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    Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone out there has a nice time and if not, no worries, things will get better. You know what they say: Its always the darkest before the dawn. Personally I find myself in a dip of life at the moment. Never thought ending a relationship and losing your beloved one would be so painful. Frankly, last month I couldnt think of anything else which kinda ruïned my Christmas etc. The thing that's keeps me rollin' is the idea that she has a good life now and well, as I said, for me too things will het better. But I think right now I would prefer hard physic pain than this psychological/emotional pain. This year.... Last year I became a blood and stem cell donor (though that last one I have never donated yet) and continuing this medical aid to people around me this year I would like to master First Aid. The Netherlands have a shameful small amount of people mastering this, compared with our neighbouring countries, so I figured out I could help. So far this is my only New Year's good intention. Along with forgetting the emoticons and picking life again. Love you all, and keep doing that fam☺️
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    Heyo, CoDz family. I am 4 days late, but you know what they say: If life gives you a delay make lemon juice. Just wanted to check in with you fine folks and read what life has in store for you folks in 2019. Of course more zombies content, but if you feel like it, then you can also write about your life. The past six months have been very quiet for me, which was a nice change of pace cause 2014 til 17 have been very grueling for me. From what it looks like I will be able to properly start to work this year, though I am scared as hell about that. More specifically about not being able to deal with the people around me and setting the bar too high for myself which only leads into disappointment, but I will try my best. Other than that I became a two time uncle this past year, cause my brother got a baby girl and seing both little children experience Christmas is truly something beautiful. I am looking forward to KH3 and the new Star Wars episode this year and Sekiro. Other than that I have no expectations for 2019, cause it will be shit anyway. haha Unless BO IIII keeps geting good maps. haha I don't have much more to say other than thanks for sticking with us. ily xoxo
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    Hello again. I'm back with another text walkthrough, this time for Voyage of Despair for new players. (Last updated 2.08.2019). I'll cover basic map opening, getting Shield Parts and the Workbench, Perk Locations, the Sentinel Artifact, the 4 PaP locations, and the 2 Valves to drain water. Kraken build and upgrade added at end. ----------------- Quick reference: Shield Part through first lower door at start, Shield Part through first upper door at start, Shield Part under Poop Deck after Sentinel Artifact. Workbench on Poop Deck. PaP: 1. Below Forecastle, 2. at bottom of Grand Staircase, 3. top of Poop Deck, 4. below Poop Deck. Valves: Under Forecastle (submerged), under Poop Deck (submerged). -------------------- Follow along on a simple walkthrough with these Custom Mutations: Pick the VoD map. Select Custom Mutations, then select EDIT GAME RULES, then change these: ENEMIES, BASIC ZOMBIES, Max Speed = Walk. Then SPECIAL ZOMBIES, turn Heavy, Mini-boss, and Catalyst zombies to Off. Then PLAYER tab, POINTS, Starting Points; raise starting points to 50,000. Do not kill zombies if possible, just follow along and we'll find everything. The basic layout is 2 upper decks across the midship, a Grand Staircase (1/4 from front) that goes down several floors, a Cargo Hold under Forecastle (bow/front) and the Engine Room under Poop Deck (aft/rear). Much of the 2 sides of the ship mirror each other. There are Blue doors that open from points, and Red doors that open from getting the Sentinel Artifact. I will walk you along my basic path for opening, your eventual strategy of opening may vary from this. I choose this path for the training areas it leaves on the lower deck. We will basically stay along the right side (from start, facing rear of ship) of the ship to the Poop Deck. --------------------- Start the Custom Mutation game now. You can pause the game as needed. Start Room (Forecastle): You start at the front (bow) of the ship called Forecastle. You are up top. Across the open area, see the 2 upper and lower doors (blue symbol). both uppers open together, both lowers open together. (Danu Perk Machine 1) The first Perk Machine in this Start area. Danu. Walk down stairs to Danu Perk Machine, stand 4m in front of it, and note the red door behind you (it leads to PaP location after Sentinel Artifact is aquired). Face away from the red door. From Perk Machine, walk up steps on right, open blue door (750), go up top. $Shield Part 1a (Window part): At top of steps, stop and turn 180°. Looking over the steps, you will see a white border 'wall'. If the part is on that wall, you will see it clearly from here. If no part there, face (180° again) the burning lifeboat by the open door. $SP1b. Go in the doorway by the burning half-lifeboat, go through the next doorway immediately ahead. There is a dresser with a hammer, string, and a green tackle box on it to your left. SP1b may be on that dresser. If not... $SP1c. ...walk forward to hallway, make a right. Walk past first short connecting hallway on right (rk7 wallbuy here) to second short connecting hallway on right (very bright). SP1c will be on the bannister of that tiny connecting hallway. Walk past it to blue door (1000 points). (Backtracking for clarity after SP1 part is aquired: From Start, up right steps, into door by lifeboat, hard right, follow to 1000 point door. Upper corner says "bridge"). Open the 1000 point door (into Upper Grand Staircase). Immediately turn left, then right as you go down steps. You will see a ?box location, a map with your location, and a blue door (1250). (Note that a PaP location is at the bottom of the Grand Staircase, but it is currently locked behind a red barrier. We'll be back after the Sentinel Artifact is aquired). (Zeus Perk Machine 3). Open the 1250 door (to 1st Class Lounge). Stay left through 'window'. Walk past Bowie Knife, see Zeus Perk Machine, walk past Perk Machine on right side to blue door (1500). Open 1500 point door (still 1st Class Lounge), walk down short hallway to deck on right (Promenade Port Deck), stay right at edge of ship and walk up the path at the edge to the area with GK5 wallbuy, 1750 point blue door, and a red door. (Note that the side path lifeboat will drop after aquiring Sentinel Artifact, allowing access up on the way back). This is Aft Deck. Open the 1750 blue Aft Deck door by GK5. Walk down 'ramp' and the 2 stairs on right to lower area of Poop Deck. Immediately on your left is the Workbench to build the Shield. From Workbench, walk up the right steps, under the (glowing blue) Sentinel Artifact, to the steps behind it. Go up the steps and activate the Sentinel Artifact. This opens all red doors and allows the 4 PaP locations to be activated. (Note that the last PaP location activated will be the PaP machine. It will then move occasionally, so do not activate the last PaP location until ready to PaP. I suggest doing Poop Deck or Lower Grand Staircase last). (PaP location 1). Sentinel Artifact activated, drop down, note the KN57 wallbuy and PaP location 1; Poop Deck. Hold X/xb1 (interact button) to activate PaP (or save this one for last). $Shield Part 2: Now go down the steps to Workbench. From WB, look under the PaP location, the red doors there are now gone (open). Go in, down steps to Maddox gun wallbuy, turn right and follow hall to end (3rd Class Berths). At brown stairs, go down. SP2a is at the bottom of the stairs, on your left. It is a rectangle on the bannister of a white wall. It should be quite easy to see, but if not there... $SP2b. Head down next steps to Provisions, take the hardest left and walk straight to the burning doorway and boxes ahead. SP2b may be on the boxes, leaning against the white wall on your left. It is easy to see. If not here, then... $SP2c. ...turn right (lights through grates on floor), turn right again and walk that hallway. The lighting is orange-y and SP2c is on the boxes on the right mid-hallway. (If you turn right again, through carcass room, you are at the bottom of the steps where you first entered Provisions). (Odin Perk Machine 4. Valve. PaP 2). With the second Shield Part in hand, open the blue door down here in Provisions (2000). Now in the Engine Room, walk forward to 2 reddish lights, go slightly right, then left. Walk to Odin Perk Machine. Face out from Perk Machine in Engine Room. You are facing water. You can hold your breath Indefinitely, it seems. 1. Valve from Odin Perk Machine: jump into water, turn to the left 180° so you see the Koshka wallbuy. Swim to the right of the Koshka through the opening, to the spotlights shining to the right. Go into the alcove on the right and hit X/xb1 (interact button. There will be a text prompt on screen) to turn the Valve. Continue through this area by swimming counter clockwise to avoid the zombies, go back to the steps by the Perk machine. 2. PaP location from the Odin Perk Machine, walk or swim straight out from the Machine, past the mid-room obstacles, through an opening to the easily visible PaP location. Hit X/xb1 (Interact button. Prompt on screen). Make your way back up to the Poop Deck and Workbench. (Ra Perk Machine 3. PaP location 3). From the Workbench on Poop Deck, face towards the front/bow of the ship. The Sentinel Artifact location is behind you. Go up both stairs on the left side, go up the ramp to the gk5. Head left to the path at the edge of the ship, but stay left and walk the (now open) path back up to the top of the ship by a blue door (1500). Option 1. Open the (1500) door, go in and left/down, stay left, (in Galley) you will pass a Bowie Knife location, then enter the Dining Hall with the Ra Perk Machine. You may open the door (1250) to the Grand Staircase, or you can leave this closed for training on either side of these doors. If you open it, the PaP3 machine location is at the bottom of the Grand Staircase which I'll describe below again from another way. Option 2. From next to the unopened (1500) door, stay left along the Boat Deck until you reach the Upper Grand Staircase (the first inside area, it is brownish). Head down 2 full flights of stairs until you see the blue doors (1250) to the Dining Hall with Ra Perk Machine (from Option 1 above). This is called Lower Grand Staircase. You may open to ot or not, depending on your choice above. (PaP 3) At this point both options converge again. Head down the Lower Grand Staircase to the very bottom, activate the PaP3. Head back up to the top of the Grand Staircase, head through Bridge back to Forecastle/Start (the stairs can be tricky to see, near steering wheel). $Shield Part 3a: From Danu Perk Machine 1 at Forecastle, open the lower blue door on the right (750). Walk in past the first side hallway to the open door (bright light) on the left, stop and look in. SP3a may be in the bottom right alcove of the cubby holes directly across from the door that you are looking into. If not there... $Shield Part 3b. ...continue straight down this initial indoor hallway towards the (1000) shotgun wallbuy ahead, but turn (30° right) into the giant hole in the wall on your right and walk in. You should see a chair ahead of you that may hold SP3b. If not, turn left to (1000) shotgun wallbuy. $Shield Part 3c. Facing (1000) shotgun wallbuy in State Rooms, turn and walk left to corner, then turn left at corner, then take the first right which has one open door. Go in this room and SP3c may be on the chair immediately on your left. Head through the room, make a right back to Forecastle. (Be sure to build your Shield at the Workbench on the Poop Deck). (PaP4. Valve 2). From the Forecastle/Start area Danu Perk Machine, face the (now open) red doorway under your spawn area. Go in, turn right at the Vapr wallbuy, and get to the door (2000) at the bottom of the steps. Open that door. Go into the water and turn left and 180° just like we did under the Poop Deck. Very similarly again, stay along the right side and interact with the Valve, it has a light 1m above it and a bright spotlight shining towards it to help spot it. You will see the PaP4 location to your left, and a Titan wallbuy. Extra clarity: If you see the bright blue Titan wallbuy, PaP4 is on that same wall, left of the Titan by a few meters/yards. Looking at the Titan wallbuy, turn 180° and swim past the brown boxes on your left and the Valve will be on your left. #####End Walkthrough ######Kraken and Kraken Upgrade. The Wonder Weapon, the Kraken, can be constructed or can simply be aquired from the ?Box. It can be upgraded once in the PaP machine (5000 points), and can also be given an elemental upgrade (3000 or 6000 points). -------Kraken Build: The first step is to aquire the Stoker's Key from killing a Stoker. Usually this is the first or second Stoker of the game (about round 10), but I've had it not show up until the 10th Stoker in a rare happenstance. Pick this up from the location that he died. Presumably it times out after a while, so grab it shortly after killing him. Once the Stoker's Key is in hand, 3 times you must fill a treasure chest with (10?) zombie souls by killing them near it. You may locate the first chest location even before you get the Stoker's Key, if you desire to. Go up to the first chest and hit (interact button) to open it (with Stoker's key), and then fill it with souls. Once it is full, it will close and disappear, only to reappear in one of the 5 locations. Note that it may return to the exact same location it was just at. After 3 times of filling the chest with souls, you may aquire the Kraken from the Deck of the ship. Nitty gritty: After the 3rd chest is full, the chest will appear at one of the 5 locations again, only now it will show a small object inside. This object will match an object along the outer perimeter of the top deck of the ship, which will be on a medium size crate. You can view this item in the chest and then look for it. However, this step is unnecessary, after the 3rd chest is full, you can simply go around the ship deck until you find the Kraken on one of the boxes on the ship deck where it spawns. Some items: Globe, compass, calipers, opera glasses (small binoculars). -------Treasure Chest Locations: These appear as a large Treasure Chest if there, and as a couple of small boxes and items, if not there. (Remember to open the first Chest found, with the key, before killing zombies. After that, the Stoker Key is pointless). 1. Forecastle: From Perk machine, walk down steps to Vapr wallbuy, make right down next steps, Chest Location 1 is next to these steps at the bottom. 2. State Rooms to Millionaire Suites: Chest Location 2 is at the opposite end of the hall with the Portal to Provisions. In the white State Rooms area. Near shotgun wallbuy from 3rd Shield part above. 3. Galley: On the left side from Zeus Perk in Dining Hall, pass the SMG wallbuy, and stay left to rear of Galley. Small area, Chest Location 3 should be easy to spot. 4. Provisions: Chest location 4 is in the butcher room with the animal carcasses. 5. Turbine Room: From Provisions, go down into Engine Room to Turbine Room. Chest Location 5 is to the right of the Portal (to Grand Staircase?) in Turbine Room. -------Kraken Deck Boxes: After filling the 3 Chests, simply walk the perimeter of the top deck, front to rear (or rear to front) and back along the other side, near the outer rails. As you approach the correct grey/brown crate with the matching Chest item, a Kraken tentacle should rise up and deposit the Kraken wonder weapon on the crate. But note that on occasion, the Kraken graphic does not load, so get up close to each crate and look for "Hold (interact button) for Kraken", as it may be invisible. -------Kraken Upgrade: To upgrade it, you must aquire 4 parts. Gather the first 3 parts and build the Distiller Table. Then pick up an elemental part from a random killed Catalyst. You may change this last part and re-upgrade as desired. 1. 1st Class Lounge. 2 spots, on tables. If you stand by the Bowie Knife wallbuy, face 180°, walk forward 2m, first location is a white table on your right. If not there, walk a couple meters further, look right, and it will be on another small white table by the entrance (entrance is a small window with ramps). Copper pot/kettle part. 2. Galley. 2 spots. This is behind the Zeus Perk machine. Find this Bowie Knife wallbuy. While facing BK wallbuy, one part location will be on the farthest right wall, in a cubby hole of a large brown cupboard, between 2 zombie entry points, on top of 3 white candles which are laying flat. If not there, it will be on the exact opposite side of Galley, just past the small table. Or, from the smg wallbuy (the other side's entrance from Bowie Knife) just stay hard left and you will find it. This is like a pipe and cap together. So, hard right from Bowie, or hard left from smg (mx9?), from Dining Hall entrances by perk machine. The Galley is quite small, you'll find it. 3. Cargo hold. 2 spots. 1 location is straight out from Titan wallbuy (which is next to the Portal). From wallbuy, stay left by the Valve that drained the water, and the part is on the boxes right behind the bicycle there. The other location is among the stacks of stuff in the center of the Cargo Hold, between Titan and the steps out of the lowest area. This is a compressor. 4. Kill a Catalyst zombie of 1 of the 4 types and grab the elemental piece, this dictates the upgrade that you will get. Not every Catalyst will drop a piece, watch for them or run over an area where you just killed a horde and watch for a prompt. Stokers also seem to drop elemental pieces. 5. Build at a special build table by Engine Room. From Provisions, enter the Engine Room and make immediate right by the HELP graffiti. The table is straight ahead. Or, from the Odin Perk machine, face away from the perk, walk left side of room, up left steps towards exit, table at top of steps. 6. If you do the Elemental Upgrade before PaPing the Kraken, the upgrade cost is 3000 points (PaP is 5000). If you PaP and then do the elemental upgrade, the upgrade cost is 6000 points. It seems to be the same upgrade regardless of amount of points spent or order of upgrade. ###### Happy gaming!
