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Status Updates posted by RequixEclipse

  1. Just went ham with ballistic knifes then accidentally bought a wall gun replacing my M1911 


    y tho

  2. https://www.twitch.tv/paradoxcompany let's go this Challenge  is going to bitch 

  3. Hippo (Greek: Ἵππων, Hippōn) (c. 425 BCE)

     He was a native of Magna Graecia (Italy). Very little is known about him. He held that water was the principle of all things, with fire springing from water, and then developing itself by generating the universe. Primarily interested in biological matters, he was said to have been an atheist.

    1. anonymous


      You know a certain (big) Ancient Greek philosophic group believed that the world existed of 5 Elements: Water, fire, earth, air and.....Aether

  4. Did someone just kick me from the COD Zombies Forum Club on Xbox One!?

    1. RequixEclipse


      No sir I was in then I check back and it said I had to request invitation :/ but I'm back in now

    2. anonymous


      The revelations Egg?

    3. RequixEclipse


      What about Rev? I've completed a couple times.. you need it?

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  5. Hello? Are you forgetting something? Even if your wretched daughter is still alive, she has MY BODY!  -Richtofen

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. RequixEclipse


      Allow me sometime to me notes my friend.

    3. anonymous
    4. RequixEclipse


      I'll be sending you over private mail some research, ideas, facts, and would love to theorize with you my friend.

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  6. Just flipping through my notes.

  7. At exactly 9 minutes 35 seconds in the Jason Blundell interview with Dalek he say " I think people have been a little to strict with their mentalities on time and space and universes." Coincidence? I THINK NOTimage.png

  8. Completed a Dark 12 our long Easter egg hunt and died in the Biss fight with Nikolai. No videos no help just 4 fellow surviors who figured it out! :414: We all had 1 thing to say... "Damn I've never held a zombie for so long." :rofl:

  9. If your trying to find people on Xbox One for help with a Easter Egg. 


    #1 you add RequixEclipse so you know your only going to need 2 more people most of the time! 


    #2 you'll always have 1 until you give up, as I will not give up on you friend. ?. 

    Ive completed each EE every way with more 1st try completions than failures. 


    GT- RequixEclipse



  10. "development, origin, cause, relation, fate."


    Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle, foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures, the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.

  11. So when are medals gonna be awarded? lol.

    1. Boom115


      Never! Or 5 minutes...

  12. I want the surprise factor with my zombies. I did not watch one video on Der Eisendrache aside from the DLC trailor. With that being said I was still able to learn and complete the EE within the first 2 weeks of it dropping on Xbox One. 

    No matter how much content you watch you truly won't know until you experience it behind the sticks. Also I still can't get enough of Der Eisendrache because I didn't burn my self out and lose the mystery that is zombies.

    Patience my fellow Xbox Sturgglers let PS have their excitement. We will be sure to expose the any missed details ?

    1. Doppelgänger


      I believe what they are doing is "bug testing" for us :)

    2. RequixEclipse


      That is spot on ??

    3. NaBrZHunter


      Right there with you, man. I haven't watched any gameplay (well...there was one in a MrRoflWaffles video, but it was just Generic early round gameplay, no EEs, EE steps or anything. I'm gonna do it blind.

  13. "A New Dawn Is Beggining For Mankind"

    -Dr. Ludwig Maxis

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      *Three maps earlier: 

      To any survivors of this realm, I am truely sorry. I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, but I can not. It is my hope that I can rid the universe of the evil that has plagued us for so long. But in my heart, I know many other dimensions will be lost. Forgive me...

  14. Understand that each time we are introduced to 4 New Characters. These souls or "Pawns" are used to complete, fulfill, or provide assistance so that our 4 Original Characters can reach their destination or progress in Richtofens Agenda.

    1. anonymous


      Like a second Richthofens Grand Scheme

    2. RequixEclipse


      We got our Cryogenic Slumber party :CLINDOEIL:image.thumb.jpeg.9db756025fd52eaa265eca6

  15. Updated OP for Gobble Gum Team Sets on SoE. Checker out??

  16. May have stumbled upon some interesting info. After flipping through notes on the Decoded No Smoking sign in Die Rise. It seems to give us signs of events that would come to be known in MOTD but possibly after? I'll Update in Die Rise OP.

    1. RequixEclipse



  17. "Thing is, you see that differently than he does. To you it was new but to him, it’s the thousandth time out of a million. He’ll always relive that, and that’s key.”

  18. "A New Dawn Is Begging For Mankind."

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      (Batman voice) It's a sunday.... Sunday May 3rd... Two thousand fifteen.... It's of mild temperature.... 

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      (Batman voice) It's a sunday.... Sunday May 3rd... Two thousand fifteen.... It's of mild temperature.... 

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      (Batman voice) It's a sunday.... Sunday May 3rd... Two thousand fifteen.... It's of mild temperature.... 

  19. Just had a terrific time completing the Meat Is Murder EE with Dopey Ledgend!

  20. Just finished my first go at Infection. made it to 28 but now I'm in search of a group to complete this EE. :)

    1. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      id be down to give it a try sometime when im free. pretty sure i still have you on my friends list :)

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