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  • Just Cause 3 Hype

    Ryan R.

    Let’s talk about the upcoming highly anticipated Just Cause 3 release.  The Just Cause franchise blew up in popularity upon the release of Just Cause 2.  I myself was addicted to playing countless hours on the timed beta that was released shortly before its launch date.  It led me to purchasing the game and enjoying countless hours zipping around with my grapple.  Attaching poor pedestrians to cars and tearing them through the city.  The story line for Just Cause 2 was so-so, it was lots of repetitive go here, blow this up, you win!  Which is great, but doing the same thing over and over gets to me.  Once I completed the game I became interested in the original.  I picked it up and started to enjoy the same game with downgraded, out of date graphics.  I can’t touch on Just Cause too much as I did not get to into it because of my initial dip into the 2nd game of the franchise.  Moving on, Just Cause 2 was missing something BIG to take the game to the next level.

    Multiplayer. I always would play this game in a party full of my friends.  We would each describe the crazy things going on in our games.  The game was missing a key ingredient to today’s games.  Multiplayer is the way games nowadays last.  The fact that this is an open world free roam would keep the servers populated.  Look at the success of GTA IV the servers were very populated until the release of GTA V.  The ability to do what you wish, and still have several online modes to compete against one another keeps a game like this alive.  It was in great shock when a couple of PC modders showed off some videos of them playing together online!  The hype for the game came back alive, I remember reinstalling it and getting my feet wet with the controls.  I knew release of a multiplayer mod was soon.  Only to be gratefully disappointed, the project was rumored to be canceled.  Time passed and it eventually released.  I spent hours and hours in highly populated servers causing mayhem all over the land.  I have since moved on from Just Cause. I was ready for a new land.  A new map to explore, a new adventure.

    Just Cause 3 was officially announced November 2014.  Fans of the series were very excited to see that one of the greatest open world games would be returning for another installment to their hit franchise.  Just Cause 3, from what has been released, looks along the lines of its 2nd release.  Tropical set environment, which I’m sure expands thru the lands of other terrain.  Avalanche studios has officially announced that no multiplayer will be included in the game.  A hard blow to us fans, but I’m sure with time the modding community will bring this to light.  I’m excited to see what is to come with this release.  Release is set for Q4 of 2015.  Soon we will have our first game play trailer of the new installment.  That is set to drop 4/28/2015.  One last note, Just Cause 2 was full of small DLC packs for extra guns, vehicles, skins.  Just Cause 3 has been confirmed to be a full game, micro transaction free.

    How do you feel about the upcoming release?  Leave your comments below.

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