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Disappointment in Zombies

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Was I the only one that didn't like moon for very long? I stopped playing after the easter egg. I hope in the future they don't involve anything like excavators, it kind of ruined the map for me. I also hope they don't put juggs somewhere it's hard to get, I did get to high rounds but I didn't like the pace of the game without juggs.

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Was I the only one that didn't like moon for very long? I stopped playing after the easter egg. I hope in the future they don't involve anything like excavators, it kind of ruined the map for me. I also hope they don't put juggs somewhere it's hard to get, I did get to high rounds but I didn't like the pace of the game without juggs.

i kind of agree with you on this. Having to teleport in order to get juggs is just too much. Doing EE is not my cup of tea either.

treyarch should avoid this kind of things in future. I am fine with Shang's random perks locations and COTD random pap positions but teleporting for juggs is too much.

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I did not like moon at all but NML was refreshing.

I believe the general consensus considers Moon a success. Targeting the age group mostly teenagers I think similar model will be used for future maps. Big, easy looping areas, new technology with something for the hardcore zombies slayers.

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I hope they dont make maps like moon in the future. I like maps like shang, COTD, and ascension. I like alot of different strategies available, not to complicated but still kind of hard maps(not ascension I just think ascensions fun). COTD was very hard to get through the 70+ rounds because you had to recycle so much and thats what I like about it.

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Basically the last three maps were turds.

1. COTD - George. Really now? Probably the dumbest thing they've come up with.

2. Shangri La - okay. Pretty difficult. But napalm/shrieker? This is not Left for Dead.

3. Moon - like you guys said it was stupid to get jugg. and the astronaut thing? uhhh, just moronic.

Go back to the mindset they had in the first 4 maps and don't add in Left for Dead type crap. COD zombies is about just ZOMBIES and getting to the highest round you can get to. The EE's were better when it was told through the radios.

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Yeah I also kind of have to agree, moon wasn't the greatest. Scale of 1-10 I'm saying 4 or 5. Now I'm sure a bunch of people will disagree with me on this but five was my favorite map. To me, I loved the concept, and how the cutscene in the beginning set stuff up, it was pretty badass too, playing as "real life" characters. Come on, shootin zombies as JFK? I liked it. To me, I can't really formulate an opinion on my favorite map design at the moment, I should probably replay most WAW and BO maps and decide which ones I like most. What I do know is that I really liked the system they *kind of* had going. I regard kino as the first map. 1st map, original characters. Five was the 2nd one to me, and that was different characters. 3rd, (dead ops doesn't count) was ascension: normal characters. 4th, COTD, new characters. You see? until moon. originals again. I mean, I know that was a very important map for the story, so they needed the characters, but I really like having real life characters. It's pretty fun to take the persona as somebody you only knew from TV or from history, put it into a character form and then throw you in the driver's seat (rather, gunners seat in this instance). Anyway, just my 2 cents.

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I don't play moon solo anymore. It is just boring and waaay too big.

And getting max ammo whenever you want is just too easy.

But the other maps are fine.

And as long as you play with friends every map is fun.

So,just the solo aspect of moon is a disappointment to me.

And I don't like the fact,that you keep all the perks after the easter egg,even when you die.

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In some ways I really hate moon, the astronaut thing does nothing, he waddles around and does nothing, the map is too big to have him walking that slow (moon isn't even that big!).

Also even though the easter egg was exciting, i did find that getting all perks + death machine (half way through) wasn't good enough and took away the challenge.


Getting Jugg and Speed Cola by going back to NML was a good idea if you have mics (which i don't). I see why they did it, so they could stop us independently getting Jugg and Speed whenever you got downed (which can happen on rare occasions). You have to work as a team to get it, you also get that part of hoping you get the perk you want when you get there. Although I tend to be ALOT more cautious without Jugg making the game slower.

I also liked the excavators, yeah they are annoying but they were put there to force you to change strategy, no more training around the map on high rounds and they were put there for a good reason.


Even with all that there was still something missing that makes me want to play it less than any other map. Don't as me why but there was something missing when I first played Moon and i have no idea what it is.

Maybe it was the gravity :lol:

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I just wish we had the epic design of zombie maps in WaW, combined with BO stuff.

But I really think people just like to hate the newer maps. I mean really.

COTD- George, really? He isn't that bad. Just maybe WALK away from him. That's all you really have to do. New character's? Oh boo hoo. They aren't that bad. The worst one is the fog, though. What's so bad about fog? Not that difficult to see in.

Shangri La- I think mostly people just hate on the narrowness (understandable), but there has to be different types of maps, or it would be boring. Shrieker/Napalm varies things up and is not bad at all.

Moon- Okay, aside from not being able to PaP alone or get jug, I don't really get it. Same with the freaking astronaut. What is it that's bad about him? He's easy to kill, or if not you could walk away.

I question how people can complain about this, and not complain about Ascensions monkeys... they stole perks, and you can't avoid them! :facepalm:

Moon isn't the best map, but the reasons for some people hating it are god awful reasons.

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