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    Black Ops III - New Player Control

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set to stand apart from other titles in the COD due to the new player control system on new-gen Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

    That's according to directors Dan Bunting and Jason Blundell, who recently outlined some of the changes being introduced in BO3.

    Player's will have the renewed focus of staying peeled for combat situations, while map movement is another aspect of the game Treyarch have sought to revise.

    And while Black Ops will continue to offer some of the classic level structure that has become a hallmark of the brand, set-piece fire-fight situations, it will also push to bring challenges to how the enemy movement and the layout work together.

    "We still push people into choke points and constrain heights, but we wanted to give players an extended mastery curve, to expand the upper limits of how they learn movement through the map,” Bunting reveals in the latest issue of Edge magazine.

    “We automate a lot of things. We let players concentrate on the combat; everything else is fluid – it sublimates to a primal part of your brain."

    Campaign director Jason Blundell added: "With the greatest reverence and respect for [Call of Duty], sometimes the tactic is just left trigger, right trigger, dead.

    “With some of our new AI archetypes, that won’t be viable. We’ve also opened up the spaces, so you need much better situational awareness.” 

    We already know that core game mechanics have need to be overhauled to make way for four-player co-op and a move away from the traditional enemies seen in COD.

    And it looks to be the ideal time to evolve the franchise away from what fans will most likely expect from the traditional Call of Duty experience, what with the extra power supplied in the Xbox One and PS4.

    Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia recently explained some of the finer points of centering the campaign on a co-op experience, revealing that an emergent AI was needed to supply the same trademark battle situations, along with the altered interplaying game-style fixed for the campaign.

    "For us it was critical because we soon as we decided to make a co-op game, but yet we needed to make it feel like a Call of Duty game.." Lamia explained.

    "It has to actually adapt and respond and there has to be emergent AI in those situations."

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