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    Chaos Theory Chaos Theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. "Chaos" is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, self-organization, and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. Unlike fixed-point attractors and limit cycles, the attractors that arise from chaotic systems, known as strange attractors, have great detail and complexity. Strange attractors occur in both continuous dynamical systems (such as the Lorenz system) and in some discrete systems (such as the Hénon map). Other discrete dynamical systems have a repelling structure called a Julia set, which forms at the boundary between basins of attraction of fixed points. Julia sets can be thought of as strange repellers. Both strange attractors and Julia sets typically have a fractal structure, and the fractal dimension can be calculated for them. Aristotle believed the four physical elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) were changeable, and Alchemist ran it from there. The belief was that metals were living, growing beings and could change into other substances. Metals were all composed of the four elements, but were in opposite stages of maturity during their journey to Spiritual Perfection. The theory, then, was that by distilling a substance down to its elemental form and creating the perfect balance and proportions of the different elements, you could purify matter and transmute one substance into another. The ultimate goal was to turn immature base metals like lead into higher metals like gold by releasing their perfect state, or Quintessence. :PAUSE: Breathe. :RESUME: One of the best-known European alchemists, the 16th-century Swiss physician Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, called the aether element “the substance of stars and souls.” Isaac Newton, a passionate Alchemist, described it as “the perfect Elixir ... our gold ... red virginal milk most fragrant and healthy.” In essence, it was a pure and perfect spirit concealed in all things—both chemically and spiritually. The Alchemists’ quest for gold wasn’t just a technique of metal science. This was Christian Europe, and Alchemy became more than chemical it sought after the spiritual. Metals and Mortals.. Purification was an alchemists representation of humans striving to perfect the soul. Achieving gold was like knowing God. The Holy Grail of alchemy was the legendary Philosophers Stone, which wasn’t a Stone at all. It was a misunderstood substance that could isolate the pure essence of a material and change it into something else, namely gold. In the medicinal corners of alchemy, it was also known as the Elixir of Life, a universal cure that could bring eternal life. the Stone was the physical representation of the concept of perfection, or Quintessence itself. In fact it was sometimes called the lapis aethereus, Latin for “Æthereal Stone.” Let me tie in our lastest bit of story line material given to us from Dead of The Night. “Prima Materia” Prima Materia, materia prima or first matter, is the omnipresent starting material required for the alchemical magnum opus and the creation of the philosopher's stone. It is the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the Quintessence, or Æther. Prima Materia is sometimes attributed to Aristotle. It in fact was also an earlier idea that can be found in the philosophy of Anaxagoras, who described the nous in relation to Chaos. (Pedophiles' cosmogony is also relevant.) According to Anaxagoras All things have existed in some way from the beginning, but originally they existed in infinitesimally small fragments of themselves, endless in number and inextricably combined throughout the universe. All things existed in this mass, but in a confused and indistinguishable form. There was an infinite number of homogeneous parts (ὁμοιομερῆ) as well as heterogeneous ones. The work of arrangement, the segregation of like from unlike and the summation of the whole into totals of the same name, was the work of Mind or Reason (νοῦς). Mind is no less unlimited than the Chaotic mass, but it stood pure and independent, a thing of finer texture, alike in all its manifestations and everywhere the same. This subtle agent, possessed of all knowledge and power, is especially seen ruling in all the forms of life. Its first appearance, and the only manifestation of it which Anaxagoras describes, is Motion. It gave distinctness and reality to the aggregates of like parts. Decease and growth represent a new aggregation (σὐγκρισις) and disruption (διάκρισις). However, the original intermixture of things is never wholly overcome. Each thing contains in itself parts of other things or heterogeneous elements, and is what it is, only on account of the preponderance of certain homogeneous parts which constitute its character. Out of this process arise the things we see in this world. Arcane Alchemists describe the prima materia using simile, and compare it to concepts like the Anima Mundi. Anima Mundi: according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body. Plato adhered to this idea and it was an important component of most Neoplatonic systems: Dead of The Nights Official Song includes our beloved story vocalist Elena Sigman. I want to bring attention to this portion of the song as it is not coincidence. 1. Who is looking at the Earth? I’M waiting for some one to come here and kill me and become apart of me break them and make them me. Where was it you were before. (Where are you) Who are you and Where are you now? Show me someone who will never die Die like me. Ill show you something that is always alive and dying to find.... And mine is a Mystery. *De Profundis Clamavi* "Out of the depths I cry out" Sol and Luna most frequently symbolize consciousness and the unconscious, respectively. Fiery Sol, the Sun, whose corresponding metal is gold (or sulphur), is the source of warmth and light (gold was often called "the sun in the earth"). Watery Luna, the Moon, whose corresponding metal is silver (or salt), is dark and cold (water and spirit are often identical; water also holds death-rebirth symbolism). Sol and Luna are equivalent to the Yang (positive, male, assertive) and the Yin (negative, female, receptive) in Taoist philosophy, whose reciprocity is the reason for all events of the universe. and Luna are equivalent to the Yang (positive, male, assertive) and the Yin (negative, female, receptive) in Taoist philosophy, whose reciprocity is the reason for all events of the universe. Luna and Sol often appear as White Queen and Red King; the symbol of this relationship is a rose. This relates to their symbolism as the anima, the female principle within a male personality, and the animus, the male principle within a female personality, respectively. Jung called this aspect a "medium between the ego and the unconscious. This is reminiscent of Rubedo, in which Luna becomes a man, whereas Sol becomes a woman. According to Jung, both aspects are crucial to their corresponding Self, and their realization is achieved through relationships with people of the opposite sex. The alchemical concepts of Sol and Luna seem to be the unconscious projections of the animus and the anima Luna is often called Anima Mundi, the World Soul which surrounds cosmos, half-human half-animal Melusina, or even Lilith. As Melusina, she is similar to Virgo, who is often associated with the Mercurial Serpent. As the Moon, Melusina is also compared to Venus or Aphrodite, not unlike Mercurius. Similarly, Melusina as Lilith, is the first wife of Adam in Paradise, (Shangri-La*) whereas Mercurius is often associated with Adam before the Fall. It is only natural to represent Mercurius as the anima, which alchemists often did. The sun represents the masculine principle and the logical or reasonable aspect of the mind; the moon represents the feminine principle, the realm of dreams and the subconscious. The two united offer the means of magical transformation — a combination of conscious desire and subconscious activation. To become magically adept, the male and female aspects of the self must be fully recognized and integrated. The balanced individual, fully acknowledging the anima or animus within, is thus the HermAphrodite. This is the true goal of the alchemist It has been used to describe personal and spiritual transmutation in the Hermetic tradition, attached to laboratory processes and chemical color changes, used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and literature. The magnum opus has been carried forward in New Age and neo-Hermetic movements which sometimes attached new symbolism and significance to the processes. It originally had four stages More to come today don't worry.. One must grasp the Great Work Fellow survivors! this post will update with juiciness shortly 😎🤫🤫🤫
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    I've been scouring for little story details and oddities from past maps that have been been abandoned/not addressed yet, and decided to make a thread compiling some of them, with my best guess at the answers. World at War Nacht der Untoten - The Second Outbreak: In 2009 through the Treyarch website a mysterious radio transmission could be found that stated, "Ever since the second outbreak at Nacht der Untoten, troops have been noticing strange radio transmissions and broadcasts taking place in the dead of the night” Apart from the fact that the area is referred to as "Nacht der Untoten" (Night of the Undead) in-universe, the biggest thing to take away from this is that there were multiple outbreaks at the airfield. @anonymous actually had a thread discussing it here. Possible Answers: This could be referring to the Black Ops version with Ultimis as canon, or it could simply be referring to the incident of the WaW version being the second outbreak, and the first being the reason it appears abandoned in the first place. - The Writing on the Wall: This is a question I've had in every map in the early days with chalk writing on the wall. Who is the one writing "Ascend from Darkness" on the walls? I can understand "Help" as someone was probably hiding out in that room from the outbreak. But the chalk drawings throughout the maps have served as cryptic directions for the player to traverse the map. "Beware the Six!", "Ascend from Darkness", "Look Up To See The Light" to name a few. Possible Answers: Knowing now that Monty has been the one meddling with the past to help us for as of yet unknown reasons puts many things such as this into perspective. He has confirmed himself as the reason for Perk-a-Cola creation, power-ups, and gobblegum machines. I think it is very possible that he is the reason for not only the chalk writing in the maps that guide the characters, but also the chalk weapon drawings. It would make sense as everything else he does subtly lends a hand to the characters without directly intervening. Rather, the chalk drawings, the powerups, the perks, all would allow Monty to place tools for Ultimis and the marines to use if they choose. - The Black Ops Loading Screen: This image has perplexed us for a long time, and frankly I'm still unsure of its meaning. Possible Answers: I'm unsure who the mysterious man travelling through time is meant to be. If not for the time travel element with the years, the image could easily fit in with the campaign of Black Ops, which centered around the Cold War and mind control. Verruckt - The Ultimis Dolls: In the Zombies Chronicles version, near a radiator on an upper floor, there is a light casting the shadow of a Richtofen doll, and on top of the radiator one can see dolls of Dempsey and Nikolai. These are the same dolls we see in Samantha's Room in Kino. Possible Answers: I struggle to find a logical reason these dolls would be here. A possible answer could be simply temporal displacement, while another could be that Samantha put them there. It is likely insignificant, but a little strange. Shi No Numa - HAARP Connection: In the Doctor's Quarters there is a note that reads, "It could be used to power HAARP...". HAARP is an American research program established in 1993 often associated in theories with Green Run. First of all, what is it doing in Japan? And how can it be here if in 1945 if it was not established until 1993? Possible Answers: This is an interesting one. I think it is possible in canon that HAARP was possibly established earlier, or was not publicly established until 1993, working in secret before that. As for it being in Japan, it being in the Doctor's Quarters, where Richtofen's supposed diary is found, I believe it may have been written by Richtofen around the time he made the deal with the Americans that we know of from Classified, as a sort of selling point for sharing research and 115 with them. Of course, Treyarch had no plans for Classified this early on, so I am not sure of their original intentions. Der Riese - Question Marks on the Loading Screen: For many years people have wondered what the question marks on the loading screen signify on the actual map, and why the layout is so different from the actual map. Some of the question marks are areas where paper scraps are located, others are not. Possible Answers: I think the answer is simple: This art is based on an early version of the map with a slightly different layout and playable area, and the question marks lead to where easter eggs such as paper scraps were going to be located. Another theory I have is these were perk locations, as there are five and early on there was a perk meant for Der Riese called Ammo-Matic. The art was already done when they changed the layout and they decided it was close enough to ship. - Creation of 115?: A note can be found reading roughly: "...is produced by bombarding an Americium-243 nucleus with a Calcium 48 nucleus. It then decays (writing is blurred)... after further decay a metastable isotope is formed. This leads us to believe that transference of matter is indeed possible, and even the re-animation of b... (faded, but it is presumed to be bodies)" Possible Answers: Though we have known since Shi No Numa about 115 originating from space in the form of meteors, this note seems to suggest that the element must go through this process of metastasis to have the effects we know of. That, or the note is referring to an artificial recreation of the element as supply was running short. I think this is more likely, as Americium was not produced until 1944, and info about it was not released to the public until November 1945, and 115 was being used to create zombies and teleport well before that. - Bees? Beads?: A torn note in German translates to, "The bees disappeared from Ludwigsdorf." Ludwigsdorf is a small village in Germany. Possible Answers: As far as I know, bees have not been a part of the storyline at any point. This leads me to believe that bees is either a translation of a mistranslation on Treyarch's part, or bees is meant to be code for zombies, which disappeared from this small town. Not much else to say about this. - Other Hidden Messages: A sign near the trench gun has three bullet points on a board with only one being readable: "Did not resist in Paris". A board near the C Teleporter reads "die glocke ist jetzt Mobile" (translated to "the bell is now mobile") pinned on the upper left, and "folgen Sie dem Gesamtplan" (translated to "follow the entire plan") pinned on the bottom right. There are four codes written using Illuminati symbols. Reading "Living Dead", "Edward is Alive", "Treyarch", and "To community, the fans, and our families. Thank You. We Shall Return." In Animal Testing on a board, "H. Yena, Edward I know it was you". Possible Answers: I have a good feeling these relate to story threads that were simply never explored and dropped. The Paris one as well as the image of the Eiffel Tower refer to the Paris map we did not get that was meant to be in Moon's place. The H. Yena one is interesting and could be referring to any number of things. We know now that Harvey Yena was a 935 scientist who went on to establish the Ascension Group in the Soviet Union after Group 935 disbanded. We also know that along with Peter McCain, Richtofen believed Harvey was a spy. The two may have had a rivalry, and this writing was about something petty. It's also possible this writing is Yena taunting Richtofen about something he knows that is far more serious, such as his dealings with the Americans. - Faithful Servant: A note reads, " To faithful servant, the seed has been planted, observe and report, Maxis must not know." Possible Answers: I have very little in the ways of answers for this one, and I feel it may be the most significant note, or it may have been back in the day before the story was developed. I don't know of many characters who could be referred to as "servants" besides Takeo to the Emperor, and Arthur to the Wolf King which have nothing to do with Der Riese. It's possible Richtofen has a servant who he was plotting with against Maxis, or maybe even more interesting Richtofen was a servant to someone, maybe even the Shadowman, and this message is to Richtofen. Black Ops Kino der Toten - The Utterly Confusing Loading Screen Audio: In the loading screen for the map, Richtofen is heard making an audio log: "Entry 741021! Perhaps the station will hold the key to the real goals of Group 935. I still do not trust my unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me. But, I digress. Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel? How many stations does this group have? Where did that little girl disappear to? Only time will tell what new questions awaits us in this... THEATER OF THE DAMNED! (static)" There is a lot very wrong here knowing what we know about the story. Firstly, he speaks of the theater as if he did not know it was a Group 935 station and he speaks as if he does not know what Group 935's goals were despite being a member. He clearly knew about Maxis wanting an undead army as he says as much in Call of the Dead's radios. He refers to the Matter Transference Device as the MDT. He asks where Samantha disappeared to, despite knowing she is inside the MPD on the Moon since in the Moon radios he tells Schuster and Groph to get her out and then they fail. Possible Answers: The obvious answer is this was written early on when Treyarch was not sure what direction they wanted to go with the story and was not sure how closely associated Richtofen was meant to be with Group 935. In-universe, it is possible Maxis kept this facility a secret from Richtofen, and now he is questioning what Group 935's true purpose was to Maxis and how many stations he actually established that Richtofen did not know about. MDT is likely just a typo in the script and a flub by Edward. As for Samantha, perhaps he is referring to her voice, which may have been calling to him but has not contacted him in some time. - Great Leap Forward: In the Wii version of Kino der Toten, audio can be heard from the project screen with accompanying video: "(Singing) These villagers were portrayed and propaganda'd films as happy and highly motivated, although in fact they were soon to suffer a terrible moral and physical collapse. Tens of thousands of people died as a result of industrial accidents in the hazardous conditions they were made to work in. The Communist party came up with a crude calculation; every worker will build one meter of canal and the project will end in three months. It actually took more than 10 years to finish the canal. During the Great Leap Forward, factory worker's hours were doubled and machines began to work non-stop. They were not even allowed to stop for maintenance and repairs, and so soon began to fall apart. Factories were ruined. At the same time, Mao announced another target for the Great Leap Forward. Steel production was to be doubled within one year. That production (static) only from heavy industry complexes, but also from small furnaces in villages. As a result of Communist ideology, Mao believed that workers power held a magical force. With that decision, tens of millions of Chinese set out to produce steel by amateur methods. Everything made of iron they could find, from door knobs to saucepans, was melted down in primitive furnaces in an effort to produce steel. Women cut off their hair and mixed it with the clay in the furnaces." Possible Answers: This is one of the strangest oddities in zombies ever. The Great Leap Forward's only connection to zombies is in the name of Die Rise's upper map which takes place in China. But what is it doing in an abandoned theater/Group 935 facility in Germany in 1963? The Great Leap Forward ended around 1962, and as the audio states, was a horrible era in Chinese history where people were worked to death in factories due to many food shortages as a result. The audio puts an emphasis on steel production. It's possible that the tower in Die Rise is built using steel from this era, and this was meant as a sort of hint towards a future map set in a Chinese tower. But it seems strange to plan that far ahead, and to only put it in the Wii version of the map. It's also possible it was just simply meant as a way to show the map takes place after the Great Leap Forward in the 60s. I am unsure if the audio is taken from an actual public domain documentary about the Great Leap Forward, or if it was recorded by someone at Treyarch. - Strange Writings: In the dressing room the names Samantha, Emilia, and Abigail are written surrounded by hearts. In the Pack-a-Punch room, there is writing on a bulletin board that reads "Durchhalten Männer, wir machen sie fertig" which translates to "Hold on men, we'll finish them." Underneath that a message reads "Ja, ja, sicher!" which translates to "Yes, yes, sure!" Also written, "Experiment 935 was successful", "Everything can be based off this model", "Schwarze sonne (German for "black sun")","114 Uuq","115 Uup", "Tomorrow the project will move into full production", "Why (sic) is up? Why won't it work?", "I know it was you Richtofen", "Help", "Energy Momentum" Possible Answers: The writing seems to imply Emilia and Abigail were friends of Samantha's. The two messages on the bulletin board seem to have no importance, and maybe they were simply lines from a film or a stage production, given that this is a theater? "Experiment 935", no idea. "Schwarze sonne" The Black Sun symbol is heavily related to the occult and Neo-Nazis. Referring to elements 114 Uuq and 115 Uup doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but for my own sanity I will not totally go into it and will chock it up to some overlooking on Treyarch's part. But perhaps Element 114 was meant to appear at some point as important. "I know it was you Richtofen" is very similar to the writing in Der Riese from H. Yena. However, this is at the Kino facility, which Richtofen apparently doesn't know about according to the loading screen, so Richtofen could have never seen this writing anyway. - Manhattan Down: In one of the upstairs rooms, letters are scrawled out on the floor stating, "Manhattan Down". This same message is in one of the intel pieces that pops up while a map is loading in Black Ops. But what does it mean? Possible Answers: Treyarch may have wanted to have a map in Manhattan at some point, or this is meant to imply that there are outbreaks occurring all around the world at this point. In Classified, we found out that the US knows about several outbreaks that have occurred since Ultimis came together, and there were multiple outbreaks at the Pentagon. It's possible there was one at an American facility in Manhattan as well. - Strange Pods: Around the stage area are some strange metal pods with organic beings inside. Possible Answers: The beings in these pods have been theorized by many people to be monkeys, early versions of nova crawlers, zombies, and even aliens. With the Zombies Chronicles version, however, the beings in the pods appear more like normal zombies. I think it is possible these were meant to store them safely while being tested on. Ascension - Gersh? When?: The poster for Ascension has always perplexed us, and Jason Blundell went on to confirm the bald man on the poster is not Richtofen, and the radio added in Zombies Chronicles implies that the man is Gersh and that Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo fought with Gersh at some point while Richtofen was away. Possible Answers: This event may have taken place in an alternate timeline where Richtofen abandoned Ultimis, as there is no hint anywhere that this ever took place in the original timeline. Gersh lost his body to the void and became an orb of light in Gorod Krovi. Shangri-La - Alien Skulls: On the altar near pack-a-punch, there are two skulls, one of what appears to be an early human or a monkey, and the other seems completely alien. Possible Answers: The skull may very well be the skull of a Vril-Ya, an ancient race associated with the MPD, which is what corrupted Richtofen and sent him to Shangri-La. It's possible they are the reason for the temple's intricate water system and time travelling ability. Black Ops 2 TranZit - Nacht: In the cornfield there is a more run-down version of Nacht der Untoten. Possible Answers: While intended as a little easter egg, I'm curious if this building is meant to be the actual Nacht der Untoten, sent through time and space similar to the western town sent to Africa in Buried. Or is it just a simple buidling that happens to look like it? - T.E.D.D.'s Quotes: There are many quotes that the bus driver will not say in-game that reference real life locations that the driver would take its passengers. Here is a full list. Possible Answers: We know now that T.E.D.D. was designed as a driver for Broken Arrow scientists to move around the Green Run facility. Some of the locations now make much more sense given this context, such as Groom Lake, HAARP, Fast Flux Test Facility, and Tehacapi Range. TEDD specifically mentions gathering top secret files and putting on special suits for some of these locations. We also know from the comics that there are multiple TEDD units as one is seen in the background, and these built-in quotes indicate there were many being used by Broken Arrow around the country. Many of the quotes also refer to popular vacation areas such as the Grand Canyon, also implying TEDD units must have been used by civilians. Most interesting of all might by "Put on your hoods and disembark at Bohemian Grove" which is a campsite used by an exclusive club that holds events with major world leaders, and is often associated with the free-masons and the Illuminati. Die Rise - Wanted Poster: As pointed out by @anonymous in this thread, we still do not know a whole lot about the purpose and history behind much of anything on the map. One particular mystery is a Wanted Poster of Tian Zhou, a prominent character in the Black Ops II campaign, with Chinese text that translates to: “WANTED This is a wanted man. XXXXXXX (7 words i cant figure out, i infer that its about where the man usually appears) He did everything evil. He carries weapon(s) of mass destruction. He is a dangerous man carrying weapon(s) of mass destruction, and he is suspected to be a zombie. For anyone who give us clues or help us capture this man will be rewarded 50000 Yuan.” Possible Answers: As anonymous points out in the linked thread, the building in Die Rise appears to be an SDC-occupied building that used to be or still currently is a sweatshop with sleeping cages and sewing machines, due to all of the SDC soldier zombies present. In the actual Black Ops II campaign, it is possible to reach a scenario where you must kill Tian Zhou, and by doing so he is replaced by someone less tyrannical and the SDC helps you in fighting Cordis Die. In the zombies timeline, the rockets from Moon are launched in October of 2025, while the events of the campaign ended in June, so most likely in the zombies canon Tian Zhou and the SDC were involved in scientific research into zombies research, and he was infected and turned. The Wanted poster refers to him as if he is intelligent enough to carry weapons of mass destruction. He may have been turned in the same way George Romero was in Call of the Dead, where he can still talk and make more intelligent decisions. Mob of the Dead - Jumpscare: On the roof of the prison, when you look towards the fireworks with a sniper rifle, an jumpscare will appear with the face of a man with a mustache. So far, he is unidentified. Possible Answers: Personally I am fine with the theory that he is meant to be Nero before Treyarch had chosen the celebrity cast and likenesses of the Shadows of Evil crew. Blundell states that he had thought through to the end of Black Ops 3 all the way back in Mob of the Dead, and there is a good possibility this was meant as some future reference to the mustached Nero Blackstone. Mob and Shadows are linked pretty heavily as well. Other theories include Russman, which doesn't really resemble the man that much, and also possibly the Warden but we have no idea what the Warden looked like before becoming Brutus, so no verifying. Another theory I do quite like connects with the Blood of the Dead Jumpscare, and that is that both of these are meant to be the Shadowman, with the Mob one being him in his human form before they had finalized his design. Origins -StG-44 in WW1?: In the opening cutscene, the German soldiers present at the dig site are using StG-44s, which were produced during World War 2. Possible Answers: A simple explanation could be that they were simply developed earlier in Dimension 63, but unlike the MG08, they are not stylized to fit the dieselpunk aesthetic of Origins and the time period, they are simply STG-44s as they appeared in real life. It's also possible that during the excavation, Group 935 uncovered the chalk drawing of it and/or the ancient mystery box and armed their soldiers that way. This same issue appears in Zetsubou No Shima, where soldiers on the WW2 Japanese boat are equipped with KN-44s. Black Ops 3 The Giant - The Plane: On top of the building near the power there is a plane very similar to the one used in Mob of the Dead. This same plane also appears in the sky sometimes in Shadows of Evil and Zetsubou No Shima. Possible Answers: We may see an answer to this mystery soon as the Aether story is not quite done yet. But there are many possibilities to discuss. One is that Primis minus Richtofen have been travelling through time and space while Richtofen was acquiring the Kronorium, and we have no idea what they were doing. They've been to many places such as Brazil and the Moon. We don't get to see how they arrive at Der Riese in the opening cutscene, and its possible they acquired this plane from Mob of the Dead, and have somehow used it to travel through dimensions, landing it there to try and stop Richtofen. This brings lots of questions up about how they acquired this plane, why they don't bring it up or use it again, and just what they were using it for all this time. This is obviously not all of the unfound secrets, just a lot of them that I could list before getting exhausted. I will continue to add more. Post any that I missed and discuss some of these in the comments!
