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  1. I think so, I've noticed no real pattern in them myself, but I may be wrong.
  2. You obviously haven't patched your game, or activated the song since the patch, because Skrillex was just a placeholder and carrion is now the song.
  3. Tranzit mode acts similarly to survival. I think all easter egges will be the tranzit version of green run.
  4. I'm pretty sure doule tap 2 was just liams way of saying its been redesigned. I'm pretty sure there is no extra bonus, at least none that I have noticed.
  5. What I mean is, when my hardened edition arrives will all the bonuses be availble to every account or just the one that uses them? I know all accounts will get the maps as they are downloaded, but the camouflage/player card etc? Anyone know?
  6. The 'new' perk is simply double tap. It got a new icon. The six perks from a while ago showed both of double taps logos and missed staminup. Don't believe me? Go to the upper floor barn in transit and look at double tap. It's just been redesigned.
  7. Only part of the egg can be done solo. Up to deathmachine. The souls can't swap and the zombie's eyes won't change.
  8. The full trailer is up on Call of Dutys YouTube under the name launch trailer. I would link but I'm on an iPod, but it really shouldnt be hard to find. Lots on interesting stuff, jet packs and weird wing suits. As well as grappling hooks and the like. I'm even more pumped than before. (didn't think that was possible) :D
  9. Yes for the same reason. Four packs with one map (maybe more? ) maps in each pack. Definitely worth it
  10. Well welcome to the site man! I myself am currently trying to find some new friends to play zombies with as I haven't been on in a few months, and all my old friends have stopped playing. I have all packs on Blops but don't have WAW. Also have a mic if that suits you. I can play effectively and can make it to 25 on all maps solo. Add if you like PSN: Donalp15 PS. Im from Ireland if that means anything to you in regard to your connection.
  11. I myself spent a good year on zombies when Blops first came out. But when games like Skyrim and Assassins Creed came out, black ops became neglected. And I left the site. Although since Blops 2 has been announced, I've been coming back more and more often. And for the first tone in months I've been playing zombies. I've noticed all my zombie friends haven't been on PSN for months or just don't play Blops anymore. But I expect on 13 Nov 2012. This site will be flooded once again, and tge fans will be back. :)
  12. Hi everyone. Havent posted in a while a but noticed that this may be something noteworthy as it comes from Treyarch themselves. 'Tonight, BlackOps2 will paint the future black on GTTV' This comes with a link to the GT.TV site: http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/09frvr/gt-tv-treyarch-promo It's zombie week on GTTV so most likely we will be getting information on this. but i thought the 'catching the bus' thing was going to give another piece of gameplay on Friday, so this may be this interview with jimmy I have heard about. But I don't know. Originally this all comes from Treyarch's Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Treyarch Complete with a picture of.. a coffin? I don't know what that is for but ok. Anyway, check out the video when it releases, (not out yet by the way), and we may learn more about zombies.
  13. Gotta agree with this, Green Run appears to be it's own thing not a part of of tranZit. They may not be playable in this but hopefully it will continue their storyline, and prepare for their possible return?
  14. Nice eye, I was concentrating on the R.I.P. bit. Maybe it does spell Tombstone, as we can't see the first half. I dont understand what perk would be called Tombstone... Maybe a machine with a unique function like the P.A.P?
  15. Well Shangri la is a forest and the biome is filled with trees. Just a basic link because the plants remind him of Shang. :)

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