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Everything posted by RequixEclipse

  1. For the Cipher text above I’ll give you the Key and type. Playfair Key: DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABC
  2. WHO AM I Hello Fellow Survivors, My name is Caleb aka RequixEclipse. COD:Zombie Fanboy/Variety Content Creator/Community Hype Guy. WHY I STARTED STREAMING I began to build a following within the CODZombies Forum. This is the same forum big Youtubers like MrRoflWaffels came from. I was inspired to create my own Youtube Channel. After 3 years my channel peaked at 8k Subscribers, but I suffered from massive burn out. Recently I gave twitch a try and its hard work, but I can actually see the results of my hard work. FAVORITE GAMING MOMENT My favorite moments are hearing the excitement of someone completing a COD: Zombie Easter Egg for the 1st time. Its fine if you have already seen it done, but to experience it is worth every carry! MY GUILTY PLEASURE(S) Replying to conversations with memes..
  3. Call of Duty Zombie Forum Presents ZOMBIES: Vision Deadline a Custom Zombies Narrative By RequixEclipse Whilst investigating the death of a local Psychiatrist, a witty Intelligence Officer called Liam Gunnerson uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, enchanted book circulating throughout Africa. While Liam remains skeptical of the supernatural he is informed about the dangers. “Whoever begins reading the book, he or she has exactly 115 days left to live.” The cursed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look zombified. A marked person feels completely drained. Their skin bitter cold to the touch. Liam gets hold of the book, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash into his mind: a frantic snake balancing on an evil Shaman, an old newspaper headline about an apocalyptic accident, a hooded shapeshifter ranting about lips and a drinking well located in a deserted place. When Liam notices his body drop in temperature, and a slowing sense of helplessness. He realises that the curse of the enchanted book is true and calls in his friend, a Philologist called Dick Chen, to help. Mr. Chen examines the book and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds the frantic snake balancing on an evil shaman particularly chilling. He joins the queue for a supernatural death. Liam and Dick pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the hooded lizard. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?
  4. I’ll always be around here my friend. Our discussions are very much apart of my teenage all the way into adult life. It’s funny seeing the change in how conversations as I matured. I went from Immature Asshole to a Sarcastic Asshole to a humbled confident sarcastic asshole
  5. RequixEclipse


    I’ve never hated never felt so sad never been happier or as joyous with some one. This person pushed me to the edge frustration and pulled me to the center of attention. Like magnets we are complete opposites but for every weakness is a strength. I’ve never cried also never laughed as hard with any one until this woman. intimacy isn’t a baseline for our love is much more. We have a child together and it’s almost been 10 years. Ive learned how to put someone else’s needs before my own. If we’re all hungry my daughter is first to be fed. The woman I love is my soul mate and my best friend.
  6. Theorize but be willing to look through some of our Asylum Topics. They will give you some good ideas. Feel free to ask me any questions I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  7. WHO AM I Hello Fellow Survivors, My name is Caleb aka RequixEclipse. COD:Zombie Fanboy/Variety Content Creator/Community Hype Guy. Ive been playing since World at War. I lurked the forums up until about 2012. The time I invested in my theorizes/ideas were all worth while. I was always letting others know that I’m here to Help where Help is needed. I can’t believe I got the Honor of getting @PINNAZ his 1st babble completion for Richtofen. (It’s a big deal cause AUS+ my US connection made it a 1:115 chance of making it through 😅) The historical events I’ve learned in course work was very beneficial when I began creating theories on the storyline. Zombies correlated with”The