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    I had my first new year's eve at my own place, and it was amazing. I live right in the heart of town, so there were fireworks all around! Apparently there was a fight too right in front of the door (the house I rent my rooms in is owned by the owner of the cafe/restaurant that becomes a nightclub in the weekends next door so sometimes fights happen), but I didn't notice any of it, and neither did the friend I had over. I had a terrific new year's, and it was the first one since the past years. I've been through really dark times in 2016, used nearly all of 2017 for therapy and recovery (all mental stuff, nothing physical). For the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 I just spent time recovering more. And in september last year I moved out, and (finally!) graduated, so I'm in this weird but refreshing positive momentum. So to have such a good time in my own place was pretty moving, actually. Just thinking about how far I've come, and all with my own strength. That also goes for the friend I had celebrating with me. I'm proud of her and of myself! The only goals I have for now is to keep going with the recovery process, and to keep the good momentum going! I also want to go to college to get a bachelor's degree in game art, and keep learning how to design things properly, how to design characters and props and areas, the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. I want to learn more, and keep learning. I hope work will be going smoothly for you Lenne, and congrats on becoming an uncle again! And I hope that things will be looking up for you soon, Anonymous. Heartbreak is the worst feeling. Good luck to you both!
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    Wandering this forum for some time new (though I still feel a bit like a newbie), I've come across of one of the greatest folks ever met. People who are caring, humourous, assiduous and intelligent. People I could call friends, though never seen their real faces or heard their real voices. People I could relate myself to, even, alot. With Zombies being the #1 talk subject, I have actually got an idea of each of one of yours character. While online forum discussions might affect your way of talk a bit, I think I know how you all are. I wonder, however, if that vision is true and more importantly, how you look to your character yourself? I'll start with writing down how I see myself. Notice: Ive never done this before and it feels quite odd actually. - One characterism of my self I am very aware of is that I am kinda...talk-y. I have a talent in talking about the cows and the calves (or whatever that expression is) with everyone, which makes me good in getting along with strangers and making contacts. I got a kinda open character too, which makes me talking about deep and personal stuff with anyone, even those I dont really know well or dont stand close to my heart. The disadvantage of that is that I have hardly any secret, and am have not a mysterious personality in any way. I know alot of people (including myself) like talking about personal stuff with lesser open people, perhaps feel flattered in a way, and so create a special band with them. People dont have that with me. Because I am open to everyone no one feels special when having a deep/personal converstation with me. I hate this characterism for that. - I am kinda naive, optimistic and idealistic about humans. I really think the best of other people, while in many cases they act egoistic, money-focussed and not right (including myself). While I can be easily victimized by this, I also see the world as a less dark place because of this. So while I would like to have this characterism a bit less, I like it as well. -I dunno if this is something common to feel...but sometimes I feel a bit like a narcist. While this is a characterism I despise the most among other people, I notice that when I have done something good I feel like I really want to tell it other people. Also got the feeling very quickly a girl I can get along with likes me, even while I know for sure that is not the case (for example when she already is in love on someone else). I think this is caused by a few cases a couple of years back this feeling got comfirmed, and now I got this feeling very quickly. I hate this fucking characterism the most. I hate it when others have it so can you imagine how much I hate it when I self have it. - I can really sit with something. Right now its the heartbreak but it can be anything really. There was a time it were topics of the zombies story. Just things that occupy my mind the entire time. Cant really concentrate on other things, then. Of course I got way more characterisms, milions of neurons all connected to my brain each one of them turning an effector on or off, creating my spirit. The one I am. Though these items are sone things typically me, when I compare myself to my friends/others.
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    It's December. It's cold. It's almost the end of the year.... So as today is Christmas Eve, I just thought I would leave everyone a little message wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Another year spent here at CODZ and I have enjoyed it just as much as the others. BO4 is keeping me busy and so is this place so I couldn't be happier. A big thank you also to everyone here for keeping the community alive and for being such great friends. There isn't that many of us left and our little tight community here is humbling to be part of. So from me Merry Christmas when it comes everyone and All the best for 2019! ❤️
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    Hey all, Recently I stumbled upon some very interesting quotes that can be heard during the Buried Easter Egg. They do not merely inform us about what we exactly do, but gives us small pieces of information about larger topics as well: The Aetherial energy, one of the most important yet not so prominent topics in our story. Oh, and not to forget this. It is basically a must-read if you want to understand the following, but I guess those interested in topics like this know it already. So get yourself something to drink, and lets get started: The Lantern These quotes can be heard during the Lantern step. On Richthofen’s side, one must kill Witches that would release some kind of energy that would fill the Lantern. On Maxis’s side, however, one must kill zombies around the Lantern, releasing some kind of energy as well capable of filling the Lantern. In order to gain this energy, the players cannot kill the zombies theirselves but they must use Arthur or one of the buildable traps. According to Maxis, this is to not being corrupted by the errant energy. So why does Richthofen need pieces of souls of the projections of the Witch, while Maxis needs the souls of the undead. Actually, do the zombies still have a soul? Richthofen says that departed souls, the souls of the dead, leave energy in their physical corpse. Maxis speaks of energy contained within all matter, and energy contained in the zombies (“the power of the undead”). I don’t think we should speak of souls at all. The souls are already departed, gone to another place, the energy is what is left behind. This kinda contradicts the lyrics of Shi no Numa’s musical Easter Egg, the One, in which is made clear that the remnant of the mind of a zombie has a great desire to end their eternal damnation and find rest/to die, which seems like they still have a soul. This is not the case. It’s interesting as well that Maxis speaks about the energy’s capability to corrupt a human mind. Is the energy Dark Aetherial of origin? It would make sense, since the zombies are 115-infected, meaning that their minds are connected to the Dark Aether. As good ol’ @NaBrZHunter (I keep crediting you mate, you got quite a legacy here) spoke: Richthofen gives us the intel that there is more than one sort of energy, which might explain why he needed the Witches’ one, while Maxis needed the undead one. Positive and negative energy. Light and Dark energy. Good and Evil energy. This must have ties with Agartha and the Dark Aether, the Keepers and the Apothicans. Enlighted and corrupted. About this I have little to say, but I hope this topic will spark a discussion in the comments. The Amplifiers The Amplifiers are devices embedded in the ground, which seem to harvest the energy in the soil. I think the source of this energy might be the Rift, as the Buried Mining Town is located near to it. They amplify energy, eventually projecting it in the dimension around it. In Richthofen’s side of the quest, you must power up these devices even more with the Paralyzer. As the Paralyzer projects Aetherial energy (the same type of energy the Which releases in the Lantern, as the Witch is immune for the Paralyzer and the purple smoke it leaves looks the same as the Paralyzer’s electromagnetic ray), the energy the Amplifiers conduct must be Aetherial as well, hence I think it origins/has ties with the nearby Rift. What we can confirm with this as well, is that the Aetherial energy is electromagnetic. The Wisp A curious characterism of the Wisp is that it attaches to zombies. This makes me almost think of the Wisp being a soul, similar to the ball of light in Gorod Krovi representing Gersch’s soul. Because zombies don’t have a soul, the Wisp might “want” to attach to them due to their emptiness. But we must not fool ourselves: the Wisp is not a soul! Both Maxis and Richthofen speak about a ball of life energy. This energy is used to power the third Global Polarization Device. The difference between a soul and life force? I guess the most accurate description of soul is “what inhabits the body” and of life force “what keeps the body living”. The problem of the Wisp is that it has no body, so it might be someone’s life force pulled out of his/hers body. Who’s? I self can think of two options: A survivor trying to establish the Global Polarization Device for either Richthofen or Maxis before Victis came along. There is proof that many tried before, according to a quote of Richthofen: “So many others, so many games. Where do they come from, oh? Maxis does this all the time, you know. You are not the first.” The part “so many games” intrigues me. Is every game we ever played one other version of this attempt? Are “the others” we self, Victis? Is that why Stulinger is instructed not to think about it, because it would make him sad? This ties in perfectly with our next part. If you want to continue reading about souls involved in the story, I heavily recommend @Electric Jesus's theory about Quantum Immortality and @NaBrZHunter's (there you go again) theory about souls used as a power source. Actually, I recommend these theories anyway 🙂 The tear in space-time Can anyone find out at what point in our game this tear in space-time is created? Interesting thing is that Element 115 is actually the fabric of space-time, the building brick of the multiverse. By messing around with the Aetherial energy previously, we might have changed something. To fix this tear, Victis had to travel through time, finding their own dead bodies. Are those versions of them in a earlier timeline/game, where they failed? Because the Timebomb is only capable of travelling BACK in time, and not to the future. So this cannot be Victis’ future, it must already have happened. I wonder, though, if the tear might have been observed by higher forces, or if Richthofen perhaps intentionally created this Rift in his race to ultimate power. Ultimate power With Richthofen in control, Samantha’s soul will be condemned to eternal damnation. Eternal damnation most likely stands for beneath existence. In other words, the Dark Aether, or Hell. The following quote is a part of a theory by Faust, but since I couldn't find the thread anymore so I can't link it, I have copy/pasted everything. I guess that is where Samantha is stuck in. An interesting thought is that when Maxis wins the Black Ops II Aftermath, Samantha's soul is taken to Agartha. Whether this is the same place Richthofen condemns her to, I don't know. Energy again. It is all about energy.I do believe this is the key concept during our entire story. But what exactly does it includes? It is electromagnetic in origin, but do you know the human brain and neuron system are in essence electronic as well? Electricity is not merely a technological thing. On top of this, mysteries forces have always interested us, forces known as Aura's, Chakra's and many more. I personally speak the truth when I say I can see Aura's when I focus myself....a bit. Merely the energy, not the colour-thing. And when you are tired and stretch yourself, what is that feeling streaming through your arms? There are weird feelings and forces all around us and within us. The Aether's energy might have been based on such thing.
