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  • Steam Now Charging For Mods

    Ryan R.

    Let me be the first to say, I’m all for #pcmasterrace.  I believe the PC is superior to consoles, in every way.  But I do still own, and use consoles.  Because I believe in playing console and PC exclusives.  But at the end of the day I still would like every game released on every platform.  Now let’s get into the drama Valve has started this week.  Valve & Bethesda have decided to start charging for mods for its popular game Skyrim.  Steam has always been known for its great marketplace.  Always running deals and giving our wallets a fighting for.  Every year they take advantage of us during the holiday, summer, spring, fall sales.  We can never get enough, even if we don’t need the games, the prices beg to differ.

    Skyrim has always been a huge game on the marketplace.  With close to 80,000 peak players Skyrim has always been a go to title for most adventure lovers. 

    Modding has always been huge in this game.  Modders have made the game, larger, more beautiful, and more fun.

    But know, to use the mods we all know & love we have to pay the price.  And that’s just not right.  One of the hardest blows to take is that Valve takes 75% of the cut from the mods creator.  If I made a very popular mod and decided to charge for my work and valve who did nothing but sell the game takes 75% I would be furious.  I’m sure Bethesda takes a substantial cut of that as well being that it is their game.  But still if I did all the effort of creating the mod I should be a split between me and the original creator of the game Bethesda.  With valve getting a small hosting cut.


    The PC gaming community has always been known as open.  The community was growing quickly.  Every day people were selling consoles to buy or build a computer of their own.  To play these games and mod these games.  But people get worried when they see that modding is now being charged for.  It could scare lots of people away.  The fact that GabeN (Gabe Newell Founder of Valve/Steam) would do this is a shock to me.  From always being known as a community guy, always running sales and giving the people what they want (except Half Life 3) he’s been a great impact of the PC community.  We shall see if this continues and expands into more games in the coming weeks.  But for the sake of the community I hope they end this now.


    If you would like to help fight against this change, sign the petition!



    Let me know what you think about this situation in the comments below.


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