Coming Race” which was 1 of many inspirations for the Nazis. They did have Die Gloke, experimental operations to create super soldiers using the dead, the Vril/Thule..etc. all that was a realistic vision of a mad man. Black Ops 1 made a twist that sparked a mass interest in a hidden backstory. Through the years I’ve always made sure to give back to this site. Donating to help keep the lights on when I can. Some days weren’t there for the best of times and a lot of topics got lost with site updates including some of my own😅. That being said this place is making a comeback. If your just getting familiar with this place that just fine! Don’t worry if you just started to learn the lore in the ÆTHER story because it’s a great experience. HOWEVER the next Zombie Experience starts with the community of call of duty zombie forums. Your dedication and engagement is absolute. Time has told us that when we are having fun. When we enjoy exploring, researching, and typing a topic like we’re about to get graded on it you best believe the idea will be seen. Many of our theories were proven. It’s Fact because these theories date all the way back to JimmyZ times lol. As of now a new dawn awaits CoDZ. We have transcended the ÆTHER to another Plane. Where that will take us is up to us. We are the Survivors and the Slayers. CoDZ thank you for everything. I appreciate everything about this place. WHY I STARTED STREAMING I began to build a following within the CODZombies Forum. This is the same forum big Youtubers like MrRoflWaffels came from. I was inspired to create my own Youtube Channel. After 3 years my channel peaked at 8k Subscribers, but I suffered from massive burn out. Recently I gave twitch a try and its hard work, but I can actually see the results of my hardwork. FAVORITE GAMING MOMENT My favorite moments are hearing the excitement of someone completing a COD: Zombie Easter Egg for the 1st time. Its fine if you have already seen it done, but to experience it is worth every “carry” “assist” “support” SHUT UP AND TAKE MY HELP 🥰 MY GUILTY PLEASURE(S) Replying to conversations with memes.. Notable Site Achievements: Assisting @InfestLithium w/ Ancient Trials Dwellwer Moderator CoDZ Twitch Director UOTM for 2 months
  8. Apothicon Notes Remember my(mine/our) Insanity, dream Open portal banish Apothicon Pod Statue Heart-Bone,Metal-Flesh/Body-Jaws-Skull
  9. Remember this old thing😅 DIE RISE NOTES (FINAL)
  10. New Video will be posted today. I took some time and wrote some last words for ÆTHER. Also it includes a message I hope sparks some inspiration and good vibes for the future of the Call of Duty Zombies Community.429EC706-7D5B-4CEC-8AC7-E435C9A613AD.png

  11. Ill be going live with some Classified High round attempts. I may do other Requix things as well. :) RequixEclipse Stream

  12. It nice to see someone new posting. Anything is a step in the right direction. Anything not correct can be edited later my friend keep it up! 😊
  13. There are many different symbols far worse that are discussed openly, but this one is the most notable in my opinion. symbolism of the Nazi flag: "The red expressed the social thought underlying the movement. White the national thought. And the swastika signified the mission allotted to us-the struggle for the victory of Aryan mankind and at the same time the triumph of the ideal of creative work Germany (see Strafgesetzbuch section 86a), Austria, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, and Israel have banned Nazi symbols and it is considered a criminal offence if they are displayed publicly for non-educational purposes. On August 9, 2018, Germany lifted the ban on the usage of swastikas and other Nazi symbols in video games. "Through the change in the interpretation of the law, games that critically look at current affairs can for the first time be given a USK age rating," USK managing director Elisabeth Secker told CTV. "This has long been the case for films and with regards to the freedom of the arts, this is now rightly also the case with computer and videogames." -https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/09/germany-lifts-ban-nazi-symbols-video-games/ Symbols like the Black Sun..etc. Thanks for some positive feed back @The Meh its much appreciated.