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    Can't believe it's been 7 years since I signed up for this site. Thanks for being there for me throughout the good and the shit times. ❤️
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    Hello fellow zombiers! Welcome to my fortress of text on early round camping spots. This fantastic site has always been a haven for top-skill zombiers, but most players (less than 3% by my reckoning) do not make it to round 30 on zombie maps. So I compiled some early strats, mostly involving easy camping to get anyone a round 20+ solo game on the leaderboard. Some will be good on high rounds, and some will definitely not. Some can be used for 2+ players. Some differences between old/new gen consoles are mentioned. This thread also has a later post about relatively easy high round strategies without camping. ####### Camping tips: For solo "stand in one place camping", I recommend Turned and Fireworks. Use an LMG with FW, only switching to Turned gun when your current "turned" zombie dies. Obviously many of these can be done with the map's wonder weapon as well. For most of these, I simply run Classic GGs (so you know Mega GG are not necessary, but you can enhance your game with Megas for sure). I usually chhoose between Sword Flay, Anywhere But Here!, In Plain Sight, Alchemical Antithesis, Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, or Eye Candy GGs solo. Remember Trip Mines can watch your furthest recesses of your camp spot, or can be used for higher movement rate (if carrying 2 lmgs) or to stab very quickly without hesitation between stabs (especially with an empty gun in hand, which "lags" your stabs), which is often important if you love stab kills. For straight up camping like this, I recommend Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Juggernog, and Widow's Wine. If you plan to switch to a training strategy later, use Quick Revive instead of Juggernog; when downed at higher camping levels, reset to training perks instead. If you usually train to 50+, then try using some of these to camp until you're overrun for a shorter game if you have constrained time. Play offline to conserve stats if you desire. #######Maps: #######Shadows of Evil####### This is not a great camping map on NextGen. Mostly it is a training map. I put most of my efforts into the 360 version of this map, back in the day, which offers a camp spot: OldGen Canals camp: Leave barriers closed on walkway by Canals Perk machine (you can drop steps and open to Fuse). Walk into Canals from Junction, walk straight through first arch, stop directly under second arch. Face Junction, all zombies come from first arch or climb up from broken rail on your right. None will come from behind until you back up the steps by Molly cart. Once backed up, go to rift to Subway, then rift to Footlight, then make your way back to Canals. Good to 35ish with PaP'd guns, Turned and Fireworks. Ruby Rabbit: The top floor of the Ruby Rabbit works, by the drop off to the Train/workbench. But if you get too hurt first, the drop off can be lethal. (Edit new) Subway Camp and Loop: Decent for AS use, or for just thinning the crowd before moving around the map. (This will not work if you just came from Waterfront through the rift or ABH! GG, or if other players run through Waterfront near the WF/Subway rift). In Subway, head to the WF rift (the lone rift on balcony behind W'sW) and stand in front of it, face away from it, headshot or use AS. If overrun or hit too much, simply back into rift to WF, then shoot them as they enter WF from rift/Subway, before moving off. You could do a loop through the Canals or Footlight rift back to Subway, or simply loop down the Junction/Subway steps, just be sure to take long enough that no zombies are still in Waterfront, backing through the rift. Reset at Subway/WF rift and repeat. (End). With multiple players, lots of places in any map become campable, but I want to point out this spot for 3-4 players: Waterfront, by Rift to Subway. 1 guy watches window (AS player probably) by Rift, 2-3 players watch away from window. Keep the doors with the lone pod closed and the barriers on the walkway above closed. As long as nobody travels through the Rift during the current round, no zombies come out of the Rift (OldGen at least). You can use the Rift to escape, or to jump through, activate GG (IPS) and jump back to revive or grab drops. Footlight: Keep Junction-Footlight door closed, camp there in Footlight. Good for AS camping, or MP. Bad for a solo bullet camp. Waterfront: Keep Junction-Waterfront door closed, camp there in Waterfront. Good for MP, or AS Solo. Mediocre at best for solo bullet gun camping. Tram Stations are decent for 3-4 players. GGm and possibly Bootlegger. Especially WF and FL. #######Der Eisendrache####### There are quite a few and they vary between OldGen and NextGen. With the right bows, everywhere is campable, so I'll mostly point out "gun campable" spots if you want to skip bows and play like Der Riese. I recommend using Ragnarok, if you can get them. Start Room Quick Revive: Leave this door by QR closed. Decent length view for AATs or Bow use. No escape, bring ABH! or IPS for when trouble comes. Church: Up steps near Speed Cola, leave upstairs debris and barrier closed. Zombies only come up one side as long as you don't approach the other side. Stay on flat area up top as shooting zombs on the steps is less effective; just headshot as they round the corner, use Rags at top of steps. NextGen-they come up by Wunderfizz. OldGen-they come up the opposite side, you can open the barrier behind you as an escape and you can open the balcony debris, which will make zombies line up less well (harder solo, but okay with friends) but will funnel the Panzer in that debris-doorway for easy killing (drop Rags at top of steps when he arrives). Trip Mines can let you know when you have backed up too far and zombies come up the other way. OldGen Church: You can camp the other church steps fairly well on oldgen (doors up there closed), but I think the SC-side steps are better. OldGen Solo Clock Tower Parapet: Keep "Void Room" door closed to courtyard and Start room. Do not come from Bastion (electric arrow weathervane area) during this round or this gets messed up. Start in courtyard at round start, walk up steps to the open parapet next to Clock Tower (landing pad and Wunderfizz machine are there), stand in corner next to Clock Tower (wunderfizz to your right) All zombies will come up from the courtyard steps and out of Clock Tower. Easy headshots, Rags dropped at top of steps get all zombies (Ragnorok also lasts much longer on OldGen). None come from Bastion or from behind/over wall if Void room closed and if you did not just come from Bastion area (you can move through clock tower or courtyard area and return without issue). This will work with friends, but if they go to Bastion, you will likely get flanked by zombies. Does not work on NextGen. Jump room: By Pyramid is the jump room that throws you up to the courtyard above. You can stand here and face out and headshot. It is not amazing, but it works. If pushed back, you get flung up to courtyard. Panzer spawns in here, be wary. Wundersphere above Double Tap: another mediocre camp, it is fairly hectic and sometimes the WS will not activate if too many zombies are on you. #####Zetsubou No Shima##### (All newly added) Lab B to Bunker spot by vine door: Leave this door between Lab B and Bunker closed. Stand on the Lab B side. Be wary of the spore on the right path below. If backed against the vine-door, all Spiders spawn in the center of the path in front of you for easy kills. Lab B front steps: Early on, you can go up these steps (from vine door by Bunker) and leave the upstairs door closed. About 2 zombies per round fall from the roof, the rest come up the steps. (You could have a Spider web this door closed later in the game too. This would be the same set up as the HVK30 Lab B spider Camp below, but outside). Lab A by Zipline (to Docks): Best with door open to Lab A (so most zombies jump to catwalk between buildings and walk mostly straight at you). Drop off by ladder for escape. This is the rear steps of Lab A, between Kuda wallbuy and Blue Water. Juggerniche: Use Skull of NS to mesmerize the left-side wall of the Juggernog/GGm area (Elevator). (Front-left of room if looking at Juggs). Main Quest Elevator: After defeating the Main Quest/EE, stay at the long hall and camp there. Late game camp. Start Room: 2+ players. Get a Spider to close off the door(s) to Start. If you stay near the doors, zombies only come in the 2 windows. This can be used at game start of course, with doors closed. This could be a camp spot with the door to path B open if 2-4 players stand by the sp Lab A Workbench Camp with Spider web: Go to the workbench in Lab A with spiders. If they close off the rear entrance (by workbench, GGm, and zipline outside), you have a nice little camp spot by the workbench/GGm. Stand on the far back corner and watch for the occasional ceiling zombie. Zombies eventually break the webs, just move to the Zipline Camp spot outside when they do. Lab A HVK30 Camp with Spider web: If you get a Spider to close the front entrance of Lab A with a web (hvk30 room), then you can camp by the spider cage and they come from window and connecting bridge. Early Camp: Open path B, continue past Bunker to Lab A, then open the Propellor Trap Room from Lab A. Now fight by the Start Room door, but not in Start Room, but in the figure-8 shaped room with the perk machine. Stand and watch the window (very few zombies) and headshot the horde. None come from the left by the cliff. Good for when setting up and you need a spot over here before roughly R15. Spidergawd Camp? (KT-4 Required, clear the webs by Blue Water, kill the Boss Spider). After Boss fight, I find that the train tends to follow me in past the Boss Battle spot with very little Z spawn in the Fresh W'sW area, allowing for easy train wrecking. (Fresh Widow's Wine is Spider pee, isn't it)? #######Gorod Krovi####### (I'll get to this eventually). #######Revelations####### Verrückt Trap Camp Solo: Come out of NDU to the Corruption Engine of Verrückt, go left up steps, through 'trap' door directly to corner by window, face trap. All zombies come from trap or window on your right. No zombies come from your left. If 2+ players, zombies spawn in this room, avoid that. Kino Projector Camp: Enter the kino section from the Wunderfizz cavern (from Shangri La side) or from the blue jump pad from Verrückt, making sure to leave the door between the pyramid and kino projector room closed. Stand just outside of the Kino Projector room, aim past Widow's Wine toward the gradual incline. No zombies come from behind you up the steep hill from the stage. This is fairly slow and easy, camping to 40 with just PaP'd bullet guns is feasible. The zombies round the doorway oddly, be wary. It is best to stay back like 20 feet from the doorway. Be careful of shooting zombs too far away due to difficulty in grabbing 'drops' (x2, Max Ammo, etc). (Edit new) Kino Steep Steps: If you climb up the steep steps from the stage towards Widow's Wine, stop just above the drop off spot (zombies climb up here) and face the stage. This is much faster than the W'sW camp spot above, but it is brutish; you can't headshot the train. It is good for early stabs or brutalizing with an lmg (another good Turned spot). So you can't camp high rounds here, but you can burn through lower rounds quickly, then move up top for later rounds. I'd suggest using this spot just after buying the Bowie Knife. If you go up to the wall-light with vines under it, you may get an occasional zombie from the W'sW window from behind, so stay below that (end edit). Wonder Weapon Camp: Take the Squid Gun, Thundergun, Lil Arnie, and Ragnaroks to Origins. In Origins, head to the jump pad to start room. Stop just inside the door/short hall to the jump pad. As long as you stand by this doorway (away from the jump pad, in the first quarter of this 'room'), rarely will zombies come from the jump pad. GGm and Keeper Protector nearby. Drop Ragnarok, when it is done, toss LA, fire Thundergun to refill Rags. When LA depleted, use Squid Gun. I was holding this in the 60s with ease, just standing there, without upgraded Squid Gun. (New) MotD Section Pre-Corruption Camp: Enter the Corruption area of the MOTD section, do not do the Corruption Engine ritual here yet. Go to the closed "power door" (opens when corruption engine ritual is complete) by Al's Hat. Camp here. If you start a round standing here, all zombies come only from the right side. KN44 above the cafeteria room in the tunnels. If you leave this area (for ammo, for example) and return during a round, zombies will come from left and right while standing by Al's Hat. Good for racking up points before doing the CE. (New) Ritual locations. Most of these can be camped solo or mp. Just find the lone zombie entry point and camp that side. If the red door is active, you may get occasional zombies through it, but it is safe with the red door closed. Also, if you travel through NDU you will definitely get red door visitors. #######WaW Reprints####### #######Nacht Der Untoten####### Grenade Wallbuy Camp: Same as WaW, keep the steps in start room closed, go up steps near ?box/KN44, go to the grenade wallbuy. This is an easy camp, with the KN44 and Locus wallbuys you should get 20-30 rounds easily or 40 with Wall/Crate Powers and Bullet Boosts GGs. KN44 Camp: Not the best, but one can open the start room steps, leave the steps by the KN44 closed. Stand against debris by KN44, all zombies round the corner from your left for easy headshots for about 20 rounds. Unlimited KN44 ammo. Stupid Start Room Camp for Lulz: By the HELP door, go behind the small filing cabinet by the bright lantern, face the HELP door (you can open the HELP door or leave it closed). All zombies will come around to your front, despite being able to rear-attack you, until they get too numerous. If you open HELP door and leave start room steps closed, it will last a little longer. Start Room Camp and Move: Open start room steps, leave HELP door closed. Stay near the lone window but close to the HELP door. Keep checking window, headshot main room, fall back to "stupid start room camp" above if crowded or circle the horde and reset for headshots. With 2 players, 1 stays on lone window, 1 stands near bottom of steps, aimed near GG machine window, line up nice as zombies round the bend. #######Verrückt####### Tip: Anywhere But Here! GG will let you switch sides at start if no doors have been opened. Most spots involve opening Juggernog side to power first. Bootlegger Room (behind Quick Revive): No way out simple camp. Bring an escape GG and put Trip Mines in the back. In games of randoms, this is the fastest zombie spawn area, I'll usually hang in this back room (with window) until it gets hectic, then I'll squeeze into the Bootlegger room. Bootlegger reloads slow and there are no other decent wallbuys near, but you do have GGm access. Speed Cola Room: Open Jugg side to power, no further. Open Quick Revive side to Speed cola, no further. Buy HVK30 and ICR1 (wallbuys there for infinite ammo). Stand by grenade wallbuy, face out past Speed Cola. Good until near round 30. Prioritize the zombies that come from your left door. You can grab HVK30 ammo mid round easier than expected; go counterclockwise, get ammo, come out door by SC, reset. Fall back to Kitchen Camp if needed then to power (full map open). ICR1/Vesper Camp and Move: Possibly the easiest solo camp in Verrückt. Open Jugg side to Speed Cola. Open QR side to Trip Mine/ICR1/Vesper. Door between Trip Mines/Speed Cola is closed. Place Trip Mine by SC door, and one by ICR1 wallbuy (to protect as you grab mid round ammo). Early on you can use Vesper, but I'd trade it for Wunderwaffe or LMG later. Use ICR1 and buy ammo for it as needed. Stand along fence between Vesper and ICR1 wallbuys, no zombies come around the fence unless you go to the ICR1 wallbuy (so grab ammo fast, usually no zombies come, but Trip Mine will get them if they do). Your Widow's Wine will keep triggering on hits and affecting all zombies on stairs, slowing them and giving continuous spider drops. If forced out, you can run counter clockwise around the fence, usually without issue, run a zigzag by GGm and then reset to camp stance. About round 20, start hitting the balcony trap. Good to almost 30 with classic GG. Kitchen Camp: Open Jugg side to power. Open QR side to Kitchen. Stand by table, next to wall with window, aim towards speed Cola. If pushed back, go on balcony or open power. Wallbuys and GG are inconvenient here. Good room for multiple players though. L-CAR-Room: Open Jugg side around to L-CAR-9 (Door by QR is only closed door, except maybe Bootlegger room). There is no set spot, the zombies from the hole on the right make this spot a camp/train spot. Stay near the KRM wallbuy. Good for 2+ players. Multiplayer camps: Take the Speed Cola Camp above, 1 guy on window by SC, 1 Guy by Vesper. If 3 or 4 players, place one by Trip Mine, and 4th plays "shortstop", going where needed to help others. Always a good wallbuy near, and Speed Cola at least if you get downed. Multiplayer camp: 2+, open QR to power and no further. Open Juggs to WF/STG/Kuda, Camp by STG, 1+ guys on window, 2+ guys on hallway. Use balcony trap. Multiplayer Camp: Open QR side all tge way around to DT2. 1 guy on back wall opening, others on balcony. Use traps. The zombies will path through the trap and not head towards the wall-hole guy. Multiplayer WaW Strategy Revisited: Open QR side to Wunderfizz. Open Juggs to DT2, stay by DT2. 1 guy on balcony window, 3 on balcony. Use traps. MP Reverse Kitchen: At least 2P needed. Open to Kitchen from Juggs. Open QR side to Speed Cola. 1 on window, others watch balcony. If you use Megas, get Turned on a gun and he will wreck in this skinny balcony. With more players, open Juggs to Speed cola (door between SC and Trip Mines/ICR1/Vesper closed). 2 on windows, 2 watch balcony, HVK30 wallbuy in Camp. #######Shi No Numa####### Under Steps Camp: Just like WaW, open the start room door (not steps), go down into the alcove beneath the start room steps. Open Fishing hut first, and most zombies come straight across the courtyard. Once Doctor's Quarters and Storage are open, there will be lots of traffic from the right. You are temporarily cutting off the Comm(unications) Room and the perk, so you really want 2 of the 3 remaining huts to have Speed Cola and double Tap 2, get Widow's Wine from Storage's Wunderfizz machine (and maybe QR, then switch to training perks later). Best to have Mule Kick in Comm, but Jugger in Comm is okay too. Doctor's Quarters Camp: Go out to DQ, when you get to the hut, go left outside behind a few trees. If you stay near the hut and trees and not too close to the water, all zombies come only in front of the hut (if you go near the water an occasional lone zombie will come behind the trees: place a trip mine). It is not great due to uneven ground on the approaching zombies, but it is not terrible. You can fit several players. Trap in hut can be used. MP Camps: Any 2 window hut, with traps. MP Upstairs camp: Leave start via steps, go up other steps, 2 on windows 2 on steps. SlideNride might need to be unactivated in bo3. #######The Giant####### Catwalk: Let's just state this and move on: Go to Teleporter C (by Bowie Knife) get on the catwalk and headshot until bored. KN44, GGm near. TP C Camp and Move: Stand by KN44, face the tunnel. Headshot away. If needed, drop off and run up to catwalk or circle and reset by KN44. VMP Camp: (best on old gen. On next gen the zombies often juke to your left inconveniently as they get to you). Open Ramp side of start room to power. Open VMP room from stairs only (door with trap is closed). Walk down steps, turn right, stop and face VMP wallbuy. All zombies will come through the opening at the bottom of the steps, even the right window zombies. Run around the barrels and reset as needed, or open the door and activate the trap if needed. Fair on old gen, best with 2 on next gen. Slow Train Camping: Open Steps side of start room to power. Open TP A (M8A7 there) from upstairs (leaving 'trap' door by Flytrap/L-CAR-9/GGm closed). Stay in the dead end by closed 'trap' door (inside hallway). Many zombies and dogs will load outside in "aisle 4"/Flytrap/LCAR9 hallway and they end up respawning. You need to occasionally jump up at the door to shoot the stuck zombies through the little window with AAT effects. In a 2 or more person game, the game will start to stutter from too many stuck zombies, so kill them regularly. It is a slow camp spot with a chance to safely exit at the end of every round (due to stuck zombies). Kuda, GGm. Multiplayer camp spots: Bridge: Debris by Trip Mines closed, 2 on windows by perk/TM, 2 on Bridge. No easy escape for windows, no wallbuys though. KRM Hall: Open ramp side of Start room to power. Open VMP from top steps, leave 'trap' door closed. Camp by KRM. 2 window guys basically shoot same zombies (PaP KRM), 2 watch hallway to perk/Vesper (zombies drop off 5m away too). Escape door with electric trap. Any teleporter room, 2 on windows, 2 on approaches. Assault rifle wallbuy in camp. VMP room, steps closed. 