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The begining screen zombie reference?


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What the fuck are you talking about?? speak english for fucks sake

Mind your language and your manners. Did you even bother to read the rules for the forums?!

That post is easy to understand. Riches311 is asking if the woman in the video at the beginning of the game has anything to do with the new zombie map. As she says "Ascension" and then lists of the numbers.

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im sure the numbers have alot to do with ascension but have been unable to decipher them fully yet. I have checked them as coordinates and have them saved in my phone. The coordinates i have come up with are in cameroon and okene, nigeria... I have no idea if this is what the number sequence are supposed to be though. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I do have them at home and will post them later. What I did notice right off the bat is the sequence of 7's I have taken that as the beginning and end of each coordinate. I don't have a ton of experience with this, so I can only make my best guess at this point.

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I still don't know why everyone thinks this woman and her message relates to the zombies, it makes me wonder if anyone has played the campaign this is the woman that *spoilers use highlight function* awakens the sleeper agents, after you beat the game you see her turn on the radio and read out the code, you then hear Mason deciphering the code and a picture of him in what looks like an assassination attempt directed towards Kennedy, so her purpose is to tell people to kill Kennedy not give us zombie map pack clues

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