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  1. xMiniM1

    Okay... WTH?

    Can I get a link to his stream?
  2. Last one is near PhD Flopper, in some debris.
  3. Nikolai gave Richtofen his long schtifff hard golden rod. ;)
  4. He spawns with it in Solo as well.
  5. Lmao, did you even read this dude's twitter? Most obvious fake I've ever seen. He's giving stupid little hints that he's pulling out of his ***. "u hav 2 do sumting wit teh generator..." "som1 needs to be set free" "only a man of great power can achieve it" He obviously wants people to go insane trying to figure out secrets that don't even exist. Plus he's all "ZOMBIES WILL CONTINUE, BUT I'M NOT SAYING IF THEY'LL BE IN MW3 OR NOT." He was in one map. He doesn't have any control over what Treyarch wants to do with Zombies. This guy is an idiot.
  6. I tried shooting the bright star with the DG-2. No dice.
  7. Kill the human sacrifice with a Matryska Doll/Scavenger? I've tried 3 times with a Ray Gun and twice with a semtex. Maybe I'm timing it wrong? But I don't think I am, I watched vids and it seems pretty dead-on.
  8. Solo has never counted on the leaderboards.
  9. ..Once again, what?! There are two different easter eggs? Or is there just one, but 2 aren't required if you're doing it solo?
  10. Can this easter egg be done without 2 players? I thought one player had to catch the Vodka when it was dropping?
  11. THERE'S A SLIDE!! Well, it's all ice. And you slide. Into cold water. Which is where Speed Cola is. Edit: Staminup returns! And they're in a basement-ish area, the very bottom floor.. The opposite side of the Lighthouse IIRC.
  12. Hmm, I dunno. The one I "activated" made the easter egg noise. Also, AK74u/MP40/MPL are wall guns.
  13. So that leaves the alarm clocks.. :)

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