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    Ryan R.

    Mad Max is an upcoming post-apocalyptic game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series. It is being developed by Avalanche Studios (Same creators of Just Cause).  As a big fan of the original films release was back in 1979, 81, 85 and a reboot coming in May 2015.  I was excited to see a release of a game based on one of my favorite movie series as a child.

    From what we have seen the game looks to follow most guidelines set by the movies.  It’s a barren desert, seems like an Australia set world.  Just like the movie.  Upon release of the first trailer we learned the main character has an American accent.  Many people were out raged, the movies main character (Mel Gibson) had an Australian accent.  Avalanche quickly responded and said they will redo the voice animations of the main character.  A very critical part of the story line.  The games plot is Max’s journey in retrieving his beloved vehicle “The Interceptor” Which is his sidekick for the movie. Not much more in known of the game, they have done a good job of keeping the story line hidden for us which is a good thing. The game will be single player only, which for me is a tough decision.  The ability to go around in gangs online would have been an awesome addition to the game.  Sadly we won’t see that, I hope the base single player game lives up to the movie series.  Full of action, violence and drama.

    Vehicle customizing seems to be a big part of the game.  In the movies each character has their own unique vehicle.  Each having their on armor, weapons, looks.  I’m exciting to see the custom vehicles we will be able to come up with.  I expect loads on armor upgrades, weapons such as flame throwers, spikes, and guns.  All of these will influence how we battle enemies on the post-apocalyptic setting of the game.  Also weapons crafting will be implemented in the game.

    Get ready to get your hand on the game 9/1/2015.  See you in the wasteland.

    Let me know what you’re excited for in this upcoming release.  Leave your comments below.


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