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24 hour zombies live stream for charity

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Going to do a 24 hour Live stream on Release date Nov 13th. Everyone is invited to join.

Let me know you are from CoDz. If I have full lobby I will invite you later.


Donations are appreciated and if you can't donate, you can still help by playing games. If you like to volunteer please specify a time window so I can invite people to play. I will be available on xbox only (and not on ps3 for technical reasons :| ). Please leave your gamertag and estimated time available so I can invite you.


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IAMChaosTheory - I'll be on from 09:00-17:00 GMT.

I think it's great you're doing this btw, what charity is it for?

Also I think you mean November 10th. :)

Thanks and Yea i meant 10th. It's for cancer research.

That's great, virtually everyone has been effected by cancer directly or indirectly. Looking forward to the weekend now.

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If this is on black ops zombies sure I have no problem. But my disk is kinda messedup so here are the maps I can't play.





The others I have not problem with and i'm in Florida so pacific time. Not sure If i'm correct or not. Also all be on around between 1 to eh 11 or later. I will ask for a crawler since I do want to take some breaks. My GT is in my profile. :) Since it's for cancer, i'm in.

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This Saturday? Expect me on around 1:00 PM CST or later. We're talking Black Ops 2 right?

No. Not black ops 2. This Saturday as in Nov 10.

*Slaps the back of my neck* I should have known that considering how you said 'this' Saturday. Sometimes my Black Ops 2 mind gets the better of me *awkward laughter*. Anyways, sure! I'm down for some good ol' Black Ops zombies!

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