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    Welcome Back

    Hells Warrrior

    Thank you for your patience today, we apologise for the downtime whilst we moved hosts.

    We are now all setup and we have brought the site back online, things should be a little quicker, we should have no issues with posts/PM's but as usual we are keeping an eye on things and we are running some performance monitoring tools over the next few days for final checks and tweaks.

    Again, thank you understanding and we apologise for any inconvienence.

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    • The city of Liverpool has been chosen to host the UK's first Pokémon Go Safari Zone. Tickets for the three-day event, to be held 17-19th April 2020, will go on sale soon. The northern UK city was chosen following a submission to #NianticLive2020, a scheme which encouraged city officials and local governments to apply to host a Niantic event this year. And for a city known for its Beatles - well, it's fitting choice for a franchise founded on bug collecting. Read more View the full article
    • Niantic, the studio behind Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Ingress, has announced its lineup of 2020 live events. The company promises "immersive interactive experiences" themed after each game, with events scheduled for Liverpool, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. Pokemon Go events will include the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung, and Pokemon Go Safari Zone events in the three select cities listed above. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will again host its annual fan festival, with details to be announced. Finally, Ingress has a ton of locations listed for events on three separate days. Check below for full dates and location information. You can also keep up on the official sites for Pokemon Go events, Harry Potter events, and Ingress events. Niantic says that its 2019 events led to an estimated $249 million in tourism revenue across the three cities chosen to host events, Chicago, Montreal, and Dortmund. Altogether the company estimates almost 190,000 Pokemon fans attended those three events, and the Chicago event tripled its participation from 2018. Pokémon GO 2020 Events Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung - February 6-9 Pokémon GO Safari Zone St. Louis - March 27-29 Tickets will go live starting January 24 at 8:00 AM CT Pokémon GO Safari Zone Liverpool - April 17-19 Tickets will go on sale starting January 31 at 8:00 AM GMT Pokémon GO Safari Zone Philadelphia - May 8-10 More information about tickets will be announced soon Ingress 2020 Events Perpetua Hexathlon - February 29 Asia-Pacific Region: Christchurch, New Zealand; Adelaide, Australia; Naha, Okinawa, Japan; Bengalaru, India; Chiang Mai, Thailand Europe: Porto, Portugal; Milan, Italy; Lille, France; Bratislava, Slovakia; Ruse, Bulgaria Americas: San Antonio, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Miami, Florida; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tijuana, Mexico Lexicon Hexathlon - April 25 Asia-Pacific Region: Colombo, Sri Lanka; Taichung City, Taiwan; Bogor, Indonesia; Baguio City, Philippines; Songpa District, Seoul, Korea Europe: Moscow, Russia; Edinburgh, Scotland; Pilsen, Czechia; Budapest, Hungary; Valencia, Spain Americas: San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Victoria, BC, Canada; Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil Requiem Anomaly Munich - May 9 View the full article
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