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What's Your Best Zombie Setup?

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Hey guys, i was wondering what is your best set up for Green Run TranZit was so we can get ideas from each other for perk combos etc.

Here's mine for Town:




Monkey Bombs(Cymbal Monkeys, as i call them)


Stamin Up

Speed Cola


Galva Knuckles(or if playing with noobs who don't know where to put the hatch, Bowie Knife

For Diner just swap the primary for the MP5 and sometimes ill buy double tap over tombstone depending on my teammates, if i trust them to pick me up


I clicked General Zombies Discussion lol

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MP5/MP115 Kollider (I normally pack a punch at round 15/16)

Keep your M1911 and pack-a-punch for Mustang & Sally, put these in the fridge immediately.

Rape the box for an LMG, HAMR is my preferred, pack a punch that at round 25+


Monkey Bombs (EMPs if on multiplayer and someone else has Monkeys)

In this order:


Speed Cola


Quick Revive on solo, Double Tap on multiplayer, makes killing zombies so much faster, trust me.

And you just rape train at the Diner, buying MP5 pack a punch ammo whenever you need it.


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I am similar to That Guy You Know. Buy M-16 on first pass through tunnel. I keep PaP'ed RPD in the fridge. Have to buy the box or wall gun initially to get RPD from fridge. Galvaknuckles are a must. I like getting EMP for zombie babysitting as long as someone has monkeys. Claymores come in handy.


Stamin Up (substitute Tombstone here , not for Double Tap)

Speed Cola

Double Tap (must have)

I run in the tunnel for ammo for M-16/Skullcrusher

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This is a great topic for discussions, perhaps we could expand to set up in general regardless of map.

I believe your setup is heavily influenced by your surroundings. If you have a great reliable team going for a certain goal you are more likely to stay in "developmental" stages, building for the long run. If you are teamed with a bunch of 10 rounders I bet jug and quick revive are very high on your priorities. Or if you are camping with friends covering a window you have little need for Mustang and Sally, better opt for Ballistic knife. As a supporting gunner maybe rocket launchers are better suited than Galil on round 25.

The preferred style also play a role in your set up. Some people are comfortable with Bowie before jug, some will spend all their points on a wonder weapon before anything else. I have seen people forego jug into the teens in hopes for ray gun and/or the special weapon of map and still do very well afterwards.

Personally I always make jug my top priority, even though I go down just as much with it. Give me a wall machine gun and I can make my peace into the twenties. I guess I just go with the flow.

With this game anyone can make hay with a great setup. I was very fortunate to have played and spectated some of the very best in the world. I have learned that this game is normally determined in situational scenarios where a misstep can doom your chances. Can you make the tough revive when you are least expecting it? Can you make the right cut away from hazards? Can you foresee the window and close it?

Your best setup is your mental make up.

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For me, its Jug, in either single or multi. Its a must have for me, I like the extra security of having that extra 2 hits if Im ever in that scenario where your trying to revive a team mate in the middle of close quarters battle. After that its Double Tap, Speed cola and stamin up.

As for guns, its the shottie at farm and then any decent AR from box not too bothered on what comes out not until the later rounds. PAP any time after 10, shottie in 1st then use when run out of ammo on AR then usually head to PAP close to twenty.

Hover around the farm to pick ammo off wall for shottie.

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1-10 Any wall gun then Mustang and sally, Raygun, Monkeys.

BO2 Survival:

1-10 Any wall gun then Knuckles (Town), Mustang and sally(Town), Ray gun, Monkeys, EMP's (solo).

Tranzit Survival: Jugg, Stamin up, Revive, Speed, Knuckles, Jet gun, Raygun, Monkeys.

NukeTown: M14, Knuckles, Claymores, Mustang and sally.

Grief: Town

Knuckles, Jugg, Mustang and sally, Amnesia.

Grief: Farm:

Mp5, Jugg

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Round 1 to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 :P

M1911 and M14. Reason: M14 kills well and is super cheap.

Round 4 or 5 or 6 to 13

Bowie, then Knuckles, otherwise directly knuckles. Whatever I come by first.

For support, I usually pick the AK74-u or the MP5, whatever I come by first.

Of course, Jug is bought as soon as I come by it. I often also buy directly Stamin Up for all the running in the first rounds.

Reason: Awesome.

Round 14+

While I set myself up, guns can vary. I usually focus on AR's and SMGs. The final setup is:

Slot Item
Perk 1 Jug
Perk 2 Stamin Up or Speed Reload, whatever I feel like
Perk 3 Double Tap II, if I don't use bulletgun, of course not bought
Perk 4 QR solo / Tombstone coop
Gun 1 Ray
Gun 2 Galil
Fridge M&S
Equip Shield until it breaks :), Jet in 50+
Nade Semtex
Tactical EMP, Monkey in 30+

Reason: Perks: I don't need Reload for all cost, so I often go with Stamin for all the running and stuff. Can also be used well for my reviving strategy with gathering the train a bit away, then running to the downed. Tombstone is imho underrated, cause setting yourself back up after a down takes hours, even if its just for perks. Therefore a genius like perk if ya ask me.