2 on windows, trap option from start area. VMP, KRM, GGm. LCAR9/"Old Aisle 4" camp: Start room ramp side closed, LCAR9 'trap' door closed. 1 on window, 3 on hallway. 'Trap' door or start room emergency escape. GGm. No good wallbuys (LCAR9). #######Black Ops Reprints####### #######Kino Der Toten####### Start Room Steps Camp and Move: Just like BO1 but easier. Open to power from lower start room door. Keep upstairs door closed. Fight on steps near Quick Revive. No zombies come across the top balcony until you get on the balcony. Very easy 30+ rounds. Turned keeps them away and Fireworks clears the room. I hit 37 easily with a pap shotgun and spamming for Alchemical Antithesis between dog rounds. Have Trip mines on balcony, when pressed back, run across balcony, slide-jump down steps by Shieva, do a small circle, then reset on QR steps. (New) Start Room Balcony: Go up the Shieva-side steps in the start room, turn right, walk past ?box to column, stop, turn around and face the upstairs window. None will come up the Quick Revive steps unless you go behind the column. Headshot and watch for crawlers. I recommend getting Turned by 20. After that, it is quite easy to 30 or so. This is amusing with the crawlers coming down past you and on the wall, but don't shoot the column crawlers or they might leave an unreachable drop. You can shoot the dogs from this spot as well, aim under the bannister and shoot as they reach the bottom of the staircase. Let the last come up top for ammo delivery. Easy exit. GGm nearby. QR. No nearby wallbuys of value though, so plan accordingly. (End). Juggerniche: Stand by Juggernogg, headshot. Strangely difficult due to crawlers. Good for 2, 1 headshotting, 1 de-crawlering. Here are some ideas with multiple players or no power: No power: Using wall power, bullet boost, and perkaholic (or similar), one could leave the power off for no creepy crawlies. No Power Start Room, downstairs; Stay by unopened door, all zombies line up for headshots. No power open downstairs door of start room. In the next room, stand in the far corner by the door, headshot. One can use this with power on, but it is hard to deal with the crawlers, even with the fire trap. Multiplayer Speed Cola Room: Open from Stage/Dressing Room, top balcony door closed. Facing SC, 1 player goes up right steps to window. Other player(s) stay on those steps. No zombies come up other steps unless window guy backs up to corner. With 3+ players, have 1 on the top balcony watching towards the other steps. Power Switch/ICR1 MP: Have door here closed. 1 guy on window, 3 watch approaches. 4 man camp: Open top door at start to stage and the next door upstairs. Open lower start room door to DT2 only (Fence closed). Go upstairs from stage. 1 by fence window, 2 on upstairs windows, 1 on Stage entrance. Lots of room for each player to deal with his zombies, upstairs window players can help each other if needed. GGm in room. M8A7 wallbuy + ?box location. #######Ascension####### W'sW/GGm Landing Pad Camp and Move: Open start room from top, go right to landing pad. Stand behind GGm, almost all zombies line up for headshots. Eventually switch to training here. (Edit new) Start Room Camp: Camp by the lander in start room. Stay by the Yellow Pipe (+ yellow sign behind you) between the lander and the window beneath the steps, face towards the door to Juggernog. Open Start Room from upstairs, open Start Room door to Juggernog, leave door above Juggernog closed (for Monkey control). The actual camping and headshotting is very easy until at least round 30 with PaP'd headshotting guns. The pros are: All zombies approach in an easy to headshot manner. You have room to move left and do some zigzags if under pressure, and you can use the lander to escape. GGm is in sight. The cons are that there are no good wallbuys near. It is a long run for perk protecting or buying ammo and you need fast reloads. Additional info: You want headshot guns, preferrably with fast reloads in case you can't protect or recover Speed Cola. HVK30/KN44 are way over by Speed Cola but work well. It is difficult (solo) to keep a shotgun/raygun for monkeys as you need 2 headshot guns, and Mule kick is hard to protect for a third gun. The rounds are fairly quick which often means that you kill the last zombie in a crowd, so be prepared to keep a few alive for ammo runs. Monkeys will only come into start from above, so by 30ish, you may just want to protect Juggernog/(+ maybe Quick Revive, and just repurchase your other perks) by going up the steps to the catwalk above, lay down and face the Start Room entrance so each monkey has to run a straight path at you, which your headshot guns can easily deal with while prone. W'sW is okay here, but Stamin Up may serve you better due to running for ammo/perks/monkeys, but you could play barebones with Double Tap 2 (from Wunderfizz) and Juggernog/(Quick Revive) with wallguns with Fast Mags. Dead Wire may function well here with all of the zombies rounding the corner from the right, but I recommend Turned and Fireworks as usual. Blast Furnace just blinds you here and Thunder Wall is fairly pointless. Gersch Device can help (The Doll bomb arms slow and may blow you up). Besides standing in the corner by yellow pipe (+ yellow sign behind you), you can also move slightly forward and left to line up the heads of the zombies that fall from above, depending on how many are approaching from Juggernog at that moment. This is a surprisingly good spot if you can deal with monkeys and ammo/perk runs. (End edit). Power Steps Camp: Open Power room from Mule Kick Side, leave other door closed. Go under power from Kuda entrance, zombies come up steps and in 1 window. Power Room door or GG to escape. Good for MP. Before PaP Open Camp: Go to closed PaP door (rocket pad). Walk up small hill so that you are between main building wall and a support structure. All zombies come from in front of you. Simply back up and go right to escape. Good for sickle. MP camps: Door from start to Jugger closed. Go under Jugger, 1 on window, others watch steps. VMP, LCAR9. Jugger above: door above Juggernog closed, door to start room open. 2 on windows by jugger, 2 at bottom of steps. VMP, LCAR9. W'sW Lander: 2 on windows, 2 on steps. GGm but no good wallbuys. Lander escape option. Rocket Lander: 2 on windows, 2 on approach from Speed Cola. SC, HVK30 close, with KN44 and ?box starting location not far off. Lander escape option. Trip Mines Lander: 2-4 can camp the lander pad. Or 1 can watch the window (on Trip Mine wall) and others watch his back from that side of lander. ICR1 wallbuy at lander. Lander escape option. #######Shangri La####### Bowie Niche: Open non-maze side to power, leave other power room door closed. Stand in the space by the closed power room door, in power room. Headshot to 30ish, fire zombie is your trap. 4 Man Bridge: Go from start to Bridge through Maze. Open other side of start to waterfall. At Bridge, 1 on lone window, 1 watches the approach from the other window with the drop-down spot, 2 on Bridge. This can turn into 4 on Bridge, 2 facing each way. #######Moon####### Tunnel 6 Camp: Open T11 to power, open T6 from power only (door to LCAR9 closed from GGm/Kuda side). PaP and Hack Kuda for cheap AAT ammo. Stand near GGm and headshot. Turned does some serious work here. Lots of room for MP. Tunnel 11 Camp: Open T6 to power, Open T11 to Stamin Up. Stand near GGm/SU, next to center boxes so that window zombies walk in front of you, not behind. With 2+p, 1 watches window, others watch single line of zombies from door/ceiling spawn. Alternately, a solo player can stand behind the blue framework near the window and all zombies come in front of you that way, but it is erratic. Before Power, prelude to late game camp: If you open T6 and intend to camp T11 for high rounds in the 'as yet unmentioned T11 room', then you can do this: open T6, go to entrance to T11 by power switch, but don't open T11 door yet. Unlike BO1, no zombies spawn in the ceiling here. The zombies tend to get stuck in the entrance by power and Turned/AATs will wreck them handily. Long game: Open Tunnel 6, open Tunnel 11 from power. Leave door by Stamin Up closed. PaP Zap Guns, bring Gersch, Hacker, and 'power up' (drops) GGm to hack. Aim between window and ceiling spawn with melded gun to get all zombs. Hack drops for ammo. Gun with Deadwire for when Skippy drops by. #######Black Ops 2 Reprint####### #######Origins####### I really have not found any viable solo camp spots beyond the original "Camp by the Lightning Staff part above the mound" (or other Lightning Staff parts) by using the tank to get there. ############## Tips: RK5 pistol on round 3+4 is "fire 1 burst, stab" for points. Headshot round 5 (stab if they survived the headshot). And round 6+7 it is "fire 2 bursts, then stab". I leave the elo sight off so it appears to jump less. Quick draw (effects swap speed too) and Fast Mags recommended. This gun makes early round easy. I pair the Bowie Knife/Sickle with Trip Mine in hand for fast stabs and fast movement rate and much less chance of knife-lunge. By standing still and clicking the melee button, you can shred crowds quickly (some slight back ups required). If playing Classic GGs, later game hold Alchemical Antithesis if needed, or try to keep an In Plain Sight for reload/revive help. Happy Gaming! (1.25. 2019).
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    Hello and welcome to my SoE Parts text tutorial. I'll cover the Shield, Apothicon Servant (A.K.A. AS or Squid Gun wonder weapon), and the location of the Civil Protector Fuses, Fuse Box, and his Summoning Switches. I'll also walk you through the Sword and Sword Upgrade. I've added the Trip Mine Upgrades. A Quick Reference Guide will be followed by a longer text description after. ######################### ------Quick References for parts: Fumigator: A fumigator is needed to open the Pod Plants. 1 Fumigator will be at Start (back of truck, or on wall near closed Steps up, or by Beast Fire on boxes). You can find 3(?) locations in Junction and each district as well, if playing 2 or more players. It stays with you all game. You can open pods with this for guns, drops, or Rocket Shield Recharge Tanks, and one Purple Pod will eventually give the Apothicon Servant Part. I will not discuss the Fumigator after this except to mention it for getting the AS Part later. -------- 3 Shield Parts: Each part has 3 locations, each of these 3 locations will be in the small upstairs Perk area of each of these Districts: Waterfront, Footlight, and Canals. ------- 3 Civil Protector Fuses: Each CP Fuse has 3 locations, each of these locations will be in the section between the Perk area and the Tram/Train Station of these Districts: Waterfront, Footlight, and Canals. Fuse Box: in Subway near Rift to Footlight (right of FL Rift if looking at Rift). Put fuses in here, 1, 2, or all 3 at once. Once all 3 are in place, CP Summoning Switches are Live. CP Summoning Switches: 1. Junction: Between Easy Street and Waterfront. 2. Footlight, near Statue. 3. Waterfront, near GGm near Rift to Subway. 4. Canals, across canal from Ruby Rabbit. Note that each location is in the first area when you open the door from Junction to a District, (except the Junction Summoning Switch of course). Call in a CP here for 3000 points. He will kill, revive, and pick up 'drops' (x2, max ammo, et cetera). ------- Apothicon Servant: 1. Heart from first dead Margwa. 2. Tentacle from Purple Pod (round 12 or higher). 3. "Xenomatter" (bright green part) dropped by Parasite (flyer) or Meatball. (Round 7 to much higher rounds). ------- Workbenches: 1. Footlight, on walkway above, across from Black Lace Burlesque (ritual area). 2. Waterfront, behind The Anvil (ritual area), near HVK30. 3. Canals, by Ruby Rabbit (ritual area), Tram Station, and M8A7. Build Shield and Apothicon Servant at the Workbenches. ########################## Longer text descriptions: Shield Parts: Drop Steps to Perk area with Beast (or backtrack from steps if you opened from Tram Station). S1. Shield Part Footlight: Go up steps to perk machine. SPFa is straight out from perk, against railing. SPFb is 2m left of perk if looking at perk, by railing. SPFc is further left of perk if looking at perk machine, in the doorway by the steps, on a comfy chair. S2. Shield Part Waterfront: Go up steps towards perk machine, but at the top of the steps, make the left bend close to the left side SPWa may be at the top of the steps (a Fumigator location may be here too). Continue towards the perk, SPWb may be on the wall to the right, if facing the perk machine (directly right of perk). Continue into room with Statue (Large box if not Beasted open yet) and on the right side wall, left of the 1250 door, may be SPWc on the floor by debris. S3. Shield Part Canals: Go up steps toward the perk, as you enter the "4 Lions" room, SPCa may be immediately on your right by this entrance. Continue towards perk, SPCb may be against the left rail of the connecting bridge (outside, walkway). Get to perk machine, SPCc may be directly across from the perk machine (right of 1250 door). With all 3 parts, build the Shield at a workbench. ########################## Civil Protector Fuses: Each is between perk area and Tram Station in Footlight, Waterfront, and Canals. 3 locations each in this area, for each Fuse. Each Fuse glows bright blue and should be easy to spot. CP Fuse Box: Take all 3 Fuses to Subway near the Footlight Rift. Looking at FL Rift, Fuse Box is to your Right near steps (Vesper up steps). Put the Fuses in the Fuse Box. After this, you may call in CP from the CP Summoning Switches in Junction, Footlight, Waterfront, and Canals for 3000 points. ------- CP1. CP Fuse Footlight: From perk, go left up short steps, make left on top, go by Devil-O Donuts Cart. CPFFa may be on the corner of the rail by the walkway here. Continue along walkway towards the Workbench, CPFFb may be on railing of walkway on right before the workbench. Make right at Workbench, CPFFc may be on ground on the left. CP2. Civil Protector Fuse Waterfront: From Perk area, head out door by Pod Plant to overhead walkway. CPFWa may be on your left as you come up the first steps. Continue across the walkway towards the gun wallbuy, make left. CPFWb may be on a railing corner on your left. Continue towards Tram and CPFWc will be on boxes on your right just before the door on left to Tram steps. CP3. Civil Protector Fuse Canals: From the perk machine room head towards the Tram through the 1250 doorway. CPFCa may be immediately on your right outside of this door, continue on, CPFCb may be on your left on the cart by the window, CPFCc should be visible right by this window also. This is a tiny area, it should be quite easy to spot. ######################### Apothicon Servant Parts: ASP1: Kill the first Margwa, it will drop a Heart, take the Heart before it fades away. ASP2: Search Purple Pods with Fumigator (just hold 'interact' if you have Fumigator in inventory) after round 12 at the earliest (recommend round 14+) for a Tentacle Part. Take it before it fades away. ASP3: Sometime after round 7 (earliest I've had it) a Parasite flyer or Meatball will drop ASP3 which is a bright green mass called "xenomatter". Pick it up before it fades away. With these 3 parts, build the AS at any workbench. Afterwards, if you lose the AS for any reason, it now becomes a ?Box weapon. ######################### Swords: -------Symbols; (Only 1 player is required to get the symbols and open the Egg Chamber). Step 1: Go to Waterfront to Tram Station. Call Tram. Ride Tram to Footlight, then ride it to Canals. Using this Tram route, always look right out of the Tram window and in each District (WF, FL, and Canals) you will see a red symbol in a window. Memorize these 3 different symbols. Symbol memory trick: Count any large Triangle as a 10, count any small Triangle as a 1. Then call the symbol by its cardinal number (like 10, 14, 40, 22). You can view the symbols, in Beast Mode, in Subway, under the balcony (near brown box/statue), to have an idea what these look like before you ride the tram. (40, or 4 large triangles, is the highest number, next is 22, 2 large, 2 small triangles, as an example). All of the "Numbers" are 4, 10, 12, 14, 20, 21, 22, 40. Note that 21 and 22 can be easily confused due to the closeness of the "1"s. -------Egg; Subway Egg Chamber: Take these memorized symbols/numbers to Subway, activate Beast Mode and look under the balcony (between GGm and the Beast Fire) for the arched door with these "Number" Symbols. Using Left Trigger (console), zap the 3 symbols that you saw on your Tram ride. If you mess it up, you must wait a round before trying again. If done correctly, this doorway will disappear and reveal 4 Swords and 4 Eggs. Holding 'interact' will pick up an Egg. (Only 1 player needs to open this, then each player may grab their own Egg). -------Egg Statues; (Each player is now on their own upgrade quest). 4 Statues to place Egg on: Expose these 4 Statues, then place the Egg on 1 Statue and charge it with 10(?) Zombie Souls, listen for an audio cue at finish, you can also see the souls, so you can see when this ends. Then repeat for the other 3 Statues. Each player must do this separately, each with their own Egg, at each Statue. Multiple players can fill souls at the same Statue, but each player's zombie souls only count towards their individual Egg. 1. Subway Statue: Straight out from this Egg/Sword alcove is a large Crate. In Beast Mode, it appears to be on fire. In Beast Mode, hit the Crate (Right Trigger, console) to break it and reveal the Statue inside. Set Egg on it, charge it with zombie souls, repeat for each other Statue. 2. Footlight Statue: Under Perk Machine area. 3. Waterfront Statue: Upstairs, behind Perk Machine area. 4. Canals Statue: Corner of map on right side of Ruby Rabbit. -------Egg to Sword; After the 4 Statues, go back to the Subway Egg chamber. Place the charged Egg back in this chamber. Wait a few seconds, then you can draw your Sword (Egg in Sword) from this Egg chamber (interact button). Sword is a Special Weapon. Hold LB+RB to activate it. The charge wears down, once gone, kill zombies to charge it. -------Upgrade the Sword: -------Arch Ovum; Take the Sword to your character's ritual location and a Ghost Keeper will be at the Altar. Take the "Arch Ovum" from this Ghost Keeper. Cop = Ruby Rabbit Canals location. Boxer = The Anvil Waterfront location. Dancer = The Black Lace Burlesque Footlight location. Magician = Easy Street location above Junction. -------Margwa Ovum Rituals; Near each ritual location will be a red circle on the ground. Hold 'interact' button while in the circle to begin. Only 1 circle can be done per round. If it goes beyond 1 round, then you must wait for the current round to end and start a circle ritual the following round after. The glowing red circle will recharge your sword if you enter it (but headshotting is usually better than using the Sword to kill Margwas). Each player must do all 4 circle rituals. The first circle ritual has 1 Margwa, the other 3 have 2 Margwa each. Note that a random Margwa spawn may occur at any round as well, which may cause mild confusion. Killing your ritual Margwa(s) will cause an Egg symbol to appear on screen, slowly changing color with each ritual completion. -------Complete Sword Upgrade: After the 4 circle rituals, return to your character's Altar. Hand the Sword to the Ghost Keeper. In a couple of Seconds, take the upgraded Sword from the Ghost Keeper. It is finished. Now you may launch an autonomous Sword that will fly around and kill zombies until the charge wears down. You may put the in-hand Sword away while the autonomous Sword flies around. ######################### Trip Mine Upgrades: There are 2 Trip Mine Upgrades. Presumably, there is more to this which has not been figured out. Molly's Cream Cakes make donut explosions, and Devil-O Donuts makes cream cake explosions. Puchase the Trip Mine from the side of The Anvil (ritual area, Waterfront) for 1000 points, or you may be able to get it from the ?Box (950 or 10-fire sale). ---Molly's Cream Cakes Upgrade: Get a Trip Mine kill by each of the 3 MCC's Carts; Canals, across from Ruby Rabbit. Junction, near Stamin Up. Footlight, by Perk. Each kill will have an audio and visual cue. Completion of the third will trigger a character quote and refill your Trip Mine inventory. It is now upgraded. ---Devil-O Donuts Upgrade: Get a Trip Mine kill by each of the 4 D-OD's Carts; Junction, between Footlight and Waterfront. Waterfront, near Rift to Subway. Footlight, go up steps left of perk machine, make left. Canals, by the GGm near Kuda wallbuy. Each kill will have an audio and visual cue. Completion of the fourth will trigger a character quote and refill your Trip Mine inventory. It is now upgraded. ######################### (1.23.2019) Happy gaming!