  14. Swastika The swastika or sauwastika (as a character, 卐 or 卍, respectively) is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia. Swastik is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions. In the Western world, it was a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck until the 1930s, when it became a feature of Nazi symbolism as an emblem of Aryan identity. As a result of World War II and the Holocaust, most people in the Western World associate it with Nazism and antisemitism. the word swastika is of Sanskrit origin and the symbol is one of good luck or a charm or a religious symbol (the last, among the Jains and Buddhists) that goes back to at least the Bronze Age. Swastika has nothing to do with Christ and with Christianism. It is a Buddhist symbol for peace, as it still appears nowadays on Buddhist temples in Asia. I have seen one in a bi-lingual edition of a Taiwanese magazine. The editors felt the necessity of explaining in the English text that Swastika is a Buddhist symbol of peace, and this is why the puzzled European reader could see it in pictures showing temples. A difference however can be noticed: the orientation of the arms is clockwise in the Buddhist swastika and anti-clockwise in the one adapted by the Nazis. Because of its use by Nazi Germany, the swastika since the 1930s has been largely associated with Nazism. In the aftermath of World War II it has been considered a symbol of hate in the West, or alternatively of white supremacy in many Western countries. As a result, all of its use, or its use as a Nazi or hate symbol, is prohibited in some countries, including Germany. Because of the stigma attached to the symbol, many buildings that have used the symbol as decoration have had the symbol removed.[citation needed] In some countries, such as the United States' Virginia v. Black 2003 case, the highest courts have ruled that the local governments can prohibit the use of swastika along with other symbols such as cross burning, if the intent of the use is to intimidate others. The public display of Nazi-era German flags (or any other flags) is protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right to freedom of speech. The Nazi Reichskriegsflagge has also been seen on display at white supremacist events within United States borders. As with many neo-Nazi groups across the world, the swastika was also a part of the American Nazi Party’s flag before its first dissolution in 1967. The symbol was originally chosen by the initial organization's founder, George L. Rockwell. Its "re-use" was initiated by successor organizations in 1983, without the publicity Rockwell's original organization possessed. The swastika, in various iconographic forms, is one of the hate symbols identified in use as graffiti in US schools, and is a part of the 1999 US Department of Education's emergency school-wide response trigger. If you would like to look further into this topic here are a few links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/symbol-swastika-and-its-12000-year-old-history-001312 https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/unknown-history-of-swastika
  15. VARJA weapon of the Godhead, and are possibly from the Proto-Indo-European root *weg'-which means "to be(come) powerful." It is related to Proto-Finno-Uralic *vaśara, "hammer, axe", but both the Sanskrit and Finno-Ugric derivatives are likely Proto-Aryan or Proto-Indo-Aryan, but not Proto-Iranian, state Parpola and Carpelan, because of its palatalized sibilant. Refer to Buddhism & the Flesh: In ritual use the vajra is frequently employed in conjunction with the bell (Sanskrit ghaṇṭā; Tibetan dril bu), the various gestures (mudrās), when correctly executed, having considerable metaphysical power. The vajra (symbolizing the male principle, fitness of action) is held in the right hand and the bell (symbolizing the female principle, intelligence) in the left hand, the interaction of the two ultimately leading to enlightenment. In art the vajra is an attribute of many divinities, such as the celestial BuddhaAkṣobhya and his manifestation as a bodhisattva (“Buddha-to-be”), Vajrapāṇi (In Whose Hand Is the Vajra). The viśva-vajra is a double vajra in the shape of a cross with four equal arms. denoted a thunderbolt like legendary weapon and divine attribute that was made from an adamantine, or an indestructible substance which could therefore pierce and penetrate any thing obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language. The obfuscation might be either unintentional or intentional (although intent usually is connoted), and is accomplished with circumlocution (talking around the subject), the use of jargon (technical language of a profession), and the use of an argot (ingrouplanguage) of limited communicative value to outsiders. tantric rituals in combination with the bell or ghanta; symbolically, the vajra may represent method as well as great bliss and the bell stands for wisdom, specifically the wisdom realizing emptiness. The union of the two sets of spokes at the center of the wheel is said to symbolize the unity of wisdom (prajña) and compassion (karuna) as well as the sexual union of male and female deities. Historically, Buddhism was incorporated into Siberia in the early 17th century.... (Update Eclipse will be up soon)
