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Custom Map - Zebba's Farm

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Zebba's Farm





Creator: The legend!  ZCTxCHAOSx


The Basics: This map takes place at a farm in Kansas with a general store and a barn that you must unlock in order to open up an underground area which leads you to a buyable ending. Dorothy would be SO proud! From what I've been told this is part 1 of three in a Wizard of Oz series that Chaos is doing.


What we liked:  This map is looks amazing and it's a blast to play. I seriously just wanted to make a crawler as soon as possible so I could walk around and admire the scenery and incredible detail.  There is also a small easter egg which requires you to shoot teddy bears around the map to open the barn.


What we didn't like: It's a little on the small side and really the only area that feels safe is right outside the general store where you will spend the whole time perfecting your circle strategy running ability. Also, the easter egg could have been longer with a few more areas to open which would have made it feel like a more complete experience. Lastly, all of the UGX weapons can be purchased off the wall throughout the map which makes hitting the box completely pointless.


The final word: This map is good and looks great but it just needed a few more playable areas to achieve overall greatness. I 'll be excited to play the next 2 maps in this series, but until then I'll keep plowing away on Zebba Farms.




Review courtesy of Tomikaze


Download link and original content : http://zommods.com/zebba-farms/

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