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    Hello and welcome to a text tutorial on DE's Buildables: the Shield, Ragnaroks and the basic Bow (Quick Reference only for Wrath of the Ancients). I won't cover the bow upgrades here (yet), as that would be a fortress of text to attempt. I'll do a quick reference chart followed by longer text descriptions. ######################### Quick Reference: Workbenches: 1. Above Double Tap 2, 2. In the Church, and 3. Opposite the dragon head by the pyramid underground. ----------Shield Parts: Shield Part 1: Dragon Courtyard, all near Double Tap 2. 2 in courtyard, 1 on steps by 'power door' above that blocks the steps. Shield Part 2: Church Courtyard: 2 in courtyard, 1 in clock tower. Shield Part 3: All 3 locations on the walls around the pyramid. Requires low gravity and wall running. -----------Ragnarok Parts: Ragnarok Part 1: From Panzer Soldat upon his demise. Ragnarok Part 2: From activating the Bastion Electric Trap, then use Wundersphere to grab part from up in the air. (WS in Church courtyard, or WS above DT2). Ragnarok Part 3: Teleport to (Rocket Test) Launch Pad, activate LP switch during rocket test, activate switch inside by TP after rocket test. Part on TP pad. ----------Wrath of the Ancients (Basic Bow): Feed zombies to 3 dragon heads until they leave; 1. Courtyard past Double Tap 2, 2. In Church, 3. By Pyramid underground. Then, go up steps from Pyramid towards Church, halfway up, by the knight's tomb, you will find the Bow. It takes up a gun slot. There won't be a longer description of this, as it is pretty straightforward. ########################## Shield Longer Description: You may open Start Room from 2 sides, so I'll describe Parts 1+2 from both Start, and from the Power Switch, so that you can follow either way. ---------Shield Part 1: Shield Part 1 from Start Room: Open the Start Room door near the GobbleGum Machine (GGm). Go up and left by Double Tap 2 Perk Machine (DT2) to the iron gate door. Open it to the "Dragon Courtyard". 1. On your immediate right is a zombie window with boxes. SP1a may be on those boxes. 2. From door by DT2, go left to the base of the steps in the courtyard. SP1b may be against the base of these steps. 3. From door by DT2, go left, go up steps (from 2, above), make hardest right up more steps. SP1c may be on the left of the steps by the 'power door' which opens with the Power Switch. Shield Part 1 from Power Switch: (Facing Power Switch, go left to 'Power Door' which opens to Bastion (Electric Trap, PaP location here). Stay left, go down steps: 1. SP1c may be on your right, just after the place where the 'power door' on these steps lowered (you can see the location even when open). 2. Continue down to the landing pad on the balcony, turn hard left down steps towards the window. SP1b may be at the base of these steps. 3. At bottom of steps, go right to window by the gate door by DT2. SP1a may be on the boxes by that window (a couple of meters from the GGm). -------------Shield Part 2: Shield Part 2 from Start: Open Start Room door by Quick Revive (QR), go in and right to round "void bow room", open door to courtyard. 1. Turn right, walk to steps by Clock Tower, SP2a may be at the base of these steps, by the zombie window. 2. Go up Clock Tower steps and into the CT. SP2b may be by the desk across from the entrance. 3. Walk back down the same steps to the courtyard, and walk across and stop in front of the Church entrance. SP2c may be to the right of the Church door, in the courtyard, against the boxes there. Shield Part 2 from Power Switch: (Facing Power Switch, go left to 'power door' and out). Stay right and head down steps to Clock Tower (Wunderfizz and Landing Pad just before the CT), go in CT. SP2b may be by desks, across from entrance. 2. Come back out of CT by WF/LP again, head left down steps to courtyard. SP2a may be at the base of these steps on your right (by zombie window). 3. Head across courtyard and stop in front of Church. SP2c may be to the right of the Church entrance, in the courtyard, by the boxes there. ----------Shield Part 3: All 3 SP3 locations are by the Pyramid in 'the undercroft' below the Church. Once power is on, enter from "dragon courtyard", Start Room (upstairs by Jugger), or head down from the Church by Speed Cola. Activate the 4 square panels on the floor around the pyramid by standing on each for 4 seconds (it turns blue, audio cue). Once all 4 are active, low gravity will start, and then it will oscillate between on and off over time. During low gravity, jump at and push towards a wall in this area and run forward to wall run. Wall run or jump to these locations: SP3a: Above workbench on fancy metalwork that surrounds the Pyramid (but up on ceiling). It faces the workbench, but towards the "church steps" side (left and up if facing away from the workbench). SP3b: Above PaP location on reverse side of structure from dragon head. SP3c: Above door to the Teleporter to the Landing Pad. ------------Workbenches: Build at Pyramid, or above DT2, or in Church at Workbenches. This depends on where you train or camp. I find the Pyramid bench to be generally easiest to get to during rounds. ########################## --------Ragnarok Parts: (Just touch these to aquire them). Note that you can use the Bastion electric trap to ensnare the Panzer Soldat (to shoot him easily) and get 2 Ragnarok Parts almost simultaneously. Ragnarok Part 1: Kill the first Panzer Soldat. He drops RP1. If you miss the part somehow, the next PS will drop it. Ragnarok Part 2: Activate the Bastion Electric Trap. Then look up when it is done to see the part in the air. Use the Church Courtyard Wundersphere, or the Wundersphere above Double Tap 2 to retrieve it. (The Church WS takes you almost to the DT2 WS, that is a good path to take if you don't know which to try). If you miss it somehow, simply activate the trap later. It may rarely appear at one of the other Wundersphere paths, but this very rare. Ragnarok Part 3: Go down by Pyramid and locate the door to the Launch Pad. This door is near the PaP location (facing PaP, look right). Go in and teleport to the Launch Pad. At the Launch Pad teleporter, turn right and head out to the actual LP, stay left, you will pass the Trip Mine wallbuy, continue along the left and you will see a red switch (below the PaP location on the pad above). When the Rocket Test begins, throw that switch ASAP, and hurry in by the Teleporter before the doors close and the Rocket Engine fires (it will kill you if outside). Now you will fight or avoid the burning zombies as well as the current round's zombies. I suggest simply circling them near the closed LP doors, between the 2 zombie windows until the Rocket Test is complete. When you hear the audio cue that the Rocket Test is complete, hurry to the Teleporter in here and activate the green-light switch to the left of the teleporter AS SOON AS THE 3 LIGHTS TURN GREEN. Pull the switch, then RP3 will be on the TP. 360 (last gen) note: This last step, it is very hard to activate the switch at the end. When the 3 green lights come on, you often cannot activate the switch until the last milliseconds before it turns red again. This is a very frustrating bug. I suggest In Plain Sight or Idle Eyes GG so that you are not being pressured by zombies at this tiny window of opportunity. Next gen works fine. Note: While at the LP, remember to activate the landing pad by VMP, and the PaP location on the Launch Pad. ######################## Happy gaming! (1.23.2019)
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    Just like my other "Moar of..." threads, the idea here is to suss out some viable survival maps for short games in Revelations. I attempt to find areas that are fun to play or have interesting ideas, which is not always successful. Some ideas may create longer games as well, but most ideas will avoid PaP, Keeper, and Shield as they require too much of the map to be open for the purpose of quick survival maps. ########################## #Start Room: Start Room Challenge option. Running this small area with RK5 and Shieva should be a relatively short game, depending on skill and GGs. QR option available. Start Room Options: Opening either Start Room door for a little more space is not really a good idea. But if you do the Corruption Engine ritual, you can add Juggernogg and NDU to your Start Room map. LCAR9 and Vesper in NDU. ######################### ##Knife to Meat You. Easy and quick camping or training with Bowie Knife (or similar). Open Stairs door in Start Room. Jump over to Shangri section. Open Stairs in Shangri section, open 'wunderfizz cavern' door to Kino section. Buy Bowie Knife and ICR1 in Kino, camp the steep steps early, move up by Widow's Wine camp spot later, or simply train the Stage. Possible ?Box locations. QR option. Option: Add Jugger by doing Start Room Corruption Engine. Option: Open Eisendrache section, do that Corruption Engine, Allow W'sW to be bought, and Wunderfizz is allowed if in this cavern. Jugger allowed. Stamin Up allowed. QR option. (Having 4 perks in this build makes the map feel complete). Option: Do speed runs to aquire the speed run melee weapons from the top of the Shangri steps. Shangri section has KRM and LCAR9. First section of Eisendrache, by Wunderfizz cavern has Kuda and VMP. ######################### ##Camp until Crash. Open Start Room Steps, jump to Shangri, go through Kino, jump to Verrücktish island. Do that Corruption Engine. Go up long steps from CE through 'trap' doorway, stop and camp in corner. Buy Juggernog and Speed Cola. Buy whatever guns and Bowie Knife on way. Trap option. QR option. Speed Runs for melee option. ########################## ###Apothicon Pit: Activate all Corruption Engines, enter and stay in the Apothicon Belly. Come prepared and never leave. Long game. ######################### #Sh Angri Pit: Open Start Room Steps to jump pad, jump to Shangri section. Do not open doors nor leave. How much you set up first is up to you. ######################### #Origins Pit: Open the GG door from Start Room. Jump to Origins area, never leave nor open doors. How prepared you are for this is up to you; go in all pimped out, or head there straight from Start like a Start Room Challenge. KRM and Pharo. ######################### #MotD Cafeteria Pit: Jump from Verrücktish island to MotD cafeteria. Never leave this space. Come prepared, or race there with bare-bones loadout. ######################### ###I Love the Mystery Box: ASAP, get to the box. You may only buy ?Box guns. You may only play on the "island" that currently has the ?Box. You must move the ?Box to be allowed on other "islands". If you must move through an 'illegal' space to get to the ?Box, you can not buy anything in that illegal space unless door opening is required, then you may only buy those required doors. At any time, you may do the Corruption Engine of the current ?Box island, but you can not enter NDU unless the ?Box goes there. (You could pop into NDU to check for the ?Box location, if unsure of its current location after it moves, but don't buy anything or do anything else in NDU unless the ?Box goes there). Longer game if you survive it. ########################## (Work in progress...) Happy surviving!
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    That still makes me giggle. haha Not to mention that they are aware of being in a video game. That is one of the reasons why we like you. And now that I am here posting, I might as well give props to you Radzakpak for posting this. it is always a pleasure to read these posts. ❤️
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    My life has been crazy. Sorry I really haven't been on here at all in 2018. It was an insane year. -I was studying for and taking 5 tests to become a licensed Architect. That was complete in September and is the biggest accomplishment of my life. -My wife got pregnant in the spring and we had little Naomi in November. So life since then has been much different. -Multiple things broke on my house. Things from a tree falling on it to a poo pipe wearing out. On the video game end of things I casually played the WWII maps with a friend but not a whole lot. State of Decay 2 launched in May I think which has taken 160 hours of my playtime last year. I have always loved Star Wars but last year I really got into it. Watching youtube on it, reading the books, watching Rebels show, and playing Battlefront 2. Very excited for 2019 on the Star Wars front. BO4. I didn't buy it till Christmas and with baby I have little time to play. I haven't figured out how to pap on any maps yet (went in blind, found 3 of the 4 things on voyage tho) and look forward to many hours playing in the coming years. Definitely not getting IW's game this year, whatever it is. I am pretty much just going to be multiple months behind everybody in BO4. Boy is it a good game though.
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    Happy 2019 everyone! It's been quiet on my end. Again, apologies - when I get busy, I keep my mind on one project at a time and unfortunately it means a total state of silence from other projects. That is changing by the end of the month (for realsies haha). I'm glad to see everyone ready to thrive this year, and I can't wait to see how it plays out for you all! Each one of y'all is family to me and I'm totally supporting your growth, your lows, everything. 🙂
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    Glad to hear that about recovery, my Drentse friend, I have great respect for that. Support your friend in everything and make it a great and unforgettable year. Followed by a great life. When Im down I deel like doing stuff that helps the someone/thing. Like that blood donating thing or simply giving birds some bread in the winter. The odd thing is that it gives me even more satisfaction when doing something good without anyone else knowing it. Just to create some kind of self respect or something. Oh, and playing a music instrument helps me as well. It brings my mind somewhere else (some people have that's with sporting). Recently I started to sing along while playing a song on piano, though that is hard for a 18y/o guy who always only sang in a pub while he was drunk. Slowly things are improving, though. Finally, I can find rest in composing music sheets. Or at least start composing them. While I am terrible in creating music myself I am arrogant enough to say that I am fairly good in playing a song out of my head by merely listening to it (so without sheet). From this I create (simple) piano sheets my self.
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    Similar to my other "Moar..." posts, this post is mostly about breaking the marathon busywork ZNS map into small survival maps for quicker games, but also with a few long-game options. (2.13.2019). ########################## Things to consider: GobbleGum: Maybe you want to bring Mega power to your survival map. Maybe you wish to play offline to not sully your stats, but maybe you want those Liquid Divinium too badly. Or you could skip GG altogether (or bring the whimsical Eye Candy, turn zombies into green army men and just play the game like that since EC never runs out; the monogreen spiders and thrashers amuse me). I generally use Classic GGs, or otherwise useless GGs (Slaughter slide, the Temporary PaP GG, et cetera). Mystery Box (?box): This spawns by Propellor Trap Room or by the SoNS Altar. By leaving these doors closed, you could force reliance on wallbuys and Blue Water Reward Plants, which becomes its own new mode. Or you could use the ?box for your best guns should you so desire. Power, PaP, Masamune (KT-4 Upgraded): If you open the Bunker and do the busywork for these, you are essentially just playing ZNS, so I'll mostly avoid them, but there will be exceptions. Perks: Quick Revive is live for solo, and powering Lab A and/or Lab B lets you buy Stamin Up, Speed Cola, and/or Double Tap 2. Getting your real eggs in a bottle requires the Bunker opening task, and Power Switch task for longer games and slightly more open map. ------- Each new map basic design may start with "#(Map name)". One "#" means "real short", "##" means "short", and "###" means an hour or longer game depending on skill and fate. Some are fleshed out games, and some are just ideas for you to utilize in your own desired way. Some can be combined with others for unique gameplay. ####### Maps and Ideas ####### #Start Room: Everyone loves the Start Room challenges (Yes, you do. Shut up and like it): No doors allowed. RK5, Shieva, GGm, 1 Plant which can be watered once, 1 Spore. Short games. Option: Open whichever Room Quick Revive falls in for bonus lives and guns. 1. Path B door for that Stone Room running area, another plant, LCAR9, and Spores. Or 2. Path A door for that Drop Room (power up room) KRM, Plant, and Spores. Option: Fight only while swimming. This is a short but fun game. Zombies walk underwater. Option: Can't go past Shieva (no RK5, GGm, or Plant). Horrible loads and Shieva for you tough guys. ######################### ##Box and Bottle: In B+B, open to the ?box. When QR falls (first room, either side of Start Room), open the Start Room door to it. Random guns, some unwatered Plants, Spores, GGm, and 4 lives. 1 box and 1 bottle, until box moves and perk leaves. QR always falls on the other path than the ?Box. ##B+B1; Box by Propellor Trap, QR in Stony Room. This makes a nice tiny map with a few Spores of concern, but fair training. ##B+B2; Box by SoNS Altar, QR by "drop" room (hidden power up/drop). Harder map flow, challenges option (though unlikely). ###B+B Extension: You can open both sides to each ?Box location, open Lab B Trip Mine area, Lab B upstairs, and the Bowie area, all without encountering water. So this can add training room, better guns, spores, more plant spots, Trip Mine, and another GGm location, all while still avoiding busywork of buildables and water, for a fairly short survival game still. ######################### ###Lab A, Powerless: Open Path A at start, stay right, open Lab A area. Lab A upstairs is closed. ?Box locations are closed.This is quite fun and changes up the normal zombie playstyle by utilizing Plants as your ?Box. Some planting and watering is involved, but it is minimal. With no ?Box, you have a few wallbuys, with your best possible guns coming from Plants. GGm is at start, along your planting-path, and water is in back, forcing you to utilize this whole map. Train around Lab A or camp the back steps of Lab A. Possible QR option. Option: Open Stony Room for a cul-de-sac near Start for easier flow at this end. (Recommended). QR option. Option: Open door between Lab A and the Bunker for VMP and Bowie Knife, and a decent training area. (Recommended). Option: Open Lab A upstairs. This adds GGm, and M8A7. Improves the camping of rear steps by zipline. Adds Perk options with temporary power. Option: Open Stony Room and front of Lab B (training, Trip Mines, Vesper), even open upstairs of Lab B (HVK30, GGm), and/or open this end of the Bunker area to make the map a loop, all without changing the basic game of "farm for guns, have no perks (but QR option)". Option: Open to the ?Box Room, either side. Avoid watering at all and just run Lab A. Possible challenges option, depending on the ?Box location. ########################## ###Green Water Pit (Power on): Just like other "Pit" maps of mine, the idea is to enter a closed off area and never leave nor open a way out. Map rules: never open either (vine) door to Green Water behind Lab B. Get power on, get what you can on your class before entering. Then head to the KT4 Labs, and ride the sewer to the Green Water area. Don't leave. (You cannot build nor upgrade the KT4, nor the Gas Mask due to part locations unless you plan ahead and use Anywhere But Here! GG to get the green KT4 part, Gas Mask Part, then return again for 1 bucket of rainbow water. This could be done with 2 uses of 1 ABH!). Once ready, enter the Green Water Pit and stay until dead. Honestly, this offers no real great fun. You can get weird zombie spawns by climbing the hill to the vine door at the highest point. The training is tough, but I know that some of you love challenge, so I posted this tidbit. ####################### Spider Pit: You may attempt to close yourself off in any small area by having a Spider wall off the entrance(s). They only web off doors that you've opened. Results may vary, but you could theoretically create a "pit" map with Spiders for an odd game or couple of rounds. ####################### ##"Docks Pit": Turn on Power Switch, take Lab A zipline to Docks with Docks door closed. Lots of set-up for a death trap, but you can train there. Another tough small map. ######################### Lab B thoughts; You can open and run this area as your training map, but I haven't found any real worthy builds of interest beyond "open some areas, kill zombies" so here are some thoughts on Lab B: Vine Door to Bunker (from Lab B): Opening this gets you the Bowie and VMP, if desired, but leaving it closed is a good camp spot on the Lab B side (be wary of spore on right path), and if you stay backed up during a spider round, each spider will spawn in the center of this path, you literally shoot the ground until all spiders die, making them even easier than usual. Vine-door by Kuda: With this door closed, and the 500 point AA Gun Room door above closed, it is a safe early camp spot. Edit: If you open the Bunker vine-door (from last paragraph), the zombies do spawn above you. I assume this load point may occur if you open the Bunker/Bowie area from Lab A (with this side's vine door closed), but I've not tested specifically for that yet. Lab B Steps: If you go up the long front steps and leave the actual Lab B door closed, 1-2 zombies spawn on the roof, but the rest all walk up the steps. This can be used in a survival map, or in a full game. Good for after buying Bowie knife, for early camping. With the Green Water area closed, most zombies walk up from beneath you, around and up the stairs, this is kind of cool to see and hear. (You could "spider web" this closed too, but more zombies may come from roof. Untested). Training Lab B front area: Running under the Lab B works, but don't stay under the Lab, run around by the tree hill, and the wet area, and past the rear steps (mind that spore there), only passing under the lab. Watch out if you plant a plant by the water as it can block your path. If you open the Green Water area, simply circling the entire Lab B often works best. Green Water: Using Green Water in a survival build nets you lots of zombie-holding plants or weak rewards, which are unnecessary in this type of survival play. Much less intriguing than Blue Water for survival quick maps, but maybe it will amuse you enough to be worthy. ######################### Purple and Rainbow waters: You could quickly power both labs and open the Bunker to toy with Purple watered plants. Purple: in Bunker, go to PaP room, open right side door. Purple water is in here. This can create the "Monkey Bomb Flytrap" Plants. The Power Switch needs to be on to play with Rainbow water and you must pay 500 points each Sewer ride to get it. Rainbow water: in Bunker, go to PaP room. Go to opposite door from entrance, go below 'yellow things' room. There is a flooded part. Go in, spend points to activate sewer to Green Water (behind B). Rushing through the tunnel you will pass 2 blue-lit areas, then after the second blue-lit area 3 tiny blue stones are floating on your right, hold X/xb1 (interact button) just before you pass them for rainbow water. Rainbow Water can make fruit plants or have other various plant rewards, if I understand correctly. ######################### Hydrophobia (Self loathing mode): You can only kill regular zombies while swimming. By Start, KT4 Lab Sewer, Green Water Sewer, and Mule Kick tunnels. Option: You win if you survive a complete, non-Spider round in the MK tunnels (not in the shallow water by MK, you must dive past the first air-less section). ########################## ###Shangry Labs: Open Path A and B to Labs, and open the connecting path by Bunker/Bowie from both ends to create a loop. Leave Bunker, Green Water, and the ?Box Rooms closed. Power the labs with Blue Water, get the perks. Plants and wallbuys for guns. DT2, QR, SC, and SU perks. (Purchased perks remain functional when power goes off). Option: Open ?Box Room for guns to avoid watering busywork. Option: Add Propellor Trap. Decide at start if you want the ?Box or not. If you do not want it, but it is in the Propellor Trap Room, restart until perfect. With no PaP, a late game trap can help. Option: Keep 1 door closed for non-loop map. Option: Challenge. Open SoNS Altar area, attempt challenges for Max Ammo, a Gun, or a perk slot that you can't fill. ######################### Propellor Trap Map: Water-power Lab A, use Trap as needed. Refill power as needed. (Power Switch option as well). Without PaP or DT2, this could be your savior. ######################### Fan Trap Map: Power Switch on, use Fan Trap of AA Gun entrance. Possibly exit through small door path to Lab B. Mix this with any other "Power Switch On" options to create a unique trap mode. ######################### ##Shield Map thoughts: Any build that has access to Labs A+B and Bowie can access the Bunker. Getting the Shield is then very simple as it only requires 1 more door purchase inside the Bunker (other Shield parts are at the open Lab areas), making a slightly larger map. ##KT-4 and Gas Mask map thoughts: Getting the Gas Mask necessitates Green Water area, Propellor Trap Room, and 2 additional Bunker doors, but will be worth it for the protection it grants. Don't forget to breathe your share of Spores first! Playing without gas mask helps keep the games short. KT-4 gives access to Power Up, and Spidergawd Boss fight, as well as killing zombs. Similar map opening requirements as Gas Mask. Possible Widow's Wine option. ########################## ######## More to come, this is always a work in progress. Happy gaming!