The Galil seems to be the best gun besides all that explosive stuff, so I use it. The Ray is just awesome. The M&S is as well just awesome, but dangerous, therefore I use it only in the fridge. Other guns, like DSR50 or RPG upgraded are just not handy. Voice of Justice needs close distance, so I leave it. I usually have enough ammo, therefore I need no wallgun.

EMP is handy for a lot of things, but in 30+ once you are set up and at your train spot, Monkeys come in better to recover from downs.

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Let's start from the beginning...

WaW (NDU):

MG42/M2 Flamethrower

Ray Gun

Really, this is the best set up for the tiny map. There's no perks, no Pack A Punch...really the most barebones map. The plus side is that the box doesn't move, thus allowing for a point spending spree without having to worry about the bear coming up.

The Ray Gun is an absolute must, as it's the most powerful gun until round 17-22, at which point you might as well say goodbye to your kneecaps with all those crawlers. Then, you want an MG42 until the later rounds, where its mighty bullets might as well be water sponges. The Flammenwerfer (yes, I said it) is helpful for the later rounds, as its infinite ammo is an infinite plus in my books. Yes, it may take a good 10 minutes or so to finish a round, but at least you didn't lose all your ammo midway through and have to rely on chucking grenades at the monstrosities.

Verruckt/Shi No Numa (WaW)

Ray Gun/PPSH (SNN*)

MG42/Browning/Wunderwaffe DG2 (SNN)

Perks: All but Double Tap (and Quick Revive if playing solo)

Ah, these maps take me back. Like in NDU, the Ray Gun is one of the most powerful weapons, if not the most powerful. Be careful using it on Verruckt, though, as the abundance of close quarters combat can bite you back with the considerable splash damage. This is rarely the case on SNN unless you're camping in one of the huts.

*The PPSH comes in handy if you're looking for points, particularly for the Big Baller achievement. If you don't care about points, I'd advise to stick to the Ray Gun, unless you like the noisy little thing (like me ;) ).

The Machine Guns can both be very handy in this map, as reloading isn't as much of an issue with the Browning with Speed Cola. Use either or on Verruckt, or SNN if someone else got the Wunderwaffe.

If playing on SNN and you get the Wunderwaffe, USE IT. Train zombies in the Comm Room area and blast them away with your lightning, laughing like a maniacal Zeus. It's fun, and it's effective. Be wary, though, because if you shoot it too close to yourself, you'll get a nasty shock that negates your Juggernog.

More to come.

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BLack ops 1:



The other LMG that escapes me..




speed cola

Black ops 2

Remington upgraded (i know what your thinking; trust me i didnt believe in it either until i tried it)

Executioner upgraded (raygun is BS without flopper)


Speed cola




I dont like to use tombstone because for whatever reason whenver i die, everyone dies too. Seriously.

I dont like raygun because the executioner can do better and not kill me with splash.

Solo is the only time i use quick revive; unless my team REALLY sucks; then i boost my revives with this and the refribulator or whatever.

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i remember back in the days when i first started playing zombies on kino i would always play with a friend and we'd keep the curtain closed untill we both had 5000 points for an upgrade (wich would always be the afterburner).

i soon came to realise having jug is way more important and you're better of with a boxgun :)

but for now my fav loadout would be

dual five seven/ ultra en violet

war machine or rpg Papped for CARNAGE!

claymores - these are a must have to protect yourself on top of the bus or for taking out a whole train


monkey bombs for reviving (or emp if teammates know how keep the zombies pacified its also good for reviving)

perks in this order



quick revive

last one depends from my guns its either quick reload or double tap

i must say i really miss the gersh device and babouchkas...and richtofens insane quotes

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Mustang & Sally

Any point-weapon (preferably Ray Gun in higher rounds)

Semtex or regular grenades (barely use any of these anyway)

Monkey Bombs (although I don't care much for them; rather have these then EMP grenades)


Quick Revive

Speed Reload

Double Tap or Stamin-up (usually the former)

Btw, this is for Survival on Town.

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I guess I'll post by what category, since I really have no preferred style of playing.


- MP5

- Voice of Justice

- Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Double Tap II

- Semtex


- Jet Turbine


- Ak74fu2

- Mustang & Sally

- Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Quick Revive

- Frags

- Monkey Bombs

- Zombie Shield

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Solo: Always just to make money until people get on or to EE hunt peacefully, so simply Juggernog

MP: Usually end up training in the Tunnel, (see explanation below).



-Speed Cola

-Double Tap II

-Quick Revive

-M16 (25)

-Always have a HAMR in fridge for money making

-Grenades (2P Semtex is worthless, because crawlers are not needed. COMMUNICATION is key)

-Monkey Bombs


Juggs for security, and Speed for convenience. DT II is HUGE for trains, and QR is obvious. M16 is in the Tunnel, where we know "He," doesn't spawn, also ammo is of no concern since its on the wall. Monkeys are nice in a tight spot, whether it be for ammo or a revive. Lastly, the 'Knucks; at the lowest round possible, find the hatch, Power on, head to the bank, pull out 15K, give 6 to your partner, buy the knuckles, dont fire a shot until 14. Always banking a TON of cash!



