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    New Multiplayer Mode Fractured - Discussion and Feedback

    Hello everyone! Treyarch has announced that this Friday (July 15, 2016), "around" 10 AM PST, a new game mode is coming to multiplayer: Fracture. David Vonderhaar says that first and foremost, this game mode has been in the making for a while now and they're ready to release it and get feedback. It'll be debuting in the Bonus playlist, but they want advice on what to tweak so it can go to the Core playlist.


    In designing the mode, they thought about how as in Safeguard and Hardpoint, two teams focusing on a single objective is fun. Take that and add it to Kill Confirmed, and you get Fracture. When a player dies, "he's going to drop what we call a 'core file,'" says Matt S (all of their core files, to be specific). However, as opposed to Kill Confirmed where the player collects one dropped object and that's the end of it, this time you can collect up to 10 and you must transport them to another location. That location is the Fracture Site, which changes roughly every minute and is random after the first one, totaling about four per game. When on the Fracture Site, Vonderhaar says it's "about a quarter second per core file, so you don't just get to run [over it] and then that's it. If you go there and you have a lot, it's very satisfying." David says "it's 25 score per event," though in the video it was 25 points to collect a core file and 50 points to deposit it. He says that at the time of release, the mode has "a ten minute timer and 60 fragments," stressing that the games are the normal Call of Duty time everyone is used to.




    While that's how the game mode works currently, they all urge the community to have their input heard on the future of the mode. One "knob that can be turned," so to speak, is the random or linear debate regarding the Fracture Site. In Hardpoint and Safeguard, you'll recall that the objectives are linear, in the sense that the order or path is the same every time. They wanted that "structure" to exist in those modes so you could set up your defenses, but they decided to go against that for this mode, which really adds to the fun and makes big point swings possible in games. One developer, ... , also points out that this mode "forces you to play with your team, ... because if you die and drop those core files, you've essentially given it to the other team." David speaks to that as well, saying he likes "the pack-hunting mentality. I like when two or three of us kind of roll together, pick up each others messes." If the community doesn't like that though, it can be changed. "Normally we go in and we're pretty confident, like 'this is the roles the mode should have,' 'this is the score limit,' 'this is how the spawning should work,' and we're confident here too, ... but there's the dialogue. I think the fun part now is after 8 months of Black Ops, you can actually have a conversation with people about, 'what are they experiencing...'"


    So, people, what are you experiencing? When the mode comes out on Friday, let's "have that conversation!" Don't forget, though, it's an ongoing dialogue! Your opinions will likely change, so post them as they do!

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    • I'm gonna hang on the big bang theory here.       As you probably know, many earths / galaxies is a representation of the multiverse theory, where you have different earths showing different possible universes. It's a very simple way to communicate this idea to people who can't begin to imagine space beyond 3D.      We do have a reference to big bang theory, in terms of Moon's easter egg, exploding the earth. As you probably know as well, the big bang theory says the world was born in a catastrophic explosion, which is interesting considering you do explode the earth.      So the question is whether this explosion gives raise to new universes. Glady we do have a brief cipher, telling us that the many universes were born by mixing "all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance." and that this event (that we haven't experienced yet) was possible due to the summoning key.  There are rather quite interesting quotes regarding fixing the universe and the different fragements in DE, a tiny few appear in this thread, which is overall very connected to this topic:   One of the more interesting quotes is the following:     This quote is super interesting. We know Ultimis broke the earth and lead to the catastrophic events Maxis hopes to prevent:     Primis Richtofen, trying to fix the universe, gets mad at Ultimis, which have broken the universe. He hopes to bring order to the universe "piece by piece".  Eventually that results in the universe convergence, one universe is destroyed by the other. The paradox must be resolved, the loop must be closed, and the universe must come to an end.    Eventually we have two canonical events: the mixing of life with the dimensions (most likely with the souls of the main four) and Ultimis fracturing the earth. So how do they connect? Good question that requires further discussion.   One option is that one events directly leads to another, which seems somewhat likely. This is an option I will not discuss right now. I want to talk about one option that I find less likely, or by the very least, happens in combination to the above. It can almost stand alone and is easy to explain.    People around the forums are already familiar with the Black Egg on Moon: During the final steps of the easter eggs, players duplicate the Egg used in the Easter egg (the one that slightly looks like the summoning key)  by sending the Egg into a black hole, then each copy goes inside one of the rockets:     The Black Egg is referred to as "An egg of the devil", and in Staflight 2 (where the Black Egg is inspired from), the black egg is necessary to destroy the planet of the final level.  People have speculated that this egg is alive, as the egg seems to speak.  For example, in the following quote, the egg seems to say "Hello": black_egg_accelerate.wav It is possible that the life within the black egg was unleashed with the explosion of the earth, eventually creating the multiverse.   So that's it for the Big bang theory for now. Is Nacht and the forest forest are the same? Not sure.  The frozen forest a super important location, especially for souls as previously discussed. I believe there's a consensus that it is located within the Aether first and foremost (and it may be located in another location, as it often happens in Aether).  I will not be surprised with the mixing live and the dimensions happened in the forest, the trees of life if you will.  Bringing Nacht, I have lately seen the claim around that Nacht is not a worthy place in Aether to revisit. I disagree with that statement and here is way:   The plane crash had some significance in the story. By the timeline, the plane gets crashed, and therefore hits German Army trucks that transport stuff between group 35 facilities.     This is further interesting when you recall that comic pages showing that in a corrected universe the plane simply does not crash, arguably when Ultimis Richtofen is not around.   The overall crashing of the plane happens in June 4th, which is a reoccurring date that appears in several important dates, such as Origins itself. I think Nacht in Aether could be rather interesting overall.   
    • If I were damned, this post, you really are into something here Rad. I can totally see this theory. I guess the Frozen Forest would be some kind of isolated pocket realm of the original forest around Nacht, akin to how the House is a variant of the English countryside and Hellcatraz is a variant on Alcatraz. This may also explain why this place was secret for Monty, as he was confirmed to be unable to be omnipotent in such pocketrealms (see Blood of the Dead). Nacht der Untoten was the beginning and the end, literally.   Of course, this pocketdimension was sustained by energy from the Aether, and by sealing the Aether off (or destroying it, I'm unsure about Tag's ending), the Frozen Forest would vanish as well. But it's real world counterpart, Morasko, still exists, in a world without 115 and ethereal influence. The children go through the tunnel of light and find themselves at that very site, in the year 1964.   Nacht being 'in the middle of the universe' also reminded me of this: Is there some symbolism behind this? Is this the reason why the four Leylines of the Corruption Engines float to Nacht, and all corruption portals are connected with this site?
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