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  1. This happened to me agin lastnight. First two games I had to take a loss before the game started. Played for three hours and got a win. Sucks I play so hard to win but take losses left and right from game issues that have nothing to do with me playing the game and loseing. I don't mind taking a loss when I really lose. Come on TREYARCH this is rediculous! Plz fix this before you put out a final update. I'm still going to be playing this game for a long time after cod ghost comes out.

  2. I am getting so sick of trying to keep my wins higher than my losses. There is no point to trying to do this because they give me a loss when the game errors out. It made me gain a loss multiple times from the game haveing a error before the match ever even started. Treyarch come on let us not take a loss or a win when something like this happens. Plz fix this.

  3. I think they should keep the perma perks but stop removing the machines just to make them perma. I would rather be able to buy them when I want. All I would like to see is them add all the perks like in moon all of them wer there. Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Jugger-nog, Double Tap, PHD Flopper, Staminup, Mule Kick and Dead Shot Daquiri.

  4. Diner is the only survival they could add. Every map made for Zombies is a survival map. The only reason they made them at first was because of Green Run, this way you could play at one location without haveing to ride the bus and what not.

  5. I love the Nuke Town Zombies map. I think the map is a challenge. Yes it maybe repetitive but all Zombies maps are repetitive. The tightness of the map makes it harder for most people like Five did. IMO thats why people hate on it and it's even over looked it seems on the site. We don't even get a section to talk about this map in the map specific section. Every outher one did, why not this one? It's not like it's Dead Op's Arcade it's an actual Zombies map.

  6. I never get a free perk doing Galv Knuks only. WHY!!!??? grrr.

    I only hear Willy Wonka yelling at me "YOU GET NOTHING!"

    Srsly though, is this a solo only thing? Never works for me in Multi.

    It's possible in multi. Check out my video it shows a easy way to do this. I'll post more ways with less people just check back on the thread in the link. Hope this helps you get your free perks.

    Link below!


  7. Ok, how about this idea. There are two elevator keys, do you think two players could each have a key and activate two elevators from the top of their shaft's, So that the elevators them selves can press down the plates on top of them selves for the EE while the players run to press the outher two plates? If this works then maybe we can place two trample steams in two of the four locations, down our selves and equip another trample steam each while in who's who mode to place on the remaining two plates. Just a thought.

    I'll be trying this tonight. If I succeed I will post a thread with video proof.

  8. Thank you for posting up the locations via image, friendo! It does become a bit dull at times to watch a whole video or try to explain in text where the Teddy Bears are located. I guess I'm just a picture type of person, haha. :)

    Your welcome, I like it when people post pics instead of only text tutorials.

  9. I think there is a way to get it. I don't think they would just put it there to mess with us. Maybe we can use the jump thing we build with the wood and the smoke blower thing. If this work like a bounceing device of some sort why not throw it down the shaft after the fall. When you reach the spawn agin jump down on it, maybe it will spring you back up far enough to enter the hall where PHD flopper is located. If that don't work maybe try doing this while in Who's Who mode.

  10. To me all the Zombies maps are good. The only reason people don't like Shangri_La is because they can't get far. I know almost everyone on here says FIVE sucks but FIVE is like my favorite map on Zombies. To me Zombies is more fun when the maps are tight. It makes it harder so we don't run circles all day, to me that same reptitive running of circles makes me get bored of playing by the time I reach the 30's. As of "DIE RISE" I hope this map is a tight type map with a big layout of multiple buildings and atleist a new perk or two.

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