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CoDZ User Guide

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Greetings Zombie Slayers and Chicken Chasers,
First of all -- welcome to our forums!
We sincerely hope you enjoy being part of our zombie slaying community. With that said, please have a look at our user and forum guidelines. 
Below you'll find a handful of handy tips to make yourself feel right at home.

As well as some important forum rules and guidelines, and a list of super, more in-depth threads written by excellent fellow forum members that will significantly inprove your overall CoDZ experience.

In this User Guide, you'll find our:
      - General Forum Rules
      - Staff Team

The Forums are here for the benefit and enjoyment of all our members.
 By participating in the Forums you agree to the Usage Guidelines (outlined below) and the CoDZ Code of Conduct which can be found here:
 At the end of the thread are links listed to more in-depth threads to help explain features in more detail and answer any questions that may arise as you begin to explore the forums.
 Now then, let's get started.
The Forums are intended to provide a positive experience for all members. Please make sure that you are not detracting from the community experience for any user. 
Your opinions are welcome, but all content posted on the Forums should maintain a helpful, friendly and courteous tone, and not be intended to provoke, insult, flame or offend other community members.


  • Be nice and respectful

     That said, a lot of Forum Members are on good terms with one another, and often joke around and make fun of each other. Please try to recognize the difference between

      And finally: treat everyone the same way as you'd like to be treated yourself.

  • New here? Post an Introduction!

     The Introduction Forum is a special place for new members to tell everyone a little bit about themselves; see it as introducing yourself to your new friends and collegues.
     Ensure that your posts and replies are on topic. Only start a new topic if the topic's subject has not been covered elsewhere. (Tip: use the search bar in the top-right)

  • Report it

[tab][/tab]If you think something shouldn't be on our forum boards, don't hesitate to report it to our Moderation team.



Listed below are our most common and fundemental Forum Rules, for a full list please refer to the CoC right here.
We have these rules to make sure the community is a friendly, helpful and useful place to visit and of course socially engage in.
The rules are enforced by our Staff Team, consisting of Moderators and Site Admins. They are listed at the bottom of the thread.

First time offenders will most likely receive a official warning. Offenders who neglect warnings and continue to break the rules will be penalized accordingly.

  • 1. Do not troll, harasspost-pump or make personal attacks  
  • 2. Do not Post or Link to Inappropriate Content
    Any posts, threads, signatures, or messages containing or linking to any form of cyber bullying, harassment, racist, sexist, explicit, obscene or vulgar language will not be tolerated.
    Illegal content (warez, leaks) are also prohibited.
  • 3. Post in the Right Section
    Make sure your topic is in the right category, and please check if your topic hasn't already been discussed before. (again: use the search bar in the top-right if necessary).
    This is to avoid duplicate threads and debates.
  • 4. Don't start Threads Just to Spam and Self Promote
    If you're only purpose in registering for our Forums is to tell us about your youtube channel, clan recruitment plans, crowdfunding project or (gaming) blogs, you are doing it wrong. 
    You can of course, tell about any of the above named in appropriate sections, like your signature and profile. But do make sure you follow that up with actual efforts to join and be a part of our community. 

CoDZ is always growing, and new features are added frequently. Listed below are some of our most commonly used features.




CoDZ has a comprehensive list of Medals that, once obtained, will show up on your profile.
These can be obtained by achieving various tasks and objectives related to the Zombies mode and the Forums.
Once you are eligble for one (or more) medals, you can submit your request here and staff will see to it that you'll get them as soon as possible.
CoDZ relies on donations and ad revenue to keep the Forums up and running at all times.
Donating gives you access to the Donator Usergroup and the exclusive Donator Medal.
The Donator Medal and Donator Usergroup is available and exclusive to all donators, irrespective of how much they have donated. 
The Forum Chat is one of our newest features and needless to say, the same rules of the Forums apply in the chat.
If someone doesn't behave, please report that person to one of our moderators.

Usergroups/Color of your Name

We have different usergroups, each with their own unique color scheme for a user's name.

  1. White = Member
  2. Cyan = User of the Month
  3. Blue = Donator
  4. Green = Moderator
  5. Purple = Retired Staff Member
  6. Red = Admin
  7. Gray = Banned User

Brains aka Reputation rep_up.png
Brains is our reputation system. Brains are given to excellent posts, as a way of thanking users for the hard work they put into said post.
Abusing the system (i.e. giving brains to your friend, just because he's your friend - or to inadequate posts in general) is prohibited.
For more info: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/158681-brains/
Zombification Ranks

z001.jpgvoaiyh_th.jpg beal1w_th.jpg
The Zombification Ranks (indicated by the image under each user's name) reflect the number of posts that user has made since registering.
The more posts a user has, the higher their rank will be. 

You start off as Human, and can get all the way up to Announcer.
For more info: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/159313-zombification-levels/


User of the Month
Every month, the community comes together to select a User of the Month (UOTM). UOTMs are chosen for their excellent posts, being active on the forums and generally helpful to all users.

User of the Months get a special medal and their name in cyan for one month.  

For more info: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/159590-user-of-the-month-contest-may-2014-voting-open/






Staff Twitter Names
Advanced Post Creation
How to Debate and Avoid Arguments
The Typist - How To Write A Good Thread
Thread of the Week Library Hub
A Zombie Trilogy
Why Leaks Aren't Allowed
Zombification Levels





Hells Warrrior 

And finally:
If you have any questions concerning the forums, please ask them here.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them here. 
If you're experiencing any technical difficulties, please refer to here.

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One fix, Slade.

Banned users are grey now, I believe. At least that's what I'm seeing.

Otherwise, perfect. Enjoy some brains.

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Looks all fancy.


Good job, Slade. :3

Vielen Dank, Lenne. 


One thing...You've used the ZombShe medal as an example, but wasn't that medal eliminated?

That's true but - since I'm guessing you're asking yourself: why then use that particular medal? - it's irrelevant in this case. I wanted 3 medals in the OP to give new users an immediate visual insight on the basic idea itself, and those three stood out to me the most in terms of design, so that's why -- and only why -- I chose those three, including the now no-longer-obtainable ZombShe medal.



That medal sounds sexist

That's one of the main reasons it was removed. The other being that @ was rubbing the medal in everyone's face.



One fix, Slade.

Banned users are grey now, I believe. At least that's what I'm seeing.

Otherwise, perfect. Enjoy some brains.

Gracias Delta. I'll fix that.

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stickied for excellence :D


I'm thinking I want to include a link to this in the automated-reply to new user's intros.


AND, for that top menu item we've been talking about.  I'm envisioning it be a flyout under "Help".


Top notch work, as usual

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