-Speed Cola

-Double Tap II


-Ballistic Knives/Krauss Defibrillator

-RayGun/Porter's X2 RayGun


-Monkey Bombs


I'm always the Medic, and Door-Buyer, and Free Loan Service when we play with three or more. Essentially all the same reasons for the perks, except replacing Stamina for QR, since I have the Knives (my buddies always know to leave them in the box for me. I had about 3 EPIC shots on Ascension from a moving lander to a left behind teammate.) RayGun to clear the path, and Semtex to assist with crawlers. Monkeys for helping teammates to get ammo or perks, and of course, the Knuckles are key until 14, even then still perfect for fog runs. We do the same thing every time, getting the hatch, power on, and money as soon as possible to buy the Knuckles, and make your money back for perks. Nothing but Cash Stashin to have savings for EE Hunting!

EDIT: Always Turbine until we find the Hatch, and sometimes Cow Catcher (Plow), then I move on to the Shield. Its a must.. It always has your back! Haha!

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Perhaps initial set up is a bit overrated once you reach a certain round. I believe if you got game, you can make it work regardless of situations.

I have seen people who respawn in higher rounds, grab a wall gun for points, and get everything they need before the round concludes. I'm confident I can do the same.

With that said, however, I feel I'm at my best when holding Mustang and Sally, Ray gun, and ballistic knife when the round starts.

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Assuming Tranzit:

Solo early: qr, b23r, juggs. Then, if I am going for high rounds, I take out 10k, get gk. Around 14, get a box gun (galil, rpd, hamr), use until empty, pap, get jet gun. Dump money en masse back into bank. I pool up the zombies and keep using the m1911 for pass-through bullet points (50k bullets fired, 90k hits).

If I am just playing around or have limited time to play, i skip taking out money. I will uually be broke in town, so i fight in town until i can get bk and juggs, continue getting bus/jetgun parts, play around with stuff, explore.

Toss up between speed and dt2...

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voice of justice(preferred) but I will take almost any box gun early)

mp5 (a must have in high rounds when ammo gets scarce. and I don't upgrade it cause it still kills them if you take headshots and it gives lots of points too)




speed cola


quick revive (solo only)

run circles at the diner so I don't run out of ammo

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Speed cola


Quick revive

(other perks through tombstone if needed)

And five weapon groups

Medic/Team supporter

Upgraded Balistics knife

Monkey bombs


Hammer upgraded or not

Zombie sheild

The heavy/Camper

Upgraded Hammer


Monkey bombs


(useless) Jet gun

Upgraded Rpd

The batman



The zombie sheild


Ray gun


Speed slaughterer!

Upgraded Galil



Upgraded ray gun/ mustang and Sally

Turbine (For turret and eletric traps)

The dead man

Upgraded M-14

Bowie knife


Jet gun

Upgraded Mp5k

I play this last set up when I'm REALY bored....

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I have one for Tranzit and one for Town.


M16, then eventually the Skullcrusher

DSR Pack-a-Punch w/ Iron Sights

Perks in order



Quick Revive

Double Tap


Zombie Shield




I also get the M16 while passing the tunnel for the first time. Then I take the shortcut to town to withdrawal money to buy everything else I need. If the power isn't on by then, I would leave my turbine on jug and run to the power to turn it on. After getting everything noted above, I just run trains in the tunnel for the rest of the game.


MP5 and eventually the Kollider or Lamentation

DSR Pack-a-Punch w/ Iron Sights

Perks in order

Double Tap



Quick Revive




I hate running out of ammo in high rounds, so my setups always include an off the wall gun.

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I Mainly Play Town Survival & Usualy Run This Set Up -

Perks -


-Quick Revive

-Stamin Up


(& I Do 6 Perk Glitch Around Round 20)

Guns -

-M1911 - Mustang & Sally

(I Upgrade About Round 15)


(I Upgrade Only When I Need Ammo)



(I Prefer The HAMR But Obv The RPD As More Ammo)

Melee's, Tactical & Explosive -


(This The First Thing I Reali Buy & Use Until Round 13 NO SHOOTING)

-Monkey Bombs


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Solo and Co-op Tranzit


Claymores, Semtex

First 50 rounds:Skullcrusher and M115 Kolider

50+:Upgraded DSR50 and RayGun

Fridge gun is always DSR50 upgraded

If i shoot for grenade kills in solo the setup is the same but the only gun i use is the upgraded War Machine and use the Tubes off the Skullcrusher. Usualy i can get 2,000 Nade kills in 35 rounds.

Solo and Co-op Survival

Jugg,Doubletap2,Staminup if aviable

First 25 rounds: Olympia and MP5

25+: Any Gun the box gives me. They all do damage lol.

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