  16. 1. The One 2. Pareidolia 3. 115 MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IS 4. The Gift IF YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO IT WATCH THE COMMUNITY FAN VIDEO MADE FOR ZWC 2. Gameplay and Editing was by RequixEclipse Music by Treyarch- Kevin Sherwood ZWC Trailer
  17. After I recently scene that you had Tagged me @anonymous I wanted to make sure the proper document was available for others. This was all I had ever recieved from you and I didnt get the chance to really read through it till now. There is alot of things here that are either some what true. However there is quite a bit of revisions need to be done here. Below is a list of things being thrown around as ideas created 5/1/2017 by @anonymous Officially being modified by @RequixEclipse 1:03 Am 8/28/2019. *Unknown Document* Update V.1 Praxis (Ancient Greek: πρᾶξις, Romanized Praxis: is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. "Praxis" may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas. This has been a recurrent topic in the field of philosophy, discussed in the writings of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Francis Bacon, Immanuel Kant, Søren Kierkegaard, Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Paulo Freire, Ludwig von Mises, and many others. It has meaning in the political, educational, spiritual and medical realms. On the Great Leap Forward loading screen, one can see the name Province 22. You must know that the present China is divided into many provinces, and that province number 22 is Jilin, laying in the northeast of China, just above Korea. The biggest cities of Jilin are Changchun and Jilin city, both cities WITHOUT enormous skyscrapers, as we see in Black Ops II's first DLC. Relatively few cities in China actually have so many high skyscrapers, as cities like Hong Kong (, Beijing and Shanghai have. Talking about Shanghai, have you ever seen this particular tower in Die Rise? It's the Jin Mao Tower, located in Shanghai. A China in the near future may change its province-numbers (district Shanghai might be province 22 now, and Jilin has another number): Names can be changed. Buildings, however, cannot. That's why it is almost certain that Die Rise takes place in Shanghai. In subsequent conferences in March 1960 and May 1962, the negative effects of the Great Leap Forward were studied by the CPC, and Mao Zedong was criticized in the party conferences. Moderates like President Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping rose to power in the Party, and Chairman Mao was marginalized within the party, leading him to initiate the Cultural Revolution in 1966 in order to re-consolidate his power. CPC: The Four Olds or the Four Old Things (simplified Chinese: 四旧; traditional Chinese: 四舊; pinyin: sì jiù) was a term used during the Cultural Revolution of 1966–76 in the People's Republic of China to refer to the attempts of Communists to destroy elements of Chinese culture pre-communism. The Four Olds were: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. The campaign to destroy the Four Olds began in Beijing on August 19, 1966, shortly after the launch of the Cultural Revolution. , is any community whose economy is based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland. Another way to define an agrarian society is by seeing how much of a nation's total production is in agriculture. In an agrarian society, cultivating the land is the primary source of wealth. Such a society may acknowledge other means of livelihood and work habits but stresses the importance of agriculture and farming. Agrarian societies have existed in various parts of the world as far back as 10,000 years ago and continue to exist today. They have been the most common form of socio-economic organization for most of recorded human history A'ight, so now we've got the location (Shanghai) and time (near future): Let's start. The sleeping cages •
  18. Feel free to check the Calling All Content Creators Post and lets get ya on board!
  19. I totally agree with that! Samantha might be a Sayain? 🧐🤔 That beam she was blasting the Apothicon with... yeah that’s a Kamehameha..
  20. I have Reopened This Asylum Post by moving it to. General Discussion. I’ve been updating it with new connections
  21. Looking for Call of Duty Zombie Content Creators. As we continue to bring more to the site we must consistently provide unique content on all platforms. Youtube Twitch Mixer Instagram Snapchat Discord All of these Platforms require time. Each should represent CODZ forums appropriately and require quality. We hope to deliver in 4 areas. Quality, Interaction, Discovery, and WHY this site is the best site for COD:Zombies. Quality must be 720p or Greater If interested Sign Up Here: https://fs18.formsite.com/fIlvKs/vkigo2nk5g/index.html
