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  1. http://www.twitch.tv/1requix1eclipse5/v/450562816?sr=a&t=54s
  2. Next UoTM will be open longer for othere to have the chance to vote. Make sure your keep up the great posts and activity!
  3. Thanks the the nomination heres a notiable post Also the posts I contriubted and inspired during the time I was promoting outside the site. I appreciate @meh for nominating me. Ill be back on the forums full time making post starting today.
  4. Call everyone brother
  5. This information must be explained clearly so I begin with this entry
  6. The Vril Society in Germany believed that the Aryan race was a creation an Aeon, through the medium of the 'Black Sun' - which is represented as a form of Swastika, and had originated close to the Pliades from a star cluster, These people consider that in vril they have arrived at the unity in natural energetic agencies, which has been conjectured by many philosophers above ground, and which Faraday thus intimates under the more cautious term of correlation: ‘I have long held an opinion,’ says that illustrious experimentalist, ‘almost amounting to a conviction, in common, I believe, with many other lovers of natural knowledge, that the various forms under which the forces of matter are made manifest have one common origin; or, in other words, are so directly related and mutually dependent, that they are convertible, as it were, into one another, and possess equivalents of power in their action.’According to Zee, all Vril-ya are trained in the application of vril, which can be used to control the physical world, including the minds and bodies of others, as well as to enhance the telepathic and telekinetic potentials of the human mind.
  7. Here is a tasty source im sure you all will love.. Vril-research
  8. "The Golden Vril Rods is a very compact example ofthis." The Golden Rod -Vril Generator-
  9. Replying with memes all the time lol
  10. She may have gained the knowledge to take matters into her own hands.
  11. Could be exploring The Æther
  12. I want to buy this game for you. SEASON PASS INCLUDED
  13. Not really it just validated a few things. This is the end of Aether and it needs to be. It should of ended in BO3. I blame the change in Zombie Directors mid BO2. I got into zombies and the story when I was 14. I am freaking 25 years old and would appreciate having a great end to this. That being said I hope people realize that treyarch has never not given the community a DLC Map. They have always tried to give players incentive to keep playing. Them not releasing a new map along with no updates or apologies on delayed content is BIG. This is a clear message from them to show us whos the author is. They have an ending written, but I think this it. We screwed the future of Zombies, because we treated Chaos like it was irrelevant. Chaos had something going for it. If people would of just opened their mind and treated it as if it were Nacht Der Untoten then maybe it might of been different. Unfortunately I would blame these guys if they just wrapped this up. just another old remastered map layouts they have been using the past 3 Black Op titles.. BOTD is just MOTD with access to 2 extra areas. I mean I wish we could of gone to the GG bridge. Classified.. come on really. Five is the same damn thing, but if you achieve round 155 that takes about 3-4 hours (chance of being kicked is about 85%) so. @anonymous have you played Black Ops 4 or do you play jw?
  14. I honestly not that hyped ha.
  15. The Crazy Place is shaped like a circle, with four pathways leading to spots where the player can teleport out. These spots also correspond with their element, hence why one might be covered in fire, which is aesthetic and will not hurt the player in any way. Inside the circle, there are four pillars of sort, which when the player accesses The Crazy Place from a certain tunnel, the pillar will open, allowing access to the corresponding elemental gem from the tunnel they came from, meaning if the player came from the Ice tunnel, the player can obtain the Ice element gem. The player can rebuild the portal of whichever element they came from, or have been through and collected the elemental stone from, after about 15 seconds the portal will fall apart. After solving riddles to upgrade your Elemental Staff of choice, the player can place the staff on the pillar, after doing so they must kill zombies in the Crazy Place, so that the zombie "souls" can power up the staff until an audio cue signifies that it is done. If you read through you'll find that its one of the little details that should not need to be always talked about after 10 years. In a way I put in with the terms Element 115, Aether, MPD, Virl, Golden Rod, and all have many different purposes. For example when doing the Moon Easter egg. When Filling up a single tube on Moon next to the MOD I get whats being talked about. Nikolai: "Oh no! The egg is in the hole! Wait... that is good thing, right?" Dempsey: "Holy shitballs! Did you see that flash? It's powering the machine!" Takeo: "Your life force is now put to good use, in the machine." Richtofen: "Of course! The machine is powered by life force. How silly of me! I should have remembered that." Filling the tube. (Its a wink, wink, nod, nod 'Life Force' so that it would be less like to cause offense. I know that Soul=Life Force=Energy=Insert your preference.) Nikolai: "It is filling up!" Takeo: "Keep going!" Dempsey: "Keep it up it's gaining power!" Richtofen: "We must kill more!" All tubes are filled Nikolai: "It is overflowing with energy. This is good thing, right?" Takeo: "The machine is vile, with the dishonor, of the dishonorable!" Dempsey: "It's full. Now what?" Richtofen: "Excellent! Marvelous! Beautiful! Look for a button or a switch!" Because I can copy and paste it from the Kronorium. That is Treyarch Official set in stone not if and or buts about it. In away its a statement to the community showing whom the Author is. We have influenced a the story with our interests and you see that the most in BO1-BO3. The Author wants to reveal the best part of the tale after 10 years! We should be excited now more than ever.
