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Release 1.0


Download Patch 1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vm6xl7w2z2799zs/SOG+Patch+1.2.exe

Patch 1.2 does not include the map itself and requires 1.1 be installed first for it to work.

A medium sized map with options for both play styles of running trains or camping in one room for zombies to funnel through. Use the custom arsenal of modern weapons to slay the undead and maybe even the extra terrestrial? Both casual and experienced players will enjoy this map. No major easter eggs that have you spending an hour looking for parts. Just you, your gun, and the zombies. The choice to either see how long you survive or end the game is up to you. Hope you all enjoy :)


~Modern Weapons
~Challenge & Reward System
~Defeatable Ending
~Double Tap 2.0
~Staminup, PHD, and Deadshot
~BO2 Zombie Models
~Custom Perk Shaders
~Custom Powerup FX
~Swazzy Hud
~Changed FOV to 80
Treyarch - Mod Tools, Models
Infinity Ward - Models
Yaph1l - Scripting Help, Type Writer Intro.
The Zombie Don - Scripting Help.
Azyru - Custom Perk Shaders
Swazzy - HUD
deper63923 - Powerup FX
losangeles26 - Verrukt Sprinters Tut
bamskater33 - Black Ops Perks
JBird632 - Fragmentaion Grenade Swap Tut
Tom_bmx - Xmodel Tools
Bluntstuffy - Rigged Alien Models
Nukem - Mapping Help
MrTombone8 - Honey Badger, Maverick
zombie_mo - Play Tester
Zebba - Play Tester

QueenxWolf - Play Tester


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Updated download link.

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I had the pleasure of playing this last night with Trem, Tomikaze & Slagovich and I have to admit, it is probably the best map I have played this year. Visuals and detailing are top notch and the amount of custom content is ridiculous, from the custom characters to the cryptids.

I could not recommend this map any more highly. I can even forgive the Verruckt only runners. 10/10

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I can even forgive the Verruckt only runners. 10/10

Had fun with them, hey? When I figured out how to change the sprint anims mid game I had quite the me gusta face on.

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The work you have done here is just crazy impressive. Is this your first map may I ask? If so then you are a legend in the making (hell, even if it's not!). The challenges are all well balanced too, and the level of detail is head and shoulders above anything released lately. My only negative comment would be the lack of real gun sounds with some weapons.


Oh, and great job with the LSAT port. Really nice weapon to camp with early if you get lucky with the box.

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I had my first map called rust that was really poorly made on a laptop. The first step nonetheless. It trolled NGT so I'll mark it as a success. But it really was bad. I made Conviction last year. Big improvement. More detail. First time I ported a gun. Very difficult to play solo. Had some fx issues though. Managed to troll NGT again so still success even if it wasn't on purpose. Also made on a laptop that couldn't even run the game. Started another map June of last year on my new computer. The big plan was to have a tank that players could drive around after beating the main objectives. Had it working too. Lost that project in moving from windows 7 to 8 and decided to quit making maps. Finally in January I reinstalled the mod tools being so sick of seeing box maps the only thing getting released with every thing they could get from the black ops games crammed into them. Started this as a challenge map that was only going to be made of the spawn area. Challenge being that you only had the knife and good luck making it past round 8. But it evolved over the months and I think I'm going to keep going with mapping. The new UGX mod is going to fit my next map very well so I really want to finish it. There will be a UGX and non UGX version so I can put my own stuff in as well.


Lol at the ugx mod. What was I thinking?

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I have updated this map fixing some problems with the old bo perks and some other stuff. Check OP to be taken to the map download topic on UGX

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1 1/2 years later...

Patch 1.2 released April 9, 2016. Patch 1.2 does not include the map itself and requires 1.1 already be installed for the patch to work. The link to 1.1 can be found above in the original post.
Patch 1.2 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vm6xl7w2z2799zs/SOG+Patch+1.2.exe

Patch 1.2:
~ Added Gun Game.
~ Added option to toggle Verrukt Sprinters on and off.
~ Updated challenges to bring the code up to date.
~ End game is now 5 minutes instead of 10 and has been made tougher.
~ Added the reward weapons to the box.
~ Added the stopping power perk.
~ Fixed solo quick revive so players that go down while sprinting will not be able to continue to sprint.
~ Staminup now increases player movement speed by 7%.
~ Laser added to Deadshot.
~ Updated HUD and removed ugly font.
~ Aliens (dogs) spawn 3 per player instead of 4.
~ Max ammo now refills the magazine too.
~ Stance indicator turned on.
~ Loose change under perk machines is now 100 points instead of 25.

If you have trouble running this map, you can try downloading the new fog patch to increase your FPS. It works with any version of SOG. For coop games, everyone must have the fog patch installed.
Fog patch download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sx4ybodpsllesyb/SOG+Fog+Mod.exe

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