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    (Last edit 2.08.2019) This is a text format post on Zetsubou No Shima's buildables, the various part locations, Power Switch activation (out of necessity), PaP Valves, and Skull rituals for the Specialist Weapon; Skull of Nan Sapwe. I've recently added the Masamune (KT4 upgrade), and a watering guide at the end. Mostly I will explain the part locations, but some map basics will be included so any new players can get started here. All of these require opening the Bunker in the center of the map for parts and such, so I will address that. You will be gathering pieces of each as you go along, including doing 2 Skull rituals early. No easter eggs described here. All parts can be gathered in any order unless otherwise stated. #######Parts and info: (Quick Reference Chart, long versions afterwards: Workbenches: Labs A+B, Bunker. Shield Parts: Under Lab A, Trees of Lab B, AA Room in Bunker. Gas Mask Parts: Propellor Trap Room, Green Water Area, Docks (through Bunker). PaP Valve Parts: (All in Bunker) Power Room (submerged), Underwater Tunnels by KT4 Lab (submerged), Hanging Corpse Room random cocoon. KT4 Parts: Green zombie from Lab B general area, Spider Extract at Lab A, Plant from tunnels under KT4 Lab (Bunker). KT4 Upgrade/Masamune: Spider tooth from Boss fight, Lab B cage part which requires challenges and electric Shield, thrice Rainbow-watered plant from deep hole beneath KT4 labs by Mule Kick. Build at other KT4 Lab table. See Skull of Nan Sapwe Quick Reference below in SoNS section). #######Bucket+Bunker####### Bucket: To open the Bunker, a Bucket must be located, 115 water must be gathered, and 6 doors minimum must be opened (roughly 6000 points). A lone Bucket spawns in Start Room, (Buckets also load near the 115 water and in the labs for multiple players). The bucket appears as a metal pail with bright, light blue around the rim and light blue inside (regardless of water colors, which are Dark Blue, Green, Purple, or Rainbow). The Generator fill spots in Lab A/B also have this light blue rim for easy location. The actual water color in your Bucket can be seen in inventory, or upper left screen when you change water volume (refill or watering). Bucket Start Room spawn will be within 5m of the little cliff. Multiple locations at Start Room: Behind mound near water, below cliff, above cliff, by ZNS map + boulder. 1 Bucket, easy to locate. Bunker opening example: Open door towards Lab A at top of spawn (sign with large A next to it), stay right and open door to Lab A, stay left and go to Blue Water, hold (interact button) to fill Bucket (this is quick and simple). Continue around Lab A path to the Kuda Wallbuy (shield part here), make left into dark steps, stay left and open door. You will see the bunker with 2 red lights above it (Bowie knife behind tree). Pass the tree/Bowie and open door to Lab B. Go up long steps, open up Lab B, pour water into generator (5m from door, blue rim like Bucket). Head back down steps, past Bunker, to Lab A area, stay right past Kuda, fill Bucket in same water as before, continue along path to Lab A steps (near Start), go up steps, open Lab A, pour water into generator, head out opposite side of room and drop off of the wide catwalk between Lab A's 2 buildings. You will land near Kuda. Go to Bunker (both lights green), hold (interact button). The doors will open and there will be 3 zombies, 1 will become a Thrasher though you can possibly kill him before he changes. Bunker is now open permanently. (This does not activate main power). Often players open Path B first, to get a view of the challenges at the SoNS Altar. #######Shield####### I recommend building this in Lab B due to the workbench's easy access location, or down in Bunker in the Hanging Corpse Room, which is adecent training spot and more of a central location. Shield Part 1: By Lab A, Kuda Wallbuy. Face Kuda. It may be on same column as Kuda, on left, otherwise turn 180° and it has 2 spots on wall corners (columns) right in front of you. All locations are within about 5 meters. It is Black and square-ish. Shield Part 2: Go past Bowie to Lab B area, make right. This piece is on 1 of 3 trees; tree on immediate right (from Bunker) by zombie window, the next tree on right by path between Start and Lab B, or pass that tree, pass the next tree, then go through a small wet area and up the hill to a tree at edge of map (by drop off from Path B SoNS Altar, near Trip Mine wallbuy). This last tree piece is harder to see, just walk up to this tree and a prompt will come up. The piece is black. There are not many trees, you'll find it. Shield Part 3: Enter Bunker to first area (GGm, Juggernog area before PaP Room). Open door on right to AA gun. Go up steps, stay left and pass KN44 wallbuy, check corner on left by seed spot (while going clockwise in this rectangle area), then check corner (across from Spore) on a rubble pile, then check the next clockwise corner on a rubble pile. The piece is black and visible on rubble, less visible at the first spot by greenery, look for prompt. #######Gas Mask####### This keeps you from choking on Spore clouds, reduces chances of nearby spores exploding, greatly increases underwater time, and reduces overall Thrasher lethality. If you're new to ZNS, I recommend that you get this before Power Switch and KT4/PaP parts which require swimming. I suggest building GM in Lab A at the most dangerous workbench as you rarely need to replace this. Lab A, go up rear steps (between Kuda and Blue Water), the workbench is on the right in a corner as you enter the actual building. Gas Mask Part 1: This piece is in the Propellor Trap Room (abbreviated as Propellor Room often) which is between Start Room and Lab A. Open this door, head right to plane wreckage. This hose coil is on the right as you get to the wreckage, it hangs on some grassy strands (visible enough, or look for prompt on screen), or it hangs on the left side of the exit as you pass through the plane section (easy to see or find prompt), or it is to the left of the ?box location on a rock (easy to see), by a light pole, straight ahead after you exit the plane, past the Pharo wallbuy. Gas Mask Part 2: By Green Water behind Lab B. From Bunker, entering Lab B area, make left, open door behind Lab B, go up steps by perk machine. By the railing of this catwalk, straight out from the perk is the first location on an open wooden box flanked by air tanks (easy to see but part is small), if not there then head towards the green water to the right side of the green water, on the boxes. This location is hard to spot, look for the prompt (right next to water fill prompt. It is right by the waterside facing Lab B. It is on the edge of the lower of 2 stacked boxes). If not there, continue clockwise (turn right from GW) past seed spot, along the outer edge of this area, you will see a medium size box by a mound (on your right along the left path, in sight of vine-door from Trip mine area), it will be on the box (easy to see but small). Gas Mask Part 3: Go to Bunker. Enter Bunker, pass Jugger/GGm into PaP Room (this room is flooded in center). Open first door on left to Power Room (Flooded middle, Dead Power Switch on far wall). Open first door (in Power Room) on left again. This comes out to an area named Docks, it is tiny, has a zipline and a ritual spot for Skull of NS (we'll get to that). The 3 GM spots are in this tiny area. First look at either pile of boxes; on the 'near zipline' boxes, or on the 'center' boxes. It is easy to spot on the boxes/crates as a small cylinder. If not there, it is to the left of the wallbuy against the outer edge (this prompt is iffy, get close). #######Power####### This describes the water task that must be accomplished before activating the Power Switch. Activate Power: Go into Bunker, straight past Juggernog into the flooded PaP Room, make left into Power Room, get to opposite end of room by Power Switch. Turn 180°, walk down steps in center into water, swim left side to cobwebs (blocked turbine), clear webs (interact button). This will close the entrance and spawn 10 zombies that you must kill to re-open the entrance. Note there are open air spaces on the right side of this pool (if facing out from Power Switch), and a Spore that can be shot for air. Once complete, activate the Power Switch (interact button). Tips: With Gas Mask, you might need to come up for air into the open-for-air sections once or twice during this task, without GM, you need to come up about every 10 seconds which is less convenient and dangerous. But with practice, GM won't be necessary. Make sure that you can kill these zombies and stay safe; Bowie Knife (round 9 or earlier) and swim like a shark around the perimeter (rectangular area with middle section), or a hard hitting gun (bullets seem weaker under water), aim headshots or spam shotgun shots, and consider defense like 'In Plain Sight' GG on your first attempts. When complete, you'll hear a loud sound of the door mechanism and active turbine, quickly get to the entrance as it opens. When you leave the water, you may have zombies right there, so get out quick, and head right to stay safe if needed, then come back and activate the Power Switch when you have control over the remaining zombies. If you go straight from the water task to Power Switch when learning this, you often get Trollarched by a couple zombies and getting killed right then is a frustrating thing I'd suggest you avoid. Pap Valve Part 1 spawns underwater by unblocked Turbine when water task is complete and you've exited the water or poked your head up for air. Go back in and grab it while here. I've edited this paragraph due to confusion, as the part sometimes spawns while I'm in the water and sometimes I need to leave the water to spawn it. It may simply require that I come up for air, for it to spawn, after the task is complete. Now you can buy Juggernog. #######Access P-a-P####### To open and drain the PaP area, you must predictably aquire 3 parts, then use them on the 3 positions surrounding the flooded PaP area to drain it and open the door. Each individual part will be through a different door, of the 3 doors, in the PaP room. (Note that KT4 Part 3 will be near PaP Valve Part 2). Each PaP valve faces the door its part is behind. PaP Valve Part 1: This spawns next to where you cleared Turbine cobwebs in the Power Room, under water, just after the water zombies are killed, the gate opens, and you leave the water (or just come up for air?). You can immeditately go back in and take it. With PaP Valve Part 1 in hand, head to PaP Room and activate the PaP Valve facing the Power Room. PaP Valve Part 2 (and KT4 Part 3): Now go to the opposite end of PaP Room from Juggernog entrance, open door, go to opposite end of new room (yellow things), down either stairs, make right, open door to Mule Kick. (Have Gas Mask for easiest success, or shoot spores for air). Go into water, search upper loop (with brownish stone) for PaP Valve Part 2 that looks like a circular valve handle. The underwater tunnel loop is not that long, with 2 breathing holes, watch for zombies. Spiders run around as if on dry land, be wary of them. (KT4 part 3 is in deep bluish hole. Before diving, breath air in the airhole with the ceiling text cipher (bright area), head quickly down, KT4 Part 3 appears as an obvious plant at bottom of this blue shaft. Grab it, turn around and head up. Zombies don't seem to enter the bluish tunnels, just the brownish tunnels above). Return to PaP room and activate the next PaP Valve. PaP Valve Part 3: From entrance of PaP Room, now open the door on the right (the last door, facing the last Valve spot). Go into the room of cocooned hanging corpses and stab them down, they become zombies (hard to reach cocoons are just background, all relevant cocoons are hanging in reach, but some will be on the catwalk above). One of these cocoons will drop PaP Valve Part 3. It is a small yellowish part. I've had it set by a wall and it was slightly hard to find, so if it doesn't seem to be dropping, look around real carefully. Grab the PaP Valve Part 3 and return to flooded PaP Room and activate the last PaP Valve. The PaP area will now drain and the door will open. PaP is a small area and you can loop behind the machine. You can now PaP and rePaP. #######KT4####### This is the Wonder Weapon of ZNS. It fires a single shot (1 zombie) or charged shots (up to 10 zombies) of 2 or 3 bullets. It has a slow 1, 2, or 3 sound shot charge and slow reload. This slowly kills zombies and charged shots effect the ground area, making it harmful to zombies for several seconds. It takes up a gun slot. It is built in the room before the underwater tunnels (KT Part 3 and PaP Valve Part 2). Once built, it will appear in the box for everyone else. It can be upgraded but not by the PaP machine. It can also fertilize plants (See Watering Chart at end of this post). KT4 Part 1: Go to Lab B area and fight zombies. You will see a light green glowing zombie (it is the part on him). Kill him, pick it up. This zombie may inadvertently follow you elsewhere and drop the piece wherever, so keep an eye out for him/it. It will despawn and reappear on a new zombie though, so don't search outside of Green Water for it as it won't last long. KT4 Part 2: Any Spider round (or random Spider after second Spider round). Go upstairs Lab A, interact with cage (power required), it will drop. Go below to cage, it will be smoking purple on the bottom which should immediately attract a nearby spider into it. When that occurs, quickly head upstairs and interact with the control again. The spider will be raised and venom extracted, a pink vial can be grabbed from the cage-arm. Pick it up. KT4 Part 3 (By PaP Valve Part 2): (With Gas Mask for best results) Enter Bunker, straight past Jugger and PaP, straight into next room (yellow things), down stairs, hard right, into brownish underwater tunnels, (grab air) then deep into bluish tunnel to bottom, grab KT4 Part 3 (looks like a plant and is easy to find), turn around and head back to air and out of water. This room just out of the water (below yellow things room) contains the place to build the KT4 (and later upgrade it). #######Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) This requires Power, Shield, KT4, Skull of Nan Sapwe, and that the 3 challenges at the SoNS Altar are complete. Recommend a PaP'd gun. These parts can also be gathered in any order, build at a second table in the KT4 labs. (Bunker, straight through PaP room, into yellow things room, below yellow things room. Mule Kick nearby). Masamune Part 1a. Prior to collecting this Part, first test the Skull of Nan Sapwe by trying to 'mesmerize' open the hidden wall by Juggernogg and the GGm (front-left side of room if looking at juggs), if it does not work, your SoNS is glitched and it is difficult to unglitch (I'm not sure how I've unglitched it previously, but it can be unglitched. Downed?), so you are most likely stuck if SoNS won't remove the Jugg wall (it is a known bug). If SoNS works, then go to the Purple Water in the Corpse Room (turn right in PaP room) and use the 'mesmerize' feature while standing in the Purple Water small area, on a piece of a building schematic on the broken piece of wall next to the Workbench. You'll see the full schematic appear and you'll hear an audio cue. Now, go to the KT4 Lab, and use the Sewer towards Green Water (500 points). After passing 2 bluish lit areas in the water tunnel, there will be 3 tiny blue stones floating on the right side, hit interact button just before you pass them to get Rainbow Water in your bucket. You pass through a metal ring just before the blue stones and the water speed ebbs slightly, hit interact then. Masamune Part 1b. Rainbow-watered Plant. Get seed, get Rainbow Water, go down to the bottom of the blue underwater tunnel where you got KT4 Part 3, use SoNS on the grey rock on the right side (opposite spore) to make it vanish, plant the Seed, water it (Rainbow Water). Water it again for the next 2 rounds as well (RW). Then, the following round there will be a Plant, take it. If you screw up or miss a round, you get a dead stick and must start over after the stick goes away. Masamune Part 2. Spider Tooth. Use the KT4 to clear the blue webs from behind the Blue Water behind Lab A. Kill the Spidergawd by shooting it in the mouth. Go up to its dead face, hit interact button to take the Spider Tooth. This battle could take a little while, but is only 30 seconds with the right gear. Tips: The leg-stomp is the feared attack, but there are spots in this little area where you can basically stand in one spot for the whole battle with minimal damage (I go right, near tallest stalagtite and barely get scratched). The KT4 is not a good choice for this, one PaP LMG will take him down very quick. Baby Spiders often drop max ammo here. Masamune Part 3a. Before getting this part, you must complete the 3 SoNS Altar Challenges which are seen by looking at the 3 yellow rings of symbols on the column by the SoNS Altar. When completed, come to the SoNS Altar and have the Shield out and wait for a lightning strike which will charge your Shield. The sky will be stormy, stay by the Altar with your Shield out, be patient. If you hit a zombie with the charged Shield, or one hits the Shield on your back, the charge will be used up, so head carefully to Lab B with charged Shield in hand. Masamune Part 3b. Underground Part: With charged Shield in hand, go to Lab B and Shock the Cage controls (like the Spider cage from Lab A, KT4 part above, but in Lab B). The cage will open, get in and it will take you below ground. Hold interact to aquire the part (in upright skeleton), the cage will raise back up. (Note that in a 2+ player game, another player must lower and raise the cage). Create the Masamune KT4 upgrade in the KT4 Lab at a table near the original KT4 build table. #######Skull of Nan Sapwe (Quick Reference: SoNS Altar = Open path B at start, open right door by perk location, white Altar. Match and carry Skulls to Pedestals in Start Room, Propellor Room, Docks, KT4 Labs, then kill greenish zombies at each, then return that Skull to Altar, grab the next until all 4 are white. Kill keepers underneath by SoNS on a pedestal, pick it up when done. End SoNS Quick Reference). -------SoNS Tutorial: Skull of Nan Sapwe is the Specialist Weapon of ZNS. Hold both Bumper/Shoulder buttons (grenade buttons) to activate it. Like all others, it recharges by killing things. Once active, left trigger mesmerizes zombies (they do the head shake, stand and stare) while you hold trigger and the right trigger wrecks them if you hold it for a couple of seconds. Its charge wears down fairly slowly but also recharges slowly. -------How and where to get SoNS, long version: In the Start Room, find the white Pedestal near the water and note the cuneiform-ish symbol. Then open path B. In that stone area, open the right-most door by the perk location (the other door is to Lab B). In this opened area you will see the SoNS Altar. SoNS Altar is a white cube with 4 small skulls that are dark. You can pick up or set down any one of these skulls, one at a time. Each has a cuneiform-ish symbol under it and there is a small white pedestal in 4 spots around the map with matching symbols. 