  22. Cornelius Pernell (Avagadro) Cornelius Pernell: was a member of the OSS during World War II and the handler of several operatives. He successfully led the operation to infiltrate Peter McCain in Group 935 and Peter was transferred to the Asylum Facility in Berlin [Verrückt]. An outbreak occurred shortly after in the Asylum Facility and Peter, who was ousted as a spy, managed to escape. Pernell sent a Marine recon unit on August 1945, the team was led by "Tank" Dempsey. The team faced hordes of zombies inside the asylum all were killed except for Tank Dempsey. Tank was ultimately captured by Group 935. Verrückt_Radio_ShiNoNuma_Revelations_BO3.ogg Verrückt_Radio_ShiNoNuma_Revelations_BO3.ogg "R-4808N 27 14 06 115 48 40" I hope you're receiving this transmission, Peter. If you are not, then all hope is lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The Giant must remain (static) at all costs, repeat, Der Riese must (static) at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. You'll be our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Maxis, they may know what's going on. The use of Element 115 is dangerous at best. I'm not sure if we can continue here. We've lost most of our best (static). I hope you get this. I hope it hasn't happened there too, but I'm almost out of hope. "60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94" — Cornelia in Revelations On September 1945, Pernell attempted to contact Peter McCain to rendezvous at the Rising Sun Facility under the control of Group 935 and Division 9 [Shino Numa]. The next month, Peter parachuted over the Rising Sun Facility and died shortly after. After the war, Pernell became Station Chief of the CIA at Groom Lake in Nevada where a large deposit of Element 115 was discovered in 1937. In 1961, construction began at Groom Lake for a teleporter to establish a link between the facility and Griffin Station on the Moon with Pernell overseeing the project. The next year, Pernell started overseeing the construction of the American Pyramid Device at the nuclear testing site in Groom Lake. [Nuketown, Tranzit] In February 1963, Cornelius Pernell learned about the existence of Samantha Maxis from Doctor Schuster. After months of research, he was convinced the US Government would need even more Element 115 to fight Samantha and he would be able to secure the funding for the program he had been dreaming about for many years. This program was called "Project Broken Arrow". On August 3rd, 1963, while new tests were performed with the teleporter, the Ultimis crew (Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki) were teleported from the Moon to Groom Lake. After medical examination, Cornelius Pernell kept the crew locked up in Hangar 4 as test subjects for Element 115 experimentation. Unfortunately for Pernell, Ultimis would escape with the help of their Primis counterparts a few months later [Classified]. After the Pentagon incident [FIVE, Classified], all endeavors to eliminate Samantha were shelved by Project Broken Arrow. The American Pyramid Device was reassigned to be used as an interrogation tool for Project MKAlpha in conjunction with Project MKUltra from the CIA. As such, more funding was provided to ensure the construction of the A.P.D. was completed on schedule. In June 1964, using the Elemental Shard, acquired from Division 9 in 1946, Pernell and Doctor Hale resurrected Peter McCain. Peter began would be employed at Broken Arrow shortly after. In February 1965, as part of Phase II of MKAlpha, Corneilus Pernell began the interrogation of Yuri Zavoyski. Pernell learned from Yuri about the Aether and Agartha, but Pernell ended up killing Yuri in the process. Pernell began being obsessed with reaching Agartha, and after years of exposure to Element 115, he started hearing voices similar to Ultimis Richtofen and grew increasingly paranoid. By 1966, he started having recurrent dreams, one of them showing him becoming Avogadro inside the A.P.D. using the Elemental Shard. A year later, in August 1967, Pernell started experimenting on himself with the help of Dr. Hale, whose affection for him was well-known, by placing himself inside the A.P.D. and pulling an electrical current from the Elemental Shard to flood the A.P.D. The experiments continued until 1968. Peter, who became Deputy Director at Camp Edward, heard about the experiments and decided to file a report to George Sawyer against Cornelius Pernell. Unfortunately for Peter McCain, Pernell learned about the report and had him arrested. On March 15th, 1968, George Sawyer and his men arrived at Camp Edward during one of the experiments causing the facility to lose power transforming Cornelius Pernell into Avogadro. Avogadro [Corneilus Pernell] released Nova 6 gas throughout the facility and unleash zombies and A.D.A.M. Units, killing everyone. This resulted in the full lockdown and abandonment of Camp Edward, and the shutdown of Rushmore. Almost 60 years later, on July 2025, Broken Arrow agents Russman and George Barkley returned to the facility and used the A.P.D. to transfer a sample of Avogadro to the Hanford site [Tranzit] in Washington state. A few months later, Primis and Ultimis arrived at Camp Edward to retrieve the Elemental Shard, which resulted in the awakening of Avogadro and subsequent detonation of a nuke as a safety measure in case of the containment breach, however, it did nothing to stop it. After an intense fight against Primis and Ultimis, Avogadro [Cornelius Pernell] was defeated and forced back into the American Pyramid Device and sent to the Hanford site [Tranzit] in Washington state for proper imprisonment. At the Hanford site, Avogadro was contained in a Broken Arrow facility disguised as a power station but eventually was freed by Victis in 2035 after the destruction of the Earth. Ultimately, Avogadro was consumed by the Pylon (Tower of Babble) as a power source for Maxis. Relevant Documents:

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