  16. Hey my friend its ok im glad that we could have the discussion. Im guilty of being wrong plenty of time but its those who take the time to have a dialogue. Worst case scenario is that we would just agree to disagree. This is CoDz Forums we like to engage in productive debate/discussions. Since BO4 the mass epidemic to speed through to cutscene has spread mass disinformation. Many items discussed in dialogue by characters and small occurrences that provide story specific details are left uncovered. The devil is always in the details. The cutscene is very important dont get me wrong, but to fully grasp the story leading us into the cutscenes has been at its worst. Its a facinating discovery though because if you think about it.. The Wolf King is within that tomb.. embodied. So the quotes from the character calling the floating lifeforce from the zombies souls arnt souls? I mean its in the captions its clearly written and in plain sight. Upon realizing that Samantha was in control of the Aether, he devised an alternative plan to gain ultimate power and defeat her — use a (Vril-generating device and sufficient supply of 115 to bend life force itself, allowing him to switch his soul with Samantha's and enter the Aether as an all-powerful being. After arriving at the Rising Sun facility to locate his diary, clearly Zombies have souls if Post-Buried Zombie Richtofen (Soul and all) then teleports and time travels to Ultimis Richtofen's catatonic (not zombie) body and remerges his soul with it, waking him up out of the coma. Check please
  17. Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache. Souls need to be contained in 4 Chests at each corner of the DE MPD. There is a Aetheric orb present above the device and disturbs the environment within that room. This is because the souls are to upgrade the 4 bows. Once your conplete your quest specific step you can then begin scraficing souls to speed up the upgrade to open a direct portal to the Aether. Note the MPD on DE utilizes the Golden Rod "Vril Device" which is put not on the Templars tomb which has a circular indented interface at the front that, when the Vril Generator is applied, grants the power to control the Aether's energy.
  18. Yeah I’m gonna have to just stick with the facts. The M.P.D., or Aether Pyramid is a pyramid-shaped Vril machine, with a circular indented interface at the front that, when the Vril Generator is applied, grants the power to control the Aether's energy. When powered by souIs, it is able to open a direct portal to the Aether. So 4 soul Containers on Moon need to be filled with Souls I remember doing it the other day lol. This is direct access to Æther and holds Samantha’s physical body
  19. Within the MPD Samantha warned of darker entities that we could not possibly pathom. Ive thought about the many human souls we Sacrifice into the MPD on Moon, Der Eisendrache, and many other areas. The souls power the devices yes but are bound to the Æther. Perhaps they become slaves to the darkness within and are forced into the role of being a Keeper. The skulls could be altered if embodied for years in said devices. Samanthas Body being an example of 1 being embodied for a brief period in time. Just a thought...
  20. @anonymous I just find it intriguing to look at. over all im really digging this post my friend nice job!
  21. Nan Sapwe actually refers to a Thunder God and it was clear from the intro from Zetsubou No Shima that the skies were alight from a raging thunderstorm. Just thought this didn’t get as much attention. When you pick it up you unlock a trophy/achievement “The Ultimate Sacrifice”
  22. Made it to round 42 but this weird shat happened on Round 20

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