to read all of that.

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all that illuminatti stuff may not entirely be true, but it is entirely factual that the international banking cartel controls the world.

http://www.youtube.com/user/aodscarecro ... T-2fenmLnc watch the first few parts of it, it describes the basics of how central bankers control america. other than that, this post rocks and i give you [brains]

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Guest AlphaSnake

all that illuminatti stuff may not entirely be true, but it is entirely factual that the international banking cartel controls the world.

http://www.youtube.com/user/aodscarecro ... T-2fenmLnc watch the first few parts of it, it describes the basics of how central bankers control america. other than that, this post rocks and i give you [brains]

Yup, they have stolen around $23 trillion and counting, we await QE3 & QE4 with baited breath...

Oh and Bump. 8-)

[center:1zscp6pd]The Manhattan Project

In 1934, German scientists discovered nuclear fission, the splitting of an atom of uranium into two elements. If fission became a chain reaction, the energy of the nucleus of the uranium atom might be released. A very large number of atoms split very quickly might result in a massive explosion (Like in the GKNOVA6 Transmissions).

Five years later, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt describing the potential power of a nuclear bomb. Einstein was a German-born Jewish scientist who left Europe shortly before Hitler came to power. Einstein opposed the use of nuclear weapons, but he feared what might happen to the world if Germany discovered the technology before America.

American military leaders decided they needed to build a laboratory to create a nuclear weapon. They searched for a location at least 200 miles from a coastline or international border. The site needed to be sparsely populated because an accident might cause horrendous damage. They settled on a secluded school for boys in the desert land of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Robert Oppenheimer led a group of almost 6000 scientists in what became known as the top secret Manhattan Project.

The scientists recruited to work on the Manhattan Project, and their families, had to work in complete secrecy. Their drivers’ licenses listed only numbers, not names. Even relatives could not know where the scientists were working. All of their mail was screened to ensure they said nothing to give away their location. Photographs could not include anything that might identify the landscape of New Mexico. The American government had to ensure that the Axis Powers had no idea what was happening at the isolated site in New Mexico.

Many of the scientists working at Los Alamos were Jewish refugees from Germany. Edward Teller left Germany for America in 1933. Otto Frisch and Felix Bloch were also German Jews who were instrumental in creating the bomb. Enrico Fermi was married to a Jewish woman. He left Italy at about the same time to escape anti-Semitism. Ant-Semitism is the hatred or persecution of Jews. If Jewish scientists had been allowed to stay in Germany, Hitler might have gotten the bomb before America.

Nobody was certain what would happen once the nuclear chain reaction began. One scientist believed the entire state of New Mexico would be incinerated. The governor of New Mexico was alerted that an evacuation of the state might be necessary.

The scientists were ready to test their work at sunrise on a summer morning in 1945. The awakening sky filled with light brighter than anything seen before on earth. Early risers more than 150 miles away heard the unimaginable roar of the bomb. Oppenheimer later remarked, “We knew the world would never be the same.”


Snakes Theories:

This is supported by the Letters found in Kino as a future Location/situation.


My money is on an incident at Los Alamos after a nuclear test or maybe that was a cover for another experiment gone wrong, say a Die Glocke explosion, or a crashed Vril craft. Maybe a nuke with element 115 in the core?!

This fits with the GKNOVA6 Transmission of a nuclear reaction. Maybe they were trying for a Zombie Nuke, Fire & blast damage plus a side helping of Zombie infections... A type of ZWMD!!!

The possibilities are endless.

Regards Snake. ;)[/center:1zscp6pd]

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Guest AlphaSnake

hello WOF :twisted:

Sup, Whats wrong with the brain Jars?... 8-)

Regards Alpha.

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Guest AlphaSnake

Can you say Haarp/Sog/Cinematics/115/Woods/Wolverines... ;)

Regards Snake.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Well Alpha, i can always count on you to make an awesome post, long too :)

[brains] for you :lol:

check out my story at zombies stories uh called stadt der untoten

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Guest xOmega157x

Well Alpha, i can always count on you to make an awesome post, long too :)

[brains] for you :lol:

check out my story at zombies stories uh called stadt der untoten

Why is your signature so page-stretchingly huge? It could seriously be scaled down a bit.

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