4 Skulls on Altar, 4 Pedestals around map, got it? (1) Match the Start Pedestal Symbol to one Skull Symbol on the SoNS Altar. Pick up that Skull, take it to the Start Pedestal and place it there. Green spots will appear and green smoking zombies will come out and amble towards the pedestal and attack it. If they do too much damage to the Skull/Pedestal, the Skull will dissapear for several minutes before it can be found at the Altar again, still dark. The green zombies will cease to exist. You will need to start this individual ritual over. You must kill these green-smoke zombies and protect the Skull + Pedestal. After killing the green zombies it is done and all remaining greenies cease to exist, the Skull is now pale. In early rounds, I stab exactly 15 greenies with the Bowie to complete this, but if I wait and use the KT-4, I only need to kill about 10 at each pedestal, so I'm not sure what the exact guidelines are. So 10-15 greenies per ritual. When complete, pick up the newly whitened Skull, but go look at the Propellor Room Pedestal Symbol before returning the Skull to the main Altar. (2) Set that Skull in its spot, grab the (dark) Propellor Room Skull (match the symbol) and head to Propellor Room Pedestal. (From Start Room, open path A, open left-most door to Propellor Trap Room. GM part from above was here). Do Propellor Room ritual, return that whitened Skull to Altar. Now, you have a 50/50 chance of which last Skull to take where, unless you remembered the Bunker symbols at an earlier point in your game, depending on when you work on getting the SoNS' rituals done. So grab a skull and head to these 2 Bunker spots and match its symbol to one of the Pedestals, then do that ritual, then do the last ritual with the last dark Skull: (3) Bunker Pedestal by Docks: Enter Bunker, pass Juggernog into PaP, hard left (door), hard left (door). This is that tiny spot from Gas Mask above (with the zipline), the Pedestal should be obvious. (4) Bunker Pedestal by KT4 Labs: Enter Bunker, straight past PaP, straight into next room (door/yellow things), down double stairs. The pedestal is 2/3rds of the way across this room. (5) Completing the SoNS Ritual: When you return the fourth whitened Skull to the Altar, the tree next to it will leave, revealing a subterranean entrance. Go in and down to the Skull of Nan Sapwe on a pedestal in the center of this room, start ritual (interact). You must now kill several Keepers who are VERY CLOSE TO the Skull of Nan Sapwe Pedestal. You can not leave until this ritual is done, but it is easy; circle the Altar, turn and kill a couple who are passing the Altar and repeat. Once complete, pick up the SoNS and it will screech which will break the barrier and you may exit this room. -------SoNS Tips: The green zombies don't chase you, they go for the Pedestal, so just circle nearby with your last couple of regular zombs, only firing at greenies. The KT4 is perfect for this, but not necessary. Spiders do attack you, prioritize killing them if you don't have the KT-4. With KT-4, mostly just keep moving to the opposite side of the pedestal so they run through the goo. Many Spiders come on the second Skull ritual, you may wish to do the second one at the Start area for more wiggle room while dealing with them. The greenies smoke like Vulture Aide zombies (BO2's Buried map) only much less visible. Also similar to Turned. You may wish to do these green zombie rituals in a different order than I mention here. You must kill 10-15 of them, if you can do that and avoid fighting a ritual-spawned Thrasher, that can make it easier. I like to do one of the last rituals in the KT4 Lab because i usually can avoid the Thrasher (he'll die when ritual ends, along with the rest). The Keeper fight is simple and the overall acquisition of SoNS is quite easy given ZNS's overall difficulty level. It will give you trouble at first, but you should easily master this. #######Plant Watering Chart. (Borrowed from Lauren's post below, she copied it from reddit. Thanks to Lauren, and the original poster, whoever that may be. I've editted it slightly, mostly words that ran together or punctuation). Unwatered Plant Blue Water Plant Fertilized Blue Plant Green Plant Fertilized Green Plant Purple Plant Fertilized Purple Plant Fruit Plant Fertilized Fruit Plant Imprint Plant 83457's watering advice: I'd suggest focusing on a couple of Green Water Plants for zombie holding (grow them where you don't normally train/play). Then focus on Fruit and Imprint Plants when able. The busywork of planting and watering early on is mostly a waste of time, don't get caught up playing zombie farming simulator too much, as there is already a lot to do in ZNS and you end up getting interrupted often, which nets you lots of MR6s for your troubles. Do grow some Blue Reward Plants for the EE's AA Shell and possible Max Ammo, but only a few. ######################## Spider Bait Weapon: Be sure to see the stickied thread below titled "IT EXISTS! Spider Bait weapon!" for a video tutorial thanks to Stop Mocking Me0. ######################## Happy gaming!
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    @83457Some great points and I agree wholeheartedly. RadAustins27 brings up the point sometimes that as a community with all the outrage about Black Ops 4 and opinions being thrown around, we tend to find ourselves in an echo-chamber where we think the whole community is against/for Treyarch and everyone feels the same way about easter eggs/high rounds/the storyline. But, true, a majority of players probably don't care about all that and just have fun in the mode with friends and just want simple tips to get better and a fun place for discussion without needing an insane background knowledge. As I've lost time to play game and gained other adult interests, I find the release of a new map nowadays to be a bit exhausing because of all the stuff I feel I have to know to keep up with the community. People on the subreddit post all the time about little easter eggs on Dead of the Night, and I've only played it twice and it just came out on Xbox for me and I don't really feel welcome in discussion as much. I think a focus on a lot of quick reference/simple features would do a lot for this forum. Just some ideas, and feel free to shoot any down. - Focus a lot more on the LFG system we have in place. As of right now, when I check the posts are old and I'm never sure if anyone actually saw them. I think making the feature more apparent at the front page with a large button to join current sessions on the header would be very useful to players looking for like-minded players. I think a system similar to TrueAchievements or the built in system on Xbox One where you can say you are joining the session which notifies the leader of the party, and you can set the session up for the future. This could be a killer feature to drive people in if people could feel more involved and plan ahead. - A questions board for new players. I know I made my voice heard in the past that we should cut down on the number of forums as to now overwhelm users, but hear me out. I don't mean like the Questions board under Site News about CoDz itself, but instead a board where you can ask questions about any topic related to zombies from storyline to game features. A big reason new people don't often post questions like these is because the posts around them tend to be so detailed and people have such a background knowledge. For example, the recent thread about eye color: This thread has some excellent discussion, and I love it! But it has a lot of familiar faces in it because new users who don't have all the knowledge about zombies eye colors in each of the maps across the last ten years don't feel they can add anything, so they don't see a reason to post anywhere. Why not have a board specifically for them to start the discussion? They get informed, and much like these other threads we get to discuss all the topics that make up this game-mode. It would just be very important this board gets a high up spot on the front page, and people are made aware of it immediately before they even sign up. - I think the current "Helpful Links" spot on the front page can be expanded to have more links that would be useful to newcomers. Say a link to a guide on all the basics of the latest map, similar to the subreddit's wiki pages: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/wiki/classified Or maybe a "Basics of the Storyline" page, with multiple sections that users can click through to get quick information, and I think an excellent thing would be an FAQ section where a lot of specific questions can be answered. There can be a basic summary and users can explore it to their heart's content as far as they want to. Of course, this all requires a lot of passion and hard work. But I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, and I would help with all of these features. I know a good bit of HTML and JavaScript behind websites and would help improve the LFG system if I can, and would definitely help in writing up those helpful links I mentioned if I know they will be put up for new users to see.
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    Hi CoDzers! 83457 here, I've been posting or not here since during BO2 and I would like to opine on an issue of sorts: Lack of casual player attraction. I'm not out to say anything bad, just helpful. I have no malice or specific people in mind. I simply feel that we need to increase traffic and the issue that CODZ here has, in my view over the years, is that this site is really for the top few percent of zombie players. I, myself, am a zombie god to most randoms, yet I am a scrub compared to some of the heavy hitters on this site (nobody here said that, it is just the feel of the site in general. I know that is not the site's intent. Whenever newbies post here, they tend to be outclassed, or inundated with pro information when they can't make round 10 solo. In all my years of zombies, with all sorts of friends and randoms, most are not high round players. Most are not into (or even know of) a zombie storyline. Most want WaW simple maps, not convoluted and confusing set ups. Most despised Moon and found BO1 hard and annoying (I loved BO1 at its time, but I rarely play it anymore because the replayability is shit. The WaW reprints suck compared to the originals too. I heard this so often, yet I come to CODZ and players here seem to be from another world of "BO glory days" that most zombie players would not agree with). I don't mean to sway anyone's opinion, just pointing out how weird and alienating this felt to me coming here at first to "alternate zombie reality land". I feel that zombies stopped being for the masses and became a game for the top 3%; Treyarch employees, youtubers, and players (like some here) who feel most zombies are too easy (while probably 90% of zombie players can't get past round 15). Now reddit....reddit is the clusterfuck of everything, from the best to worst players, with lots of bad info. This is where all the scrubs head because they are not outclassed there by everyone like they are here. So, I'm a good talker/explainer, but a bad writer, but hopefully I've gotten close to the point of; We need to be attractive to newbies as much as we've been attractive to top skill. Most on console players will never reach top pc player's rounds due to console constraints/movement. We need beginner info that isn't tons of "reveal hidden content" videos crammed together with minimal explanation. (3 years on, I wrote the Revelations Buildables tutorial because we did not even have that basic info available). We need text tutorials; tons of gamers can't view videos at work. Many want to print it out and save it, or hold it in hand as they go along. Videos became easy and "all the rage" years ago, but videos are not always best (though they often can be, I'm not hating on videos). If I come up with any good ideas or implementation I'll add it here. In short, we need to aim lower. We need to teach newbies basics, not round 100 strategies. They will go that route on their own when ready. We have some great pro content, we need more "attractive to newbies" content. Without trying, this site became too "1337". We need to be more "common", that's where the bulk of players lie. I've loved being at this site and only wish it well. Happy gaming CODZ! I hope nothing I said was taken wrong, I just wanted to post what I see and feel about this.
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    @Radzakpak you raise a good point with your note about that Schuster quote. Indeex, it seems like Schuster sees the yellow eyes for the first time, while Samantha already entered the MPD in 1945, with Shi No Numa and Der Riese (where zombies have yellow eyes) as a direct result. The zombies in the American lab have only glowing eyes after Layman's following action: Gaseous 115. The element is most likely inbibed into the blood through metabolism, eventually entering the brain and establishing a direct link between the undead's mind or soul and the Aether. In TranZit, when using an EMP grenade we see what happens when this link is broken. Whats interesting, though, is that the EMP-hitted zombies without connection and glowing eyes are completely passive, while it seems that in the radios of both Maxis's and Layman's experiments with ''unconnected'' undead the zombies are active and aggresive. The gaseous thing also applies on BO2. Remember what CDC's assistent director George Barkley said? Thats why Richthofen had control over the entire undead population of Earth. Everyone was breathing in the element. For some reason, only those who actually ate infected meat (the Flesh) were able to connect their minds more so they could hear the demonic occupant. Still not giving any explanation to your question though, @Undead Masses. Do the zombies in the beginning of comic 1, where Victis are still in Maxisland, also have no colour at all?
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    Hello everyone, I'm sure there's many of you who have no idea who I am, as I haven't been active on here in a couple years. So nice to meet ya'll :) To everyone from back in the BO2-BO3 days, wassup? I've been missing this community, all the deep theories about maps/EEs; you guys were there for me at an important stage of my life when I was a teen who didn't relate to my peers who were more interested in rural town gossip than the stuff I cared about. And I'll always be thankful for that. Anyways, I thought I'd give those who care a recap of what I've been up to the past couple years: I stopped playing videogames as much - Other than having a lot less free time, idk what it is, but my interest has definitely went down compared to what it used to be: I used to be obsessed with gaming and spend hours upon hours each day dedicated to being the best, discovering secrets, etc. Now, I still enjoy videogames, but I play them more casually (2-3 times a week for a couple hours) though I am trying to at least do the Easter Eggs on BO4. I've continued to make strides with my music - My passion for Hip-Hop has increased exponentially, and I've done some pretty cool things with it. Shortly after my first mixtape, I started to make waves locally and got to perform all over town. After that, I went on to release 2 more, the latest of which I was able to get placed on Spotify and Apple Music. I also released my first music video, got my music played at several parties and tailgates at my University, and have been able to perform in Atlanta a few times which was lots of fun. Along with that, I've collaborated with lots of talented people and have developed my skill into something I'm finally proud of. Now, I'm working on learning how to produce my own instrumentals and I'm working with an EDM DJ to make some genre-bending music to perform at raves, as well as continuing to grind on my solo music. Each year things get so much better and I'm just excited to stay on this road. I've been going to University - I got accepted to Georgia Southern University shortly after graduating in 2017, and I've been enjoying it there so far. There's been a lot of good and bad times, but I've learned a lot of academic as well as personal knowledge. Met some pretty girls lol, partied some of course, but overall I've been focused on my grades and music. This past semester I got all As and impressed a couple of my professors which was pretty cool. I feel focused with the structure here and enjoy it much more than high school. I am currently majoring in Psychology, though I am contemplating adding a Marketing minor as that field interests me a lot and would also have the added benefit of helping me with my music career. I broke my collar-bone - On Halloween last year, one of my friends decided to take us dirt road riding in his jeep. He lost control after hitting a loose patch of dirt and the jeep flipped over. Me and a female friend both sustained broken collarbones, while another friend got a concussion and everyone else (luckily) was fine. The EMTs told us that realistically in that crash we should've all died, so that moment really shaped me. The hospital neglected me when I arrived sadly (they made me wait 3 hours for pain medication and would be joking around in the halls for 20 minutes at a time instead of checking on me, wouldn't notify my Grandma to come see me for over an hour until she complained because they "forgot", and then forcing me out the room once they did and making me put my sling on myself which wasn't even the right size). Along with that, I didn't get my pain medications prescribed for 3 days so I was forced to lay in bed immobile, with my broken bones popping out of place and rubbing against each other and feel the whole thing. My only solace until I got the prescriptions was some CBD oil my cousin brought over. Anyways, that event traumatized me pretty bad for a while, I would wake up after reliving the crash in my nightmares, and it took me over 6 months to be able to ride in cars without having a panic attack. I had to wear a sling for months and was very weak with my shoulder and arm for a bit. But it got better, and now I'm comfortable with everything. It was just a low point in my life. I experimented - I know this thing gets frowned upon by some, but yes I started smoking weed. Not all the time, but it helped a lot with anxiety and getting out my shell as well as with my creative endeavors. I actually started it before I ever drank alcohol. Now understand, I am not promoting either substance. You shouldn't rely on any substance for anything, and you shouldn't try anything just because I did. But for me personally, I enjoy the effects of THC and I know how to balance it with being a productive member of society. (If this stuff shouldn't be discussed on this forum I will gladly remove this section) There's obviously more that's occurred in the past couple years, but that's the quick summary. Anyways, I won't be able to post everyday but I wanted to return to this place and start posting occasionally again, to start getting familiar with the new members and catch up with the old ones, and maybe conquer these easter eggs. Thank you for reading all of this and thank you guys again for being awesome, Speedo Cola
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    I have not said anything until I had the chance to sit down and play each of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie maps. I believe that most (not all) have focused so hard on discovering all there is to find in the game as fast as they can. So much so that they miss the connections and little bits of special information that has added to the overall storyline. There are Ciphers on Ciphers yet to be decoded which amazes me. This is by far hands down the best Zombies experience to date. Why? How? The story is being driven forward not only with a “New Story” but the ÆTHER story is not over. We received 4 Zombie maps if you purchased the season pass with the game. Remember when we only received 2 maps? There is so much discussion that needs to be made HERE. Not on YouTube, not on twitch, or even reddit. What’s changed with the Zombies community? We stopped talking about what theories, ideas, and strategies we found. There can’t be just @anonymous @Blurryface @InfestLithium@RADAUSTIN27@RadZakpak @Tac Myself etc.. we are not the only people in this community. If you got issues with gameplay.. I wish the best for you, but the game itself is amazing. Just because some people have normal expected issues with a game that just launched shouldn’t take away from the actual content of the game. Come on my peeps knock this BS off with the community fighting. We are all fellow survivors here.

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