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      I still intend to make posts around here, Zombies has been my life for 12 years and that isn't going to stop anytime soon.
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    • 83457

      My "space flower and rainbow" pic were painted by my gf in the 80s. We're still friends, I was at her wedding in 2019.
      From 1960-something to about 2000, the rainbow flag was the all inclusive symbol of acid freaks and usually dead heads (Grateful Dead). At the turn of the century, our flag and motto were usurped by the gay community, which was mildly awkward. I don't care at all if someone is homosexual, but my pic is the old school hetero acid freak flag for any who contemplate these things and wonder. 
      Note the diamond stars: "shall we go, you and I, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds" -Dark Star, Grateful Dead.
      Happy gaming!
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    • valkyrie  »  Stop Mocking Me0

      do you still use this forum?
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    • The Meh

      "Mitakuye oyasin."
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    • The Meh

      "We're all part of the same thing."
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    • Sometimes, you just need to terraform a planet. In Per Aspera, you can do exactly that, on Mars. In this world, many have tried to make the red planet a livable place - and all have failed. If simulation games are your jam and you have a PC, Per Aspera might be a title of interest. Oh, you're going to have to protect your settlement too, so it's not quite as simple as just collecting resources and going about your merry way. There are threatening forces you'll need to defend against even as you try to improve your customization options. Tlön Industries is taking a varied approach to the classic sim here by mixing a few different genre elements into a singular package.  Essentially, you're trying to set up on Mars to eventually save humanity with the new world you're creating. Simple enough, right? Many of the simulation and city builder staples are here, from tech trees to research options, and they can make a big difference each time you try to prime the perfect planet. Since you must deal with unknown dangers as well as advancing, it's definitely somewhat of a base building game as well. Managing a setup can start simple, but can get quite complex as you progress through colony development. You play as an artificial consciousness as you try to both develop your holdings and keep your colonists happy and healthy. There's even a narrative yarn to uncover as you play. Yes, there's a story. Players can discover the mysteries of Mars in several different ways, but some may opt for the sandbox mode that lets you go wild and free with your setups and creations. Get a taste of the gameplay in the launch trailer below. Click here to watch embedded media You can find Per Aspera on Steam and GOG. PC only for now! View the full article
    • BioWare and EA are celebrating Dragon Age Day today – and though the concept of the holiday might seem a bit strained, it is a welcome chance to shine a light on this remarkable RPG series. Part of the festivities involves this awesome limited-edition map, but that isn't where the party stops. BioWare has released four new short stories set in the Dragon Age world, written by members of the narrative team. The tales are all pretty brief, but they still contain interesting characters and situations that hint at what might be important elements of the series going forward. Rather than having us summarize and spoil anything, you can take a few minutes and read the short stories for yourself: The Next One by Brianne Battye Ruins of Reality by John Dombrow The Wake by Mary Kirby Minrathous Shadows by Sheryl Chee It may feel like a strange day to be celebrating Dragon Age, considering yesterday's surprising news that BioWare's Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah are leaving the studio. However, while those two individuals have undoubtedly made important contributions to the series (and many other BioWare games over the years), these stories help illustrate that the world of Dragon Age isn't solely in the hands of a couple people; it has been built and maintained over the years by a huge team of talented individuals from an array of technical and creative disciplines. We should be getting our next big look at Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards, which air next week on December 10. And if these tastes of Dragon Age's future aren't enough to satisfy you, feel free to get totally lost in the weeds with a couple of our fan theories about possible story points. One involves Solas and red lyrium, and the other is all about the Mortalitasi. You can also read this wishlist of the lessons we want Dragon Age 4 to take from the previous installments. View the full article
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